Saturday Digest II: “mystery brain disease” in New Brunswick (Canada), Lancet deletes vaccine death study, fake Australia flu epidemic, U.S. cops dropping like flies, and 45-plus more sudden deaths
July 22, 2023

Gen Xers used the acronym “FUBAR” (F***ed Up Beyond All Recognition) in the 1980s a lot when describing anything that was…FUBAR. The term is receiving a reboot with Gen Z due to a Netflix action-comedy series starring Arnold Schwarzenegger called FUBAR. The world has been FUBAR for centuries. But the powers-that-be (“TPTB”) have placed the finishing touches on the final product known as The Great Reset.

Lexi Knight is a 45-year-old man who apparently had medical castration done due to severe mental illness (“LGBTV”). He’s married to a biological woman. Somehow he has 48,000 TikTok followers, which is FUBAR in and of itself. This person expects OB-GYN doctors to reinforce his mental illness by providing him pap smears on the open wound that is now between his legs.

The following video went viral late last month because, well, just listen…

Knight essentially admitted that he is on social media solely playing this “trans” role for attention and clout. He then added the victim role once the foregoing video went viral, despite that being his goal.

This person removed himself from the gene pool, and promotes physical and chemical castration, along with severe mental illness. He is the ideal human for TPTB, and is thus allowed to make a little money and grow large followings on social media (more on this later). This debasement of humanity is necessary to distract from the ongoing vaccine genocide, aka depopulation by any and all means.

Our buddy Victoria Brownworth, who declared that all vaccine-injured people are faking, is still constantly sick, calling the non-vaccinated “QAnon,” and blaming her deteriorating health on “long COVID.”

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There was some interesting news surrounding “long COVID,” aka #ABV, in the last few weeks. Both Pfizer and mainstream media told semi-truth, in that long COVID is the result of micro-blood clots throughout the body.

Granted neither source said the clots are caused by the injections. And hardcore COVID cultists will ignore this information and/or blame so-called COVID-19 for the blood clots. But TPTB gave the slumbering lamb masses the opportunity to break out of their trances with the foregoing revelation. But don’t expect mass uprisings anytime soon.

Most people will continue living in denial, and blame “long COVID” for their deteriorating health until their last breaths.

Actress Morgan Fairchild tweeted on July 13 that her long-time beau Mark Seiler died from “long COVID.”

The most diehard COVID cultists are still posting crap like this on social media.

Humanity is permanently damaged beyond repair.

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Now for some positive news. We first wrote about Ms. Michelle Utter in January 2023 after she bravely published her vaccine mea culpa. She being fooled by media and government propaganda, like hundreds of millions of others. Ms. Utter wanted everyone to know about it, despite the severe backlash.

She was diagnosed with post-Pfizer Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) and chronic inflammation in early 2021. The former U.S. Navy medic and mother of three U.S Navy sons has not been the same since. But she is still out there advocating for the vaxx-injured, and spreading truth about the lethal injections. Ms. Utter posted this video via Twitter on July 4.

A GiveSendGo campaign is raising funds for her medical bills.

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There’s also a positive update on Ms. Stacee Tiemeier. We’ve been following her since August 2021 when she told truth about her vaccine injuries, and faced heavy backlash from vaxx zealots. Our last update, in July 2022, was much of the same. Her digestive issues were worsening and doctors mentioned the word “cancer” to her.

The worst part about Ms. Tiemeier’s journey is the trolls and zealots calling her fat and telling her that obesity is the problem, not the vaccines. Whether out of pure desperation to change her health path or motivation from the trolls, Ms. Tiemeier has lost nearly 100 pounds and is feeling better overall as of today.

Her health and weigh loss journeys are ongoing. But as a personal trainer and being emotionally invested in her story, this is great to see. Good for you, Stacee.

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The news isn’t positive for Yamkela Seplan. She was the 14-year-old South Africa girl whose left shoulder swelled up to the size of a basketball after receiving the lethal injections. Yamkela passed away in early May. Mainstream media are blaming “rare bone cancer, not vaccination as rumoured.”

The world is getting more FUBAR everyday. People like Lexi Knight and Victoria Brownworth are “good people,” are heroes, in 2023, while Michelle Utter, Stacee Tiemeier, Jenny Porter, et al., are treated like lepers. The more lies and propaganda you’re willing to accept and promote, the more social media clout, mainstream respect, and career opportunities you’ll receive. That is 2023 in a nutshell.

Most victims of the vaccine genocide will die in their sleep or spontaneously collapse and die. But [GMO] humans will be dying in ways we’ve never seen over the next several years. mRNA and viral vector DNA injections fundamentally change your genetic makeup. They are gene therapy, according to Moderna’s own financial documents. And again, the deaths haven’t even reached the apex as of yet.

Nine dead, at least 200 more afflicted with “mysterious brain disease” in Canada

We will not be citing any U.S. mainstream media sources for this story. They are all attempting to push the narrative that this issue dates back to 2013. That’s partially true. But the number of people suffering from this conditions increased exponentially over the past three years. All Canadian sources are reporting that this deadly phenomenon started sometime from 2019 to 2020 (when 5G and nanotech via nasal swab tests were thrust onto humanity).

New Brunswick is one of the smallest provinces in Canada by population, with about 800,000 people. The French and English-speaking province borders the U.S. state of Maine to the north. Despite New Brunswick’s small size and relative anonymity in the grand scheme of Canada, The COVID Blog® has written a highly-disproportionate number of stories from that area.

That’s not surprising because vaccines are the leading cause of coincidences; and 87% of New Brunswick residents have received at least one shot. Only Newfoundland and Labrador (96%), and Prince Edward Island (90%) have higher vaccination rates in Canada.

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The Toronto Star reported in October 2021 that New Brunswick residents had already died from a “mysterious neurological disease,” with at least 50 more afflicted with the disease. New Brunswick Public Health (NBPH) said that symptoms included, among other things, muscle spasms, visual hallucinations, behavior changes, and pain in the upper and/or lower limbs. The agency suggested early that the patients could be suffering from Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease or some other prions disease.

Dr. Alier Marrero has been tracking and treating at least 147 patients with the foregoing symptoms since 2021. He told the Toronto Star earlier this year that patients as young as 17 were showing sings of dementia due to “clear signs of exposure to glyphosate and other herbicides.”

Glyphosate is the active ingredient of Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide. But the California-based nonprofit Moms Across America commissioned an analysis in 2016 that found glyphosate in several vaccines, including the MMR (highest concentration of glyphosate of all vaccines), flu shots and pneumonia vaccines. The group accused the CDC and FDA of hiding this information.

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We still have no idea what the exact ingredients are in the Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, etc. lethal injections.

Dr. Gerard Jansen, of the University of Ottawa, contracted with the Public Health Agency of Canada to investigate the illnesses and deaths. He concluded in late 2021 that eight of the deaths were from known diseases, such as cancer and Lewy body dementia. Dr. Jansen said all of the patients had simply been misclassified. Public Health Canada said Dr. Jansen did not have their permission to publish said findings. The agency “did not approve of the data” and threatened corrective action against Dr. Jansen.

NBPH published a 28-page report into this “neurological syndrome of unknown causes” on February 24, 2022. It focused on 48 of said cases. The report concluded:

“The investigation of a potential neurological syndrome of unknown cause, including the Epidemiological Summary of Enhanced Surveillance Interviews and the Oversight Committee Report, concludes there is no evidence of such a cluster and that there are no specific behaviours, foods, or environmental exposures that can be identified as potential risk factors.”

Both the federal and provincial governments officially closed their investigations into the disease. But people continued suffering and dying. Independent news site Canadaland published a report in January after obtaining thousands of documents related to the government investigation. The Canadian government did its best to sweep this issue under the rug, and just allow all the people to suffer and die in silence. It’s yet another classic #ABV syndrome.

We’ll continue following up as more information becomes available.

Lancet continues destroying its reputation

The Lancet is one of the oldest medical journals in the world. The peer-reviewed weekly debuted in 1823; and today is the most frequently-cited medical journal in the world. But now after 200 years, the London-based journal is willing to throw its entire reputation away to promote and protect COVID-19 and vaccine propaganda.

The Lancet became infamous in May 2020 when it published a study concluding that hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) had no tangible benefits related to treating so-called COVID-19. The study also concluded that HCQ was harmful. All of the scientists involved in the study have previously received grants from Pfizer, AstraZeneca, etc. The Lancet was forced to retract the study due to conflicts of interest. They have not learned their lesson.

A pre-printed (meaning it was awaiting peer-review) meta-analysis by Dr. Peter McCullough et al. was published on The Lancet on July 5. Researchers found that out of 325 autopsies and one necropsy, 240 of them, or 74%, were “independently adjudicated” by three doctors to be significantly-linked to the lethal injections.

This common sense conclusion was backed by the fact that nearly all of the deaths happened within a month of the victims’ last injections. The median time from last injection to death was three days.

The Lancet removed the study from its site less than 24 hours later, before any peer-reviews. The reason given was that the conclusions “are not supported by the study methodology.” Thus instead of allowing other scientists to peer-review the study, The Lancet unilaterally determined that the study was flawed.

That’s their modus operandi during The Great Reset – protect the lethal injections and COVID propaganda at all costs.

Read the full study here.

Jamie Foxx, Deion Sanders updates

Mainstream media could have left this alone, let it die quietly (no pun intended). We just reported last month, via gossip writer A.J. Benza, that actor Jamie Foxx is paralyzed and partially blind as a result of a stroke. But mainstream media are desperately trying to cover this up, and is only making the situation more suspicious than it already is.

TMZ wrote on July 9 that Mr. Foxx was “out on the town in the Chicago area…” They also posted the following video, claiming that it is Mr. Foxx on a boat that day.

A few hours later, in a seemingly coordinated fashion, someone tweeted this from Mr. Foxx’s Twitter account.

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TMZ also wrote the following in the foregoing-linked article:

“Frankly, there’s been a lot of speculation about his condition … and the longer he went out of the public eye, the greater the conjecture would grow. Now, hopefully, all those rumors can be put to rest because the guy seems to be well on his way to achieving full health again.”

TMZ also helped disseminate the story that Mr. Foxx was “playing pickleball” and recovering well in May. It gets worse.

Netflix released a new movie on July 14 starring Jamie Foxx called “They Cloned Tyrone.” It’s a Blaxploitation conspiracy movie about (get this) the government cloning people and controlling the clones.

And the cherry on top is “Jamie Foxx,” looking like Casper the Friendly Ghost, posting this Instagram update yesterday.

We won’t speculate further. But mainstream media are trying way too hard to push what feels like a propaganda campaign.

Deion Sanders recovering from second surgery related to post-injection blood clots

This one is sad because this blogger really wants to see what Mr. Deion Sanders, aka “Coach Prime,” can do as head football coach at the University of Colorado. Their first game with Mr. Sanders as head coach is September 2 at Texas Christian University (TCU). But the events over the last few weeks are not promising.

We first wrote about Mr. Sanders and his hardcore vaxx zealotry on March 14, 2022. He had two toes amputated from one of his feet back in October 2021 after developing three blood clots in his left leg. He blamed “family history” for the clots, despite never having this issue in 20 years as a college and professional athlete.

His left leg also required major surgery to release the pressure and drain the fluid that built up due to the blood clots. Coach Prime seemed to recover, and was well on his way back to being his normal self. That all changed in late June.

Mr. Sanders posted a YouTube video on June 22 telling the world that he had two more blood clots, one in each leg. He also said the three remaining toes on his left foot are now “hammer toes” due to inadequate blood flow.

Mr. Sanders posted an Instagram video on June 24 from a hospital bed. He had just completed emergency surgery to address the two new blood clots. But now he also reported a third blood clot that doctors will “get to soon.” Coach Prime assured everyone that no further amputations are forthcoming. But that’s a whole lot of blood clots in the same area of the body in less than two years.

Mr. Richard Hirschman is the Alabama-based mortician who was one of the first to report seeing those plastic-looking blood clots in more on 60% of his embalming jobs in a two-month stretch in early 2022. He tweeted earlier this month that he’s seeing the same thing still today.

Mr. Hirschman was forced to defend his character 48 hours later, after relentless mainstream media attacks…

…despite this phenomenon being quite common in both the living and the dead.

We’ll be following the Deion Sanders story closely.

Meanwhile Vice President Kamala Harris accidentally said TPTB’s true plans out loud on July 14 (a la Bill Gates and “we can reduce the population by 10-15%“). Harris, during a climate change speech in Baltimore, said:

“When we invest in clean energy and electric vehicles and reduce population, more of our children can breathe clean air and drink clean water.”

Mainstream media called it a “gaffe,” while the White House struck out the word “population” and replaced it with “pollution” in the official transcript of said speech. Around that same time on the same day, Joe Biden once again earned the name “Creepy Joe.” Zero mainstream media have called him out for this.

The “father” in the video is no better than the likes of Billy Ball, by allowing that to happen to his baby daughter.

Regardless, this Biden/Harris clown show, complete with the cocaine found in the White House on July 2…

…and the slap-on-the-wrist charges for serial criminal Hunter Biden late last month, is getting too embarrassing and distracting even for liberals.

We first hypothesized that California Governor and COVID overlord Gavin Newsom would be the Democrat 2024 Presidential Candidate back in August 2022 because of this Biden/Harris disaster. It was mentioned again in February, then again at the end of May.

Newsom went on a three-day “secret trip” to red states Utah, Idaho and Montana over the Fourth of July weekend. The stated reason for this was to campaign for President Biden. But that little trip looked more like a launch for his own 2024 Presidential campaign. The U.S. is screwed no matter what, unless hell freezes over and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. becomes President in 2025. But Newsom would be far worse than Operation Warp Speed Trump and vaccine mandates Biden. The future is very bleak for us Yankees.

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The U.S. population is likely already below 300 million (from 332 million in January 2020), including illegal immigrants. Vaccine genocide deaths should peak sometime in the spring of 2024 before finally leveling off.

There were at least five bodybuilders who died in the past 30 days that we could have included in this article. But this blogger has concluded that steroids plus vaccines equals swift, guaranteed death. So RIP to all steroid-using, vaxxed bodybuilders by the end of 2024.

The following 40-plus deaths are yet more reminders that all of us will witness someone collapse and die right in front of our eyes by the end of 2024.

Big Pokey: 48-year-old Texas rapper collapses and dies while performing

Mr. Milton Powell went by the stage name Big Pokey. He was from Houston, Texas and has been popular in the local rap scene since the early 1990s.

Big Pokey was performing at the Pour09 Bar in Beaumont, Texas on June 18 when he suddenly collapsed.

He was rushed to a nearby hospital, but pronounced dead shortly thereafter. He obviously suffered from sudden cardiac arrest, as we’ve seen numerous times since 2021. But no official cause of death has been released as of publishing.

Susana Herrick: 44-year-old Connecticut dentist dies unexpectedly

Dr. Susana “Sue” Herrick owned Herrick Family Dentistry in Glastonbury, Connecticut. She played lacrosse at Central Connecticut State University and coached local girls in the sport for “many years.”

Few details are available. But Dr. Herrick “passed away unexpectedly” in Miami on June 24.

Lynneice Hill: 44-year-old Philadelphia cop found dead in patrol car; cops dropping like flies all over the country

Mrs. Lynneice Hill was a Philadelphia Police Officer for 24 years. She was married and had three children.

Mrs. Hill “suffered a medical emergency” and was found dead in her patrol car on July 13. No further details were provided. That same day, another Philadelphia cop, Mr. Kevin Whetstone, 55, died in his home three weeks after suffering a massive heart attack. The City of Philadelphia had a vaccine mandate from December 2021 to May 2023.

A website called The Police Tribune has a page dedicated to “Fallen Heroes” (note that the page features several dogs as “heroes”). Here is a small sampling of what’s happening with cops across the U.S.:

Andrea Sechi: 48-year-old Italy engineer collapses and dies while riding bike

Mr. Andrea Sechi resided in Uta, Cagliari, Italy. He was an engineer, and had a wife and two kids. Mr. Sechi was riding his bike with friends in the Cala Regina area of Quartu on July 15 when he suddenly collapsed and fell off his bike. He was pronounced dead a short time later. Though Italian media conceded that he likely died from cardiac arrest, they qualified it by also saying heat was a factor.

Debbie Nichols: 51-year-old Connecticut woman dies without explanation

Ms. Debbie J. Nichols resided in Ansonia, Connecticut. She had one son and two grandchildren. Ms. Nichols was also the primary caretaker of her nephew since her sister, Billie-Jo Nichols, passed away unexpectedly on October 28, 2020 at age 43.

Debbie passed away without explanation on July 12.

Ciaran Mallon: 36-year-old Northern Ireland musician dies suddenly

Mr. Ciaran Mallon resided in Belfast. He was senior vice president of the anti-money laundering division of Citgo Group, according to his Linkedin page. Mr. Mallon was a well-known drummer in the local music scene. He was also known for cosplaying Spider-Man. Mr. Mallon had one child.

He “passed away suddenly” on July 11.

Alfredo Victoria: 42-year-old Mexico vaxx zealot TV doctor dies; family “astonished”

Dr. Alfredo Victoria resided in Puebla, Mexico. He was an epidemiologist whose entire existence revolved around vaccines, whether it was flu shots, moneypox shots or mRNA injections. Dr. Victoria was a frequent guest on the Univision (now called TelevisaUnivision) morning show Hoy. His entire shtick was injecting commentators and guests with as many “vaccines” as they’d allow.

He ran a vaxx zealot website, had 419,000 followers on Instagram, and another 140,000 on TikTok.

Dr. Victoria died on June 26. Mexican magazine TVyNovelas, in a now-deleted article, wrote that his “surprise death” was from “natural causes.”

Thalia Chaverria: 20-year-old New Mexico State University soccer player dies in her sleep

Ms. Thalia Chaverria was originally from Bakersfield, California. She was a junior at New Mexico State University (Las Cruces) and in her third season with the school’s women’s soccer team.

Mr. Chaverria died in her sleep in her dorm room on July 10.

New Mexico State University had a vaccine mandate for all students from July 1, 2022 to March 1, 2023.

Oscar Cabrera Adames: 28-year-old Dominican Republican basketball player dies from heart attack

We first wrote about Mr. Oscar Cabrera Adames on December 25, 2021. He was playing in a Spanish basketball league game on December 18 that year when he suddenly collapsed. Mr. Cabrera survived. Doctors blamed a syncope for the collapse, which was obviously bull feces.

A week later, Mr. Cabrera posted a lengthy update about his condition on Facebook. He was subsequently diagnosed with myocarditis, and made no bones about what caused the condition.

I got damn Myocarditis from taking a fucking vaccine (I got 2 doses of Pfizer), and I knew it! Many people warned me. But guess what? It was compulsory or I couldn’t work. I am an international professional athlete and I am playing in Spain. I had no health problem, nothing, not hereditary, no asthma, NOTHING! I suddenly collapsed to the ground in the middle of a match and almost died. I’m still recovering and I’ve had 11 different cardiology tests done and guess? They find nothing.”

Mr. Cabrera had played little to no basketball since that time. He was undergoing stress tests on his heart in Santo Domingo on or around June 22 when he suffered a sudden heart attack. Mr. Cabrera died that day.

Several mainstream media reports posthumously disparaged Mr. Cabrera’s character to deflect from the truth. We won’t be linking those articles.

Judy Fitzgerald: 32-year-old Ireland fitness model dies “unexpectedly”

Ms. Judy Fitzgerald resided in County Limerick, Ireland. She was a fitness and bikini model who participated in international competitions. She was also a nurse and midwife who “worked on the frontline” during the so-called pandemic, according to mainstream media. Ms. Fitzgerald was also known for her appearance on RTE network’s First Dates Ireland.

Few details are available. But Ms. Fitzgerald died “unexpectedly” on May 27. She traveled internationally, including to the United States, in 2021 and 2022.

All non-U.S. citizens entering the country, except for illegal immigrants, were required to show proof of vaccination until May 11 of this year.

Carol Wright: 64-year-old American Airlines flight attendant collapses and dies mid-flight

Mrs. Carol E. Wright resided in Boonsboro, Maryland. She was a flight attendant for American Airlines and/or its subsidiaries since the 1980s.

Mrs. Wright was working on a flight from Venice, Italy to Philadelphia on June 21 when she suddenly collapsed. The flight made an emergency landing in Dublin, in an attempt to save her. But Mrs. Wright was pronounced dead on arrival. American Airlines implemented a vaccine coercion policy in September 2021, followed by a temporary mandate, before reverting back to coercion.

In related news, a female passenger was forced to crash land a small plane at Martha’s Vineyard (Massachusetts) after the pilot suffered from cardiac arrest on July 15. Again it’s best not to fly at all these days. But under no circumstances should a critical thinker be on a plane with only one pilot.

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Toraze Davis: 48-year-old Nebraska man collapses and dies 10 minutes after his wedding

Mr. Toraze Terrel Davis resided in Omaha. He and his fiancée Johnnie Mae Davis had just said “I do” and kissed at Ebenezer Baptist Church on June 19.

Just ten minutes later, the couple was walking towards the exit of the church to take pictures out front. Mr. Davis suddenly collapsed. He was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. Reports say his heart stopped due to a fatal blood clot. Based on precedent, that likely means a pulmonary embolism stopped his heart.

A GoFundMe page is collecting funds for the widow.

Christopher DiGiulio: 57-year-old Oregon doctor dies suddenly from pulmonary embolism

Dr. Christopher Peter DiGiulio was a partner and doctor at Mountain Medical Urgent Care in Bend, Oregon. His wife of 30 years is a dentist. They have three children.

Dr. DiGiulio died suddenly on June 14 due to “a pulmonary embolism leading to right heart failure.”

Madeline O’Malley: 47-year-old Chicago teacher collapses and dies at movie theater with her children

Ms. Madeline Hansen O’Malley was a special education teacher in the Chicago Public School (CPS) system. She had two children. Ms. O’Malley passed away on June 14. Mrs. Catherine Teresa, who also works for CPS, said Ms. O’Malley collapsed while at a movie theater with her kids.

CPS implemented a vaccine mandate in August 2021. It survived several administrative and court challenges until recently.

RELATED: Illinois administrative judge rules that former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot exceeded statutory power by unilaterally implementing vaccine mandate for unionized workers (April  26, 2023)


Elise Finch: 51-year-old New York meteorologist dies suddenly without explanation

Mrs. Elise Finch worked in mainstream media her entire adult life. She had been with WCBS in New York since 2007. Mrs. Finch was most recently an anchor on the 9 a.m. newscast, according to the station. She was married with one daughter.

Few details are available. But Ms. Finch died “suddenly and unexpectedly” on July 16. WCBS parent company, Paramount Global, implemented a vaccine mandate for all U.S. on-site workers in the fall of 2021.

Vanessa Bautista: 24-year-old Brazil woman collapses and dies while exercising

Ms. Vanessa Bautista dos Santos resided in Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, Brazil. She was a massage therapist. Five people discovered her lifeless body at a water park on July 11.

Authorities determined that Ms. Bautista died while exercising. Her family blamed the flu. The coroner concluded that she died of natural causes.

Adam Whiteley: 37-year-old Michigan social worker collapses and dies at home

Mr. Adam Paul Whiteley resided in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He was a musician and once lived in Antarctica. Mr. Whiteley owned a private practice for social work. He and his wife had two kids.

Mr. Whiteley died “suddenly and tragically” on June 23, according to a GoFundMe page.

His wife found him on the floor of their home “gasping for air” that morning. Mr. Whiteley worked in healthcare. Nothing more needs to be said.

Stephanie Green: 49-year-old Canada nurse dies in her sleep

Mrs. Stephanie Green resided in Victoria, British Columbia. She was a nurse, married, and, by all appearances, had one adult child.

Mrs. Green died in her sleep on July 3.


She just had a grandchild in the past few weeks.


British Columbia implemented a vaccine mandate for all healthcare workers in October 2021. It remains in effect today.

Bradley Middleton: 34-year-old New York resident doctor collapses and dies at home

Dr. Bradley Middleton resided in Syracuse. He was set to graduate from the Upstate University Hospital ER residency program in late June. Dr. Middleton had a wife, two kids, and a son on the way.

He suddenly collapsed in his home on June 26. Dr. Middleton was rushed to the same ER he worked at everyday. But he was pronounced dead shortly thereafter – just three days before his graduation ceremony. A GoFundMe page is collecting funds for the widow and kids.

Cody Ince: 23-year-old former University of Iowa football player dies “suddenly and unexpectedly”

Mr. Cody John Ince was originally from St. Croix Falls,Wisconsin. He played football for the University of Iowa from 2018 to 2021. Few details are available. But Mr. Ince died suddenly and unexpectedly at his home on July 15.

Wendy Hull: 52-year-old Iowa woman collapses and dies on first day of new job

Ms. Wendy Hull resided in Des Moines. She ran a Facebook group called Wednesday’s Notes, which chronicled and promoted the local music scene.

Ms. Hull was feeling sick the weekend of June 10.


She walked into the first day of her new job on June 12, and suddenly collapsed. Ms. Hull was pronounced dead shortly thereafter at a local hospital.



She attended several local concerts and shows in 2021 and 2022 that required proof of vaccination.


A GoFundMe page is collecting funds in her memory.

Giuseppe Gugliuzza: 45-year-old Italy man found dead in his home

Mr. Giuseppe Gugliuzza resided in Mistretta, Messina, Sicily. He worked in social services, and had a wife and two kids. Mr. Gugliuzza was found dead by his wife in their home on July 17. The cause of death was cardiac arrest.

Steve Greenfield: 55-year-old British man dies “very unexpectedly”

Mr. Steven “Rasher” Greenfield resided in Derby, Derbyshire. He founded the video game website GameGrin in 1998. Few details are available. But Mr. Greenfield “very unexpectedly passed away” on July 15.


He was at least double-vaxxed.


Annabelle Ham: 22-year-old Georgia college student, YouTuber found dead near bachelorette party

Ms. Annabelle Ham was a member of the Alpha Omicron Pi sorority at Kennesaw State University in Georgia. She was majoring in mass communications, according to her Facebook page. Ms. Ham started a YouTube channel in 2014 when she was 14 years old. Her content centered around shopping, makeup, and college life. She had 185,000 total followers across TikTok, YouTube and Instagram.

Ms. Ham attended a bachelorette party in Fairhope, Alabama on July 15. The Fairhope Police Department responded to a call that afternoon about a missing person near a lake pier.


A few hours later, the Alpha Omicron Pi Instagram page announced that Ms. Ham passed away.



Her family, somewhat defensively, took to her personal Instagram account on Tuesday. They said Ms. Ham died of an “epileptic event” and that “she struggled with this for a long time and wanted to raise awareness for it, which we will do in honor of her.” The family also wrote, “Please don’t post or spread speculation or details that are unfounded.”

Epilepsy has been commonly used as the reason for young people suddenly dying since 2021. Ms. Ham wanted to “bring awareness” to epilepsy, but never once mentioned it from what we could find across all of her social media channels. Both Kennesaw State University and the Alpha Omicron Pi sorority had vaccine coercion policies.

Lorenzo Gastaldi: 40-year-old Italy man collapses and dies at pizzeria

Mr. Lorenzo Gastaldi Detto Lopez resided in Mantua, Lombardy. He was well known in the area because he managed nightlife venues such as Drogheria and  Civico 3. Mr. Gastaldi was reportedly in the hospital for his 40th birthday on July 13.

He was having dinner at Piazza dei Mille at 11:30 p.m. on Sunday, July 16. Mr. Gastaldi collapsed as he was leaving the restaurant. Paramedics pronounced him dead shortly thereafter.

At least one mainstream media outlet is blaming a heart disease diagnosis from 15 years ago.

Mudit Nadiapara: 17-year-old India student collapses and dies while taking an exam

Mudit Nadiapara resided in Rajkot, Gujarat. He was a student at Lal Bahadur Shastri School. Mudit was taking an exam on July 17 when he suddenly collapsed in his chair. The other students looked on, almost with indifference, because this is perfectly normal across India (except in Muslim communities) since 2021.

Mudit was rushed to a nearby hospital, but pronounced dead upon arrival.

Adrian Tan: 57-year old Singapore vaxx zealot lawyer dies from post-injection cancer

Mr. Adrian Tan Gim Hai was born in Singapore. He is the author of four books. Mr. Tan began his legal career in 1991, and worked for several large firms and corporations. He was appointed president of the Law Society of Singapore in January 2022.

Mr. Tan announced via LinkedIn 0n July 28, 2022 that he’d been diagnosed with cancer. He did not specify type or stage. But it was obviously pretty serious, as he commenced aggressive mustard gas (“chemo”) therapy that March.

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Mr. Tan died on July 8. He was a diehard vaxx zealot.

Monea Pace: 10-year-old Michigan girl collapses and dies at cheerleading practice

Monea Pace was a fourth grader at Thompson K-8 International Academy in Southfield, Michigan. She was on the school’s cheerleading squad. Monea was practicing with her team on July 14 when she suddenly collapsed. She was already dead by the time paramedics arrived.

A GoFundMe page is raising funds in her memory.

Diego Christian: 51-year-old Atlanta dog walker collapses and dies while walking two dogs

Mr. Diego Christian resided in the Midtown area of Atlanta, Georgia. He was an animal-lover, and turned that love into a career as a dog walker and “pet-sitter.”

Mr. Christian was found dead at 6:30 a.m. in front of Triple Jay’s Pizza on Piedmont Avenue on July 11. He still had two dogs attached to his arm by leashes. Mr. Christian had a severe head injury when he was found.

The autopsy revealed an acute coronary artery thrombosis. That means Mr. Christian had a massive heart attack, fell onto the concrete head-first, and died (but was likely dead before he hit the ground). A GoFundMe page is collecting funds in his memory.

Roberto Guedes: 51-year-old Brazil journalist collapses and dies while playing soccer

Mr. Roberto Guedes resided in Santana, Amapá. We worked for Rádio Onda Livre 105.9 FM as host of the show “Santana é Notícias” and a contributor on the program “ É Pra Falar.” Mr. Guedes was president of the city’s Municipal Council of Culture.

He was playing in a soccer game at Sesc Araxá in Macapá on July 7 when he suddenly collapsed.

Mr. Guedes was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. The cause of death was a massive heart attack.

Amanda Snell: 40-year-old Australia woman dies suddenly from sepsis

Ms. Amanda Snell resided in Cranebrook, New South Wales. She was the mother of two children. Ms. Snell was hospitalized for most of June due to an undisclosed illness. Once she was discharged, she and her daughter Matilda took a trip to Queensland to relax, unwind and visit Ms. Snell’s other child, Michael.

She fell deathly ill during the trip. Ms. Snell was admitted to a hospital, and pronounced dead on June 30. The cause of death was sepsis, aka a blood infection, which we’ve seen time and time again on this blog. Nearly all Aussies ages 16 and up (97%) have received at least one injection, according to government data (which they stopped compiling earlier this year).

A GoFundMe page is collecting funds in her memory. Get ready for the pattern herein.

Blake Chown: 25-year-old Australia man dies after five days of torturous suffering

Mr. Blake Chown resided in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales. He and his girlfriend, Ebonie, had 2-year-old and 3-year-old babies.

Mr. Chown checked himself into a hospital on June 23 due to a very sore throat. He was given steroids and sent home.

RELATED: Clive Haddon: 74-year-old Australian man dies in hospital after doctors refuse to treat him for AstraZeneca blood clots (May 25, 2021)


Two days later, he returned to the hospital because the condition was not improving. He was sent home again. Mr. Chown suffered a “medical episode” on or around June 27. He was placed on life support at Wagga Wagga Base Hospital. Mr. Chown was pronounced dead on June 28.

Mainstream media are blaming tonsillitis despite also admitting that Mr. Chown suffered from cardiac arrest and brain damage. It all sounds very much like sepsis and subsequent multisystem inflammatory syndrome. A GoFundMe page is collecting funds in his memory.

Emma Schwab: Australia mainstream media blame “the flu,” encourage vaccines, after 11-year-old Emma and another unnamed 15-year-old girl die suddenly

Emma Schwab resided in Noosa, Queensland. She fell extremely ill on July 5. Her parents took her to Sunshine Coast University Hospital. Emma was pronounced dead on July 6. Mainstream media blamed “influenza B” and said the so-called outbreak thereof is “uncharted territory.”

Meanwhile, an unnamed 15-year-old female student at St Joseph’s Catholic College in East Gosford, New South Wales, died suddenly on or around July 9. Mainstream media blamed this one on influenza B as well. 7News Australia did a story on it.

New South Wales Chief Health Officer Dr. Kerry Chant encouraged parents to get their 5 to 16-year-olds flu “vaccines” immediately.

A GoFundMe page is collecting funds in Emma’s memory.

Mate Babic: 37-year-old healthy Australia man dies unexpectedly from “the flu”

Mr. Mate Babic resided in suburban Canberra with his wife Carla and their three sons. He was “in the best shape and the fittest I’d seen him in a long time,” Mrs. Babic told the Canberra Times.

Mr. Babic started feeling ill around July 6. It worsened by July 8. But Mr. Babic, like many Aussies, knew that long wait times and B.S. awaited him if he went to a hospital. He was completely bedridden at his parents’ home by July 11. Mrs. Babic phoned telehealth and made an appointment for the following day. Mr. Babic woke up the next morning and drew a bath.

He passed away while the water was still running and flooded his parents’ home. Mainstream media declared that he died from influenza B, and implied he’d still be alive if he had received flu shots. Mrs. Babic said her sons, the oldest only 7 years old, now stuff their dad’s clothes with pillows to make it look like he’s still there with them.

A GoFundMe Page is collecting funds for the family.

Peter Thompson: 50-year-old Northern Ireland dancer dies unexpectedly

Mr. Peter John Thompson resided in Belfast. He owned the Peter Thompson Academy School of Irish Dance. Mr. Thompson was also Chairperson of the Scottish Branch of An Chomhdháil Irish Dancing Association, according to an online obituary.

Few details are available. But Mr. Thompson “passed away unexpectedly” on July 2.

Audrius Liaugminas: 39-year-old Texas man dies unexpectedly

Mr. Audrius Liaugminas was originally from Lithuania, but resided in Austin, Texas. By all appearances, he was an architect for global design firm Gensler. Few details are available. But Mr. Liaugminas died “unexpectedly” on or around July 8.

Michelle Boyd: 43-year-old California woman dies “suddenly and unexpectedly”

Ms. Michelle Boyd resided in Pleasant Hill, California. She was senior instructional designer at Samuel Merritt University in Oakland, according to her LinkedIn page. Few details are available. But Ms. Boyd died suddenly and unexpectedly on July 15.

Teresa Meyer: 47-year-old Washington State woman dies in her sleep

Ms. Teresa Meyer was originally from Iowa, but resided in Vancouver, Washington. She worked for, among others, Disney and Radisson Seven Seas Cruises throughout her life. Her Facebook page says she was currently a full-time mother and college student.

Ms. Meyer died in her sleep on July 14.


She was at least double vaxxed.



Global war on food accelerating famine, starvation

This blogger, despite being a journalist and trivia nerd for most of his adult life, has learned so many interesting facts about the world since The Great Reset commenced in March 2020. Nobody, outside of people working in related industries, knew that the Netherlands was the second-largest agricultural exporter in the world. But that title is no more after TPTB deliberately and maliciously destroyed the entire farming industry in said country last year.

Most Americans, at some point, have been in that artificial, phony debate surrounding cows in India and dogs in the U.S. It goes something like:

“Well, cows are sacred in India, but are food in the U.S. Dogs are sacred in the U.S., but Americans chastise and vilify Asians for eating dogs.”

Western media make dog farming and fighting out to be the most evil things in the world (probably while eating buffalo wings from a steroid-filled chicken that came from a factory farm that stuffs thousands of chickens into tiny spaces…while watching a rodeo).

All the holier-than-thou stuff notwithstanding, it was mind-boggling to learn that India was the world’s leading beef exporter as recently as 2019. But now all that beef, thanks to TPTB, will be chemically-contaminated with some new “vaccine” that has unknown and unpredictable effects on both the cows and the humans who consume the meat. The saga continues around the world.

Ireland announced last month that it is destroying 200,000 cows by 2026 in the name of “reducing greenhouse gas emissions.” It is not an official policy forcing farmers to kill their cattle. But instead, it’s an incentive program that, like the Dutch government, the Irish government buys out farmers and then kills the cattle themselves.

The same thing is happening in the United States. Government has been paying farmers to not plant and harvest crops since at least 2020. Not to mention the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) very quietly approved the sale of lab-grown chicken from two companies, Good Meat and Upside Foods, late last month.

Critical thinkers already know that both of said companies are funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. There are untold hundreds of millions of people dying from starvation across the globe as we speak. But TPTB are destroying food and creating frankenfoods. It’s artificially engineered famine and will only get worse over the next several years.

RELATED: Logistical plans for ushering in “you’ll eat bugs and like it” becoming more clear as the major players begin identifying themselves publicly (June 29, 2022)


The funniest part about the franken-chicken is a study published in April by University of California-Davis researchers. You won’t hear about it in mainstream media. But the researchers concluded that lab-grown meat processes create four to 25 times greater global warming potential than the average for retail (normal) beef farming.

Most of humanity is in complete denial, oblivious and/or simply intoxicating themselves with mind-numbing trash internet content all day. What’s worse is that the creators get paid to make this stuff. The fact that all of the following TikTok people have thousands of followers and are making money tells you all you need to know about the state of humanity during The Great Reset.

This blogger, despite growing up in the Church of God In Christ with a preacher mom, will never push or promote religion. But there is no denying the eerie historical and contemporary truths contained throughout the Bible. That said, we’ll leave you with this:

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. Romans 12:2.

A Pfizer warehouse was destroyed by a tornado in Rocky Mount, North Carolina on Wednesday. Many people were thanking God.

Always look beyond the surface. The insurance payout is higher than the building and materials value. Pfizer can now claim documents were destroyed that may prove the company was deliberately killing people with the mRNA shots. And somehow nobody was hurt or killed. Charles Hatfield is laughing from above.

Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.


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11 months ago

Another grim catalogue of current events, actual reality running alongside and parallel to manufactured reality.

11 months ago

DAMMIT! I was just wondering about Yamkela Seplan a few weeks ago!

Rest in peace lovely girl. I am sorry this world failed you (along with many other innocent kids and teens).

11 months ago
Reply to  LoriQ

I think she could have been saved with early surgery to drain and clean out the infection and dead tissue in her upper arm. It seems to me that it was trapped inside and eventually worked its way to another part of her arm and burst and drained out a little, but it was too late and, even after that, was not being expressed/drained enough and not thoroughly which was necessary.

11 months ago

All the red flags were there… people ignored them because of the terror campaign created by TPTB. As for me, I’ve never had the death jab.. never will… In fact, I will refuse to have ANY “vaccine” created from the day the death jabs were created. I have an awesome immune system and I’ll take my chances with the pathogen, rather than another mRNA poison shot.

11 months ago
Reply to  Expat

I won’t even get an injection at the dentist. You can’t trust injectables anymore.

11 months ago
Reply to  Expat

The obvious red flag for me was being unable to sue the vaccine manufacturers for any damage their vaccines caused. I warned people about this, but typical sheep ignored me and took their death jabs. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out why the vax makers would want indemnity from any sort of liability made against them: loss of profit. That’s why governments (meaning mr and mrs tax-payer) are footing the bill of vaccine injury compensations (meaning more money added to the debt pile from government borrowing).

Last edited 11 months ago by Aidan
Atom man
Atom man
11 months ago

All these deaths and they continue – never heard of anything like these numbers among very young, very healthy folks. Yes, death from septicemia (blood infection) is always a possibility but is it not curious that some pathologists are telling us these injections confer negative immunity, making it more likely someone will catch the “disease” – or have a “turbo cancer”? I am not necessarily a candidate for prophet-hood but the phrase “big die off” continues in my dreams. If modern physics is correct (I think it is) “we are all connected by strong, invisible threads” as stated by the Buddhists, and in some way we can know the future. Certainly the cases with the “I got my COVID-19 vaccine” posts are clear cut, especially among younger, otherwise healthy people. If “blg die off” is on the way, do you suppose that “the flood gates will burst” and panic will ensue in the hoodwinked general population? Maybe it is good if you do not live in a major city.

11 months ago
Reply to  Atom man

What if the injections were the first half of a binary biological weapon? If so, then the second half in the form of a cold-like highly contagious virus could kill all the “vaccinated”. There reportedly was discussion at a PRC military conference several years back of using biological weapons to kill half of Americans, then invading the USA and enslaving the other half. Maybe the thought was expanded to a global scale.

Sean O'Connor
Sean O'Connor
11 months ago
Reply to  Citizen

If there are less Americans than that unconsumed food can be sold to PRC because PRC can’t feed itself and has depleted the ocean of all seafood in its area. I find it disturbing they are buying farmland

11 months ago
Reply to  Sean O'Connor

I find it more disturbing that our AMERICAN politicians are allowing the PRC to buy the farmland.

11 months ago
Reply to  Esmerelda

They began directly selling our entire manufacturing base to China 50 years ago.

For those paying attention, they would know that America’s been for sale by the politicians for 70+ years.

Just wait until the ‘minorities’, whites, and especially white women figure-out that the Chinese don’t give a shit about race relations, and that the dirty ass Feds & State/Local Cops will bust heads & kill to protect Chinese property rights in North America.

Atom man
Atom man
11 months ago
Reply to  Citizen

This is what Judy Mikovits, PhD who worked for Fauci has indicated, that is, that some of those “vaccines” are part of an AB (binary) operation, after you get A, you are more likely to catch B.

The other thing you are referring to was uncovered by the Epoch Times and repeated on the J. R. Nyquist blog. Yes, the retiring Chinese General Chi Haotian did mention a “germ warfare” campaign could work without firing a shot but do read the 8th paragraph from the bottom of that report about the San Fran conference at the Gorbachev Foundation in 1995 attended by George Soros, Bill Gates, Tony Blair, GWB, and a host of others. Some of the participants said there are too many people in the world, more than needed to run the economy, and that these people (80%) could be gradually eliminated by “high tech means”. The Chinese simply said “the US has a shocking conspiracy” and if they regard their people so little it does not matter what we do.

11 months ago
Reply to  Citizen

I’ve always said that a second pathogen would finish the job. It’s a great way to cover up the “vaccines” culpability. The deaths we are witnessing now are merely “accidents.” When? I’d venture to guess by the end of 2025.

Peter Connett
Peter Connett
11 months ago
Reply to  Citizen

Have you thought about your theory in a different light?

What if the second manufactured virus kills off… us “troublesome” skeptics and leaves the gmo modified Homo franken sapiens?

What and to who’s benefit would a giant phar mo-goberment conspiracy be if The PTB leave the ones who are now more emboldened than ever to not comply with its man dates and edicts?

Whereas the ones who lined up and took the jabber would be more than happy to line up again and… fill in the blank. And the next go around would be sans resistance.

Just some thoughts.


11 months ago

“Humanity is permanently damaged beyond repair”

__Mr Wilkins


That’s putting it mildly…

Thanks for all the articles and hard work and courage manifest!

11 months ago

The stories are sad; but that Adrian Tan; with his “30 pieces of silver” to bring an elderly person in for the kill shot; his early exit was sweet justice.

Frank DiGorgio
Frank DiGorgio
11 months ago
Reply to  Hmm

I was thinking the same thing about Adrian Tan. What a real P.O.S.!!! No sadness on his passing.

11 months ago
Reply to  Hmm

I can’t help it, but I smiled and applauded Adrian Tan when he rolled over after taking the JWO clotshot himself…Instant Karma…got what he deserved…a total disgrace to all humanity…a lower level court jester imp…that sold out for his proverbial bowl of postage…not even respected by his masters who are discarding their lower level scum and mold…a useful idiot and hatchet man for the small hat Tribe has been silenced and exterminated…Yay…

11 months ago
Reply to  Hmm

Agree. Mr. Tan, Dr. Victoria and those 2 pro jabber pro mandate Italian guys don’t have to worry about covid or the unclean unvaxxed anymore. Wherever they are I hope they remember their holy chant of ” Thank goodness I am vaccinated. It could have been much worse.”

11 months ago
Reply to  Hmm

Plus Singapore as the Switzerland of Asia sits on cash reserves of hundreds of billions of dollars… $30 won’t get you a fast food meal for two down there. I suspect the number 30 was LITERALLY an in-your-face joke, alluding to the 30 pieces of silver. As were Mr. Tan’s quips about “prey” etc.

11 months ago

I agree that the Pfizer plant damage looks too convenient. They possibly needed to trash a whole bunch of vaccines that are no longer being used, or maybe a payout of cash, or destruction of docs like you said. One guy reportedly heard what “sounded like an explosion” and another employee heard nothing. Weird.

UNC Chimera
UNC Chimera
11 months ago

Sounds like prion disease is kicking up in Canada, and likely in the US as well. What a terrible way to go and yet another reason to lock up Ralph Baric and shut down the University of North Carolina. Maybe they could rename the team the UNC Chimera. They could play the Stanford Censors and the Rutgers Mandators for the crown of most unethical university in America.

Sorry to hear about Deion’s toes, he’ll have to get used to the scooter, but at least he’s alive.
There’s a receiver for Cleveland who came down with the blood clots last week too. He’s still alive.

Excellent news reports as always, thanks for keeping it real.

Captain Black Picard
11 months ago
Reply to  UNC Chimera

I have big respect for Coach Prime for what he’s accomplished but as a supposed “man of God” and a preacher, he had the perfect opportunity to use his gift of talking to sound the alarm and wake up a lot of the masses.

If he was so dumb to get the “safe & effective” vaxx jab, I wonder if his kids are also vaxxed.

Jesus is my vaccine
Jesus is my vaccine
11 months ago

All I got to say is damn. What gets me is now all the ones that were forcing the jabs, masks, that stupid 6 foot rule are now trying to act like it didn’t happen. That they are trying to get away with it. I want them held accountable. And there’s no way that is Jamie Foxx.His facial features are very different. Its just like the Damar Hamlin story. He is a clone. Call me a nut I dont care just the way I believe

11 months ago

Agree. The first thing I thought when I saw “Jamie Foxx” in that video was he looked a lot lighter. Does your skin color change or lighten up with his condition? Brian nailed it with his Casper the friendly ghost comment.

Jesus is my vaccine
Jesus is my vaccine
11 months ago
Reply to  Annie


11 months ago

The JWO has been very effective in persuading the low IQ masses that their sorcery will save them…just call it science and the vaxx zealots are ready to ridicule you for not trusting in the Scientists…they love being in the Cult of Jabaroo never noticing their Talmudic Kahballist Luciferian Zionist Baphomet masters leading them into the slaughterhouse…the Statist Sheeple Slaves exhibit deep unwavering Stockholm Syndrome to their Jewish masters at Pfizer and Murderna…giving them all the political cover and legal exemptions that the small hat Tribe requires while happily paying for extermination services…setting up a future crisis and implementation of a military police state with full Martial Law…thank you Sheeple…too bad most of you won’t be around to see the disasters you enabled and created…if you were, you would call it some bullshit like Long Covid…Never ever underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups…

11 months ago

Ron Sexton a 52-year-old comedian has just died while on tour.

Madonna collapsed from sepsis earlier this month. I know she pushed the vax on others but don’t know for sure if she got it herself.

Rob Meldrum
Rob Meldrum
11 months ago

The Singapore “bounty” for turning in people who haven’t taken the clot-shot is very frightening. Especially the fact that they targeted over-60-year-olds. I can just picture America’s bureaucrats realizing they can “save” Social Security by killing off everyone of retirement age…

11 months ago
Reply to  Rob Meldrum

They already figured that out! What do you think we are in the middle of? See the COVID death-shot/disability numbers for the oldsters.

The financial insolvency extends waaay beyond Soc. Sec., however, so they extended the depop. beyond the oldsters’ cohort.

The shots (all) are just one aspect of the great poisoning, however. Air, soil, water, food, physical, mental, & spiritual health — all are being poisoned.

11 months ago

The Annabelle Ham story:
The family’s primary concern is “don’t spread or post speculation or details”. If a family member died, the absolute LEAST concern of mine would be the speculation of random strangers on social media. Couldn’t care less. Yet they went out of their way to complain about a teeny tiny % of people pointing out the incredibly obvious cause of death. (in coded language of course)

The comments on her last video are sad, I’d say 95% of the people are buying the “epilepsy” story. Holy crap, all the scammers out there? Immediately DM those people & sell them some ocean front property in Arizona. The epilepsy story is as transparent as saran wrap.

why can’t people see what is so blindingly obvious?

Clown World
Clown World
11 months ago
Reply to  anybody

Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine.

Jesus said unto him, Let the dead bury their dead.

Harold Crapper
11 months ago

Any parent who allowed their child to get the Vax, failed as a parent. The poor child will have to worry every day about Vax damage.

Sean O'Connor
Sean O'Connor
11 months ago

This band Paramore had to cancel it’s San Francisco show because a band member got sick or something just happened this past weekend

11 months ago

The jabbed aren’t able to handle infections! Since when do young kids and young adults die from the flu? I’d like to know what medical interventions they had. What toxic meds were given in the hospital? i believe that’s a big part of the problem even though they’ve destroyed their immune system with experimental shots! The medical industry can only offer up poison since that’s all they know. It’s why I don’t take any advil, tylenol, toxic injections or any other dangerous concoction from the most corrupt industry in the world!

Kim Karma
Kim Karma
11 months ago

At this point “natural causes” includes anything that’s not a homicide or accident. There was a story recently where a man had his arms and feet amputated… they blamed a flea. Made me wonder how many other random ailments are being blamed on lame excuses.

11 months ago

I know so many vaxed people that have lost weight. Heaps of them, fat for years and years, always the same. Then they get the vax and loose all that weight, all at once.

They seem happy and healthy, but I wonder what processes are going on inside them. I guess time will tell. So far the benefits of weight loss seem to outweigh any side effects they might have.

People are pretty quiet about side effects though, and most of the effects are invisible unless someone is super honest.

11 months ago

Michelle Boyd looks like Elon Musk in a wig. Just thought I’d point that out.

11 months ago

Lancet sudies erased: they have to put the data there, so that we have the ”free will’ we were warned. If we chose to belive the deception, they dont get the negative karma. They put all things in the open for this. Then deceive, people nit using their critical thinking, are doomed.

Deceived people woith the vax that are now fighters: they are saints, or kinda, they are to be redeemed. Many saints started wrong, but then throught courage, they got the enlighten. So, all there maimed and fighting, schapeau, they are heroes. They started with minus and still figting, I am amazed of their courage and also humbled. I wish nothing but peace and good for them all, they will get the enlightening and will meet at one point. Looking forward to, they are real brave souls.

Jamie Fox, others: many others: cloned. They were since 30’s at least. Sad they trade their freedom and life for what? Being a star means to lose all your freedom, everything. A bird in a golden cage they are. This is why all those that matter are private. And enjoying their life of privilege. NONE that it is in the open matter. Only those that are in the hiding, they have oit all: freedom, life with all privilege, party, nature, all.

Ireland eats horses adn hides this. Also still hunting whales, as well as Norway, Japan. They will pay their price and they are paying but nit enough yet is coming. Nature will take its revenge, they did too much harm, and still do without being forced to, as for survival, they do it for fun, as sharks fins in Japan and others. Is extra. Planet will take its tool, actually it is taking it already, but will take more. We dont have to be vegans, this is absurde. We just have to respect the circle of nature. Take what we need, from close vicinity. TAKE: avocado from 3 continents away destroying virgin forests or growing cows home… circle of nature. We are omnivors, we just need to take what we have and thats it. Not to destroy things because we can and we want.

Trans doing trans things, removing from the gene pool: GOOD! To many degenerates, not all had to reproduce, this is why we now have this epidemic of all kind of degenerates, as for the comunist woke policies. No, not all have to reproduce. I said what I said.

Others… things unfold as they should. We will be good, looking forward for summer 2024

11 months ago

Anybody that took the vaccine and was aware of same vaccine being able to cause an adverse reaction is in absolutely no position to complain. They knew what they were signing up for. Every medicine comes with risk. I mean what did they expect would happen? Idiots. At least I can take accountability for my own actions.

But then again, f you have the intelligence of a paintbrush you would be confused as to why the vaccine as both “safe and effective”, and at the same time a producer of adverse reactions (mentioned by same supporters of “safe and effective” and also detailed on vaccine reporting systems such as vaers and the MHRA, as well as vaccine leaflets).

That my friends is doublethink rearing it’s ugly head into the secular world (accepting two conflicting beliefs as truths, often at odds with their own memory or sense of reality). The average fool has no chance standing up to doublethink.

I didn’t know that a vaccine with an adverse reaction was regarded as safe… but then again we are living in clown world.

In regards to my former fellow Northern Ireland citizen Mr.Mallon, he was a part of the woke, liberal, Northern Irish music scene that promoted lockdowns and vaccine passports. No surprise he got the vaccine. That same music scene is responsible for the deaths and injuries of many people in Northern Ireland who attended concerts, that were regulated by a china-style social credit system (which required the death shot). Any musician that supported that same system is guilty of manslaughter. Shame on them! I would say they should speak out about it at one of their shows, but at this rate I don’t they will have time.

Pray for humanity
Pray for humanity
11 months ago

Tod Callendar said the number one adverse event for the Pfizer jab is the deletion of the 1p36 gene that controls the frontal cortex where critical thinking takes place. This explains a lot. These people cannot think straight anymore. They’re actual zombies.

Captain Black Picard
11 months ago

Brother Brian, THIS is perhaps one of your most informative blog posts EVER on the Covid Blog. Damn, so much info to process here.???? Wow! ????Anywho, I do hope you’re getting lots of hits from the East Africa region since I’ve been sharing snippets of your numerous articles with their links into WhatsCrapp & Telegram in order to forward to a lot of my dear but somewhat naive friends & acquaintances here on the Motherland. And I specifically tell them to forward it onwards to their friends & family. And as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words so I deliberately do this because I know if they see clear feature images of the maimed vaxxed victims mentioned in your numerous blog articles, then maybe it will help them to wake the fcuk up because a lot of them are too trusting of the Western presstitute networks and its toxic social media platforms.By the way, I feel zero remorse for the lying vaxx zealots mentioned here who bit the dust. In a just world where “justice” means something, a LOT of vaxx-pushing zealot heads would be rolling like bowling balls if ya know what I mean. Tired, TIRED of this shyt.I am so disappointed with the ignorant sheep masses who have complied with this “agenda” that I have started to remove sheep from my friend zone. Don’t need em in my life, don’t give a fcuk about em because they have no spine which allows this madness to continue.PS–> Please get a Monero XMR crypto addy so I can send a donation. It truly is the “People’s crypto” and I don’t deal with the others since nothing comes close to XMR. Maybe you could even write a blog post encouraging your users about the numerous benefits of authentic crypto like Monero etc. as the new #ParallelEconomy is picking up steam globally post-COVID.

A Human
A Human
11 months ago

Re: casper the friendly ghost, aka Jamie Foxx… I just learned that the antioxidant go-to for naturopathic practitioners trying to clean up covid bioweapon injuries is glutathione, which also … lightens skin. I thought the pix of ‘Foxx’ were weird also, but apparently other docs promote it primarily for skin lightening.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x