Conspiracy theory alert: what we know and what we don’t know about Hawaii fires, California hurricane
August 21, 2023


The first time someone called this blogger a “conspiracy theorist” was shortly after 9/11. Prior to that, life was moving along as it should for a typical 20-something working in mainstream media. The “jet fuel caused the buildings to collapse” narrative was ridiculous; and this blogger said so on mainstream airwaves…and was immediately reprimanded. Why?

That is and was always the question related to everything in life. Further, people previously regarded as intelligent and smart in this blogger’s life were now fully onboard with these obviously-fallacious narratives.

Life was never the same thereafter. Nothing in this world is what it seems or appears. Everything is orchestrated. It’s all theater. This blogger will always take credit for forcing U.S. military contractor ISIS to change its name to “SIS” after pointing out the very strange coincidence between their name and the alleged terrorist group’s name.

The Orlando Pulse shooting was intelligence-insulting beyond compare. But again, the goal is figuring out “why?” In that case, this blogger concluded that the orchestrated 2016 shooting was to normalize homosexual culture and make said people a protected class in the U.S.

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Critical-thinking readers quickly started appreciating simple facts, like how the FBI reported zero murders in Newtown, Connecticut in 2012, despite 26 people allegedly being gunned down at Newtown-based Sandy Hook that year.

The definition of “conspiracy theory” is truth revealed before mainstream media and government want said truth revealed. A false flag is a government or otherwise orchestrated event. It does not mean, as many mistakenly believe, something that didn’t happen. It did happen. But it was orchestrated, not spontaneous.

We’re not drawing any conclusions yet as to the Maui fires and Hurricane Hilary. But both events stink to high heaven, and are related to the vaccine genocide coverup.

John Pelletier: current Maui County Police Chief was Las Vegas Police Captain in 2017 mass shooting

Fun fact – there is technically no such thing as “The Las Vegas Strip.” Sahara Avenue is the geographic border between the City of Las Vegas and all those unincorporated Clark County, Nevada towns. Everything north of Sahara is Las Vegas; everything south is Clark County.

It would be more correct to call Fremont Street “the Las Vegas Strip.” The area where the Wynn, the Venetian, the Bellagio, Caesar’s Palace, and all the other famous casinos and hotels are located, is actually the unincorporated town of Paradise, Nevada. Thus the Strip is actually the Paradise Strip or the Clark County Strip. Prostitution is legal in Clark County, on the Strip) but not in Las Vegas (e.g. by the Golden Nugget).

The foregoing poop show extended to police in the city. The Clark County Sheriff’s Office and Las Vegas Police Department didn’t know who was supposed to patrol what prior to 1973. The two organizations, via Senate Bill 340, merged that year, and formed “Las Vegas Metro PD” to eliminate all the confusion. The every four-year elected Clark County Sheriff is the Chief of Metro PD. Digression.

John Pelletier was first hired by Metro PD in 1999. But good luck finding any actual information on his tenure there online. He, for whatever reason, hides the foregoing fact on his LinkedIn page, claiming only that he worked as a police captain for Metro PD from January 2020 to December 2021.

His LinkedIn also says he trained at the FBI National Academy.

Pelletier was the incident commander for the October 1, 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting. This blogger went viral the next day for his coverage of said shooting. Go down that rabbit hole below if you choose. It was an incredible coincidence that a company called Crowds on Demand posted a Craigslist ad in Las Vegas 14 days before the shooting, seeking “fun, engaging” actors for “everything from rallies to protests to corporate PR stunts.” But that’s just the beginning in America’s “most deadly mass shooting” ever.

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The Vegas shooting investigation was closed in 2018, with the disposition “Paddock did it.” Pelletier said “we got that right.” He is a seasoned tool for the powers-that-be (“TPTB”). Pelletier was named Maui County Police Chief on November 1, 2021. That’s the first indication that these fires were planned as part of The Great Reset.

Further, this guy has already admitted that he is arresting and jailing witnesses in Lahaina, and wants reporters to doxx the witnesses to bring them further harassment.

Pelletier also admonished reporters for walking through Lahaina at all since the fire. We’re not drawing any conclusions yet. But TPTB are obviously covering something up and hiding evidence. Wikipedia editors hadn’t touched its Lahaina article since April 29. There’s been nearly 500 edits to the article since August 9. That’s significant because, sadly, tens of millions of average Joes and Janes believe and use Wikipedia as a first source for pretty much everything.

Death toll and response

As of publishing, the “official” death toll is 114 people in Lahaina. This blogger is in contact with two Maui-based reporters. Both of them said they are not allowed to go against the official toll for their respective publications. But one said the death toll is at least 600. The other said it’s over 1,000. The Daily Mail reported on August 18 that the death toll is 480.

Lahaina had about 13,000 residents prior to the fires. By all accounts, the fire started the morning of August 8 and spread throughout the entire town within hours, without warning from any authorities. There are only two main roads in and out of the town.

Many people reportedly drove or jumped into the ocean, as the only means of escaping the fire. But thousands more got caught in traffic jams and could not move. Others, according to our sources, just huddled up in their homes together, prayed, and accepted their fates.

Biden’s handlers know that he is unstable, and may slip out some information that TPTB want secret. Thus when he was asked about the rising death toll, Biden coldly said, “no comment.” A day later, on August 15, Biden said he is sending each fire victim family $700. Just five days earlier, Biden asked Congress for another $24 billion for Ukraine. That’s the U.S. in a nutshell.

The 2021 Hawaii fire was much bigger

All of the current fires in Maui burned a very-concentrated 5.7 square miles of land, according to official sources. The Big Island fire in August 2021 barely moved the mainstream media meter, despite burning over 60 square miles of land. The Guardian admitted in the foregoing linked article that “Hawaii…isn’t typically at risk from large fires.” But then added The Great Reset second official slogan: “blazes could become more frequent [due to] climate change.” The New York Times, in July 2021, also invoked climate change for potential fires in Hawaii. TPTB have been planning this for quite some time.

Regardless, Hawaii knew or should have known not only how to handle these fires, but also how to forewarn residents after the 2021 fire. The only explanation is that they deliberately failed to warn residents.

Wildfires simply do not happen in residential areas

The following is a wildfire map, courtesy of the First Street Foundation.


The most fire-prone places in the U.S. are sparsely populated. This blogger lived in metro-Phoenix for years, the third-hottest place in the U.S. The closest a wildfire ever got to the city was in the higher elevations near Payson, Arizona.

Granted Phoenix is all sand and concrete, and thus, there is nothing to burn except for houses. But if TPTB are forwarding the notion that heat alone causes climate change, then Phoenix and Las Vegas (also never experiences wildfires) would have been burned off the map 40 years ago. The craziest weather phenomenon you’ll ever see in Phoenix is a haboob (dust storm) because it’s so hot and dry.

The wildfire near Los Angeles in 2017 was the closest we’ve seen in recent memory of an actual city or town semi-threatened by a wildfire.

The 2018 Camp Fire in California burned 153,000 acres and killed 85 people. But again, the casualties are people who chose to build houses in fire-prone, remote areas.

Lahaina is bordered by brush and trees. But it was still a town, with concrete, homes and, we assume, a fire department. It defies common logic to believe this fire was naturally occurring.

Hurricane Hilary – yeah that’s natural

The last time a tropical storm or hurricane hit California was in 1939. A tropical depression hit California in 1978. The Pacific Ocean water off the California coast is too cold to facilitate hurricanes and tropical storms. Weather phenomena can certainly form in the southern Pacific. But by the time they reach California, there isn’t much left.

The following illustrates all known tropical storms and hurricanes, and their trajectories, in the eastern Pacific since 1949. The red arrow points to California (for those who may not know).

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Tropical Storm Hilary has caused flooding pretty much everywhere in the Los Angeles-San Diego-Palm Springs triangle.

There was also an earthquake with its epicenter just north of Los Angeles yesterday.

All of this is still developing. But give it a few days, and reports of sinkholes and people being killed by displaced sharks, are sure to come.

The ultimate question is always “why?”

The first thought that came to mind with the Lahaina fire was World War III. The U.S. and the West need as many strategic positioning locations as possible versus China and Russia when the war inevitably breaks out. But Hawaii is already part of the U.S. There’s no need to “annex” that way, if you will.

The second thought was TPTB taking the land for themselves. We don’t even know where people like the Rothschilds, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, etc. primarily live. And even if we did, their primary homes are typically on islands or other places that are inaccessible except by boat or aircraft (Hawaii). The fires may also be an imperial power play because Native Hawaiians have been pushing to secede from the U.S. in recent years.

Climate change is the primary and most easily disseminated #ABV excuse for the vaccine genocide. There’s simply no way to coverup a global genocide. A Pew survey released earlier this month found that 54% of Americans believe climate change is a major threat, with 61% saying climate change is affecting their local community. Climate change is already ingrained in most people as some sort of threat to humanity. A very rare fire in Hawaii and an even more rare tropical storm in California not only shock the system, but also reinforce climate change narratives.

Always ask why with everything in this world. The basics of journalism are who, what, when, where, and why. Sadly most so-called journalists these days have dismissed the “why” as conspiracy theory.

Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.


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Frank DiGorgio
Frank DiGorgio
9 months ago

There’s some kind of US military energy weapons facility on Maui. Maybe they were testing something on Lahaina and used too much energy?

As far as Pelletier, his work is done in Lahaina and will be moving to a new city to destroy. Better move if it turns out he’s your new police chief!

9 months ago
Reply to  Frank DiGorgio

“…used too much energy…”

Yeah sure, it is just all a honest mistake, somebody must have inadvertently pushed the wrong button. “They” must be overtaken with grief and culpability as we speak.

9 months ago

This kind of laws-of physics defying fires have been happening for a while now, as the goal IMHO is to herd rural areas inhabitants to big cities where they can be AI managed, regulated and suffer like everybody else.

Brace yourself rural areas and suburbs folks. The beast you have been pretending with great efforts does not exists, is coming for you. Sorry to say, but It is just a matter of when.

Con-vid 1984
Con-vid 1984
9 months ago

The TPTB have their eyes set on Maui for their 15 minute cities. Funny how all the citizens and natives were all receiving calls about selling their land for some odd sum just right after the smoke started to clear.

Frank DiGorgio
Frank DiGorgio
9 months ago
Reply to  Con-vid 1984

Hawaii is a very deep blue state and many of the residents on Maui have that typical 5 jabs crazy eyes look so there’s a great chance many on the island will totally embrace these 15 Minute Cities!

9 months ago

After tropical storm Hilary went through California, I wonder if it reeks of boiled cabbage, urine and farts. Just asking for my buddy John Podesta.

9 months ago

I’m from India and we have far higher temperature, lower humidity and denser forests as we are in the freaking EQUATOR and never ever in my life of 45 years have i seen a single wild fire here like that happens often in north America. Its insane.

9 months ago

Interesting observation today, driving today through a portion of LA that I also drove through a week ago. Last week there were an alarming amount of tents, etc and people just sleeping in the rough, under the overpasses etc.
I know in anticipation of the hurricane, all the river bottoms and really all the homeless encampments were cleared out- as a precaution. People were transported to shelters, their tents and debris were cleared. Interesting way to clear it out- hooray for all the saved lives. Hooray for the cleaned up streets. Win, win. But haven’t heard a peep about this on the news since the initial clean out. It seems like a great way to clean house.

9 months ago

Excellent reporting by Mr. W once again; as soon as I saw the pictures of fire damage in Hawaii, I knew HAARP was the likely weapon.

9 months ago

WOW, so many Californians still living with blinders on and these news reporters are pathetic the way they just read from a script….never questioning!! Man we live in a dumbed down, over indoctrinated world!

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