5 peer-reviewed studies show “immunized” chicken egg yolks stop viral infections, as another large chicken farm in Connecticut burns to the ground

February 8, 2023

Either this blogger has Nostradamus-like premonition, or the powers-that-be (“TPTB”) are so hubristically arrogant that their agendas are obvious to any critical thinker.

We wrote the following last week:

Eggs, particularly chicken eggs, may be some sort of superfood that TPTB do not want humans eating because it keeps them healthy. Food for thought (pun intended).

There now appears to be some truth to the foregoing premise – truth that goes a lot deeper than just eating omelettes and Eggs Benedict for good health.

National wholesale egg prices dropped $0.58, to $3.29 per dozen, at the end of January, according to The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). But that’s still way higher than $1.79 per dozen in December 2021.

We reported last week how numerous farmers are blaming commercial chicken feed for their hens suddenly not laying eggs. The brands Dumors, Producers Pride, and Purina, sold via retail chain Tractor Supply Company, are reportedly the culprits causing the problem. Mike Adams at Natural News, announced that he will be testing those brands for heavy metals and other toxins that may be causing the hens to cease egg production.

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TPTB want all of humanity eating bugs on a regular basis by the year 2030. The strategy entails both classical conditioning and vilifying real food in favor of bugs and “frankenfoods.”

All of the coincidences with food processing plants and farm animals being destroyed since 2020 are dismissed as “conspiracy theory” by mainstream and social media. But whenever the tentacles of Bill Gates touch anything, it means sinister, evil motives.

The destruction of the chicken industry, however, goes far beyond eliminating eggs and chicken meat from normal human diets. A century ago, chicken was on the same level as apple pie for both Americana and traditional cuisine in the country. But the war on chicken and their eggs is no longer a secret. And it will only accelerate over the next several years.

Another coincidental fire at large chicken farm

We’ve long lost count of all the global coincidences related to food processing operations, particularly chicken farms, burning to the ground since The Great Reset commenced in 2020. The COVID Blog® first wrote about these obviously coordinated attacks on the global food supply in April 2022. Millions of chickens were destroyed in fires at large-scale farms from 2020-2022.

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Cattle, hogs and large food processing plants have also been destroyed at rates that are statistically impossible unless it’s all done deliberately. And now yet another large chicken operation is gone.

Hillandale Farms is a top-5 egg producing company in the United States. The company claims on its website that it raises over 20 million egg-laying chickens (hens). But Hillandale lost at least 100,000 chickens on January 28 when its Bozrah, Connecticut property caught fire and burned for hours.

The following video shows the structure ablaze as firefighters looked on helplessly.

Hillandale Farms is no stranger to compliance and safety issues. It suffered large fires that killed at least 200,000 chickens in 2016 and 2017. The company faced scrutiny in 2015 after undercover investigators published video from inside a Hillandale facility showing. It showed “mummified,” decomposing dead chickens. laying everywhere. Hillandale eggs were also blamed for a salmonella outbreak in 2010.

The company, however, has been relatively problem-free for the last six-plus years. The timing of the current incident, when egg prices are still near record highs, is extremely suspect.

Mainstream media “fact-checkers” have already executed interference campaigns to deflect and justify this fire as accidental or as an act of God. Neither Hillandale Farms nor Connecticut authorities have provided an official cause for the fire.

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Many Americans recognize what is happening. Hatcheries across the U.S. are sold out as more people are buying chickens to raise on their own land. Chickens are relatively low maintenance, and easy to raise for anyone (except in hot desert climates) who desires a self-sufficient lifestyle.

Mainstream media are trying to talk people out of the endeavor. But the U.S. is literally coming full circle, back to its roots.

America devolves from “chickens are patriotic” a century ago, to chickens being public enemy number-1 today

The racist tropes surrounding Black Americans and fried chicken originated on plantations from the 15th to 18th centuries. Enslaved Africans in the U.S. and U.K. raised chickens for millennia, long before the Trans-Atlantic diaspora.

Black Americans normalized chicken as a common dish in the country. They raised, ate and even sold the birds on plantations. White Americans feasted on pork and beef in pre-Civil War times, while chicken was largely considered “soul food,” aka slave food.

Colonel Harland Sanders, founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, could never escape the accusations of stealing the “secret recipe” for his chicken from his Black female domestic servant at the time. Regardless, chicken gradually became a staple American food at the beginning of the 20th century.

The following screenshots are from the February 1918 issue of The Industrious Hen, a monthly magazine.

It was first published by The Industrious Hen Company, and later by the Blair-Young Publishing Company in Kentucky. It’s unclear how long the magazine was in existence. But we found issues dating from 1904 to 1918.

The November 1909 issue (seen here) is full of anecdotes, tips, classified ads, etc. showing people how and why to raise chickens. It was your patriotic duty as an American to raise chickens in your backyard to provide fresh eggs for your family, according to the magazine.

There were several similar magazines at the time, including The American Poultry Advocate (Syracuse, New York), The Poultry Keeper (Quincy, Illinois), and The Poultry Item (Sellersville, Pennsylvania).

For whatever reason, it’s difficult locating definitive history and information about these publications online. We know that Item Publishing Company (The Poultry Item) was sued for libel in 1893, and in 1906 over its legal status as a corporation or partnership.

It took many years. But chicken finally overtook both beef and pork as the most consumed meat in the U.S. by the early 1990s. Meanwhile U.S. government started vilifying chicken eggs by the late 1960s. Coincidentally or otherwise, scientists were discovering and developing miracle-like medicines derived from chicken egg yolks around that same time.

History of IgYs

We don’t really know what so-called “COVID-19” is. In 2023, it’s mostly adverse reactions to the lethal injections. But whether COVID-19 is rebranded influenza, radiation sickness, or simply false positives from PCR tests, chickens apparently hold the keys to curing it and practically all other human illnesses.

Chicken egg yolk Immunoglobulin Y antibodies (IgYs) were first described in an 1893 paper by German (Poland-born) internist Felix Klemperer. His paper, entitled “On natural immunity and its use in immunization therapy,” was published in the now-defunct medical periodical Archives of Experimental Pathology and Pharmacology.

Klemperer discovered that hens injected with tetanus bacilli produced antibodies in their egg yolks and blood that helped mice survive tetanus. IgYs weren’t used in research regularly until the late 1950s. The descriptor “IgY” (bird, reptile, etc. antibodies) was adopted in 1969 to differentiate from IgG (mammal antibodies). Since that time, IgYs have been used experimentally to prevent various types of diseases in humans and other mammals.

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An August 2020 study published in the journal International Immunopharmacology proposed methodologies for production and use of chicken IgY monoclonal antibodies to treat SARS-CoV-2. It was the first such study related to so-called COVID-19 that we could find since The Great Reset commenced.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized three mammal IgG monoclonal antibody products for emergency use (EUA) to treat so-called COVID-19 since November 2020. It’s unclear why companies chose to use the more expensive, tediously-produced mammal antibodies instead of cheaper, more efficient chicken antibodies. It doesn’t matter now, as the FDA has since revoked all EUA’s for monoclonal antibody products to treat so-called COVID-19.

Fauci even praised monoclonal antibodies as an effective treatment for COVID-19 in August 2021, shortly after the FDA “fully approved” the Pfizer Comirnaty mRNA injections. But the U.S. medical industrial complex suppressed both production and distribution of these IgG monoclonal antibodies when they were authorized. Proof of this suppression comes from a “fact-check” article from Pfizer-owned Reuters.

The big pharma propaganda outlet determined in January 2022 that it was “false” to say the FDA was suppressing production and distribution of monoclonal antibodies. The truth is the opposite of what mainstream media “fact checkers” say 90% of the time.

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To be crystal clear, all of the following studies infected the chickens with COVID pseudovirus proteins via injections. Pseudoviruses are lab-created, non-replicating models that, in this case, mimic what scientists believe is the genome sequence for SARS-CoV-2. They used some or all of the four structural proteins in these studies: spike (S) glycoprotein, envelope, membrane, and/or nucleocapsid (N) proteins.

The egg yolks then produced antibodies that prevented SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins from binding with ACE2 receptors in vitro and/or in vivo (in mice, rats hamsters, etc.), or neutralize SARS altogether.

Just like the nine peer-reviewed studies showing that Ivermectin is a highly-effective cancer treatment and prophylaxis, all of the following five studies were done outside of the United States.

Chinese researchers demonstrate anti-Spike-S1 IgYs neutralize SARS-CoV-2

The study was published in November 2020 in the journal International Immunopharmacology. Researchers at the Suzhou Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Technology (SIBET) injected hens once a week for four weeks with S1 synthetic spike proteins made by a company called GenScript in New Jersey. The IgY antibodies were extracted thereafter.

Researchers concluded that:

“…the anti-Spike-S1 IgYs showed significant neutralizing potency against SARS-CoV-2 pseudovirus, various S mutants, and even SARS-CoV in vitro. However, the safety and efficacy of the IgYs still needs further interrogation in animal models.”

Chinese researchers demonstrate S1 subunit IgYs are “promising candidate for pre‐ and post‐exposure prophylaxis or treatment of COVID‐19”

This study was published in November 2021 in the peer-reviewed Journal of Applied Microbiology. Researchers at the West China College of Stomatology at Sichuan University obtained SARS-CoV-2 synthetic spike proteins (S1) from Guangdong Laboratory Animals Monitoring Institute.

Hens were injected three times in four weeks with the spike proteins. All of the chickens were euthanized thereafter for study. Researchers found that the derived S1-IgY antibodies “effectively prevented the combination of SARS‐CoV‐2 S1 and hACE2 at the molecular level.” They continued:

“…we demonstrated that after immunization of chickens with the recombinant SARS‐CoV‐2 S1 protein produced by an inducible prokaryotic expression system, S1‐IgY antibodies with neutralizing activity against pseudotyped SARS‐CoV‐2 were generated…IgY targeting S1 subunit of SARS‐CoV‐2 could be a promising candidate for pre‐ and post‐exposure prophylaxis or treatment of COVID‐19.”

Indonesian researchers demonstrate proof-of-concept for hens to lay eggs with anti-SARS-CoV-2 IgY

The study was published in September 2022 in International Immunopharmacology. IPB University (Bogor, Indonesia) researchers injected three hens with GenScript SARS-CoV-2 pseudovirus structural proteins.

All three hens produced N-IgY in either their blood or egg yolks within four weeks. These antibodies inhibited RBD and angiotensin-converting-enzyme-2 (ACE2) binding interaction.

Researchers concluded, despite limitations in their study, that:

Recombinant S1 and RBD spike glycoprotein and N protein were able to induce specific S1,RBD,N-IgY with neutralizing capacity to inhibit the binding interaction between RBD and ACE2 receptor, suggesting the feasibility of specific anti-SARS-CoV-2 IgY production for controlling COVID-19.

They could not explain the failure of one chicken’s immune system to transfer its antibodies to the yolk, other than potential individual health issues.

Norwegian researchers find that polyclonal IgYs could potentially stop all emerging and re-emerging viruses; Indonesian and Brazilian scientists find same thing

This study was published on September 26, 2022 in the peer-reviewed monthly journal Viruses. Researchers wrote that monoclonal antibodies take a long time to develop; and that polyclonal antibodies are a faster, cheaper and more efficient alternative for treating viruses.

They obtained synthetic SARS-CoV-2 structural proteins from Native Antigen Company in the U.K. and Sino Biological in Beijing. Egg-laying hens were injected twice, 14 days apart, with the proteins. The extracted IgY antibodies from the yolks were used on a group of 18 hamsters that were randomly assigned treatment protocols for SARS-CoV-2.

Researchers found that “anti-RBD IgYs lowered viral RNA amplification in the lungs of hamsters challenged with SARS-CoV-2.” They further concluded:

“Our pilot study demonstrated the anti-SARS-CoV-2 activity of chicken IgYs. It illustrates an important approach to the development of fast, inexpensive, and effective treatments against SARS-CoV-2. We believe that the further development of antiviral IgY technology could lead to practical therapeutic options against many viruses.”

Another study published in 2017 in the Journal of Advanced Pharmaceutical Technology & Research (JAPTR) found similar IgY results for a potential tuberculosis treatment. Indonesian researchers concluded that “immunization of hens with [tuberculosis] antigen could be a strategy to obtain at low cost a relatively high concentration of [anti-tuberculosis] IgY egg yolk and could be a useful tool for immunotherapy of TBC infection.”

A 2019 study by Brazilian researchers published in International Immunopharmacology demonstrated “the versatility of [IgY technology]” and its “broad spectrum of applications in human…health.”

“It can be used in multiple types of therapies; it is useful in the prevention of various types of diseases and detects, by means of different techniques, several classes of antigens, such as microorganisms, tumor markers and substances.”

Indonesian researchers suggest IgYs could replace big pharma vaccines

This study was published in January 2022 in the peer-reviewed journal Vaccines (Basel, Switzerland). Indonesian researchers were concerned because there was no “effective non-vaccine treatment” for so-called COVID-19.

They obtained SARS-CoV-2 synthetic proteins from Massachusetts-based Thermo Fisher Scientific, and carried out a similar process as described in all the foregoing studies to create IgYs in chicken egg yolks.

“The acute toxicity studies of IgY demonstrated that there were no signs of morbidity or death in mice after two weeks of treatment, and IgY can be safely administrated intranasally,” researchers found.

Researchers continued:

“We propose that IgY anti-RBD spike SARS-CoV-2 has the potential for application in passive immunization against COVID-19.”

Always do the exact opposite of what mainstream media, government tell you to do

This blogger is not going to start smoking cigarettes at this point in life. But in the 1960s, Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble were spokesmen for Winston cigarettes.

Doctors, long before the medical industrial complex became compromised and owned by big pharma, promoted Camel cigarettes in the 1940s and 1950s.

The Wall Street Journal ran the following ad in 1930.

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) not only ran cigarette ads from the 1930s to 1950s, but even stated in 1948:

“Extensive scientific studies have proved that smoking in moderation by those for whom tobacco is not specifically contraindicated does not appreciably shorten life. Postmortem examinations do not reveal lesions in any number of cases that could be definitely traced to the smoking of cigarettes.”

Cigarettes were suddenly deemed unhealthy and deadly in the 1970s. Congress passed the Public Health Cigarette Smoking Act; and President Richard Nixon signed it on April 1, 1970. It banned all cigarette advertising on television and radio.

Again, nobody should start smoking. But the bottom line is that there are numerous people who lived 100 years and longer, and smoke[d] cigarettes everyday. In fact the world’s oldest man in 2018, South African Fredie Blom, said he smoked hand-rolled “pills” (cigarettes) everyday. Mr. Blom died in 2020 at age 116. Make of all that what you will.

U.S. government and its medical industrial complex do not care about the health and well-being of Americans or anyone else. A licensed American medical doctor told the world on August 25, 2022 that natural herbal supplements cause heart disease. Mainstream media amplified this doctor’s propaganda.

TPTB, with a straight face, tell us the lethal mRNA and viral vector DNA injections are “safe and effective.” They tell us that the Nobel Prize-winning, World Health Organization essential medicine Ivermectin is dangerous horse de-wormer when in reality it cures various cancers and whatever “COVID-19” is. TPTB told us for decades that eggs and red meat are bad for you, only for those lies to be exposed by real scientists. And now it’s becoming clear why they want chicken and eggs eliminated.

There is a whole branch of medical science built around chickens and their eggs. For whatever scientific reason, chickens hold the keys to creating potential antibodies for a plethora of human ailments. Cheap, effective medical treatments – i.e. Ivermectin, IgYs, herbal supplements, etc. – harm the bottom line of the fifth branch of U.S. government – big pharma (mainstream/social media are the fourth branch).

Eggs are nutrient-dense, and thus healthy for consumption in large quantities (and of course in moderation).

Anyone can buy those synthetic pseudoviruses and inject chickens with them. The process of extracting the subsequent IgYs from the eggs is beyond the capabilities of the average person. But theoretically, you could simply eat the eggs from the pseudovirus-injected chickens to potentially treat yourself or prevent infection of whatever diseases you fear.

Despite mainstream media blaming inflation and avian flu, egg prices are up because so many chickens have been destroyed since 2020. The most common chicken feeds also appear to be sterilizing chickens.

Four healthy hens and two roosters can easily produce 800-plus eggs and a hundred chickens in a year (note that hens can lay eggs without roosters, but said eggs are infertile and cannot hatch into chicks). That’s a lot of food that ultimately takes money and control away from corporate food giants, big pharma, and government. TPTB will do everything to prevent resurrection of this phenomenon.

More than 80% of Americans live in cities. Many cities and counties ban backyard (urban) chicken farms due to noise, odors and attraction of predators. But for those living in rural areas, now is the time to place your orders for farming chickens. The major hatcheries are back-ordered by six months or more right now.

TPTB want humanity fully dependent on them for everything. This is likely the last year that regular people can buy chickens for farming. There’s no more time for planning and contemplating. If you’re going to do it, do it now. Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.


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1 year ago

There was a 117 year old French woman in the news some years back. She credited eating one raw egg and one boiled egg a day, for decades, to her longevity. Reportedly, she hardly ever ate vegetables, fruit, or much else.
A doctor in the news piece at that time, was quoted as saying that eating raw eggs would kill the typical person by damaging their kidneys and that this woman must have had something different about her metabolism to be able to eat them. That was a lie.
It alone showed the Pharmakaea-owned news wanted to hide the fact raw eggs and eggs in general are good for a person. The nutrition chart above shows eggs are a tremendous source of nutrition.
As far as I know, too, the lecithin in raw eggs will probably clean a person’s arteries out; and cooking an egg destroys the lecithin value. I eat a raw egg a day in a smoothie with milk and blackberries or blueberries, honey or maple syrup, and cinnamon.
For anyone growing chickens, for the most hilarious sight, throw a rubber jelly fishing worm among a flock of young chickens. They will steal it from one another and run back and forth and all over until the thing is torn apart, and probably most of the parts eaten. You could use a big nightcrawler if you think a rubber worm is cruel.

Only God is my Judge
Only God is my Judge
1 year ago
Reply to  mike

I was brainwashed about the prevalence of salmonella and whatnot from “undercooked” eggs. Glad I woke up about that (and much more important things!). Overcooking the yolk destroys a lot of its goodness, like is the case with a number of foods. I’ve learned from a number of people that raise their own chickens and cook with unwashed eggs, that the risks are greatly exaggerated. I try to eat eggs every day. Wish I had my own coop, but it seems a little overwhelming.

Hans Delbrück
Hans Delbrück
1 year ago

Add raw milk to that list of superfoods. I prefer cows, but raw goat milk is also good. Co-ops have had fully armed swat teams descend on them for selling raw milk, and it’s illegal in most states, but the Weston Price Foundation keeps a semi-current list of cowshare programs. I’ve read that in some European countries, they actually sell raw milk from vending machines. Or, at least they used to.

Only God is my Judge
Only God is my Judge
1 year ago
Reply to  Hans Delbrück

Thanks, I love raw milk. It’s pretty inconvenient to get around here… but I’ve started looking. Wish I had more than one fridge. Thanks for the tip about Dr. Price’s site, I’ll check it out.

Only God is my Judge
Only God is my Judge
1 year ago

This reminds me… anyone enjoying the new food pyramid?! Haha. They’ve stolen me’ Lucky Charms!

1 year ago

The Covid Blog is fantastic! It keeps us all up to date on world atrocities- although extremely upsetting and sad it keeps it very real . Thank you for you hard work and genuine truthful reporting .
The parasite elites know egg yolks are beneficial for humans health that’s why chicken farms are being targeted and razed to the ground. Last week in New Zealand where I live a chicken farm in the Waikato was set on fire 50,000 chickens killed .
it is a very sad day here – the Ministry of “health” ( destruction) is starting the poison paediatric jab TODAY for 6months- 4 years

1 year ago
Reply to  Nancy

I’ll be praying for those babies… some of them have ‘parents’ that don’t use their God-given minds for the purpose intended.
So sorry.

1 year ago

My grandfather had 2 eggs cooked in butter, 2 pieces of bacon, toast, coffee with milk and orange juice each morning for breakfast. His blood pressure was 120 over 70 at his death at age 83. No heart issues. Key was farm to table. All local farmers and no additives. He always said if you need a degree in chemistry to figure out was in a product – avoid it. Oh and he also said to avoid doctors too.

1 year ago
Reply to  Annie

I would have liked your grandpa.

1 year ago

I wonder about how previous flu injections were produced. Didn’t those injections require eggs in their production? Now that “they” would like to use mRNA injections, they probably want us to forget the previous process. I think people might be pretty upset if it turns out that the pharmaceutical companies did not need to grow viruses in eggs to make their injections. Instead giving the chickens an exposure to the correct “pathogen” would make the eggs natural sources of protective antibodies without making injections at all. Also, if a “viral pathogen” can infect the cells of a chicken doesn’t that show it was possibly lab engineered in the first place if it also readily infects humans?

Sean OConnor
Sean OConnor
1 year ago

Eggs over easy, raw honey and raw milk have been staples of mine before this CONVID-19 thing started…I’ve remained healthy the whole time. Eggs also help with Vitamin D production.

1 year ago

You would think the insurance companies would be all over these CAFOs burning down – after all, they are the ones on the hook for payouts. I still cannot believe they are not required to have sprinkler systems. Its so unbelievably cruel the way the animals are kept, and then to die like this, just awful. I never purchase eggs from these type of companies – free range organic only, from small family farms or neighbours.

1 year ago

I’m no health expert by any means, but I would personally avoid big pharma & big brand name cleaning products as much as possible.

I’d also imagine that cigarettes produced by big companies today are full of fillers and additives that weren’t used 50+ years ago.

BTW – Brian, the DIY mouthwash remedy you recommended in an article several months ago works wonders. Much better than Listerine.

Last edited 1 year ago by admin
1 year ago

Mike Adams released his findings yesterday for Producer’s Pride feed and said that it had twice the amount of glyophosphate as other brands. That’s Round-Up I believe. We had noticed a little bit of egg production drop ourselves, but added some additional nutrients, such as Black Oil Sunflower seeds to our chicken’s diet and the production came back close to normal.

A rope leash
A rope leash
1 year ago

My lady and I got covid back in ’21. We caught it from recently vaccinated family members that got caught it from who knows where. This was the one of the worst and certainly the weirdest sickness I had ever encountered. This was not a flu or a cold as far as I’m concerned. I felt like I was poisoned.

I had no congestion or trouble breathing, not much coughing or sneezing. I ran a consistent low-grade fever and I was extremely fatigued. I could not eat because everything tasted awful. This lasted two weeks.

My girlfriend had it worse. She went to the hospital and was diagnosed with “covid pneumonia”. I found this odd because I’ve always associated pneumonia with congestion and coughing. Her oxygen levels were not good, though, and they wanted to admit her but did not have room. They sent her to a monoclonal treatment clinic for the shots. She was feeling better the next day and was well enough to work within a week.

If I had known eggs could help I would have forced down a couple of dozen. As it is, I lost 15 pounds…but when I could eat again I gained 30!

It does seem like the supply of chickens and eggs is being sabotaged. Through relatives I have heard bad stories about people that own and work corporate chicken farms. It’s an ugly business that I’m sure they wouldn’t mind burning down if it pleased the powers that be.

Colonel Sanders was kind of a disreputable person before he found success, from what I’ve read. Stolen intellectual property is not a recent phenomenon.

Thanks again for this blog.

1 year ago

James the first in the early seventeenth century wrote a small paper on the use of tobacco of which use he was against saying that it was not pleasant to the eye, noxious to the nose bad for the brain and bad for the lungs,

1 year ago

I eat eggs regularly. Probably a dozen or more a week. I have very low cholesterol and when I supposedly had covid, I needed a test to even know I had it. Absolutely asymptomatic. They are destroying all the laying hens in the USA, because the eggs will block their next bioweapon from harming people. I currently live in SE Asia and there’s no problem getting eggs here. They are very plentiful. The most I’ve ever paid is 55 cents for ten.

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