Original Depopulation: Lax state laws facilitate free-for-all abortion, fetus trafficking industry, with big food, pharma corporations as most loyal customers

by Brian A.Wilkins
Editor-in-Chief: TheCOVIDBlog.com
July 22, 2023

WARNING: Abortion is perhaps the most sensitive, divisive political topic in the United States. Whether you’re on the “pro-life” or “pro-choice” side, what you are about to read and view is extremely graphic.

For those with intimate, personal views on one side or the other, who know the true origins and purpose of abortion in the United States, and those who get queasy from graphic photos, this article may be highly disturbing and traumatizing. Discretion is advised.

Dr. Ulrich “George” Klopfer was an abortion doctor for over 40 years. He was born in Dresden, Germany in 1940, under the Nazi regime. His family emigrated to the U.S. in 1952 when he was 11. Klopfer graduated from the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1971, according to his licensing documents. But he started performing abortions in 1973, just days after the practice was legalized nationwide via the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision.

He completed his residency in 1978 and was subsequently licensed to practice medicine in Florida, Illinois, Indiana and South Dakota that year. Thus he was performing abortions for five years with no medical license, and continued this practice as a licensed physician.

Nobody knows the exact numbers. But authorities estimated that Klopfer performed over 50,000 abortions in his career (more on this later). He ran abortion clinics in Gary, South Bend (Women’s Pavillon Clinic) and Fort Wayne, Indiana. But he lived in Crete, Illinois – about five miles from the Indiana state line.

Klopfer was constantly under investigation by Indiana authorities for skirting the few rules that were in place for abortions. He was charged with, among other things, failing to report an abortion for a 13-year-old girl to the state in the statutory time frame in 2014.

All of his clinics shut down by 2015. The Indiana Medical Licensing Board suspended his medical license in 2016, even though Klopfer was no longer performing abortions at that point. The board concluded that Klopfer rarely gave women anesthetics unless they paid extra for it; and that he was using 1970s abortion procedures in the 2000s. He also failed to report a 10-year-old girl being raped by her uncle to police. Klopfer gave her an abortion and sent her home.

Numerous women came forward and described the torturous procedures Klopfer put them through for the abortions.

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He never faced any criminal liability. Klopfer died on September 3, 2019 at age 79. And everyone learned the true levels of his insanity after death.

Relatives discovered numerous boxes full of medically-preserved aborted fetuses in both Klopfer’s garage and the trunk of his car at his Illinois home. When it was all said and done, the Will County (Illinois) Sheriff’s Office determined that there were 2,411 total aborted fetuses in the boxes.

Will County released the following photos from the scene.

A friend and former colleague of mine who worked in Chicago media at the time emailed photos of the open boxes, showing the preserved aborted fetuses. We do not have permission to re-publish said photos. But let’s just say, they are not pleasant to view.

Klopfer was married. But his widow and other relatives said they had no idea any of this was happening. Will County deputy Jeremy Zdzinicki told CBS News at the time:

“It was awful. It was disturbing. I mean obviously, we all take it differently in this profession of how we deal with it. We’ve seen shootings. We’ve seen suicides, you know, homicides – stuff like that. And this – it was a whole different scene and aspect of what you were viewing.”

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill said, “well, it really is unprecedented. Nothing like this had ever happened. There was no handbook on what you do under this circumstance.” However, what Hill said about this situation being unprecedented was not accurate, as you’ll read in a bit.

Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul agreed to work in conjunction with Indiana authorities, who had no idea the abortion doctor lived across state lines. What’s even more disturbing is that authorities determined that all of the fetal remains were from abortions performed from 1998 to 2002. Thus all of the remains were nearly 20 years old upon discovery.

That still isn’t the worst part of the story. Even if all the boxes were discovered when Klopfer was still alive, he would have likely faced zero criminal charges because, technically, he broke no laws.

What U.S. law says about aborted fetus remains and their disposal

There were several things going on with Klopfer’s case that likely would have allowed him to escape criminal liability. First, Illinois has no laws regulating proper disposal methods for aborted fetuses. In fact, only 10 states have laws mandating burial or cremation of aborted fetuses, according to the LawAtlas Project.

The other 40 states and Washington D.C. classify aborted fetuses as medical waste and byproducts that can be disposed of like any other trash, in garbage cans. There’s no federal law regulating aborted fetus disposal.

The Indiana State Legislature passed House Enrolled Act 1337; and it was signed into law by then-Governor Mike Pence on March 24, 2016. It is a long, 26-page omnibus-type bill that made Indiana one of the toughest states to receive abortions without jumping through a lot of hoops.

The bill, among other things, outlawed selective abortions (meaning those based on the baby’s race, disabilities, etc.) and requires the fetal remains, whether via abortion or miscarriage, to be cremated or buried. Medical providers are also required to “preserve” a live-born fetus “until final disposition occurs.”

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But the law was placed on hold until May 28, 2019 while working its way through the courts. The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the burial/cremation provision of the law, but affirmed the lower court striking down the selective abortion provision.

Klopfer died a little over three months later. Regardless, criminal ex post facto (retroactive) laws are prohibited in the U.S. pursuant to Article I, Sec. 9 and 10 of the U.S. Constitution. Further, there doesn’t appear to be any enumerated penalties for violating the burial/cremation provision, other than civil lawsuits.

Perhaps Klopfer could have been creatively charged by either Illinois or Indiana prosecutors for bringing the fetal remains across state lines. But they’d have to prove that all the abortions were done in Indiana, and not Illinois. Neither state had clear criminal laws or punishments related to transporting the remains across state lines at the time, or now. Long story short, it would be almost impossible to prosecute Klopfer for anything even if he was still alive today.

Second attempt to strike down Indiana burial law

The Indiana burial or cremation provision for aborted fetuses was challenged again in 2020, this time on First Amendment grounds. A federal judge in Indiana ruled on September 26, 2022 that the aforementioned provision implies “personhood” of the fetus.  Two women who received abortions argued that Indiana law violated their First Amendment right to reject the concept of fetal personhood.

The district judge enjoined Indiana from enforcing the law altogether, instead of granting relief solely to the two women and the two doctor plaintiffs who refused to tell patients about their statutory options for disposal of the aborted fetuses. The law also allows women to take custody of the remains themselves and dispose of them however they choose. The doctors contended that the disclosure provision violated their First Amendment rights.

The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeal reversed the decision on November 28, 2022, and summarily dismissed the case. A unanimous panel affirmed that the Indiana burial or cremation law only applies to medical providers, not the patients. Thus the law does not force the two women to violate their secular objections to fetal personhood. Further, states have the right to codify the concept of fetal personhood; and the Indiana law allows the women to take the remains themselves and throw them in the trash themselves if they want to do that.

The Indiana law went back into effect after a two-month injunction.

Precedent for the Klopfer case came in 1980s California; fascinating differences in law

WARNING: If you are sensitive about seeing actual photos of aborted fetuses, and very graphic descriptions by doctors as to how abortions were performed in the 1970s and 1980s, you should stop reading now.

The story of pathologist Malvin Weisberg not only shows the depth and longevity of lax fetal disposal laws in the U.S., but also just how politicized this subject matter really is. Weisberg owned Medical Analytic Laboratories in Santa Monica, California from 1976 to 1981.

He purchased a 20-foot (6-meter) storage container in 1980, and had it delivered to his home in the affluent Woodland Hills area of Los Angeles. But a $1,700 check he wrote for a payment on the container bounced.

Martin Container Company repossessed the container on February 3, 1982. But when the company tried lifting the container with its equipment, it’s snapped the lines due to the container’s weight. So they commenced unloading the container to lighten the load. What they discovered inside was nothing short of gruesome.

First, respect to fellow journalist, Mrs. Jane Chastain. She’s best known for being the first ever female sports broadcaster in the U.S.

Jane Chastain.

She worked in the broadcasting booth for both the Atlanta Braves and Atlanta Falcons in the 1960s. Mrs. Chastain snagged one of the most  memorable halftime interviews in NBA history with former Portland Trailblazer Bill Walton in the 1970s.

Mrs. Chastain, who is 80 years old today, transitioned out of sports in the early 1980s, and did a courageous, Pulitzer-level, independent report on the Weisberg storage container.

She interviewed the Martin Container Company workers who opened the container and discovered 16,433 aborted fetuses, all preserved in formaldehyde. They described the sound of flies buzzing and an extremely disturbing smell.

“It was just little bitty babies all torn to pieces, with their heads chopped off, arms and legs chopped off,” one worker said. “It makes you want to cry when you see something like that.”

Mr. Hank Stolk, another Martin employee, said, “one of them fell down and hit me right in front of my feet. It was a mutilated body, a human body. I really don’t want to witness it again, not what I saw.”

Here is what they saw.

The follow is an excerpt from Mrs. Chastain’s report. She interviewed Dr. John Wilke, who described the graphic details of abortions in the 1980s. His interview is followed by Michael Antonovich, a member of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, and Nick Martin, the owner of Martin Container Company.

Mr. Martin’s words summed up how this ordeal concluded. Authorities determined that at least 193 of the aborted fetuses were 20 to 30 weeks into gestation. Note that a full-term baby is 37 to 40 weeks. California allowed abortions up to 20 weeks at the time.

Los Angeles County District Attorney John Van de Kamp said that any fetuses determined to be over 20 week old would lead to criminal charges. But California State Attorney General George Deukmejian said that the state’s 20-week law was unenforceable due to Roe v. Wade.

No criminal charges were ever filed against anyone. It was determined that Weisberg properly stored the aborted fetuses. But due to his financial troubles, he could never properly dispose of them. Weisberg reportedly tried selling the fetuses to medical and food companies. But the formaldehyde rendered them useless to those industries. The political drama played out over the next three years.

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President Ronald Reagan, along with L.A. County officials, publicly stated that they wanted the aborted babies to be buried and memorialized in a dignified fashion. The Los Angeles Feminist Women’s Health Center, along with the ACLU, and supported by other pro-abortion and women’s rights organizations, filed a lawsuit to block the memorial service. They argued that the aborted fetuses are nothing more than “medical tissue” and trash; and the state has no right to force “religious beliefs” by referring to the fetuses as “babies” or “human beings.”

An L.A. County judge issued a temporary restraining order to stop the memorial service in June 1982. The Court then ruled in December 1982 that the California 20-week limit for abortions was unconstitutional. It also ruled that the fetuses could be buried and a memorial service could be held.

The California Court of Appeals reversed the decision in June 1984, ruling that the fetuses could not be buried at a Catholic-affiliated cemetery because that would violate separation of church and state doctrines. They must either be incinerated or buried on secular grounds. The appellate court also ruled that a memorial service could still be held as long as the burial site was secular. The U.S. Supreme Court affirmed the ruling in March 1985.

The legal, political and religious drama was still not over. Several anti-abortion groups held a memorial service for the 16,433 aborted fetuses at Live Oak Memorial Park in Monrovia, California on May 18, 1985. At least 400 people showed up. Singer Pat Boone debuted a new song at the event, entitled “Sixteen Thousand Faces,” in honor of the fetuses.

The California Abortion Rights Action League denounced the event, saying it “humanized fetuses.” The fetuses were eventually turned over to secular Guerra-Gutirrez-Alexander Mortuary for the burial. The Feminist Women’s Health Center made one last ditch effort to stop the burial and have the fetuses incinerated instead. But the courts refused.

The burial took place on October 6, 1985 at Odd Fellows Cemetery. Anti-abortion group Americans Committed to Loving the Unwanted organized the service, complete with a three-man Marine Corps color guard, in conjunction with the burial. The service, which about 400 people attended, angered feminist and pro-abortion organizations because several city and county officials showed up. But all of them stressed that they were in attendance in their personal capacities, not on official business.

President Reagan wrote the eulogy, which was read by Los Angeles County Supervisor Mike Antonovich. Note that the 2,246 fetuses in the Klopfer case were also ultimately buried in February 2020, at Southlawn Cemetery in South Bend, over the objection of pro-abortion and feminist organizations.

The U.S. government refuses to regulate proper disposal of aborted fetuses and/or prosecute anyone involved in crimes against humanity like the foregoing because it’s big business. We’ve chronicled several stories of U.S. hospitals keeping people killed by the injections alive long enough (i.e. keeping them alive for days despite being clinically dead) to harvest their organs.

Organ harvesting and sales is big business, particularly in places like Ukraine. Human fetuses, despite being small, are full human bodies after 20 weeks or so. Big pharma and frankenfood manufacturers view aborted fetuses as commodities for research and product development.

The highly-lucrative business of human fetal remains for medical research, food

Mainstream media “fact-checkers” are in business to lie and spread government and big pharma propaganda. All of them have pushed the lie that the mRNA and viral vector DNA injections “do not contain aborted fetal cells.” They shamelessly and deliberately use deceptive language in their headlines for maximum interference.

All of the lethal injections utilized aborted fetal cells in the research and development of the poisons. But we still know very little beyond that. To this day, despite 70%-plus of all humanity receiving at least one of the injections, none of us really knows what’s in them. But rest assured, human fetal cells are an essential ingredient in both R&D and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals.

Back to Indiana – the U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, in March 2019, upheld yet another provision of the state’s 2016 omnibus abortion bill. It is a criminal offense in Indiana for anyone to “intentionally acquire, receive, sell, or transfers fetal tissue.” Punishments range from fines to six years in prison.

Indiana University sued to have the law struck down because it “derail[s] studies at the university’s Alzheimer Disease Center in Indianapolis, hamper[s] work on autism and Down syndrome, and threaten[s] collaborations outside the state.” A lower court ruled in the university’s favor. But the appellate court reversed the decision.

The federal government has also weighed in on this issue. The Trump Administration, in June 2019, ended all research using aborted fetal cells at the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control. The policy also subjected all research institutions receiving government funds and using aborted fetal cells, to extra scrutiny. Privately-funded projects were not affected.

The Biden Administration, on April 16, 2021, ordered the Department of Health and Human Services to cease enforcement of the Trump rules.

The fetal organ harvesting and trafficking industry

Planned Parenthood and other abortion factories get the same protective treatment that Pfizer, Moderna and other “vaccine” manufacturers receive. Except Planned Parenthood receives its immunity via common law, not statutory law. The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) has caught Planned Parenthood executives on tape several times admitting to harvesting and selling fetal organs to the highest bidders.

Zero Planned Parenthood executives have been held accountable. But they sued CMP for using undercover investigative journalism to expose their body parts racket. Investigative techniques like this are long-time, normal, and necessary processes of journalism.

Two California courts, including the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, upheld a 2015 jury verdict in favor of Planned Parenthood, which spits in the face of free press. The case is currently being briefed in the U.S. Supreme Court, in perhaps the most important First Amendment case of the 21st century.

Several anti-abortion groups, including Abortion Holocaust and Rehumanize International, in March 2022, discovered the largest fetal organ harvesting operation in the U.S. It’s located at the University of Washington (Seattle) BDR Laboratory, Department of Pediatrics, 1959 NE Pacific Street, Health Science Building Room RR 346. They discovered the operation by examining invoices from public records requests. The aforementioned Indiana University received its fetal body parts from the University of Washington before the practice was outlawed in the state.

California-based Advanced Bioscience Resources, which contracted with the federal government as recently as 2018, sells full first trimester aborted fetuses for $550 each. Second trimester fetuses are $340. The National Institutes of Health funded at least $230 million in fetal tissue and embryonic stem-cell projects in 2015. We could keep going. But you get the picture.

Aborted fetuses and the food industry

We repeatedly stress the importance of eating whole, non-processed foods as much as humanly possible. The Great Reset diet will ultimately consist of insects and Bill Gates frankenfoods for those who are not producing their own food now and in the future. The meat supply will soon be completely mRNA-tainted. But now is a really good time to divest of all those big-name food brands that are using human fetal tissue for flavoring.

Senomyx is a San Diego-based biotech company that makes food additives, artificial sugars, and flavorings. The company, which merged with Swiss biotech company Firmenich in 2018, is best known for using human fetal tissue to develop flavorings for foods. We know this is 100% true because mainstream media “fact checkers”and Google say otherwise.

But said fact checkers, like they do with the mRNA and viral vector DNA injections, use select language like “fetal tissue is only used in R&D for food flavoring,” as if that makes it better or untrue that Senomyx uses fetal cells in the development of their products. Senomyx has at least one patent for an automated taste testing platform that utilizes HEK-293 cells. HEK-293 is Human Embryonic Kidney 293.

Nestle, the largest food corporation in the world, uses Senomyx products. PepsiCo, another large food corporation, used Senomyx products until 2019, when several protests and boycotts exposed Senomyx and its partners for what they were doing with human fetuses. Kraft, Campbell’s Soup, Frito-Lay, Quaker, Lipton and many other food companies also use Senomyx products.

There are no federal regulations prohibiting the foregoing practices, or mandating that food companies properly label products that use aborted fetal cells in its R&D or any other phases. A bill was introduced in Texas in January to force all food and pharmaceutical companies to properly label products utilizing or derived from human fetal cells.But this law will fail, just like the Missouri law that would have forced food companies to properly label mRNA-injected meat.

The abortion industry needs to be lawless and unregulated for big pharma and big food to continue making their billions.

Abortion: The Historical Political Football

The aforementioned Dr. Klopfer fulfilled Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger’s dream of wanting all Black Americans dead before they were born when she founded the organization in 1916. Klopfer’s primary abortion clinic was located in Gary, Indiana – a town of 68,000 residents, of whom 78% are Black Americans. His abortion career started in Chicago in 1973, as soon as Roe v. Wade made it legal everywhere; and when there were zero rules and regulations for abortions.

A 1978 Chicago Sun-Times series entitled “The Abortion Profiteers” chronicled the sheer horrors as to what went on inside those clinics. For instance, Klopfer and other Chicago abortion doctors competed to see how many abortions they could complete in a day. Each abortionist tried to outdo the other. The procedures were de-facto torture with no anesthesia; and nearly all of the victims were Black women.

The full series is here. A clip is below.

Sanger, who spoke at KKK functions several times, launched her “Negro Project” of 1939. It placed abortion clinics in southern cities and towns with vast-majority Black American populations. The initiative was funded primarily by the Rockefellers and Procter & Gamble (P&G).

A 1939 letter to P&G’s Dr. Clarence Gamble, from Sanger, minced zero words:

“We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.”

A 1940 pamphlet Planned Parenthood gave to Black pastors to distribute to their congregations. Here is the full pamphlet.

Today, Republicans call all of the foregoing “critical race theory,” or “CRT” (unless they’re using this history for political agendas, e.g. during election years). Liberals utilize revisionist history and their “fact checkers” to paint Sanger as some misunderstood, altruistic public health figure who loved Black Americans.

Democrats have convinced the feeble-minded Black masses that vote blue no matter who, that abortion is a civil right. It’s all about politics, not abortion. This is Democrat former Wisconsin lieutenant governor and U.S. Senate candidate Mandela Barnes.

Sanger recruited Black pastors to convince Black women and families to get abortions, similar to how U.S. government paid Black pastors throughout 2021 and 2022 to use their churches as vaccine clinics.

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Nothing ever changes in this world. This same 1963 speech by Malcolm X about the “political football” games liberals and conservatives play with Black Americans could literally be given today, and is just as accurate and precise.

The political football known as abortion in the U.S. has evolved as race relations and the targets of abortion have changed.

From the party of abortion to “pro-life”

Republicans shifted to their “pro-life” stance (the real and more accurate word is “anti-abortion”) in the mid-1970s after the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision. The ideological shift was triggered by abortion and birth control pills changing from Black American genocide tools, to a White women’s liberation, feminism rallying issues that threatened White population numbers and family structures.

Only 37% of delegates at the 1976 Republican National Convention in Kansas City were anti-abortion. The other 63% pro-choice (real term is “pro-abortion”) delegates were called Rockefeller Republicans. They were named after former Republican New York Governor and Vice President to Gerald Ford, Nelson Rockefeller. That term changed to “RINOs” sometime in the early 2000s.

Anti-abortion Republican delegates rose to 74% at the 2008 Convention. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani was leading all Republican candidates for President as late as December 5, 2007. But social conservative groups threatened to run a third-party candidate and withhold funding if pro-abortion, twice-divorced Giuliani was the 2008 candidate (eight years later, twice-divorced Trump won the Presidency). Giuliani dropped out of the race just six weeks after leading all candidates.

There’s been a unanimous anti-abortion Republican caucus from 2012 forward. But only 64% of GOP voters were obstinately anti-abortion in 2019, according to a Pew survey. By May 2022, only 47% of Republican voters said abortion should be “mostly illegal.” And that number is dropping by the day, ever since the U.S. Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade.

The GOP pre-1970s pro-abortion stance to its post-1970s anti-abortion stance was/is all about protecting White babies, not about abortion being morally wrong.

Gold-standard conservatives Goldwater, Reagan were pro-abortion

Long-time Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater, known in conservative circles as the “Grand Old Man of the Republican Party,” unapologetically supported abortion rights, while opposing Civil Rights for Black Americans. Goldwater, in the 1950s and 1960s, is the actual figure who transformed Republicans from The Party of Lincoln to what they’ve become today: the so-called Reagan-Gingrich-Trump party of family values. The politics don’t stop there.

Reagan, as California governor, signed the Therapeutic Abortion Act into law on June 15, 1967. The law made certain types of abortions legal in California (rape, incest, protecting mother’s health). It also made California only the third state with legal abortions at all at the time (Colorado and North Carolina) – six years before Roe v. Wade.

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Reagan signed the Mulford Act one month later, outlawing open carry of firearms in California. He signed it, with full support from the NRA (and a la Goldwater), specifically to stop the Black Panther Party of Self-Defense from open carrying and patrolling their neighborhoods to protect Black Americans from police brutality.

In other words, Reagan and the NRA were willing to turn California into a non-open carry state to disarm Black people. It has nothing to do with protecting the Second Amendment. It’s all about tribal politics. It should also be noted that “party of family values” Reagan signed the nation’s first no-fault divorce law as California governor in 1969. The rest of the nation followed, and now marriage is practically a joke in the U.S.

Fast forward to his Presidency, and Reagan was [apparently] staunchly anti-abortion despite appointing Justice Sandra Day O’Connor to the U.S. Supreme Court. She ended up being the deciding 5th vote in 1992 to stop the first significant challenge to Roe v. Wade. Had Reagan appointed a “conservative” justice, Roe vs. Wade would have been struck down in 1992. Republican President Richard Nixon supported abortions for rape and for “black and white” (interracial) babies. Again, it’s all about tribal politics, not principle.

On the flip side, President John F. Kennedy would be called a “woke liberal” today because he’s the affirmative action/Civil Rights Act President. Abortion was an auto-pilot, near-universally-accepted genocide agenda against Black Americans that society allowed, encouraged, and rarely spoke about out loud during JFK’s Presidency. But there is one notable quote from JFK about abortion via the 2013 Ira Stoll book JFK, Conservative:

“Now, on the question of limiting population: as you know the Japanese have been doing it very vigorously, through abortion, which I think would be repugnant to all Americans.”

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The only conservative subgroup that has consistently been anti-abortion from the very start is the Catholic Church, which feuded with Sanger throughout her life. JFK was a devout Catholic and anti-abortion. It was surprising he became President because Catholics were often discriminated against in the U.S. back then.

If we go back a little further, to the 1700s and 1800s (and more irony), Black American enslaved women were never allowed to abort babies. Only White women were allowed abortions in very limited circumstances in Pre-Civil War times. It was considered destruction of property if a Black baby was aborted. Even the White male enslavers who raped enslaved Black women forced the women to give birth so said men could sell off their own offspring for profit.

They literally bred Black enslaved people like dogs to produce the most babies “slaves.” They were never referred to as babies, or men, or women, or even humans. They were slaves, which dehumanizes them, similar to how aborted fetuses today are called trash and medical waste by feminists.

That “buck breeding the wench” conditioned mentality sadly has carried over even 150-plus year later, with many Black American men having multiple babies by multiple women. That mentality also helped fuel a perceived “need” for Black abortions from 1916 to the mid-1970s. But again, abortion was de-facto illegal for Black women through the Civil War, then encouraged for Black women and families from 1916 forward.

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All of these right to life and anti-abortion groups did not exist prior to 1973 because 80%-plus of all abortions in the U.S. were Black women in that time period. Nearly all of said abortions were illegal. But nobody was ever punished for performing abortions. No “pro-life” people opposed abortion until it became a White women’s lib sign of power, independence, and sticking it to men. Today around 28% of U.S. abortions are Black women (still way disproportionate), compared to 39% White women.

Abortion is all about depopulation, race and tribal politics. It only became a problem with Republicans when it started threatening White population numbers and babies in Europe, the U.S., etc. It is what it is, and has nothing to do with morals or family values.

Allies with the same enemy, but not friends

One of my favorite movies of all-time is “Glory,” starring Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, and Matthew Broderick. It’s about the 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment, one of the first all-Black U.S. Civil War regiments, the only war in U.S. history I would ever volunteered for.

The 54th Massachusetts Infantry.

If you’ve never seen the movie, it’s definitely worth the watch, despite a few historical inaccuracies. The first battle scene with the 54th vs. Confederate soldiers is the best scene of the entire film (sans the bayonet blooper).

The second-best scene comes about five minutes later. Colonel Robert Gould Shaw (Broderick) offers Tripp (Washington) an award for his excellent fighting during the battle. But Tripp did not want the award because the two men were fighting the same war for very different reasons.

Tripp had government permission to kill the people who had tortured and raped him until he escaped. He died in battle, and died a proud man, standing up for his freedom. That’s all he wanted in this world. Even Thomas, the so-called “free Black man” (the one wearing glasses) made 100% clear that he wanted to die fighting, and not return to Boston. Shaw was fighting for the Union, for Lincoln, etc.

They call President Abraham Lincoln “Honest Abe” because he was brutally honest about everything. For instance, Lincoln made crystal clear that he was not some altruistic, “great emancipator” who cared about Black people. “If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it,” Lincoln said.

When it was all said and done, over 200,000 Black soldiers fought for the Union Army. But again, Lincoln did not enlist them out of altruism or humanization. The Union Army was, frankly, getting their asses kicked by the Confederate Army.

Lincoln knew that motivated Black soldiers were his only chance to win. Honest Abe admitted in 1865, “without the military help of the black freedmen, the war against the south could not have been won.” Coincidentally or otherwise, all the fake stories of Black Confederate soldiers started in the 1970s, around the same time the Republican party shifted to its anti-abortion stance.

This same Civil War dichotomy exists with abortion today – same enemy for different reasons.

Anti-Planned Parenthood/Sanger vs. “pro-life”

Planned Parenthood is a terrorist organization that was founded on the principle of exterminating Black people. “Right-to-life” people today are fighting for White survival, for tribal politics. It’s not about right and wrong. It’s not about abortion being an atrocious practice.

If abortion was still a genocidal agenda directed near-exclusively at Black Americans, then Mike Pence, Sarah Huckabee and all other hardcore pro-lifers would be wearing pussy hats right along with Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, Kamala Harris et al. in support of Planned Parenthood.

The Guardian reported last week that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas accepted Venmo bribes to ensure everything from abortion to affirmative action was struck down by the current Court. Again, it’s about tribal politics and money, not right and wrong.

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The pro-abortion liberal crowd dehumanizes fetuses in 2023 so they can be proud abortion supporters. The U.S. dehumanized only Black fetuses from 1916 to 1973 when Planned Parenthood et al. targeted only that group; just like the U.S. dehumanized Black people in general pre-Civil War and to a certain extent still today. Once you dehumanize a person or a group, you can do anything to them without guilt, without remorse. This has worked throughout U.S. and world history.

Madame LaLaurie was a U.S. slave owner who, among other things, gouged out the eyes of enslaved Black people, cut off their arms, filled their mouths with feces and sewed their mouths shut, and tortured them in other unthinkable ways in the 1830s. She thought it was fun doing this to “three-fifths of a human being,” and it was perfectly legal and protected by the law.

King Leopold of Belgium and his regime chopped off the hands and feet of the Congolese in the 1890s because he thought it was fun. They even took photographs.

The only way humans can do this type of stuff to other humans is if they are completely deranged and/or do not think of the other people as humans. Abortion doctors get off on disposing of medical waste that they do not consider human beings. Many of them also enjoy torturing the women in the process (though most abortion today are done with pills).

Women fueling their own demise…again

Abortion is a “strong liberated woman” thing, a toxic feminist badge of honor. White women in particular are the ones fueling the anti-birth, anti-baby, LGBTV movement that is inherently anti-woman. Women have the very special, magic power to create human life. But today a lot of American women can’t and won’t even define what a woman is.

Meanwhile a lot of Black American women believe that twerking, abortion and divorce are “women’s lib,” despite abortion literally targeting their mothers and grandmothers for extinction just a few decades ago. I miss my mom and grandma every day. But I’m so happy they are not alive to see what so many Black American women have devolved into.

A Black woman founded this minstrel show called “Buns and Basketball.”

Granted American men, particularly the younger generations, have devolved into a sissy class. But it is incredibly sad how American women, in a matter of four decades, devolved from a charming class of beautiful, classy beings to what they’ve become today.

RELATED: The Great Reset Accelerated II: eggs and red meat are poison, E.U. approves more bugs as marketable food, and the destructive phenomenon of “transmaxxing” (January 31, 2023)


Abortion is unregulated depopulation, unregulated genocide. It was originally intended to exterminate Black Americans. Now it is an integral cog in the overall depopulation machine, on the way to only 500 million people left on Earth by 2030. Vaccines, abortions, sterilizations and famine will get TPTB to that magic number. Just like billions of people willingly received injections, hundreds of millions of Western women voluntarily and proudly receive abortions daily, similar to vaxx zealotry.

Those who promote and support depopulation via vaccines, abortions, famine, poisonous foods, etc. are enemies of humanity. Critical thinkers are allies in 2023. Allies are not necessarily friends. But evil is universal and easy to recognize among those with a moral compass, those with genuine discernment. Regardless, most of vaccinated and non-vaccinated humanity will die anyway defending tribal political dogmas. That’s unfortunately how the world works.

President Reagan was also known for creating “The Eleventh Commandment” in 1966. It read, “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.” Failure to call out hypocrisy and malice (and tribalism) is the reason there is and never will be a human coalition strong enough to fight TPTB and the depopulation agenda. That’s also why and how the vaccine genocide was so easily executed. The COVID Blog® will always speak the raw truth, no matter who it offends.

Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.


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#FBA Sasha
#FBA Sasha
11 months ago

This was WAY too deep for Saturday reading. Should have waited until tomorrow to read it. Now I don’t even want to go out tonight.

11 months ago
Reply to  #FBA Sasha

Agree. I read it twice and still can’t completely wrap my mind around it. Terrible. To treat innocents like that. I gave my 2 adult children long hugs when they dropped the house and told them I loved them so much. The hugs and love you back helped some. Sending my love and hope for a better world to everyone here on The covid blog.

Rima E Laibow MD
11 months ago

I believe personally and socially in reproductive rights, but your article is filled with cogent, disturbing and important information and perspectives.Your article deeply disturbs me and has caused me to think deeply about the material you present.I believe that among all of the concepts rendered toxic in the service of truly evil world domination, sexuality and the alleged “rights” of children to engage in sexual activity and have sexual partners is at the top of the list, followed closely by the biological lie that gender is fluid and is something to be confused about at any level.I am a child and adolescent psychiatrist, by the way, so have a pretty deep understanding of normal psychosexual development and what the WHO and UN are bringing to us as those things are not normal in any way. In fact, their utterly vile “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” curriculum is nothing but a trauma-based mind control system intended to damage every child on earth using the hideous methods perfected by the CIA’s MKUltra program. Take action to get your country out of the clutches of the forces that, quite literally, are committed not only to depopulation, but to the very destruction of humanity.

11 months ago

So the very act of poisoning, suctioning, tearing apart with metal clamps, injecting in the head or torso with digoxin to cause a heart attack, delivering the human child to her neck so her throat can be slit and you not hear her cries as you next collapse her head…or killing her after her birth…is a “right?”

Say, Doctor, were you ever in your Mother’s womb as these helpless ones now are? Does that not mean anything to you in terms of human compassion?

Or is your respectful period of prenatal existence and gentle delivery all that matters?

A rope leash
A rope leash
11 months ago

Abortion is like guns and drugs. The world will never be rid of it. Prohibition will only drive it underground.

Meanwhile, these issues make great fodder for continuous political debate.

Morality cannot be legislated. Laws can deter behavior, but the black market will still exist for anything in demand. That’s one reason laws are being relaxed in some jurisdictions. The cost of enforcement is too much…better to legalize, regulate, and profit.

To me, abortion is an obvious atrocity. These “people” that reduce the fetus to a blob of goo really rile me. I suppose there could be valid medical arguments for abortion in specific cases, but I fail to see how anyone that doesn’t want to be pregnant should be pregnant in this day and age. The only correct choice in my view is to let the person exist, even if it means a period of hardship for the parents. Everyone is born with a will to survive, and this natural instinct should be assumed for the fetus. Degrading the status of the unborn is no way to justify the termination of it. If left in its natural environment it becomes a person, and therefore is a person.

Abortion supporters should just come clean on what abortion is, and admit they are ending a life. The world is screwed up because those folks aren’t here.

11 months ago
Reply to  A rope leash

Abortion is simply evil, the murder of an unborn baby, so you’re right, unfortunately it will always exist.

11 months ago

Dehumanize. Dehumanize. Dehumanize.

If you refer to a baby in the womb, as a fetus, you successfully strip away any human qualities of that baby awaiting birth. It’s easier to look the other way, when full term babies are murdered on their way out of the birth canal. It’s easier to allow a child to die if it is defective and the parents walk away from a “burden”. Post birth abortion has been discussed in certain academic circles, and I wonder when that “choice” will be allowed ( in the near future, me thinks).

Planned Parenthood is NOT an altruistic society that helps, aids or assists anyone for the betterment of American families. It’s always been a tool to get rid of the unwanted weeds as Margaret Sanger espoused decades ago. And her mission has been successful.
In New York City, it was reported that more black babies were aborted than born awhile back. No wonder there are so many clinics in neighborhoods of color.

It’s diabolically ingenious, this agenda to wrap abortion in the cloak of “women’s rights “. We are our own worst enemy. The very thing we, women, clamor for is the very thing that is tearing us down. Most of us don’t even recognize that we are causing ourselves and others grievous harm in so many ways.

The last number I saw for the number of abortions performed in the USA was 64 MILLION since 1973. 64 MILLION Americans dead in the last 50 years. Does it qualify as a slaughter? A slaughter of innocents? Or just blobs of cells sucked out? Or does it even compute for Americans today? Baby body parts are still being sold and there was no uproar from Americans. I fear the overwhelming majority do not care enough to register outrage over this subject.

It is my belief that such heinous bloodshed of innocent babies will one day come back to haunt America. How can it not. Karma.

11 months ago
Reply to  LoriQ

Post birth abortion is already here. Search and you will find evidence. The latest one I read about was the surrogate mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer. She carried the baby for 25 weeks so it would have a chance, but the gay couple who “owned” the baby didn’t want to risk that he wouldn’t be perfect. The baby, who was born alive, was left to die even though the surrogate mother wanted to adopt him.

11 months ago
Reply to  lin

Hopefully the gay couple took all their shots so that will cull them sooner than later. I would tell the surrogate to have babies only she wants to keep and love.

11 months ago
Reply to  lin

This woman had already had another baby that she sold. This is the mentality of the human race today. Children are bought and sold, used and abused worse that people would treat their pets. The children born from these child trafficking arrangements are going to be messed up big time,

11 months ago

When I was a kid my school (catholic country, against abortion) played a video called “The silent scream”. If I remember there is even a scene where the fetus try to “run/hide” from the pliers. Being you either “pro this” or “pro that”, it’s a heavy thing to watch.

11 months ago
Reply to  Andre

Oh wow. That made my stomach turn.

11 months ago

I suppose dehumanizing the unborn makes it easier to dehumanize actual adult humans — oh, hello 2020s “public health.” Sharing as they do the same logic and vocabulary, now we can decimate the world population, ostensibly because of some occultic pseudo-scientific concept like climate change or whatever.

So much has been perverted, inverted, subverted. In a word, weaponized. Why do people who aren’t prepared to raise a family jump into sexual relationships in the first place? I made it through college and grad school without a sex life; so what. And for the record, I was tall, blond and handsome. Just couldn’t imagine living with someone for a semester or two and then bye-bye. They deserved better and I deserved better. Thank God my small-town Catholic parents had drilled that much into me.

Ditto gender politics. Women all around me are busy dismantling patriarchy. I interact with large European businesses where literally the entire C-suite are women. But open any social media — and lo and behold, millions of women of all ages are exposing their bodies in the hope of likes from heaven-knows-whom. Is this the “choice” we constantly hear about?

11 months ago
Reply to  Dayne

Well said. So true about the social media and young women. Feminist ideology has failed Western society big time. Has been a fraud from the beginning. I’m also a Catholic and proudly so. The church teachings will stand the test of time. Satan knows that when you destroy the family, you destroy society’s foundation and everything necessary for a strong nation.

11 months ago
Reply to  Dayne

One of their favorite dehumanizing terms they use is clump of cells. Exactly what the heck do they think they are if not a clump of cells? We are made up from cells so we’re all just a clump of cells,

Sean O'Connor
Sean O'Connor
11 months ago

Neonatal Foreskin Theft marketed as circumcision has been a front for harvesting foreskin for skin grafts since the Gilded Age late 19th Century. By 1937 a doctor in Brooklyn, Frank Ashley, openly conspired with other Hospitals to traffic neonatal foreskin for skin-grafts. The article, Foreskins As Skin Grafts, is available on the NIH website. In the 1970s cellular research isolated cells in neonate foreskin such as fibroblasts, keratinocytes and melanocytes. Those cell cultures can be found online for sale. In my opinion this has been an ongoing violation of living minor skin donor rights as circumcision is synonymous with skin graft among surgeons.

Jesus is my vaccine
Jesus is my vaccine
11 months ago

Abortion is murder. Period. God gives every child as a gift to the parent and I believe he chooses that parent because it is the best way for the child to survive and know him. The way this article describes how the abortions occur sickens me. Ive actually had arguments with potential mates over this issue. They repeat everything the pro choice people say. Their body their choice. I tell them no that baby is a human being. Its not like an ingrown growth or something that is a life. The way they dehumanize and advocate for killing babies sickens me every time

11 months ago

Modern western civilization is fundamentally anti-human. We might as well be ruled by aliens, for all that matter. I seriously cannot fathom murdering the unborn offspring of one’s own species, never mind one’s own offspring. That just doesn’t fit into my mind. I cannot understand what are the mothers who do abortions thinking. They must not have any motherly feelings at all! And what are the abortion doctors thinking? Those are literally offspring of your own species, for crying out loud!

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