Friday Update VI: airlines pairing non-vaccinated co-pilots with vaxxed pilots to mitigate potential risk, #vaxxidents galore and 35-plus more sudden deaths
November 17, 2023 (updated November 18, 2023)

Critical thinkers sometimes must give credit where its due, even when reporting on the powers-that-be (“TPTB”) and their tools. Ten of the 13 U.S. presidents since 1945 are/were warmongers. The three exceptions are John F. Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, and Donald Trump. It’s no coincidence that all three either served only one term or were killed before a second term. We also must give Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu credit for his honesty and truth regarding the United States.

Netanyahu, in an apparently surreptitious recording, was speaking to Israeli colonists in the West Bank in the fall of 2001, shortly after 9/11. At the time, Netanyahu was out of politics after losing the 1999 Prime Minister election to Ehud Barak. He was working as a consultant for BATM, a communications equipment company, while also facing corruption charges (nothing new with this guy). But Netanyahu never stopped politicking.

He fed the colonists red meat, saying how Israel should strike Palestine “several times, so painfully, that the price they pay is unbearable.” But the colonists were concerned that the world, particularly the U.S., would view Israel as the aggressors. Netanyahu calmed them down by telling truth about the obsequious U.S. government and populace at-large:

“I know what America is. I know how they are. America is a thing you can easily maneuver, move it in the right direction. And even if they say something, so what? 80% of Americans support us. It’s absurd.”

Ms. Amy Goodman, at Democracy Now!, was the only journalist to cover this story at the time. Give “Bibi” credit for telling truth about his American slaves. Ariel Sharon, Israel’s Prime Minister from March 2001 to April 2006, said basically the same thing, again shortly after 9/11.

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The BBC reported in early October 2001 that Israel Foreign Minister Shimon Peres was pressuring Sharon to heed the U.S. calls for a ceasefire in Palestine back then (yes, it happens perpetually). Sharon snapped back:

“Every time we do something you tell me Americans will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear, don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.”

The quote is 100% real and definitely happened. The BBC completely scrubbed the broadcast from its archives, just like the BBC scrubbed the video of “journalist” Jane Standley reporting that World Trade Center 7 – the Salomon Brothers Building – had collapsed 23 minutes before it actually collapsed on September 11, 2001 (then the news feed suddenly cut out).

The BBC has tried so hard covering their tracks ever since, to the point of renaming Jane Standley “Jane Stanley” to make the incident more difficult for laymen to research. Phil Hayton, the studio host that day, played stupid when asked about how the BBC knew of the collapse in advance in 2008.

Standley completely disappeared from broadcasting thereafter. All we’ve seen of her is a very sketchy profile on the World Food Programme website since that time. Regardless, Sharon told truth. U.S. government and the vast majority of Americans worship Zionists like teen idols. It is what it is.

And in these days of transmaxxing, Israel is also using sex not only to get lonely, horny, stupid American young men onboard with their blood-thirsting genocide, but also to distract from said genocide. Here is the Israel military’s “Girls Defense IDF” Instagram page.


These people are shamelessly making money by sexualizing genocide.

To each their own. Bill Gates gets off on his slow-kill genocide via the lethal injections. Israel lusts blood, torture and destruction on their way to wiping out Palestinians, while mixing in modern porn culture to mitigate it all.

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The so-called pandemic and now World War III have exposed the true colors of every individual, institution and organization in the world. The vast majority of American Christians are Christian Zionists whose faith is based on false prophets, idolatry and heresy. Christian churches across America doubled as vaccine clinics for most of 2021 and 2022. And everyday, another Christian “conservative pastor” is outed literally and figuratively for who and what they are.

F.L. “Bubba” Copeland was the 62-year-old mayor of Smiths Station, Alabama. He was also lead pastor at First Baptist Church in nearby Phenix City. Copeland gained national attention when then-President Trump visited the area in March 2019 in the aftermath of tornadoes that killed 23 people.

Bubba Copeland and Trump.

A website called 1819 News reported on November 1 that Copeland was also Brittini Blaire Summerlin, a fat drag clown or transgender or whatever on Instagram and Reddit. Copeland posted sexually charged fantasy content, while wearing bras, panties and wigs. We won’t be republishing the images here.

He told 1819 News that it was just a “hobby” and his “private life,” despite Copeland posting it all over Instagram and Reddit. His wife was reportedly fully aware of it all and thus part of the strange fetish lifestyle in an alleged Christian household. Copeland committed suicide on November 3.

You’d think after nearly four years of The Great Reset that the masses would stop with the “this is my private life” garbage when they voluntarily broadcast every detail of their lives on social media. But that is not the case.

Our story published on October 31 about 12-year-old Zakaria “Ziko” Yahia Attal attracted the attention of his mother, Kelly Buska. Ziko died after nearly 14 months of absolute torture, which mainstream media and the medical industrial complex call “cancer treatment.” Buska became perhaps the 100th person to threaten a lawsuit against The COVID Blog® for reporting her own words. She called her own words “false information” in said threat.

Though we’re not obligated to redact this woman’s contact or any other revealing information (since, again, she posted it publicly), this blogger, irrationally, continues feeling sorry for these people.

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We’ve officially entered the eye of the vaccine genocide storm. World War III is the Second Great Genocide, but wasn’t supposed to commence until mid-2024. One is peaking, while the other is just getting started. It’s going to be a long winter.

Frequent air travelers get good news from at least one airline

The COVID Blog® keeps in contact with several pilots. They provide valuable insight that assists in writing articles about airplane #vaxxidents. We’ve said many times that only fools get on airplanes in 2023 due to the very real possibility of the [vaxxed] pilot suffering sudden cardiac arrest. At least one U.S. airline recognizes this potentially catastrophic phenomenon, and is quietly addressing it without causing a stir.

A first officer emailed The COVID Blog® earlier this month. His identity will remain anonymous for obvious reasons. We also must be careful reporting this to ensure his identity cannot be deduced. For the record, we’ve seen his credentials; and he’s shared a lot of his pilot and military journeys via social media for several years.

That said, he spent 10 years in the U.S. Air Force before transitioning to commercial flying. Nearly all U.S. airlines have fast-track programs for military pilots to become first officers (co-pilots). Our pilot herein, whom we’ll call “Chet,” completed his commercial flight training program in 2020, at the peak of the so-called “pandemic.”

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He left his job temporarily due to vaccine mandates in 2021. But he returned in late 2022 after the airline reached out to him with a new offer. Chet was still very new to commercial flying upon his return. He shared the following story about his fifth flight as a first officer:

“I was completing a checklist due to slight depressurization in the cabin at cruising altitude. The captain acknowledged the first five steps as I has reading and executing the steps. I read the sixth step, then read it again because the captain didn’t acknowledge. I looked up and he was slumped over in his chair.”

Chet was able to land the plane less than 20 minutes later at a nearby airport. But he described the situation as “scarier than anything I’d even seen in the Air Force.” Chet said that the emergency landing was public record and is easy to find on flight tracking apps (which we in fact did clarify). But he was told by the airline not to discuss the situation at all with media or coworkers.

Commercial pilots must pass Class 1 Medical Exams once every year. Pilots over age 40 must do it every six months, according to Flying Magaazine. Blood tests are routine for all pilots, while eletrocardiograms are required for pilots over age 35. Virtually all heart conditions are disqualifying.

Chet’s airline has quietly acknowledged the dangers of allowing two vaxxed pilots on one flight. The public relations nightmare would be enough not only to sink the airline completely in the event of a crash, but also perhaps trigger global conversations about vaxxed pilots. Those realities forced at least this one airline to take action.

Beginning on November 1, flight routes and aircraft type for Chet’s airline are no longer determined solely by bidding and seniority. The emphasis now is having at least one non-vaxxed pilot or first officer in the cockpit of all flights. Chet described the mid-October meeting with his boss.

“Medical examiners are noticing irregularities in the blood of vaccinated pilots. They were also secretly communicating to the higher-ups that at least [60%] of the company’s pilots would be ineligible to fly under pre-2020 medical specifications. Flight attendants were also threatening to quit if they were not assured of having one unvaccinated pilot on their routes

I’ve only been with the company for 10 months. But I get to pick my routes before guys who’ve been there for decades. The company then matches a vaccinated pilot with me on my routes. I was told by a few unvaccinated flight attendants that they have similar arrangement now. Good for me. Bad for the old guard.”

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Chet said he believes that all airlines are following similar protocols to both mitigate workforce shortages and to avert potential disaster. The problem, according to Chet, is that there are so few unvaccinated pilots, that they are now overworked and pushing flight time limitations.

“The incentive pay is great, but a tired pilot is just as dangerous as a vaccinated pilot,” he said. The COVID Blog® reached out to the media relations teams for American, United and Southwest Airlines, and asked for comment about all of the foregoing. None of them responded as of publishing.

TPTB can attenuate catastrophe in the air with proactive policies. But short of banning all vaxxed people from driving, roads across the Western world will grow more dangerous by the minute.

#Vaxxident are daily occurrences

A driver suffered a medical episode at the wheel in Sanford, Florida on November 12. The car crashed into a home, destroying the play room of a child. Nobody was in the room during the collision. The driver died from the medical episode. A child inside the car was unharmed.

In Jamestown, Rhode Island, a Public Transit Authority bus driver suffered a medical episode on November 11. The bus came to a stop without causing damage to other property or people. The driver and the sole passenger onboard were hospitalized with minor injuries.

The pickup truck driver in Cincinnati suffered a medical emergency at the wheel on November 10. The truck crashed into a high school. Nobody was hurt inside the building. As of publishing, the driver was expected to survive.

Logan County, Ohio authorities reported that 55-year-old Edwin Steinmetz suffered a “medical emergency” at the wheel in the town of Lakeview on November 8. The vehicle rolled through an intersection without stopping before crashing into a tree. The car suffered only moderate damage. Steinmetz was dead with his seat belt on when police arrived.

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A 72-year-old woman suffered a medical episode at the wheel in the Humboldt Park area of Chicago on November 11. She crashed into a building around 11 a.m. that day. There are no updates on her condition a of publishing.

Again, increase your following distances, keep your head on a swivel (driving or walking near roads), and drive at night whenever possible. It’s better dealing with drunk vaxxed drivers than sober ones since alcohol is a natural blood thinner and may buy you a few extra milliseconds of reaction time in the event of an emergency.

Evidence is quickly mounting regarding the high lethality of the new injections released in September. Mr. Eric Whatcott, of Lytham St. Annes, Lancashire (U.K.), is at least the sixth victim we’ve covered who died hours, days or weeks after said shots.

Mr. Eric Whatcott.

The newest shots may be the deadliest yet. Everyone who received the real injections and not placebos from December 2020 to August 2021, and survived rapid death, are dying now. That is now established fact and repeatedly demonstrated week after week on this blog.

Those who received the second iteration, slow-kill booster shots (September 2021 to September 2022), ironically, may live a bit longer due to the anti-heart attack additive tromethamine (“tris”) in said shots. The “bivalent” third iteration of the shots (September 2022 to September 2023) have coincided with the very rapid increase of post-injection cancers. The latest iteration released in September, again, kills fast, like the first viral vector DNA and mRNA shots.

Vaxxed people have 2-3 years to live after their last injection. For those still alive now, their health is already deteriorating, and will completely crater out of nowhere at any moment.

Mrs. Michelle Vlug, of Saint John, New Brunswick (Canada), represents the forced-into-silence majority.


Millions more will develop hyper-aggressive cancers, like Mr. Chico Evangeslista, from Taguig, Philippines. He is 19 years old.



This blogger was tempted to write “pick your poison” here without further context. But billions of humans already did so – Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, Covishield, Coronovac, Sputnik V, flu shots, RSV shots, monkeypox shots…there’s wide variety.

We’ve also long lost count of Brazil “social media influencers” who have died suddenly in 2023. The following 35 sudden deaths are heavily concentrated in the U.S.

Raphael Dwamena: 28-year-old Ghana soccer player collapses and dies in Albania

Mr. Raphael Dwamena was originally from Nkawkaw, Ghana. He’d played professional soccer since 2014, with his last team being KF Egnatia based in Rrogozhinë, Albania. Mr. Dwamena was the leading scorer in the Albanian Super League, with nine goals.

KF Egnatia was playing in a match against FK Partizani on November 11. Mr. Dwamena suddenly collapsed on the pitch in the 23rd minute of the game.

He was pronounced dead en route to Kavajë Hospital. Wikipedia quickly updated Mr. Dwamena‘s page that day, and added that he was diagnosed with a “heart condition” in 2020. That ensures maximum #ABV rhetoric.

Dwight Twilley: 72-year-old Oklahoma pop rocker dies in car #vaxxident

Mr. Dwight Twilley was a “power pop” artist, à la the Beatles and the Who. He was best known for his 1975 hit “I’m on Fire,” which peaked at #16 on the Billboard Hot 100 that year.

He had a second top 20 hit, “Girls,” in 1984.

Mr. Twilley suffered a stroke while driving in Tulsa on October 18. He crashed his car into a tree. Mr. Twilley was rushed to Ascension St. John Medical Center. But he was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. The cause of death was severe brain hemorrhage.

Mr. Twilley was a diehard vaxx zealot.




Bonnie Knight: 39-year-old Oregon woman dies unexpectedly

Ms. Bonnie Jean Knight resided in Portland. She worked in the local fashion industry. Few details are available. But Ms. Knight “died unexpectedly” October 21.

Gwen Owsley: 17-year-old Indiana girl dies from myocarditis

Gwendolynn “Gwen” Deianara Owsley resided in Howe, Indiana. She was a junior at Westville High School in nearby Topeka, Indiana. Gwen was on the school’s track and soccer teams, and participated in choir.

Mr. Rodger Owsley, Gwen’s father, reported in a now-deleted Facebook post that Gwen died from myocarditis on October 27.

Joe Matt: 60-year-old California cartoonist collapses and dies while drawing

Mr. Joe Matt resided in Los Angeles. He was best known for his autobiographical comic book Peep Show. The series ran from 1987 to 2007.

Mr. Matt was found dead at this home on September 18. He reportedly collapsed and died at his drawing board. Mr. Matt posted the following via Instagram on May 5, 2021.

Knox MacEwen: 14-year-old Florida boy collapses and dies after 5K run

Knox MacEwen was a freshman at Western High School in Davie, Florida. He was a devout member of the Crossway Church in nearby Cooper City. Knox had just completed a 5K run as part of a Junior Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) event in Miramar on November 4 when he suddenly collapsed.

He was rushed to Memorial Miramar Hospital, but pronounced dead later that day. The cause of death was sudden cardiac arrest.

Anna Diederich: 24-year-old Virginia medical student collapses and dies at campus gym

Ms. Anna Therese Diederich resided in Charlottesville, Virginia. She graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in chemical engineering in 2021. Ms. Diederich enrolled at the University of Virginia (UVA) Medical School in August.

Ms. Diederich collapsed and died at a campus gym on October 9.

The UVA School of Medicine ended its vaccine and booster mandates on August 4, and replaced them with vaccine and booster coercion policies.

Justice Gatlin: 26-year-old Illinois woman dies suddenly while on vacation

Ms. Justice Gatlin resided in Springfield, Illinois, according to her Facebook page. She was the mother of two young daughters. Ms. Gaitlin was traveling to Bali, Indonesia for vacation sometime on or after November 2, the date of her last Facebook post.

She passed away suddenly either on a plane or at an airport in Taiwan. Her family said she died “from a seizure.” But the more likely cause of death was sudden cardiac arrest.

Robert Booth: 51-year-old Washington state teacher, coach dies unexpectedly from a “medical condition”

Mr. Robert Booth resided in Pasco, Washington. He was a teacher at Ray Reynolds Middle School and a football coach at Chiawana High School. Mr. Booth was married with four kids.

He “passed away unexpectedly” on November 1. The cause of death was “a medical condition.” Washington state had a vaccine mandate for all teachers from October 2021 to May 30, 2023. All but two Pasco School District employees were fully vaccinated by October 2021.

Maria Woods: 59-year-old Australia school principal dies from hyper-aggressive blood cancer

Mrs. Maria Woods was the principal at Hillbrook Anglican School in Enoggera, a suburb of Brisbane (Queensland). She’d worked in education her entire adult life. Mrs. Woods was married with two sons.

Few details are available. But mainstream media reported that Mrs. Woods died on or around October 31 after “a short illness.” Radio station 92.7 Mix FM in the Sunshine Coast reported that Mrs. Woods “suddenly passed…after a battle with a blood cancer disease.”

Davide Renne: 46-year-old Italy fashion designer dies from “sudden illness”

Mr. Davide Renne was a top designer at Gucci for 20 years before accepting a position as creative director at luxury fashion house Moschino in Milan on October 16. He started the new job on November 1. The first Renne collection was slated to debut at Milan Fashion Week in February.

He passed away on November 10, just nine days into his new job. By now mainstream media should know the difference between a heart attack and sudden cardiac arrest. But they are incorrectly blaming the previous instead of the more likely latter (and characterizing it as a “sudden illness“).

Rule of thumb: people who eat bacon cheeseburgers and pepperoni pizza everyday, and/or people who have age-related heart valve deterioration, die from heart attacks (clogged coronary arteries). Vaxxed people die from sudden cardiac arrest (i.e. the heart just stops beating for whatever reason).

David Worrall: 60-year-old Indiana Republican town council candidate collapses and dies at polling station

Mr. David “Red” Worrall was a resident of Clarksville, Indiana for his entire life. He owned Worrall’s Automotive and Machine Shop. Mr. Worrall was a former town council member, and was running for a seat again in this past election.

He posted several campaign-related message via Facebook on November 6. Mr. Worrall was greeting voters at Clarksville Renaissance Academy on Election Day, November 7, when he suddenly collapsed. He was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital shortly thereafter.

Gary Hobish: 70-year-old California man collapses and dies while dancing

Mr. Gary Hobish resided in San Francisco for most of his adult life. He was a sound engineer for several bands, and played the bass guitar. Mr. Hobish was swing dancing at Golden Gate Park on October 27 when he suddenly collapsed. A friend ran to a nearby museum to request a defibrillator, but was denied. Mr. Hobish died shortly thereafter.

The #ABV excuses range from congenital heart defect to bumping his head when he fell.

Facebook quickly scrubbed Mr. Hobish’s page within hours after his death.

Matt Kirby: 54-year-old Maine man dies from pulmonary embolism

Mr. Matthew Kirby resided in Cornish, Maine. He was the father of two sons. Mr. Kirby died suddenly on November 8 due to a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in his lungs).


Roderick Burnstick: 55-year-old Canada man dies from sudden cardiac arrest

Mr. Roderick Burnstick resided in Edmonton, Alberta. His LinkedIn page says he was self-employed, but does not elaborate further. He died unexpectedly on November 1 from sudden cardiac arrest (though again, it was labeled “heart attack”).


He was at least double-vaxxed.

Zahnel Schulenberg: 35-year-old South Africa doctor dies without explanation

Dr. Zahnél Schulenburg was a general practitioner at Midstream Medical Centre in Centurion, South Africa. She specialized in pediatric and women’s health. Dr. Schulenburg died without explanation on or around November 8.


She was at least double-vaxxed.

Tom Clevenger: 44-year-old West Virginia man dies unexpectedly

Mr. Thomas Buster Clevenger resided in Salty Fork, West Virginia. He worked in the real estate industry and was a photographer. Few details are available. But Mr. Clevenger “passed away unexpectedly” on November 6.


Delashay Benson: 54-year-old California woman spontaneously collapses and dies out of nowhere

Ms. Delashay Ivelisse Carmona Benson previously worked for Santa Rosa Junior College and was a student as well. Some sort of issue took place; and Ms. Benson left the school and moved to Port Gibson, Mississippi sometime this past spring. She had several kids and grandchildren; but we could not deduce the exact data thereof.

Ms. Mina Benson, Delashay’s daughter, reported via Facebook on November 2 that her mother “died in the arms of my father.” Again, the sudden cardiac arrest was mischaracterized as a “heart attack.”


Ms. Benson was a diehard vaxx zealot.


The “African American woman vaccine developer” she’s referring to is Kizzmekia Corbett, whom TPTB conjured out of thin air in mid-2020 to convince Black Americans to receive the injections by presenting a black face.

Michelle Westerfield: 43-year-old Indiana woman dies “unexpectedly”

Mrs. Michelle Lynn Westerfield resided in Schererville, Indiana. She was a nurse fellow at St. Mary’s Medical Center in Hobart, Indiana. Mrs. Westerfield earned her RN degree from Ivy Tech Community College in December 2022. She was married with one child.

Few details are available. But Mrs. Westerfield “passed away unexpectedly” on November 1. She loved vaccines no matter which one it was.

Renee Stone: 46-year-old Massachusetts woman dies unexpectedly

Ms. Renee Stone resided in Webster, Massachusetts. Her Facebook page says she worked at Walmart from 1999 to 2012. She had one son and one daughter.

Few details are available. But Ms. Stone died unexpectedly on November 2.

Kelly Hutchison: 39-year-old Scottish woman dies suddenly

Ms. Kelly Hutchison resided in Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland. Her Facebook page says she was a full-time mother. Few details are available. But Ms. Hutchison “died suddenly” on October 22.


Steve Poponi: 48-year-old New Jersey musician dies from sudden cardiac arrest while on tour

Mr. Steve Poponi resided in Audubon, New Jersey, just a few miles from Philadelphia. He was a singer and bass player in a band called Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start – which is a cheat code for old Nintendo games like Contra and Super Mario Bros. Mr. Poponi also owned Gradwell House, a studio where he worked with several bands.

He died from sudden cardiac arrest (again mischaracterized as a “heart attack”) while on tour in Vermont on October 31.


Robin Huckleberry: 56-year-old Massachusetts woman dies unexpectedly

Ms. Robin L. Huckleberry resided in Stoneham, Massachusetts. She co-owned a business called OH Crafts, which made home and holiday decorations. Few details are available. But Ms. Huckleberry died unexpectedly on October 25.


Federica Sanigi: 49-year-old Italy woman dies very suddenly

Mrs. Federica Sanigi resided in Ponso, in the Province of Padua. She worked for a lighting company. Mrs. Sanigi was married with two sons.

She woke up the morning of November 9 feeling ill. Mrs. Sanigi got up, went to the bathroom, and laid back down in bed with her husband, Mr. Dario Rezzan. She complaining of feeling very ill. Mr. Rezzan got up and called 118 (“911”) emergency services. He then shouted out to his life while on the phone, but she did not answer.

Mr. Rezzan dropped the phone, and went back into the bedroom, only to discover his wife unresponsive. She was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

Deborah McGhee: 57-year-old British woman dies from hyper-aggressive, multi-organ cancer

Ms. Deborah McGhee resided in Malvern, Worcestershire. She rarely posted on any social media platforms. Mr. Martin McGhee, Deborah’s brother, reported via Facebook on October 28 that Deborah was diagnosed with Stage 4 aggressive cancer “a few months ago.” She died in her sleep on October 28.

Vanessa Mancini: 41-year-old Brazil social media influencer collapses and dies at home; Brazil bloodbath continues with social media personalities

Ms. Vanessa Mancini resided in Manaus, Amazonas. She had 31,000 Instagram followers, and mostly published content about traveling and exercise.

Ms. Mancini has hanging up Christmas decorations in her home on November 6 when she suddenly collapsed. Her parents called emergency services. But Ms. Mancini was dead within minutes. The cause of death was obviously sudden cardiac arrest, and again, mischaracterized as a “heart attack” by mainstream media.

Another Brazil model/star/social media influencer, 29-year-old Ms. Luana Andrade Lopes, died on November 7.

Ms. Andrade, pictured above, had 603,000 Instagram followers, and was best known for her appearance in the Brazil reality TV show, Power Couple. Mainstream media admit she died from a pulmonary embolism, but emphasized that it was after liposuction surgery, to leave open #ABV deflections. The situation is only going to get worse in Brazil.

The country announced late last month that the lethal mRNA injections will be a mandatory childhood vaccine starting in 2024. Ms. Mancini and Ms. Andrade are at least the 7th and 8th Brazilian social media influencers who have died suddenly since late 2022.

Imhotep Carter: 61-year-old Virginia doctor dies unexpectedly

Dr. Kevin “Imhotep” Anthony Carter resided in Virginia Beach. He took the road less traveled on his way to becoming a doctor, according to a lengthy online obituary. Dr. Carter considered himself “a frustrated musician who happened to be a doctor.” He was an assistant professor of internal medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School. His wife of 36 years is also a doctor. They had four children.

Dr. Carter had been sick for the previous 18 months before passing away “unexpectedly” on November 9.

Brian Baseler: 31-year-old Ohio man dies in his sleep

Mr. Brian Christopher Baseler resided in Columbus. He was a financial planner and worked in sales. Few details are available. But Mr. Baseler died in his sleep on October 3.


Ariel Mullins: 30-year-old Iowa woman dies after “brief illness”

Ms. Ariel Michelle Mullins resided in Fort Dodge. Her Facebook page says she was trained in tile setting. Ms. Mullins got extremely sick very fast and out of nowhere on October 24.

A woman named Jamie Lynne, who appears to be a close friend of Ms. Mullins, chronicled how the situation went from emergency room to being airlifted nearly 200 miles to the University of Iowa Hospital in a matter of 24 hours.


Ms. Mullins passed away on October 26.

Sarah Roche: 44-year-old Rhode Island woman dies from hyper-aggressive brain cancer

Mrs. Sarah Roche resided in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. She was a stay-at-home mother, married and had two daughters. Few details are available. But Mr. Shane Roche, Sarah’s widower, reported that his wife passed away on October 29 “after a short battle with brain cancer.”


Aubrie Pick: 42-year-old California woman dies from hyper-aggressive cancer

Ms. Aubrie Pick resided in San Francisco. She was a food and lifestyle photographer. Ms. Pick was either married or has been with the same man for over a decade. They have a 3-year-old daughter.

Ms. Pick was diagnosed with “an aggressive form on lymphoma” in March.


She passed away on November 2.


James Gurney: 27-year-old New York man dies unexpectedly

Mr. James E. Gurney resided in Plattsburgh. He was a prep cook and dishwasher, according to his Facebook page. Few details are available. But Mr. Gurney passed away unexpectedly at his home on October 29.


An obituary passively tried blaming addiction.

Deborah Richardson: 58-year-old New York woman dies unexpectedly

Mrs. Deborah Ann Richardson resided in Rochester. She had a deep passion for cooking. Few details are available. But Mrs. Richardson passed away unexpectedly on November 5.


Catherine Garner: 33-year-old South Carolina woman dies unexpectedly

Ms. Catherine Morrow “Cackie” Garner resided in Mount Pleasant. She was a licensed real estate broker. Few details are available. But Ms. Garner “died peacefully at home” on October 25.


Americans are dying and blaming “long COVID,” as others adjust to transhumanism

Dartmouth College and University College London (UCL) released a survey at the beginning of the month. It asked 461,500 Americans various questions about so-called COVID-19. Nearly half, 47%, said they were sick with COVID at some point since 2020. COVID is of course just rebranded flu. Thus half of Americans admit being irreversibly brainwashed. But so-called COVID since 2021 is actually adverse reactions from the injections.

The masses talk about “COVID toes,” “COVID pneumonia,” “COVID mouth,” and any/all other #ABV excuses to ease their own minds. The foregoing Dartmouth/UCL survey found that 1 in 7 Americans said they’ve suffered or are currently suffering from “long COVID“, which is essentially untreatable post-injection POTS.

Whether it’s blood clots and the myriad derivatives thereof, autoimmune disorders, or post-injection cancers, vaxxed people are deteriorating by the minute. No more is 80 years old a solid, long human life in the Western world. Those days are long over.

TPTB will never publish accurate, truthful excess death numbers during The Great Reset. But anyone who received at least one injection since December 2020, and is still alive by the end of 2024, either received placebos or somehow were born with the physiological makeup to endure their transhumanism metamorphoses.

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The 500 million humans left on Earth in 2030 will be part organic and part machine. World Economic Forum First Lieutenant, Yuval Harari, has been saying for the last four years that humans are now “hackable animals” with no free will or souls. It’s not hard to see – the relentless psychological operations, genetic manipulation via lethal injections, indoctrination by “education” and fear, etc.

Humanity has given TPTB the green light to execute their own extinction. The liberal tribe (40% of America) is already completely indoctrinated and anxiously standing in line at the incinerators. All they need is homosexual culture and abortions; and they’ll do anything TPTB tell them to do.

The MAGA tribe (40% of America) are stuck on January 6, 2021; George Floyd/fentanyl, the “manifesto” of the March 2023 Tennessee mass shooter, and anything else Elon Musk and Tucker Carlson tell them to focus on. Trump is still their master. But he is also single-handedly destroying the GOP.

Trump personally lost the U.S. Senate for Republicans in 2022. His handpicked candidates – Herschel Walker (Georgia), Dr. Mehmet Oz (Pennsylvania), and Adam Laxalt (Nevada) – all lost very winnable Senate races in their respective states.

Kentucky is one of the reddest states in the U.S. Trump endorsed gubernatorial candidate Daniel Cameron ahead of the 2023 election on November 7.

Cameron lost to Democrat incumbent Andy Beshear…and it wasn’t really close. Trump blamed Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell.

RELATED: Vivek Ramaswamy, his fake World Economic Forum lawsuit-settlement, and full details of the big pharma racket that made his family millions (September 21, 2023)


Trump will be the GOP nominee in 2024. He’s running solely to save himself from all the criminal prosecutions, whether you believe they are politically-motivated or legitimate. November 2024 will be the most fascinating and perhaps most deadly month of The Great Reset thus far. But at least both tribes fall in line for Israel, which is the ace in the hole for TPTB.

This world is a video game in which TPTB control the joystick. The foregoing ages this blogger. But those who survive the vaccine genocide and the Second Great Genocide (World War III), and are alive in 2030, will either be GMO transhuman cyborgs with pre-programmed realities, or surviving in a perpetual state of war and self-sufficiency far outside of major cities.

In the old days, dehumanization was done via vile torture, rape, mass murder, and ripping families apart to force obedience. Now it’s all done on computers, on social media, with no more religious equalizers. You either divest as much as humanly possible and risk government assassination, or you accept and live in their playground.



In keeping with our new policy to end these long, ominous articles with something positive, we turn back to Airplane! (1980). Norman Gibbs and Al White played the two “jive talking” guys. They were reportedly old high school friends and had been talking like that to each other since they were kids.

They completely ad-libbed the audition for the parts in Airplane!. The producers laughed until it hurt, tore up the script, and let Mr. Gibbs and Mr. White do what they do. And then June Cleaver from Leave It To Beaver (Barbara Billingsley) translated the jive talk in the movie. You either understand or you don’t. She hadn’t worked much at all since Leave It To Beaver ended in 1963, which made it even more funny.

The acting, the casting, the production, the humor, the spontaneity…this is humanity. Remember, “sheeit” translates to “golly.”

It’s unclear if we’re “allowed” to laugh at this anymore. Don’t let TPTB take away your humanity. The human race as we knew it is over. But make them kill you before succumbing to transhumanism and The Great Reset.

Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.


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6 months ago

Airlines pairing non-vaxxed and vaxxed pilot teams? You mean finally a bit of common sense amongst all this insanity?

Surely, you must be kidding! (Apirplane! reference)

In all seriousness though, I did predict in a previous thread or two that the unvaxxed would command a pay premium someday, as well as priority for jobs. Lo and behold, here is a solid example already!

6 months ago
Reply to  Indomitable

I hope the unvaxxed pilots are charging a hefty price. Screw the airlines. Many of these big companies didn’t accept religious or medical exemptions either. Moral of the story is don’t cave. And certainly not for a job that can dump you at any time.

6 months ago
Reply to  Indomitable

And, don’t call me surely!

The Turtle Man
The Turtle Man
6 months ago
Reply to  Indomitable

This is interesting. I remember early on in The Covid Dictatorship, early 2022 I think, airlines were talking about going down to one pilot only. I think it was because they had fired the unvaxxed ones. I guess they reconsidered because they knew that planes would be dropping from the skies. I guess they are now concerned that if one vaxxed pilot dies in flight the other might drop dead due to the increased stress.

Also didn’t they, earlier in 2023, lower the heart health standards for pilots?…or something along those lines? I think it was the first time in flying history that this has happened. I think it was also done without much of an explanation why.

…the world’s first all volunteer genocide program.

6 months ago

Thank you Brian

Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow
6 months ago

I think it is so weird how they all feel the need to post that they went out and got a shot. Not being on social media maybe I don’t get the need to crow about every health related activity. Took my supplements today! Walked 2 miles today! whoopee look at me!

Tyrone Angawallagun'ta'wahita-Goldstein
Tyrone Angawallagun'ta'wahita-Goldstein
6 months ago
Reply to  Jack Sparrow

Social media challenges like the Ice water self baptisms were used to condition people to virtue signal their injections and coerce others to conform. This is full spectrum warfare on an unsuspecting and naive population.

Atom man
Atom man
6 months ago
Reply to  Jack Sparrow

One very good thing about the egocentrism of “social media” is that in these cases it leaves a documentary record of the time between receiving the experimental shot(s) and the time of their death as reported by others. For that reason I am very grateful they have done that even if along the way they have mocked people who have had reservations about that course of action. I have noticed in the reports in this current account of 35 deaths that that time interval seems to be in the 2 to 3 year range with most occurring about two years later as has been stated on this site by the moderator. Whether anything can be done for these unfortunate people prior to their deaths is the big question.

6 months ago
Reply to  Jack Sparrow

They are all sheeps. Easy to be manipulated, useless in what comes ahead, the real fight.
They did it themselves while being proud about it.

Sean OConnor
Sean OConnor
6 months ago

Kizi Corbett also has connections to UNC, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, we all know what happened there!

6 months ago

Them unvaxxed pilots are clearly No jive talking dudes….Mama! Thanks for the update …”Chet”…!

6 months ago

In India, The PTB are so bold considering the tribal nature of our society that they are OPENLY broadcasting every pilot death because they know, people are so dumb and money oriented that would never seek truth.

All one has to do is just google search India Pilot deaths and you will literally get hourly update on deaths of Pilots. Its insane how many people in India are dropping dead and still the silence on covid vaccines. India has over 2000+ news channels and not even ONE had discussed about vaccine and sudden death NOT ONE.

In India every Hindu temple, the one who do Yoga as well, Gurus supported vaccine exactly like how every church in America supported vaccine. Its Insane how they control the narrative all over the world. every religion sect in India and there are 1000s literally supported vaccines.All Yoga, All Yoga teachers, All Saints, All Gurus encourged Indians to take the vaxx and Now they are Silence on death.

Just six hours ago, one pilot died, two pilot dead in last three days in India. I never went a week without reading a dead pilot in India.

Last edited 6 months ago by Rajesh
6 months ago
Reply to  Rajesh

What keeps coming to my mind is that Obama said, “They will never see it coming.” And then the scripture: Sudden destruction will come upon them unaware, and they shall not escape. (By memory, not exact). Looks like sudden destruction to me. Then I found Job 34:20-25. You can look it up, but partially it says: In a moment shall they die, and the people shall be troubled at midnight, and pass away: and the mighty shall be taken away without hand. Verse 25 says: …therefore he (God) knoweth their works, and he overturneth them in the night, so that they are destroyed. Look how many have died in their sleep, or suddenly. It makes me think the sudden destruction may not be all at once, but staggered, pertaining to all who took the mark, or didn’t know the Lord or His Word, or didn’t take heed of all the warnings. And there are MANY horrid sores and skin conditions associated with “them” also. I almost think dying suddenly is actually a blessing, with no more suffering through umpteen painful things, or dying slowly. Bible says they will wish to die, but be unable to…many are suffering so much, they want to die. But it may also mean that after death, the soul will never die…and, if you’ve taken the mark of the beast, you’ll suffer forever. Makes me shudder, those who have forsaken the Lord.

6 months ago

Some time back I was talking to a friend about a guy we both served with. My friend and myself are retired. This guy we served with became a commercial pilot, and he had brain cancer. This pilot said another pilot he knew had brain cancer. They were both convinced it was the vaccine. My friend told me the pilot we served with died recently. At the time my friend had two shots and one booster. When he went to his doctor and asked about the next booster, his doctor said we’re no longer giving those! He’s three shots in, because his wife is very ill, and he did it for her. He knows the score now, but it’s too late.

The military will push nearly anybody through when they’re short pilots. If they are not short, you almost have to be top gun to fly a carrier. I always wanted to know who the pilots were when transported by our unit. Between the military and commercial pilots, the pool is probably going to be lean. That means those coming up will most likely not be the most qualified. That paired with the lack of Air Traffic Controllers is scary to say the least.

Clown World
Clown World
6 months ago

Kip Wilkowski on her niece Anna Diederich: “She wanted to be a cardiologist and she would have been one of the best.” Yes… taking an injection that is known to cause myocarditis is the wisest decision an esteemed cardiologist could ever make. It takes critical thinking to understand how perfectly normal it is for a 20-year-old to get heart attacks.

6 months ago
Reply to  Clown World

“She had just begun her journey to accomplish her dream of becoming a doctor”.

But first she completed a degree in chemical engineering?

It really is a clown world, Clown World.

6 months ago

Thanks for reporting this, Brian, but I’ll still be cautious and avoid flying.

It’s possible TPTB want to stem the bleeding, so to speak. They’ve instituted measures to speed up the pace of deaths (such as alternating formulas) or slow it down (partial revelations, and defibrillators in Australian cities).

So I believe this may be another pace-of-death reduction to keep the depopulation agenda within manageable logistics.

Say The PTB want to kill off as many critical thinkers as possible for whatever reason. They may have a certain tolerance for us now but who’s to say that doesn’t change. Who’s to say they don’t check their numbers and realize hunting us down in the jungles after 2030 isn’t worth any resources?

They know these “critical-thinking-alternatives” will attract group of critical thinkers in tiny places. TPTB are then free to exterminate all subjects in seconds.

Even though one of the pilots may be unvaccinated before the flight, an oral fast-kill formula sprinkled into his coffee can change that immediately.

So, to me, this same method may limit the genocide death rate for TPTB’s logistical purposes. But it can just as easily be used the next day to plunge crowds of critical thinkers out of the sky.

Part of its purpose is to make us lower our guard.

6 months ago

Hope this will make you laugh…

That picture of the Daily Mail article near the end of the blog entry reminds me of the “Three Card Monty” trick, but after trying to make sense of what is where in this case,and who has what, you substitute the Ace with the (male appendage).

Kasmim Jefferson
Kasmim Jefferson
6 months ago

I want to thank you for posting this information. If one cared to look, information about the trumped-up pandemic and shot was available from the beginning. Any substance injected directly into a blood vessel and bypassing the mucous membrane cannot ever confer immunity. What it may confer however is an allergy to any substance in the shot. I find it sad that so many people were deceived by the unrelenting propaganda the past three years. The democide has only just begun. The only way forward is to not comply.

6 months ago

what do doctor do?

they have to start treating, detecting problèms, cardiac dysfunctions!

Kim Karma
Kim Karma
6 months ago

The interesting thing I’ve noticed recently is how movies and shows are now incorporating issues like aggressive or cancers all over into scripts. Like literally trying to normalize what’s going on.

To see how quickly the soccer players rushed over to the collapsed player… Telling! They know what’s going on and have seen it a lot.

The Turtle Man
The Turtle Man
6 months ago
Reply to  Kim Karma

They want people to think that super fast cancers and 5 year olds having sudden death cardiac arrest is how it has always been. This may work on young people.

This method is very 1984.

6 months ago

Money is everything, person is nothing.

Watch yourself, be careful. Don’t get sick or injured, they won’t heal you. Especially that’s bad for the injected, no one wants to treat them!

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