Black acquiescence, White denial, and how the fallacious concepts of “United States,” “citizenship” and race facilitated The Great Reset and global vaccine genocide
January 11, 2023

Crispus Attucks was the first American to die in The Boston Massacre, March 5, 1770, which spurred the Revolutionary War.

The so-called pandemic commenced almost three years ago, laying the foundation for the world we have today. The powers-that-be (“TPTB”) knew from the start that, apart from old faithful “divide and conquer,” different methodologies were necessary to get Black and White Americans to go along with the most powerful, global psy-op in human history. Acquiescence and naivety, respectively, got the job done.

Asian Americans were never an issue for TPTB. Nearly 70% of Asian American adults had received at least one injection by the end of April 2021, according to the Centers for Disease Control. That’s compared to 59% of White, 47% Hispanic, and 46% of Black Americans at that time. One-third of all U.S. Hispanics are concentrated in California, New York, and Illinois; and faced hardcore government coercion to receive the injections. Their “vaccination” numbers went up by default.

White Americans trust[ed] doctors from the very beginning. Pew data from May 2020 found that 75% of White Americans viewed doctors positively, compared to 61% of Black Americans. The two groups were 68% and 53%, respectively, in their trust for medical researchers and scientists.

These data were compounded by President Donald Trump, the self-proclaimed “father of the vaccines.” He is the progenitor of Operation Warp Speed, and thus endeared the most difficult half of White America to the injections early on.

The Great Reset marks the official end of a 500-year experiment known as “America.” TPTB used humanity to build this land into what it is. Now robots can operate most infrastructure, which is preferred by TPTB. The World Economic Forum is on record saying “we just don’t need the vast majority of the population.”

The niggerization of White America

Everything has come full circle in just three years. Black Americans have always known that they have no rights in the U.S. They can be killed by the lowest White person still in 2023, and no charges will be filed against the killer.

Black Americans know that if they accidentally run over a bunny rabbit while driving down the highway, mainstream media will crucify them as murderers and thugs. But White Americans, at least until The Great Reset, could do no wrong. They were and are protected and mitigated by mainstream media. The difference is glaring between the treatment of Black and White celebrities.

The following video is of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president Dana White pimp-slapping his wife in public. Keep in mind, NFL players Ray Rice and Kareem Hunt were absolutely crucified by mainstream media for the same sin, and same circumstances of the woman hitting them first.

But Dana White has escaped the wrath of mainstream media because, again, he is protected. His own mother even said, “he’s not a good person” and habitually abuses women. Doesn’t matter. To go even further, White said in 2014 in response to the Ray Rice incident:

“There’s one thing that you never bounce back from and that’s putting your hands on a woman. Been that way in the UFC since we started here. You don’t bounce back from putting your hands on a woman.”

Jeff Wagenheim is an ESPN UFC reporter. He openly admitted the foregoing double standard – that ESPN ordered all of their on-air talent not to say anything negative about Dana White.

This is all fact of life for Black Americans. It is what it is, and there’s nothing that can be done about it.

The response by the White masses when these facts are raised is typically “Chicago,” the race card,” “critical race theory,” or these days, since Trump, “we own you and shut up nigger.” None of this is really happening. It’s all in your head, according to the dominant society. The manipulation is perpetual and powerful; and leads many Black Americans to question their own sanity, and live with lifelong mental illness.

Meanwhile most White Americans are in denial about their niggerization in The Great Reset. Cognitive dissonance prevents many White Americans from accepting the fact that the monarchs and oligarchs that elevated them to social and economic prominence, are now exterminating and manipulating them, just like they’ve done “the blacks” for centuries.

Millions of White Americans are suffering in silence with vaxx injuries, have lost family members to post-injection heart attacks, strokes, etc. But if they dare say anything in public, they are called myriad pejoratives, and may lose their jobs, families, friends and livelihoods.

Nobody is dying or getting sick from the injections. It’s all in your head, all conspiracy theories, the dominant society says. The longer the White American masses cling to the old, obsolete world before 2020, the worse it’s going to hit them in the coming years.

The “United States” has always been a figment of TPTB’s imaginations. It took 500 years, numerous wars, meticulous attention to detail, and billions of human lives to create their perfect planetary utopia. Now they want it all for themselves, plus 500 million obedient slaves. If we understand how we got here, we can foresee where we’re headed – and potentially (but not likely) stop it with the power of unity.

No such thing as “American citizens” or a “country” called USA

There is one very important word missing entirely from the U.S. Constitution – “country.” It appears zero times throughout the entire document. The word “nation” appears twice, with both instances referring to foreign lands. “Citizen” appears 21 times in the document. But mainstream media, public schools, etc. started referring to Americans as “consumers” instead of “citizens” in the 1870s, right after the U.S. Civil War.

The “United States” was first incorporated on February 21, 1871 under the name District of Columbia,” which is a sovereign city-state that is not part of the so-called U.S.

More on that in a second.

Two generations later, in the 1930s during The Great Depression, the word “consumer” overtook “citizen” in frequency of use in media, education, and U.S. vernacular overall. The following chart shows the frequency in which the words citizen and consumer were utilized in American English books, newspapers, etc. since the year 1800.

So-called “integration” and civil rights were necessary in the 1960s to officially commence the depopulation agenda and “New World Order” for American consumers. We’ve outlined many times the dramatic changes to U.S. society in the 1990s, particularly as it relates to social and medical issues.

The government-owned, “non-profit” CDC Foundation was created in 1992 to funnel and launder money from big pharma corporations to the Centers for Disease Control. The CDC has essentially been a big pharma corporation since that time. Several new “vaccines” were introduced to the world in the 1990s as well.

The first official CDC childhood vaccine schedule was published in 1995. There was a 567% increase in autism rates from 1995 to 2000. Homosexual culture began its normalization process in the late 1990s, to stunt procreation, slap God in the face, and create a society of degeneracy and mammon. The Telecommunications Act of 1996 led to monopolized mainstream media, right before the world wide web went mainstream.

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All of the foregoing were very important steps for ushering in The Great Reset, formerly known as the New World Order. President George H.W. Bush literally told the world, in no uncertain terms, that TPTB were commencing the New World Order in a January 16, 1991 address to the nation, just hours before the U.S. entered the Persian Gulf War, aka “Operation Desert Storm.”

Bush signed House Joint Resolution 104 into law two months later, making Noahide Laws binding in the United States.

But the crucial step in The Great Reset that is rarely spoken about is the amendments to Title 28 of United States Code. Title 28 was first enacted on June 25, 1948, coincidentally or otherwise, five weeks after Israel became an official country. It governs the federal courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court. The Crime Control Act of 1990 is the second-largest crime bill in U.S. history, measured by page count. It was signed into law by H.W. Bush and went into effect on November 29, 1990.

The Federal Debt Collection Procedures Act is tucked neatly into the Crime Control Act. Title 28 U.S.C. § 3002(15) now clearly defined the United States as a “federal corporation.” It goes on to call the U.S. an “instrumentality of the United States,” meaning a non-government agency that answers to a government.

The “United States” has never been a country, according to the Constitution. It’s always been a corporation, just like Walmart and McDonald’s. But this fact was never clearly and plainly admitted by TPTB until the 1990s.

U.S. consumers may complain about bad customer service from the company called “United States,” particularly as it relates to “vaccine” adverse reactions, deaths, the one-party, two-tribe government system, billions of dollars going to Ukraine, etc. But corporations cannot and do not provide civil rights, do not provide Constitutional rights, to its consumers, it’s customers.

United States, Inc. owned by the British crown

The 1783 Treaty of Paris officially ended the American Revolutionary War against England. It declared:

“It having pleased the Divine Providence to dispose the hearts of the most serene and most potent Prince George the Third, by the grace of God, king of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith, duke of Brunswick and Lunebourg, arch-treasurer and prince elector of the Holy Roman Empire etc., and of the United States of America, to forget all past misunderstandings and differences that have unhappily interrupted the good correspondence and friendship.”

Put another way, King George Frederick III was declared de-facto U.S. Treasury Secretary and the sole Electoral College vote that matters when it comes to selecting a U.S. President. Article VII of the Treaty affirmed that “negroes” were property, not humans.

Many people often dismiss the foregoing as “conspiracy theory.” Further, when the word “Illuminati” is mentioned, it turns into a “tin-foil hat conspiracy theory.” But the first President of the United States, George Washington, often spoke about the Illuminati and how shadow government oligarchs and monarch are really in control. Here’s one of many letters by Washington as proof, with this one from the year 1798.

The only difference between the U.S. versus Australia, Canada, Jamaica, New Zealand, etc. is that the previous is a Presidential corporation. The latter are Commonwealth realms of the British Monarchy with Prime Ministers (CEOs) who answer directly to Buckingham Palace (despite the narrative being “the king is politically neutral”).

In fact between 1944 and 1969, there were biennial Commonwealth Prime Ministers’ Conferences that brought all British realm premiers together. Davos and Bilderberg rendered said conferences unnecessary thereafter.

U.S. courts are the customer service department for the largest, most elaborate corporation (“the USA”) in human history.

How “White Americans” were created from Renaissance Europe via promises of social dominance

European monarchs and merchants (TPTB) wished to expand their powers overseas in the 15th and 16th centuries. England particularly wanted to get rid of some of its population, which doubled between 1520 and 1680. But in order to convince people to emigrate to a new foreign land, they had to offer incentives.

TPTB promised them permanent social and economic prominence over all other people of the land. This phenomenon has existed throughout the entire history of the United States.

Nearly all of the Europeans who came to “the new world” from the 1500s to 1700s were desolate peasants in their homeland. They were completely reliant on the upper class for jobs, food, and any semblance of livelihood.

Peasants could be arrested for something as simple as gathering firewood just to keep warm. The upper class, aka “dominant society” controlled every aspect of peasant lives. They owned nothing and had zero avenues to justice, other than those very rare, throw-a-bone exceptions. All peasant land was leased from upper class landlords.

TPTB offered peasants the opportunity to migrate to “the new world” and create their own high social status. The clincher promise was that the poorest Europeans would always be better and higher on the social ladder than the richest, most educated negroes and Native Americans. European peasants were given permission to treat negroes the same way (and even worse than) they were treated in their own homeland by the dominant society.

Five centuries later, we have “The United States,” with negro peasants (and a few rich athletes and actors), a few rich Native Americans (via reservation casinos) controlling their people, and a White population believing they are the oligarchs.

Bill Moyers was the White House Press Secretary for President Lyndon Johnson. He became the director of the Council on Foreign Relations, before starting his long journalism career. Mr. Moyers, in 1988, wrote about how TPTB keep the White U.S. masses happy by utilizing the same 400-year formula created by those aforementioned 15th and 16th century European oligarchs and monarchs.

He recalled a conversation with President Johnson in 1960 when the two were in Tennessee. Mr. Moyers was on the then-Vice President’s staff. Johnson commented about seeing the word “nigger” spray-painted all over numerous traffic signs and buildings in the area:

“I’ll tell you what’s at the bottom of it. If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.”

That profound statement not only epitomizes the how and why the United States and its social hierarchy came to be, but also the how and why vaxx zealot Donald Trump became President in 2016. That philosophy keeps half of White America obedient to billionaires. It also reinforces White Americans’ detrimental trust in American institutions.

The strange, confusing history of the 13th Amendment that “ended slavery” and created the American “negro”

Black Americans have long celebrated “Juneteenth,” a holiday commemorating emancipation from enslavement in 1865. The holiday was recently usurped by white liberal homosexual groups, and no longer has any meaning. U.S. public schools taught American kids in the 1970s and 1980s that President Abraham Lincoln’s 1863 Emancipation Proclamation “freed the slaves.” That is false. The 21st century public school narrative is that the 13th Amendment “freed the blacks.” That isn’t altogether true either.

The original 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was known as the Titles of Nobility Amendment (TONA). It was proposed in the 11th Congress by Senator Phillip Reed of Maryland on January 18, 1810. TONA amended the Foreign Emoluments Clause, Article I, § 9, Clause 8 of the U.S. Constitution, to prohibit politicians, business owners, etc. from accepting nobility titles as bribes from foreign monarchs. The amendment read:

“If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive or retain, any title of nobility or honour, or shall, without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.”

The Senate approved the bill by a 19-5 vote. The House followed with an 87-3 vote in favor of the bill. But it was technically never ratified by three-fourth of the states. This “13th Amendment,” however, appeared in the 1815 United States Statutes at Large book, and in nearly all print versions of the Constitution until 1845. There was no formal process for states to vote in favor of the Amendment at the time. Further, 10 new states were admitted to the Union during that 30-year stretch. Thus the threshold number of states for ratification kept changing.

13th Amendment forever codifies enslavement of “negroes”

Meanwhile states like Missouri, Massachusetts and New York established new government organizations called police departments in the 1830s and 1840s. Their sole missions were to “catch straying and runaway slaves.” The U.S. Supreme Court affirmed in 1857 that negroes are “articles of property” and “[are] not…citizen[s]…in the sense in which that word is used in the Constitution.”

The Confederate Constitution, Article I, Sec. 9(4), ratified on March 11, 1861, declared that there can never be laws “denying or impairing the right of property in negro slaves.” Most White Americans wanted permanent enslavement of negroes, including President Lincoln. He made this clear in his August 22, 1862 letter to former New York Tribune editor Horace Greeley:

“My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not either to save or to destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it…”

Representative Thomas Corwin of Ohio proposed the exact same Confederate Constitution article for the U.S. Constitution on February 26, 1861. It would have been the 13th Amendment, forever protecting the right to own “negro slaves.”

Both the U.S. Senate and House passed the amendment by two-thirds votes shortly after the bill’s introduction. It was sent to the states for ratification. But by June 1861, 11 states seceded from the Union, and started the U.S. Civil War. The only thing that stopped this 13th Amendment was states seceding instead of ratifying the amendment as a compromise.

13th Amendment “ends slavery”

Four years later, the third “13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution” was ratified. It declared:

“Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

Thus slavery was never abolished. It simply moved from the cotton fields to the prison industrial complex. It was yet another compromise that kept slavery in place, but changed the name thereof.

The kicker here is that the original 13th Amendment, TONA, is technically still pending. There have actually been efforts to have the original 13th amendment restored, despite said provision already being include in Article I, Section 9 of the current Constitution.

The common argument is that TONA was on the official law books for 30 years, then just mysteriously disappeared. Some argue that all lawyers (including most U.S. presidents, Congress people, etc.) must be stripped of their U.S. citizenship due to the nobility title “esquire.”

All of the foregoing also calls into question the legitimacy of the current 13th Amendment and if slavery is truly illegal in the U.S. Federal lawsuits have attempted to restore the “original 13th Amendment.” But none of them have reached the Supreme Court.

Regardless, “vagrancy laws” helped fill prisons with Black Americans from 1865 to 1965, where they performed slave labor. Numerous corporations, including Starbucks, Verizon and Wendy’s, use prison labor that is still today disproportionately Black today, mostly due to racist drug laws from the 1980s and 1990s.

Black codes such as “hiring out” allowed White Americans to effectively still “own” Black kids through the 1960s. Racial covenants prevented Black people from buying property in most cities through the 1960s. The only means for Black Americans to survive in the U.S., whether in 1923 or 2023, is crime or doing anything and everything to impress a White person who will give them a job.

Black-owned businesses and families (with 90% of Black babies born to married mom and dad) were thriving until the early 1960s. That’s why so-called “integration” was enacted – to destroy all remnants of independent Black success and force full dependence on the dominant society.

“United States” society fully replicated 15th and 16th century Europe, with a White dominant society and Black peasants.

The injections as the great equalizer during The Great Reset

Since March 2020, humanity has endured The Great Reset. The mRNA and viral vector DNA injections are indiscriminately wiping out scores of humans across the globe. Those who survive through the end of 2024 and received the injections (“software of life” as Moderna calls the mRNA injections) or even the nasal swab tests, are forever connected to the transhumanist central computer that administers, among other things, your social credit score.

There’s scientific evidence showing that the mRNA and viral vector DNA injections harm White people (Europeans, Americans, Canadians, Aussies) more than all other races. But critical thinkers of any race cannot mention any of the foregoing in mainstream circles. They are encouraged and coerced into believing what they’re told, not what they see and hear with their own eyes and ears.

Black Americans are accustomed to dystopian, military-grade, psychological and otherwise manipulation. It’s been normal life for over 400 years. Everything that Black Americans experience in the U.S., their personal trials and tribulations, the extreme, persistent psychological and physical torture, etc. for five centuries, is all dismissed as hallucinations. Black American mettle and sanity are tested everyday because everything that is real, they are told is not real.

Conversely, former European peasants now have generational wealth and privilege, built off the blood of Black people. But just as TPTB can giveth, they can taketh away. White Americans have grown to love and trust the oligarchs who’ve given them so much over the centuries. But now many are recognizing and acknowledging that the mRNA and viral vector DNA injections are killing and maiming their friends, families and selves. But they must suffer in silence, or risk their livelihoods.

Again, everything comes full circle.

Little effort necessary to inject vast majority of White America

Black Americans have consistently been the least likely to receive the injections since the rollout. The last count before the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) stopped compiling the data (July 11, 2022) found that in 36 states, 59% of Black Americans had received at least one injection. That’s compared to 89% of Asians, 67% of Hispanics, and 64% of Whites.

Bloomberg reported that at least half of White residents in 40 states received at least one injection by December 2021. That’s compared to only 22 states with a majority of its Black residents receiving at least one shot.

TPTB accept as victory the fact that White liberals will continue receiving injections until they drop dead. But they’re relying on Trump, Elon Musk and Ron DeSantis to entice some of the higher hanging fruits of the White right. At this point, few White Americans who have remained “pure blooded” (about 25% of White America) are going to roll up their sleeves. It’s still unclear what TPTB have planned for this group.

But there’s still low-hanging Black fruit

Mainstream society and research organizations often clump all “blacks” in America into one group (black immigrants, black liberals/homosexuals, Black conservatives, etc.), unlike the political, educational and socioeconomic distinctions with White Americans.

But Black Americans are no monolith, as mainstream media wish to convey to the masses. Many Black Christians obeyed their false prophets (pastors) and lined up en masse for the injections. Black liberals, homosexuals and immigrants are perhaps the most obsequious subgroup of all Americans. They joined the injection parties with their white liberal idols.

Then there’s the final 20% group of Black Americans who either do not vote at all or vote Republican, are likely NAAGA members, and homeschool their kids. This group includes Black American Muslims and Black Hebrew Israelites. There are no official numbers on these “field negroes,” 20-percenters, if you will, as U.S. society pretends (and wishes) they don’t and didn’t exist. These 20-percenters are also heavily censored online. It’s safe to assume that this group is vaccinated at a 15% or less rate.

These 20-percenters have been a bane on TPTB since the earliest days of “America.” These are the Nat Turner, Denmark Vessey, John Horse, Gabriel Prosser, Madison Washington, Stono rebels, etc. of pre-1870s America. Slave rebellions happened far more often than TPTB want taught in public schools. Most rebellions were thwarted by the loyal house slaves, or the “coons” as they’re called by Black Americans today.

Said loyalists, in exchange for a few extra table scraps and perhaps a bedroom in the attic or basement versus sleeping in the slave quarters, would warn “master” of rebellion plans before it happened. But ultimately all of them are still “blacks,” still slaves who receive wake-up calls in due course. This phenomenon is still very much a control mechanism for TPTB today, including a fascinating, very relevant, recent example.

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We’ve written extensively about NBA star Kyrie Irving and his refusal to receive the injections. His principled stance has made him a frequent target. The whole “antisemitic for sharing an Amazon link” thing was the apex. And just like in 1822, TPTB sent their loyal house negroes to put the rebel black in his place in 2022. Malcolm X articulated this phenomenon best.

They sent former NFL player, FS1 commentator and vaxx zealot Shannon Sharpe (and many others) to attack Mr. Irving. What unfolded as a result in a matter of weeks beginning in November epitomizes everything we’re discussing in this section.

The November 21 military-like protest by Black Hebrew Israelites in New York City, in support of Mr. Irving, was heavily censored by mainstream and social media. Meanwhile Sharpe looked like an absolute fool in the process, all for a paycheck.

But again, the “United States” is the nouveau version of 15th and 16th century Europe, except with Black peasants. The vast majority of Black Americans need jobs from White American companies and bosses simply to survive. Many received the injections due to mandates from their employers.

The Black American masses are the most vulnerable group to mainstream media propaganda because they control next to nothing in their own lives. The one thing Black Americans control is their “blackness,” their dignity. Like the kiss of death for White right wingers is being called “RINO” or “libtard,” no self-respecting Black American wants the “sell out” or “coon” label.

Granted the famous Sharpes, Charles Barkleys, Don Lemons, Sheriff David Clarkes, etc. of the world don’t care because of the paychecks and worship of mammon. Many others, e.g. Candace Owens, Stephen A. Smith, Barack Obama, etc. don’t care not only because of money, but also because they come from immigrant backgrounds, and have no roots to the Black American experience.

As long as White Americans love these types and pay them, they’ll continue their trustee acts, and push the injections hard. These people are valuable tools for TPTB.

Black Americans have only themselves to rely upon. TPTB know this, and are using it to force more obedience and compliance (“getting vaccinated”) from the remaining low-hanging Black fruit. That means forcing Black Americans to question their very Blackness.

Exercise is racist and anti-maskers are white supremacists

The CDC told partial truth back in March 2021. It warned the public that 78% of Americans hospitalized with so-called COVID-19 were overweight or obese. The truth contained in the agency’s statement is that obesity leads to a plethora of other deadly health issues. There’s good reason why fat, old people are rare. Most overweight and obese people do not live into their 70s and beyond, unless they are wealthy and privileged.

Type-2 diabetes is the most common health problem connected to obesity. A 2010 meta-analysis found that strokes are 64% more likely in obese people versus those of healthy weights. High blood pressure (aneurysms), heart disease, osteoarthritis, various cancers, kidney disease, liver disease…all of the foregoing is inevitable for obese people.

The United States is the fattest Western “country,” with 75% of Americans being classified as overweight or obese. Black Americans have been the most obese U.S. subgroup since the 1960s, particularly Black women. Nearly half of Black American women are obese.

Poverty and obesity are the primary reasons Black Americans have the shortest life expectancy of all Americans. Since TPTB cannot kill comparable percentages of Black Americans with the mRNA and viral vector DNA injections as White and Hispanic Americans, they are instead reinforcing and glorifying obesity as sexy and cool.

Gatorade launched a campaign in May 2022 featuring a morbidly obese Black woman.

Cosmopolitan magazine tells obese Black women that fatness is “healthy.”

Underwear brand Dear Kate uses two morbidly obese Black women in its “perfect body” campaigns.

Million of young Black American girls look up to morbidly obese singer-performer Lizzo, under the guise of “body positivity.”

Even Dr. Robert Malone, in a strange, out-of-character tweet last week, got into the fray.

We’ve written about how only overweight, obese and/or radical feminist Black women are allowed on television.

Obese women are the most likely to suffer pregnancy and birth complications. Thus these fat positivity campaigns aimed at Black women accomplish two goals of TPTB – kill the woman herself and prevent her from procreating. But now the propaganda has entered new levels of manipulation in 2023.

Time magazine published an article on December 28 linking exercise and fitness to white supremacy. The implication is that if you exercise, then you support white supremacy.

This campaign started in June 2020, and has since been reinforced by other mainstream media propaganda outlets.

There’s now more than enough evidence proving that those ridiculous masks exacerbate death, because the people wearing them are re-inhaling carbon dioxide and bad bacteria. Even doctors and surgeons acknowledge that wearing masks during surgeries have very little benefit beyond protecting their faces from splashing body liquids. TPTB are talking advantage of this death phenomenon as well to kill more Black Americans.

The New Yorker published an article on December 28 entitled “The Case for Wearing Masks Forever.” It quotes a mask zealot group called “The People’s C.D.C.” They are upset because the actual CDC is not promoting radical mask zealotry to a level of their liking.

The People’s C.D.C. declared, “a lot of anti-mask sentiment is deeply embedded in white supremacy.” They accused the CDC of being Nazi eugenicists because of lax mask policies. In other words, if you do not wear masks, you support white supremacy.

Finally, the word “obese” is not only a slur, but a violent, racial slur.

A real-time example just happened this week. Granted this blogger doesn’t necessarily believe Ms. Ineitha Lynnette Hardaway, aka Diamond of “Diamond and Silk,” was non-vaccinated. Those two traveled all over in 2021, and would not have been able to do so without the injections. But being “anti-vaxxers” was good for their brand.

Regardless, for the sake of argument, let’s say that Ms. Hardaway was non-vaccinated. Former President Trump was the first to announce her death on Monday.

The mainstream media narrative is that Ms. Hardaway, 51, died from so-called COVID. This is not meant to be mean or disrespectful. But Ms. Hardaway was perhaps 5’7 and weighted over 200 pounds, with little to no muscle mass.

If she died of so-called COVID-19, then the CDC declaration that 80% of COVID deaths are overweight and/or obese people is proven herein. Whatever the case, you cannot expect to live a long, healthy life being that overweight.

Black Americans in general don’t necessarily like Diamond & Silk. But Black women and girls can learn something from this, and see through the foregoing propaganda.

Looking ahead to the new “New World”

We’ve projected several times that the world will lose 40% of its population from December 2020 to December 2024. The U.S. will lose at least 100 million by our estimation. White liberals and their Black accessories will bear the brunt of the vaccine genocide. That leaves a lot of critical thinkers after 2024. We’ll all have that one thing in common. But it’s unlikely to be enough for Americans to break their 500-year spells.

This blogger has made clear his spiritual convictions – that Earth is the Biblical Hell. What Christians call hell, Muslims call Jahannam. Buddhists and Hindus call it Naraka. It’s extremely difficult to imagine a worse world than Earth, administered by the “Synagogue of Satan,” according to Biblical texts. The hope is to do enough good, expose enough evil no matter the consequences, and divest of mammon, to the point that the soul is freed from this world when the body dies, versus perpetual reincarnation here.

The U.S. will always be divided by race. Being born and raised in Iowa, one of the top 2-3 whitest states in the union before the turn of the millennium, provided this blogger a very unique perspective of the world in general.

People are shocked when told there was no true racism experience until leaving Iowa right after high school. Thus it’s possible on a grander scale. There is now such a unique, powerful, once-in-humanity opportunity for the remaining critical thinkers in the U.S. to forge an unstoppable offensive against TPTB. But again, divide and conquer always prevails.

These articles elicit some of the strangest, most surreal emails and comments (that typically go straight to spam or are not seen until months later). People literally submit de-facto bids to be this blogger’s master, to tell him what to think, how to think, what to believe, what not to believe, etc. It’s fascinating on one hand, but tells the true story of the U.S. on the other.

The master/slave dichotomy is so deeply ingrained in so many Americans, that the societal spell cannot be broken, even in these vaccine genocide times. We receive the usual, regurgitated “you must be homosexual too” from white liberals trying to recruit us to their LGBTV religion.

We also receive the requests from right wingers seeking their own Republican Congressman-elect Byron Donalds to pat on the head like a dog for being a good boy.

Aussies, Canadians and Germans (at least the ones that contact The COVID Blog®) communicate in ways that remind this blogger of Iowa from the 1970-1990s. It’s quite refreshing and so incredibly different from trying to communicate with Americans. That’s why the plan remains to watch The Great Reset from a distance, with no neighbors in sight.

The “United States” is one big lie. Americans believe we are citizens of a country that does not exist. The concept of “race” was created so TPTB could use divide and conquer methodologies.

We hope this article angers, provokes and saddens…while helping the Black and White masses of American sheep break out of their respective mental prisons. There’s no hope if we don’t.

Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.


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Lyndsey Houston
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Hi. I’ve never commented on your blog. I have been reading it religiously since last summer. I was forced to quit my job as a pediatric nurse right before Thanksgiving because I can’t walk anymore. I’m 28 years old, and suddenly, one week after my REQUIRED booster shot, I could not get out of bed.

Since I live alone, I laid there are two days before police finally came and checked on me. I was literally paralyzed and still am for the most part. I cry everyday because my life is over now. And my doctors said this is caused by anxiety and it happens all the time. It is from the vaccine!! THE VACCINE!!! But nobody will listen, not even my mother and father. They all think I’m crazy.

I’m sorry to post this rant here. But everything you wrote in this article hit so close to home. I trusted the science. Other than a fever for a few days, nothing really bad happened after my first two doses. Now my life is over after the booster. I wish so bad I found you two years ago. I would have called you a racist, an anti-vaxxer, and other bad stuff two years ago in public. But privately I would have listened and heeded your words. It’s too late for me now. I’m donating to you right now. You probably saved millions of people from making the same mistake I did. God Bless You, sir.

Lyndsey in Miami, the paralyzed white female

1 year ago

My God thats unimaginable, I will remember you next time I complain about life being hard. You are one in a million to wake up and recognize what has been done! God bless you and I’ll pray that you recover.

Patrick Tobin
Patrick Tobin
1 year ago

Hi Lyndsey, Thank you for posting your story and for sharing your truth. It’s heartbreaking to hear that your family thinks you are crazy. Sending love.

Greenngold Cheesehead
Greenngold Cheesehead
1 year ago

Lyndsey, I am so sorry for your situation. 100% the vaccines caused it. Hopefully they find the reason for the paralyzation and reverse it. Find alternative medicine doctors/neurologists. They are out there.

1 year ago

“I trusted the science”.

You need to still do. Just do not confuse science with the parasites and the endoctrinated posing as its representative.

1 year ago

Lyndsey, I am so sorry for your plight and will pray for you. As an aside, I have dealt with anxiety since I was a young child. Not once has anxiety or panic attacks ever paralyzed me, even as a temporary measure. It seems there is much gaslighting of vaccine-injured persons by physicians across the country. In my humble opinion, it’s quite shameful and lazy on their part and it must stop in order to help the injured.

Once again, I am so sorry you have to walk this road. God Bless you and heal you.

1 year ago

Brian, you have stood by your principles and are beholden to no one.
This is hands-down your best blog post evah!!!

1 year ago
Reply to  Giselle

That’s saying quite a lot, given Brian’s track record. Only glanced through it so far — wow… waiting for an hour or so of free time to read and take it all in.

Carolyn Holm
Carolyn Holm
1 year ago

Shelby Steele has an excellent must read book entitled “White Guilt.”

1 year ago
Reply to  Carolyn Holm

Fascinating. I always thought that the whole COVID hysteria was so effective thanks to an alliance between the predominantly Globalist Establishment and Liberal Black leaders.

Blacks were deliberately targeted more effectively than Whites. Narrative became that COVID was somehow racist and would affect Blacks more than Whites. To disregard COVID protocols was racist. Note how in Liberal dominated areas, you needed to comply…if not…well, you’re racist.

Great psychological Con game.

1 year ago
Reply to  DeFranco

I work in a predominantly black neighborhood and have been shocked by the compliance I have seen with the injections from this community, especially considering their lack of compliance with other types of vaccines that are pushed yearly (the flu). I have made several saves though whenever someone is smart enough to either specifically ask me (as they know me personally and trust me) or were lucky enough to “ask the pharmacist” about the c.vax while I was on duty (I don’t give them, nor would I if asked or required to). I have consistently advised to stay as far away from them as possible and not to let anyone you care about get them. It saddens me so much though to see so many of ALL my customers (of all colors and creeds) who have blindly gotten them and still believe they will somehow “save” them from harm.

Brian what a fantastic piece with much to think about. Will be sharing with others interested in reading something they won’t find in any ordinary corner of the world. Keep writing! Your voice is so important. I always look forward to your outlook on the world, one that is so unique and thought provoking.

1 year ago

You are one of the most astute individuals I have come across EVER in 40+ years. You’re the only other person I’ve come across to point out that Lincoln “freeing the slaves” was a political move and not a compassionate one. I didn’t need to find the evidence for that one. I’ll leave that to the professionals. It was enough to know that the political mind is SO simple as to be pathetically singular. Politicians are all selfish and selfish people have such small minds, they don’t have enough room to consider anyone else but themselves. Can’t see the world past their own nose, as it were.
As for waking up the majority of “white North Americans” to the actuality of their status, good luck brother! George Carlin tried, and Kat Williams too. I don’t think anyone heard. They just thought they were being “entertained”. But you do seem to be very driven, so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and keep my fingers crossed! May the Essence of the Source cloak you from the powers and principalities of animosity.

1 year ago

**Standing Ovation***!!!

You have put things I have been thinking about since this Reset started and continue to see daily in eye opening historical context. I work in healthcare and presently 99% of our patient population which is also completely White are slowly reeling from the effects of the jabs. I would say the average patient has had at least 3 now. Several have had 4. I am even begining to see 5’s….overall 98-100% of our population is jabbed. And the vast majority have not only not made a connection to what has happened to them yet, their families are equally naive. They are still “Pro American” and firm believers in American medicine and institutions. I said how could this be? They cannot seem to begin to conceive that their so called government is the demonic brainchild behind all of this.

The average White American has this Godlike mindset where they really believe that nothing can and will hurt them. That evil incarnate dosen’t really exist and if it does, well, others will be the worse of for it, not them. Your writing has shed light on how this way of thinking came to be. They were promised an ever rising, ever prosperous America where others will be perpetual sufferers and they will be the beneficiaries. America was always expected to serve their interests exclusively…never did they think the satanists would take the reigns and turn on them…..ohhww……… Father..!

Brian this is one of your best yet. I stopped midway and softly clapped my hands and then continued. Thankyou for being a light in these dark times. As always The Creator bless and keep you. More courage to you. Thankyou again.

1 year ago

As a black female in the US, I have suffered as a result of mental mind f*ckery put out into society by TPTB. I haven’t suffered nearly as much as some other folks, but I’m totally aware of the mind games Brian mentions in this article.

Thank you Brian for confirming how these mind games are played and executed. TPTB and their flying monkeys have been trained well in gaslighting us all into oblivion to execute and secure their goals.

1 year ago

I don’t know how else to share this video so hope that this link goes through so people can view it.
Project Veritas posted this on Twitter today of an undercover video purportedly showing an FDA employee joking about using a Nazi-like national registry and blow darts to forcibly vaccinate and specifically targeting guess who? Black Americans:

I’m an educated, non-obese, non-hairweave, non-nose job, NON-LGTBQ Black woman with a healthy BMI who is sick and tired of being barraged by images of mammies and/or masculinized Black women and feminized and/or gay Black men splattered all across American media, Hollywood, tv commercials and news shows. These people look totally different than the Black people from just a few decades ago. It is demeaning and disgusting. I wonder if this is part of a master plan to create a weak, non-reproducing transhuman group prior to elimination.

And again Brian, I wish to commend you. You brilliantly pulled EVERYTHING together in one post.
You also left no stone unturned which is why I wrote in the top comment that it is the best I’ve ever seen from you–and that is saying a lot because you always set the bar high.
Thank you for all you do and keep up the good work

1 year ago
Reply to  Giselle

It is not just black men, but the effeminisation of white men as well. I think they are going after black men first because they are the ones who are likely to put up the most resistance. To be honest, I don’t think this programming is likely to work on black men. Until they start paying these black transgenders the same kind of money that black athletes get. And even then, I am not so sure…..

Bright Eyes
Bright Eyes
1 year ago
Reply to  xxxxxx

Giselle, Good for you! You are spot on! Ps.. Yes it is their plan as was explained in the blog. Normalizing fat or obese and making a mockery of exercise! TPTB do indeed want us all dead!

1 year ago
Reply to  Giselle

That video is a nice blast from the past…I saw it over a year ago.

1 year ago
Reply to  Indomitable

I know they said it was a reminder. It was my first time viewing the video it so I’m glad they reposted it for those of us who hadn’t seen it before.

1 year ago
Reply to  Giselle

“I’m an educated”

The world and its institutions being what and how they are, I wouldn’t wave that as something to be proud of.

1 year ago

Giselle has every right to be proud of her accomplishments. You don’t even know what she has an education in …Engineering? Logistics? Business? Tech? Herbalist? Naturopathic Physician?

What you just did here is a sample of a microaggression against this woman.
But I guess haters are just gonna hate!

1 year ago

For whites the system always worked for them, life was good, and there is a mindset of always trying to one up each other which includes through virtue signaling. Asians trust doctors and medicine, many work in healthcare, have a collectivist mindset and a culture of obedience, no one can go against the grain out of fear of losing face or being shamed, and kids are essentially property of their parents. Blacks know white government is their enemy that was never good to them and never put them first for anything until now, have a history of being experimented on, and know they can trust no one.

1 year ago

Hi Brian,
again what can I say man, you are a great investigative journalist. I agree with you 100%. I will be watching the great reset from far also. The avocado farm where I currently sit is good enough for now. May need to reassess when it’s time to run for the hills though.
God bless.

Jesus is my vaccine
Jesus is my vaccine
1 year ago

I am proud to say I am one of the 25% white American purebloods. I will never get that poison. Much respect to the black people who remained pueblos as well. Being white I didn’t grow up as you all did and can’t imagine what it was like. But I feel race shouldn’t have anything to do with anything. We are all humans. God made us all the same. I feel like we are as a family here. Helping each other fight this fight. Great article Brian

1 year ago

Good article Brian. Regardless of your race, gender, political leanings et al, get off or at least minimize your time watching TV and your time on social media. Don’t give them the chance to mess with your thoughts and mind. Go out and live life. Enjoy life and live it to its fullest. And find like minded people. It hasn’t been easy these last couple of years seeing all these covidiots. But it has made me eliminate the crap from my life. I am much stronger for it. Best wishes to all for a happy new year. ?❤

1 year ago

What is in my head , you always have a way of putting to paper so well

A rope leash
A rope leash
1 year ago

Hidden history is one of my favorite subjects, as it reveals the manipulated nature of the history that is taught to school children and students of all ages.

It can be difficult to talk about. Various aspects of the past are better forgotten, but ignoring them completely can be dangerous to the present.

The Jewish merchants largely responsible for the slave trade, the African tribes that assisted them, the long-term effects of chattel slavery…

Lincoln is lionized for freeing the enslaved. But he did it with bad intentions. It is said that Lincoln was assassinated in revenge for the war, but it’s also likely that his printing of greenbacks to finance the war outside of the purview of established bankers got him shot, same as they attempted on Jackson, and accomplished on Garfield and Kennedy.

Tell your children that the history they learn in school is tainted by the “victors”. It will go a long way toward making them critical thinkers instead of gullible sheep. The truth is out there, but no one will ever know all the actual facts.

Thanks for the blog…always worth waiting for.

1 year ago

Oo, la, and la! It took me a full day to digest this article! My thoughts from what I’ve gleaned, and some personal observations and opinions:
1. The USA. I also have the feeling that black people have no rights in the USA. While my son was traveling, I told him to avoid going to only two countries… South Africa, and the USA. He was raised in Germany, and I didn’t want his life to be destroyed for no reason. That’s the sad legacy left on my heart having grown up in the States, and seeing the injustices.
2. Whiteness. I was born at a time when the so-called races were more defined. I remember Polish jokes being popular, and the Italians being a separate entity. Over the years, I watched both groups ‘graduate’ into whiteness.
Even in Germany, people are ‘into their whiteness ‘. I belong to a group that exchange ideas as to what is going on in this world. I try to bring up something about Africa, and they don’t want to hear it! They’d rather talk about old, revered, disheveled white seers.
3. History. How do you convey the tragedy of a people relegated to slavery….regardless of intelligence, talents, or gifts? And this, spanning generations. I had a great history teacher. He told us about Lincoln and the Union, and I got a pretty good taste about reality. Conditions on those ships, lynchings, etc.
4 Education. Early 70’s: My grandfather couldn’t read, but he had a bright, insightful eye. He was always always muttering…”dem ‘puters”. We used to laugh at him…the way he shook his head. Very intelligent man, but no formal education.
And, those ACT, SAT, tests. Artificial barriers that supposedly measure intelligence, and provide the passport to higher learning. And I actually believed that I was inferior, and that I needed AA to get into my university. But alas, 20 years later, I found out that there were special classes and tutors that certain students had access to. More lies and half truths. Disgusting!
4. The mental aspect. Oh, so true, but I could never find the words. Yes, I had to find a way to please the right people; to get a job! The right look, the correct language, the proper behavior. Survival mode, and I even offered myself up to psychiatric care under the watchful eye of my ‘benevolent’, self-righteous employer. Bottom line: I didn’t want to get fired for my so-called belligerent behavior; they ended transferring me out. I could never figure out why I was so frustrated, but now I know. They were working on my psyche; I was the problem. And I knew it wasn’t true, and I lashed out.
5. Israel; Africa. I find it very hard to believe that after 500 or more years of suffering and hopelessness that there’s not more importance attached to what happened. The story is too spectacular, in my opinion, for it not to be special. And what about Israel? What’s it going to look like after the carnage?
6. White naiveté. Online debates have got a lot easier. I’ve always liked debating…especially with supremacists. Brian mentioned in another article that people aren’t too bright..absolutely correct! Some of these people haven’t realized that their lives have irrevocably changed. They still trust in their doctors, their education, their whiteness while mentioning the substandard qualifications and achievements of people of color. Now, I just mention ‘the poke’, and their said… more intelligent doctors, and I don’t hear back.
7. The reality is that we are all here at this point in time. Some roads have been easier than others. But, here we are! And such a variety of people ‘have made it’ this far. Buddhists, Muslims, atheists, too! We can choose our steps forward. And it really bothers me that some prominent bloggers absolutely ignore thecovidblog….and Brian. They haven’t learned a thing. They can easily make history by ‘reaching across the aisle’. But they seem to be hanging onto something…seemingly making an effort to maintain dominance…keeping the narrative to themselves…
…not fully realizing that payment has come due.

The Father has His plan. And I truly believe that He is the only way. What they are doing is evil. I don’t think it will be humanly possible to stop them. Prayer does help!!! And He is the only one that can mete out perfect justice. I’m all in.

1 year ago
Reply to  Ladyhawke

You should do some writing too. I have read other comments you’ve made and always find them compelling. Thanks for your input and perspective. You are so right that at this point in time, here we all are searching for others of common mind and spirit, regardless of our own particulars, and with our own experiences and baggage, a community beginning to find its way forward. I’m in too! Blessings.

1 year ago
Reply to  Irunthis1

Thanks very much for taking the time to read it. Your words mean a lot.

I’m very happy that you’re ‘all-in’. Where else, frankly, can people put their belief and trust? I’m glad that people’s choices in life are also being narrowed, so that they may consider following Him.

1 year ago

Brian – you never fail to be interesting, thanks.

1 year ago

Just another great article, well written and honest. I really look forward to reading your blog ever since I discovered it in early to mid 2022. Please keep it up!
BTW old white dude here.

Doktor von Helsing
Doktor von Helsing
1 year ago

The ‘niggerization’ of the USA and Europe has been pushed for over 100 years, starting with the ‘Godfather of the EU’, Count Coudenhove-Kalergi, himself a Jew/Asian mongrel.
The Kalergi plan to mongrelize Europe was sparked in the 1920s through his orgs/NGOs being funded by the WARBURG family(Banksters in Germany and heading the Federal Reserve in the USA). The same Wall Street banksters sponsored Trotsky, Lenin and their Bolshevik butchers in the violent overthrow of a democratic government in 1917, leading to a civil war, Red Terror regime, Cheka, Stalin, NKVD, gulags everywhere, tens of millions killed, all before WW2.

Not surprisingly, Kalergi & co openly stated their intentions to put Jews in charge, and now the whole world is paying the price of their premeditated, treasonous genocide of western civilization. Count K also advocated ‘invasion by immigration’ to spur continual race wars, terrorism, and rapid replacement of constitutional republics with oligarchic police states…

WE are HERE…

the goal is world government by the Kalergi acolytes’ cabal. This they intend to fully install via CBDC, for the central bankers’ digital control of worldwide serfdom.
All who are compliant with any Digi-ID passports/CBDC schemes or decreed ‘mandates’ are the witless collaborators of usurping globo-tyrants. The only reward for compliance shall be perpetual enslavement.

It is the urgent mission of the rest of us to jackhammer the compliance out of as many current and former NPCs as possible,as soon as possible, by any means necessary.

1 year ago

The “United States” is one big lie.
___Mr. Wilkins

That sums it up pretty well; unfortunately.

1 year ago

From the blog post:
Black Americans are accustomed to dystopian, military-grade, psychological and otherwise manipulation. It’s been normal life for over 400 years. Everything that Black Americans experience in the U.S., their personal trials and tribulations, the extreme, persistent psychological and physical torture, etc. for five centuries, is all dismissed as hallucinations. Black American mettle and sanity are tested everyday because everything that is real, they are told is not real.”

So true. Thank you for voicing the shared experience. It is interesting, after all; it is written, that in the end days “He who was first shall be last; and he who was last shall be first”.

I thought maybe now some people would understand, after living under the pressure and threats, segregation (vaxxed vs unvaxxed) loss of income and livelihoods, being ostracized from their communities, prevented from free travel, being blocked from accessing early safe treatments; having their loved ones killed and maimed in these hospitals etc…would bring some into a better understanding. Boy are they in for a rude awakening. They can’t wrap their minds around the fact that it is being done with purpose and intent by the governments.

There is privilege in this society! I say it all the time, When women say they can do anything…I say not true. We as women are very capable; but most women know better than to walk down a dark street at night. Women DO NOT have the same freedoms to move about as men do. It’s just the plain truth! Mostly women are getting sexually assaulted; even in the military…even with combat training and fight skills. The men can over power them. Families give/send out their beautiful daughters to the world and unfortunately they too often are stolen captive, maimed, ra*ed or killed. Date ra*e, sexual harassment at jobs etc, Women have to worry about the creepy guy that might be stalking them (how many of you guys have been stalked by a crazy guy lately?

Most women do not hate all men because of this, we know that there are good fathers and husbands out there. But it would be wrong of men to pretend that the bad things do not happen.

In the same sense women have some privilege over men. They can falsify claims against a man and be believed. They are ushered off the sinking ship “women and children first”. In child custody and divorce cases often the women is NOT the better parent; but it is a hard challenge for the man to overcome the bias and he is often at loss of his children and income…much of what he has worked for.

It would be wrong also for Caucasian people to ignore that their has been a long history of wrongs against the slaves and their descendants and the indigenous (original Americans). It’s not about “White Guilt”. It’s about understanding the wrongs of the GOVERNMENT against a segment of its people. Just as it is today with the mandates and all that have come along with it. What is being done with mandates and threats etc. is/was wrong!

Blacks, have had their challenges living in this country. What Brian meticulously wrote out and thoroughly explained is simply the truth. Most people seem to not want to face it; and place the blame back on the recipients of the aggression. Yes, people have trials and tribulation in all walks of life; but simply not to the degree of the indigenous and the slaves and their descendants.

Now add to that, lower income, class, race etc. In this country and around the world it MATTERS. It just does. For example the rich can get away with not paying taxes through loopholes, can pay off the politicians (who are supposed to be working for us) to get what they want. Everyday folks can’t get away with what they can.
Whether you are White, Black, or other… Male or Female.
Our lives are impacted by these truths one way or another.

If you feel you are NOT heard about your grievances…could it be that you have NOT listened and have been dismissive to others about theirs; and their experiences?

#FBA Sasha
#FBA Sasha
1 year ago

The MAGA masses will say this article is divisive and racist. Yet they are completely silent when Tucker Carlson, Hannity, Peters, Bannon, etc. talk about white power all day and night. It’s only divisive when a strong Black man points out TRUTH about race in the U.S. because he’s supposed to be subordinate and weak, like the article points out how Byron Donalds lets them treat him like a dog, and how liberals put Black men in dresses.

I’m all for forming alliances with white conservatives but only if it’s mutually respectful. If they want slaves, then they can look elsewhere and we can remain divided. I also will never ally with people who worship Kyle Rittenhouse as a hero. Brian, you symbolize strength, fearlessness, fortitude and intellect. Love you and all your work! So inspiring.

1 year ago

As a black man, I agree so much with everything that is written here. This is literally hell on earth for me in more ways than one. One of the coolest parts of my life was my son being born a few years ago. The messed up part is that it was 2020 lol. And swabs were mandatory for hospital stay. Before I read your blog, I knew in my heart something didn’t sit right with those things. But my catch 22 was to either take the swab and stay with my fiance, or don’t take the swab and miss out on watching my first child being born- and possibly an ending of a relationship with my fiance in the process.

Amy Sukwan
Amy Sukwan
1 year ago

I can’t understand why all the spokesmodels for morbid obesity seem to be black. It subtly reinforces a racism without people realizing it.
“The only difference between the U.S. versus Australia, Canada, Jamaica, New Zealand, etc. is that the previous is a Presidential corporation. The latter are Commonwealth realms of the British Monarchy with Prime Ministers (CEOs) who answer directly to Buckingham Palace (despite the narrative being “the king is politically neutral”).”
That is extremely interesting. My 11th grandfather brought the first slave ship to America. I didn’t know this until very recently. We’re all in this together.

1 year ago

Bulleye! Thank you for this article and this entire blog. I’m from Oakland and really didn’t experience discrimination until I graduated from HS attended the University of California…Berkeley. Right, the most unlikely place according to its “liberal” stereotype. “Black” people are always the first sacrifice for the adversaries’ psyops. The only way out of this for all of us (including those that identify as “White”) is to openly and utterly reject idolatry and use our Creator and our Creator’s natural LAW as our guide. Living by GOD’s laws are not for the weak but those that are “strong and courageous.” As you’ve said that takes “vigilance” and honesty with ourselves and most people today lie to themselves with reckless abandon (i.e. fat people are healthy). Those unwilling to do that are the enemy. As you can see the enemy of all living currently has the dominion for now. “Their” time is running out and I am doing all I can to stay here on the Earth to celebrate “their” downfall. Peace to all.

7 months ago

Brian, you are a very intelligent man. Your write-up here shows you are an erudite man who has done intensive research and the links you provided are extremely helpful. Very impressed you know the words Jahanam and Naraka as all my American and European don’t.

I am from SG, and even our founding father here LKY used to mention that he used to believe all races were equal until the Anglo ‘intellects’ at Cambridge and some US friends convinced him otherwise. He was told and shown ‘proof’ that Ashkenazis the most intelligent in the world, while the darker races such as Malays, Indians and Africans, etc are always of an inferior intellectual capacity to Whites and East Asians as denoted by IQ tests and the Rushton-Jensen studies and some other studies measuring the brain cc of the various races.

Yet I of a ‘dark race’ heritage was able to be top student many times during my schooling years (surpass even the East Asians) so I knew something was amiss. Unfortunately, many still believe in that today so darker skinned people here are discriminated against, despite excellent results and experience for jobs, very similar to what you have written about in USA today. The only ‘dark race’ people landing good jobs here are mostly foreigners or those of affluent background (e.g. Dad owns CPA firm type or is CEO of some MNC). And yes, they do ask you for your parents’ background when you apply for any job here.

ps: And yes, MSM seems to do selective reporting. Most of the time, we only hear of blacks murdering innocent whites without reason but not the other way round, which leads many to believe blacks are a violent race who can run amok without any reason. Sad reality of the world we live in.

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