Pagpag: convincing Filipinos to eat bugs is easy when the alternative is repurposed garbage
October 4, 2023


Africa in general gets the stereotypical reputation around the world of being a bunch of skinny, starving people. But the tribes that are still “allowed” to just live and flourish on their land as they have for thousands of years, have no problems surviving and relatively thriving.

The Hadza tribe in Tanzania is the epitome of true humanity. They number around only 1,300; and only 400 or so of them live the full hunter/gatherer/nomadic lives that they have for generations. The Hadza, aka Hadzabe, feast on everything from birds and antelopes, to monkeys. There are bad hunting days sometimes. But they never go more than a day or two without fresh meat.

Uganda has a lot of economic and otherwise issues. Thus Ugandans drink more alcohol than any other people in Africa. The only positive is that they make their own liquor, known as Waragi (“war gin”) instead of buying it from someone else. But even after a full day of drinking, with the entire village drunk, they’ll just go kill a goat and feed everyone.

The more you Westernize natural, normal humans and their environments, the more helpless and dependent on government they become (see Americans, Europeans, etc.).

This blogger lived off rabbits, fish, the occasional squirrel and wild fruits for months at a time during the van dwelling days. But even out in the middle-of-nowhere Wyoming and Montana, with no other people within miles, cops (rangers) will demand your fishing license. There’s no such thing as “living off the land” in the U.S. You must always pay someone to hunt, to fish, to drink water, and/or to even camp in most places. You must ask permission and pay to be human.

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The Philippines was a group of islands with true human populations until the Spanish arrived in the 16th century. Filipinos traded with other countries, had agriculture, farm animals, etc. Tribal wars were of course a thing. Today, 18% of Filipinos live in abject poverty, or about 2.3 million more people than in 2018, prior to the so-called pandemic. As Westernization rises in the country, so does poverty.

Former President Rodrigo Duterte mandated the injections for all workers on December 1, 2021. Those who chose not to get the shots but wanted to work, had to pay for their own COVID-19 tests. The average Filipino makes 13,000 pesos per month ($258). PCR tests at the time cost upwards of $100 each. Filipinos have been dropping dead by the millions since and prior to the mandate.

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We know the powers-that-be (“TPTB”) are already forcing people to eat bugs or starve in many parts of the world. Their propaganda – “high protein” and “good for the environment” – is disseminated to convince Westerners to eat insects. The latest bug food is bread made out of crickets in Finland.

Then there’s all the Bill Gates’ frankenfoods, like lab-grown meat. Now they are making ice cream and other foods out of plastic waste bottles.

All of the foregoing will be common and accepted worldwide by the year 2030. It will take a few more years of convincing and a few more vaccines for Americans and other Westerners to get onboard. But sadly the foregoing options may be preferable over what many Filipinos eat on a daily basis.

The disturbing phenomenon of pagpag

Jollibee is the most popular fast food place in the Philippines, holding a 30% market share across the country. McDonald’s, KFC and other American restaurants aren’t near as popular. Regardless, the vast majority of Filipinos will never eat a meal at any of said restaurants.

Seven in 10 Filipinos cannot afford nutritious food, while 42% cannot afford to feed themselves adequate daily calories. The closest a lot of Filipinos will ever get to biting into a piece of Jollibee chicken or a Big Mac is “pagpag” – and the world should be ashamed of itself for allowing any people or country to get to this point.

Pagpag means “leftovers” or “cleaning off dirt” in Tagalog. But that doesn’t begin to describe what it really is. There are Filipinos who dig through dumpsters outside of restaurants, searching for anything edible. Chicken bones with a few tiny pieces of meat left on them, cheeseburgers with bites taken out of them, etc. are what they’re looking for. They sell this stuff to vendors.

The garbage is then sorted, “cleaned,” and recooked into a new dish – pagpag.

Many Filipinos eat it because it costs less than $0.25 and, again, is the closest thing they’ll ever get to Jollibee chicken. There are numerous documentaries about pagpag. The one constant that is both refreshing and disturbing at the same time is that the people making and selling pagpag, and the folks eating it, always seem so happy.

One pagpag vendor told India Today in 2018 that nobody has ever died from eating it. Whether that’s true or not, both children and adults are eating garbage and risk contracting hepatitis A, cholera, typhoid, and other diseases. The government does nothing because they know people have no other alternatives.

Pagpag is here to stay in the Philippines…at least until the bug food mandates are implemented.

Culture vs. forced survival

This blogger would likely still be traveling the world on freighter boats if so-called COVID-19 and lockdowns didn’t halt the endeavor in 2020. But in a little less than two years, more countries and cultures were seen and experienced than every other year of life combined.

One thing you learn very quickly – never turn down food when offered it by other cultures. It’s a sign of disrespect and just downright rude to do so. All sorts of strange foods have been sampled as a result. Pagpag would be rejected, as would any bug “food.”

Granted there are Americans who dumpster dive for food and other stuff. That’s even worse than pagpag because many Americans do it by choice, and not out of desperate necessity. Further, Americans throw things away that others around the world would kill each other to obtain.

It’s difficult avoiding those feelings of helplessness and hopelessness as people are suffering and dying by the millions; and there’s nothing that can be done about it.

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By the year 2030, everything we know as food today will be gone. The only people who will have fresh vegetables, beef, chicken, etc. are those who cultivate their own. And that will only last until governments around the world outlaw the practice of cultivating your own food. That will also happen by 2030, and will create a prohibition-like underground market for real food.

Filipinos were vaccinated at a 75% rate by February 2022 due to mandates, according to government data. That number is likely well above 80% by now if the government data are accurate. Filipinos are and will be dying at rates as fast as Westerners, Indians and the Chinese. Bugs and frankenfoods will also be normalized in the Philippines sooner than other countries.

The more humans get back to their human roots, and divest of as much Western robo-GMO humanity as possible, the better equipped you’ll be to survive The Great Reset.

Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.


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8 months ago

Good article. There are no lies in nature, the mind virus called ‘authority’ being chief among them.

Frank DiGorgio
Frank DiGorgio
8 months ago

Starvation is a great motivator for “correct” think. Dictator Mao was an expert at starving the China masses into compliance. I don’t think eating bugs has anything to do with helping the environment.

It’s about total control of the sheep herds. Own nothing, greatly restrict travel, eat bugs and lab meat, 100% surveillance, full compliance, live in Concentration Camps, errh I mean 15 minute cities etc. Any person not obedient will be hammered down like a nail sticking up from the floor.

8 months ago
Reply to  Frank DiGorgio

Low energy nuclear reactions, aka cold fusion, and dozens of other free or nearly free energy technologies are being suppressed by the same super-rich people who claim carbon is a problem. All of this carbon reduction business is total baloney. Truly, tptb are out to mass murder the world. Whether or not they succeed, in the end the one they worship knowingly or not, the devil, would kill them too. But there are these things called the Tribulation and the judgment coming.

8 months ago

This reminds me of an article in a Swedish newspaper about 8 years ago. The title was “The New Ingredients in Ikea’s Food: Insects and Leftovers.” Coincidence or perhaps this was concocted in the West and now trial run in the Phillipines before expanding to the “developed world.” Or, perhaps this is already in some of our processed and fast foods. If they can get away with poisoning the world with vaccines, glyphosates and toxic seed oils, surely they can get away with that too.

There’s a campaign going on here in Sweden at the moment of what is called “dumpstering,” meaning to harvest expired or damaged but still edible foods from dumpsters at grocery mega stores. Perhaps it’s orchestrated to build up demand for selling and possibly repurposing this dumpster food as a step along the way to something like this. It’s getting a lot of traction in the media and social media and that doesn’t happen unless the TPTB (the oligarchy or crime syndicate, as I like to call it) wants it that way.

8 months ago

This is so shameful! Utterly shameful! They eat worse than dogs, stray cats.

8 months ago

So what do squirrels taste like?

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