The disturbing reasons why the powers-that-be completely abandoned monkeypox propaganda campaigns; and Maui-Lahaina fire update
August 28, 2023 (updated 4:24 p.m. Pacific)

Flashback to August 2, 2017. The following happened in Suffield, Connecticut. The video was filmed by a woman named Samantha Munn.

The official story, as reported by mainstream media, was that due to intense wind, rain and hail:

“A tree fell on a utility pole support wire which in turn broke a support pole and a support wire for that pole, sending both into the path of the woman’s 2016 Nissan Altima. ‘The driver wasn’t able to avoid the wire and the broken pole,” (Police Chief) Brown said. ‘She ended up getting caught in the support wire.'”

The woman driving the car, Ms. Lisa Beaulieu, described the event like this:

“We saw a telephone pole snap and fall down as we were approaching it, our car got stuck in the wires that were attached to it, and we got air lifted.”

The general public tried very hard to convince themselves that the official story was both possible and plausible.

This blogger frankly does not know what we are looking at in the video. Liberally construing the official story, and leaving your imagination wide open, it’s fanciful at best and flat-out propaganda at worst. So-called “conspiracy theorists” concluded that this event was a “glitch in the matrix.” The term is in reference to the 1999 blockbuster film starring Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne (and derived from manuscripts written by a woman named Sophia Stewart, but the Wachowski Brothers are credited with creating the story…that’s a whole different rabbit hole).

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The “glitch in the matrix” conspiracy theory rests on the premise that the entire human experience is a computer simulation, is not real. A syntax error in the coding or some other glitch can cause inexplicable phenomena in what is perceived as the physical world.

Another so-called glitch in the matrix happened in August 2022. An airplane appeared to be suspended in the air without moving, which defies the laws of physics (the normie explanation was “strong head winds”).

The plane reportedly started moving again after a few minutes.

Another glitch happened on February 18 in Surrey, British Columbia. A bird appeared to be suspended in the air without moving. The mental gymnastics trying to explain this one were #ABV-esque.

It’s unclear what happened to the bird thereafter.

Pretty much all Hollywood tools are programmed, Project Monarch robots. Many of them, including Katy Perry (at 1:30 mark below), openly admit to selling their souls to the devil.

She glitched out at a live show in October 2022. It was almost exactly 20 years ago today when Britney Spears had that incredibly weird glitch-out in the Diane Sawyer interview.

This past February, Spears freaked out her die-hard after posting a very weird (glitch) video of herself speaking in a British accent.

All of the foregoing is simply food for thought. We know for certain that everything in this world is staged. Nothing major happens spontaneously or by coincidence. Nobody gets rich or famous accidentally. And now in Year 3 of The Great Reset, anything is possible, and nothing is out of the question. Discernment and critical thinking are key to survival and prosperity in what appears to be the Biblical end times.

Monkeypox was supposed to be the next big plandemic after so-called COVID-19. The powers-that-be (“TPTB”) always tell us exactly what they are doing if we’re willing to listen. They published a paper in November 2021 that outlined how the first monkeypox cases in this new plandemic would appear in the world around May 15, 2022. There were 91 confirmed cases of monkeypox in 12 countries by May 21, 2022.

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Total cases were supposed to be 480 million, with 27 million deaths, by May 2023, according to TPTB’s pre-published plandemic outline (linked above). But the whole monkeypox craze quietly disappeared from mainstream and social media news cycles by the spring of 2023. The reasons thereof will make decent people cringe.

Monkeypox quickly became a sexually transmitted disease that exclusively infects homosexual males

It didn’t take long for this whole monkeypox thing to implode. The World Health Organization (WHO) reported 6,027 total monkeypox cases in the world by June 27, 2022, with 99% of them being homosexual males. A London man named James McFadzean contracted monkeypox after admitting to having anal sex with 10 different men in May 2022. There were many similar stories surfacing around that time.

Both the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the WHO hesitantly, but  graphically, acknowledged that monkeypox was spread through “semen (cum), fecal matter (poop), the anus (butthole) and fetish gear.”

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TPTB started advertising the JYNNEOS monkeypox vaccines in July 2022. They hoped that monkeypox would start infecting people besides homosexual males as the summer progressed. But new data released on July 21, 2022 found that 98% of global monkeypox cases were homosexual males, with 41% of them also having AIDS.

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Homosexual males started virtue signaling with their “I got my monkeypox vaccine” social media posts in August 2022, after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted the JYNNEOS shots emergency use authorization early that month. We reported the first known post-injection monkeypox vaccine death on September 7, 2022.

Monkeypox was renamed “mpox” in November 2022 because of a non-existent “racial stigma.” Mainstream media stopped hyping monkeypox thereafter, except for a brief, short-lived “monkeypox rebound” propaganda campaign in May. They obviously abandoned the monkeypox plandemic because it was only infecting the second-most protected class of people in the Western world (2. homosexuals, 1. Zionists). It was AIDS all over again. But that’s just part of the reason why the campaign was abandoned.

Monkeypox inadvertently exposed a lot about what goes on in homosexual households.

Dogs started contracting monkeypox

This doesn’t require a whole lot of analysis. The Lancet published a case study on August 10, 2022. Two homosexual men, ages 44 and 27, are “non-exclusive partners” and living together in Paris, France. One of them has AIDS. Both men went to a hospital on June 10, 2022, six days after they participated in some sort of bathhouse orgy. Both of them tested positive for monkeypox, with one of them having the virus “detected in anal and oropharynx samples.” That’s not the disturbing part.

The two men’s 4-year-old male Italian greyhound, after a PCR test that “involved scraping skin lesions and swabbing the anus and oral cavity,” also tested positive for monkeypox. The dog has lesion all over its body. It was the exact same viral strain as that in the men, who reported “co-sleeping with their dog.” Read the full study here.

Another case of human-to-dog monkeypox transmission was reported in Brazil on August 23, 2022. Again, both the CDC and WHO, in their disgusting, pornographic ways, said that monkeypox is spread through “cum, poop, the anus and sex toys.” 2+2=4.

Two toddlers living with homosexual males diagnosed with monkeypox

Again, not much analysis required. Mainstream media were very coy in reporting on these cases. It’s best to just listen to former CDC Director Rochelle Walensky in an interview with Washington Post Live on July 22, 2022.

To recap, here is what Walensky nervously said:

“We have seen now, two [monkeypox] cases that have occurred in children. Both of those children are traced back to individuals who come from the men who have sex with men community—the gay men community.”

Most mainstream media reports left out those important details. One of the kids is a toddler in California, and the other is a non-U.S. resident infant, according to ABC News. A child in the Netherlands also contracted monkeypox. That report was even more coy than the U.S. reports. Researchers concluded that there was “no plausible source” for the infection despite conceding that in nearly all cases, “the virus was well detectable in the upper airway and intact peri-anal skin.”

We repeat – the CDC and WHO said that monkeypox is spread through “cum, poop, the anus and sex toys.” 2+2=4.

Meanwhile in Maui

The adjective “wild” means untamed, undomesticated, savage and natural. Thus a “wild fire” has no set trajectory, and will indiscriminately destroy everything in its path. Drone footage from the aftermath of the Lahaina fire raises even more questions since our article last week.

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It is impossible for a “wild fire” to selectively burn some houses, and completely spare others right in the path of destruction. Direct Energy Weapons, however, do exactly what it looks like happened above in Lahaina.

There was also a book published about the Maui fires on August 10, just two days after the brunt of the fires were over. It became an instant bestseller on Amazon. This is very similar to the Oceangate submersible documentary that aired in June, on the same day the victims were officially pronounced dead. That’s some incredible foresight to get these works out that fast. Even mainstream media are asking real questions as to how the Maui fires book was published so fast.

The foregoing will be the last drone footage we’ll see in Lahaina. A man named Geoff Cygnus is on the ground there. He reported that authorities are building a blackout fence around the entire town so nobody can see inside. Drones are now banned, and cars are not allowed to stop and look at anything in the area, according to Mr. Cygnus.

Note that Mr. Cygnus’ Twitter account was just created on August 15, and already has 30,000 followers. Make of all that what you will.

Biden finally showed up in Maui on August 21. Hawaii residents greeted him with several middle fingers.

That all seems justified now, as Biden compared the Lahaina fires to a small house fire where he almost “lost my 67 Corvette.”

Monkeypox was supposed to frighten tens of millions of people into receiving more experimental injections. But whoever was tasked with programming this monkeypox agenda must have screwed up a few lines of code. We know for a fact that the monkeypox originated in lab monkeys in Singapore and Denmark in the late 1950s. This new version somehow developed an affinity for rectal tissue, feces and human sperm. That was not part of the plan, so they scraped it completely.

Homosexual culture is integral to the overall depopulation agenda. It eliminates procreation and advances degenerate lifestyles that lead to premature death. The Brazil Supreme Court upheld a law last week that makes “homphobic slurs” punishable by prison. That’s along the same lines of it being illegal to tell truth or even speak objectively about Zionists in Germany.

Once dogs and kids started catching monkeypox, TPTB had to end the campaign. It doesn’t take a giant leap to conclude that bestiality and/or pedophilia are common practices among homosexuals. That lifestyle has no boundaries for decency. It’s sacred to TPTB because of its depopulation power. This group is already ready and willing to receive any injections Fauci and company tell them to receive. The monkeypox agenda was redundant and thus unnecessary.

Monkeypox was also interfering with the normalization of homosexual culture (as many higher ups in TPTB also participate in that lifestyle).

Monkeypox was closer to a glitch in the matrix than the Lahaina fires. TPTB definitely did not set out to harm their prized, beloved homosexuals with this disease. Someone screwed up. But the Lahaina fires look very deliberate and “direct” (no pun intended).

Regardless, we’re unlikely much from mainstream media about monkeypox or the Maui fires in the coming months. The previous was a mistake that they want to bury. Lahaina was supposed to look natural and fierce to reinforce climate change propaganda. But as more information and photos come out, the easier it is to conclude that certain residents were targeted and eliminated in Hawaii.

TPTB can now experiment more with their depopulation toys since 80% of humanity is now GMO and easy to manipulate. Anything is possible, including the impossible, from now until the year 2030. There will be only 500 million people left on Earth by then. Now is the time for the newly initiated into this critical thinking/”conspiracy theory” space to learn and understand what these people are truly capable of. The more you acknowledge and accept as reality (even if it forces your mind to go places you don’t want it to go), the better prepared you’ll be for survival and prosperity post-2030.

Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.


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6 months ago

I just want to extend my admiration and sincere thanks for this blog and its contributors. The analysis is crucial, genuine, poignant and hilarious at times. I too fancy myself a critical thinker, but I dare not compare my weekly epiphanies and dot-connections to the well-researched and presented information herein. I find it quite comforting to know that others not only see through the disillusioned masses having their tribal wars but that some have the fortitude to voice their observations so unabashedly.

Jim Smith
Jim Smith
6 months ago
Reply to  Tio

This is a great blog but just wanted to add my 2 cents about the airplane. I am a pilot and flew a small 4 seat airplane called a Maul M6 over Grand Forks North Dakota backwards after a very strong winter cold front passed. The stall speed was about 40 knots so you could slow down to 45 knots. Winds aloft were 60 knots so you could actually fly backward. The airplane in this article was towing a banner and those airplanes have low stall speeds. He was just flying into wind that equaled his airspeed and appeared to not be moving. No glitch in the matrix on that video. The rest? Who knows.

Atom man
Atom man
6 months ago
Reply to  Jim Smith

That might explain the airplane but not the bird or whatever it was. If it was a balloon filled with helium, it would have floated away. No string or tether was visible As for those who doubt that reality “as it is” may be an illusion of sorts, read any book by Charles Fort or John A. Keel, but NOT too late at night – Keel thought the “phenomenon” was self-reflective! (Recall “you only have to think of the Devil for him to appear”?) Indian religions in particular do declare the illusory nature of “reality” and experiments in physics are supporting some of those ideas – “objectivity” has failed and “locality” has failed. We are somehow connected to everything.

Dawn Foster
Dawn Foster
6 months ago
Reply to  Jim Smith

But the clouds were stationary…

6 months ago

You hit the nail on the head. They absolutely do not want the populace to know how sick and depraved and DEMONIC that “healthy alternative lifestyle” is.

Atom man
Atom man
6 months ago
Reply to  SickOfIt

Yes, that was an absolutely brilliant explanation as to why the publicity around the monkeypox epidemic was squelched, and if the virus (or exosome or whatever it was) mutated into the form it became, that was clearly the work of “Mother Nature”, “God”, or whatever cosmic force controls life on Earth.

6 months ago
Reply to  Atom man

Mother nature is God’s creation, God still has ultimate control. Satan has control of this earth until God steps in. Armageddon has started.
Repent while there’s time. The Khazarian Ashkenazi imposter jews won’t. They en
joy child sacrifice too much. Even sending a 18 yo into war is child sacrifice, looking back over my life, almost 80. Thanks to Him who still breathes air into my nostrils.

Con-vid 1984
Con-vid 1984
6 months ago
Reply to  victorvanniel

I’m still waiting for your God to step in. Because from my perspective, all of these horrific attacks sure seems like your God is in favor of all of these atrocities.

6 months ago
Reply to  Con-vid 1984

God is not in favor of sin, but He sent His only begotten Son to shed His blood to pay the penalties for anyone who believes Jesus is His Son and died for his or her sin, and was raised again on the third day.

5 months ago
Reply to  Con-vid 1984

Separate the sheep from the goats. Men have free will.

6 months ago

Since the vast majority of gays (along with much of the general population) doused themselves with multiple Covid shots (as well as other shots) in the lead-up to the mpox outbreak stories, I wonder what role vaccines played in the mpox symptoms? Vaccines are the leading cause of coincidences, after all.

6 months ago

All I have to say is “That poor dog!”

Harold Crapper
6 months ago

I wonder how many idiots took the mpox vax.

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