Part II: U.S. finished as country – Illegal aliens (“asylum seekers”) have achieved protected, privileged status, while Ukraine remains highest priority for U.S. government
September 21, 2023

PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter (“X”), Instagram.

This blogger, in a November 2021 interview with Mike Adams (Health Ranger/Natural News) said that U.S. presidents have gradually morphed into kings since the turn of the millennium. The last time Congress formally declared war was 1942.

That was the Constitutional process to send American young men (and now women) into war. The U.S. had only been involved in two overseas wars in 234 years under the U.S. Department of War, before the National Security Act of 1947 changed the War Department to the “Department of Defense.”

Since that time, presidents have gradually gained more power to unilaterally carry out the wishes of the powers-that-be (“TPTB”), courtesy of U.S. taxpayers. The Lyndon Johnson Administration conjured the entire August 4, 1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident off the coast of North Vietnam. It led to a 12-year unwinnable overseas war that killed 58,200 U.S. soldiers, and psychology and physically maimed 300,000 more. Untold millions of Southeast Asian soldiers and civilians were raped, killed and maimed.

U.S. history book “splain” away the Vietnam War as a battle of good vs. evil, a war against the “commies.” But it was nothing more or less than a unilateral, territorial war, just like George H.W. Bush’s invasion in Kuwait/Iraq in 1991, George W. Bush’s invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, Obama’s invasions of Libya, Syria and Yemen; and now Joe Biden’s blank check to Ukraine (more on that in a bit).

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U.S. presidents can now do anything they want with little to no checks and balances. Biden’s unilateral vaccine mandate for all companies with 100-plus employees was eventually struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court (not the mandate for healthcare workers remained). But the damage was already done to millions of Americans by that time.

The Obama/Biden “DACA” program for illegal immigrants has been challenged several times in federal court. But again, the policy remains mostly in place after its unilateral, Executive Branch implementation. And the damage (or purpose, depending on who you  ask) is already done – millions of illegal immigrants in the U.S. who are above deportation laws.

Donald Trump cares only about himself. His presidency was all about himself. Trump does deserve credit for running a good economy. He unilaterally built part of his wall on the southern border, as a shrewd, populist bone throw to his base. But when it’s all said and done, the Obama Administration deported far more illegal immigrants than Trump. It’s not even close, even if you compare the lowest four years of the Obama Administration to all four years of Trump.

Many Latino groups called Obama “deporter-in-chief.”

Republicans controlled both the House and Senate in the first two years of the Trump Administration. They talk a good game about “border security,” but did nothing when they had the chance to do so. This current “migrant crisis” could have been averted with statutory immigration reform.

Both parties desire illegal immigration, just as both parties desire the blank check policy for Ukraine. There are competing reasons for these phenomena. But the Biden Administration is now showing the U.S. government’s hand (and his agenda) on both issues, and leaving his own unilateral mark on U.S. history, just like his three King/President predecessors.

Orchestrated illegal immigrant crisis in Chicago, New York, coming to a town near you

The following is a tweet from New York City Mayor Eric Adams on October 20, 2021.

For those unaware, “sanctuary city” is a Democrat term that means all illegal immigrants are welcome at any time. Prior to the Biden Administration, Democrats referred to illegal immigrants as “undocumented immigrants.” That has now changed to “migrants” and/or “asylum seekers” since Biden took office.

The latter term allows illegals to use an immigration loophole called the “Circumvention of Lawful Pathways” rule, created by the Biden Administration. It does exactly what the title says. They deliberately starting using the word “asylum seeker” to circumvent immigration law.

The following is a clip from a July 12, 2019 House Oversight Hearing, when former Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Tom Homan embarrassed New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (“AOC”), and exposed this racket for what it is.

The policy is on its way to the U.S. Supreme Court for a final decision on its legality.

As of now, the U.S./Mexico border is a free-for-all illegal immigrant turn style. Arizona is rarely spoken about in 2023 as it relates to immigrants flooding over the border.

Former Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, who left office in January after serving his statutory limit of two terms, wasted $200 million in taxpayer money on a botched border wall made out of shipping containers. His last order as Arizona’s top executive before leaving office was to take down the wall after the Biden Administration threatened to sue him.

Democrat Governor Katie Hobbs, who took office in January, executed the wall take down. She has appropriated $50 million to border towns to help slow illegal border crossings. But it isn’t really helping. The following video was taken last week in the Tucson sector of the Arizona/Mexico border. Notice how there is only ONE border patrol agent, who just allows everyone to cross the border because that’s what his Commander-in-Chief told him to do.

Even Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema, the former Green Party, turned beloved “bisexual” and pussyhat-wearing liberal Democrat, turned reviled Independent, is fed up with illegal immigration in the state.

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California has four ports of entry on its part of the southern border. This is where a lot of the fentanyl and other drugs come into the U.S. Africans, Mexicans, Europeans and pretty much everyone else crossing there are let in and just released immediately with no vetting.

Illegals typically do not cross the New Mexico border because it’s small compared to the other three border states; and there’s nothing out there but unforgiving hot, dry desert. That leaves Texas.

Governor Greg Abbott continues sending bus loads of illegal immigrants to liberal cities like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. He’s also built a floating wall, complete with circular saws, in the Rio Grande River – the water border between Texas and Mexico.

PHOTO CREDIT: Texas Public Radio.

U.S. District Judge David Ezra (Western Texas) recently ruled that the floating wall violates federal law, and ordered Texas to remove it by September 15. Abbott said he is appealing, which, from all appearances, has stayed the lower court ruling.

All of the foregoing is part of Operation Lone Star, a unilateral program meant to curtail illegal immigration. Abbott vows to continue these actions despite all of the court challenges from Biden and immigrant advocacy group.

Other Biden immigration policies that circumvent legal immigration are the “humanitarian parole program” and the CHNV Pathway. Both are being litigated in the U.S. District Court of Southern Texas. Those policies allow 30,000 people per month from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and/or Venezuela to fly to the U.S. and stay, just for saying they are poor. The only other condition is that they have a U.S. sponsor. They receive two-year work permits, although none of them are expected to leave after two years.

The programs have been in effect since at least January, and have already brought 200,000 people from those countries into the U.S. The lawsuit challenging these policies was brought by Republican governors in 21 states. This program also contains a provision that allows Ukrainians to enter the U.S. under the same guidelines. But Republican governors are not challenging that provision of the program (more on that later).

At least 146,000 Ukrainians, in addition to the foregoing 200,000 others, have entered the U.S. via said programs, according to CBS News. Another 800,000 entered the U.S. by foot over the U.S./Mexican border from January to May 2023. At that rate, around 1.3 million total have entered via the border in 2023. Now back to New York Mayor Eric Adams.

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The following video is Adams at a town hall meeting on the Upper West Side of New York City on September 6. Nearly two years, and several bus and plane loads of illegal immigrants later, Mayor Eric “sanctuary city” Adams declared that Biden’s free-for-all immigration policies “will destroy New York City.”

At least 20,000 “migrant” children have been dumped into the New York Public School system for the Fall 2023 semester. These kids have no vaccine records and apparently no vaccine requirements, despite American citizen children being required to act as pin cushions for big pharma in exchange for attending New York schools.

Illegals have set up unlicensed food carts in New York subways.

But if American citizen children set up lemonade stands in their front yards, the New York health department shuts them down.

All New York City municipal departments were ordered to cut 5% from their budgets so the funds could be spent on illegal immigrants. That number is likely to grow to 15% cuts by the end of this year to fund all the non-citizens.

New York is expected to give $5 billion total to illegal immigrants in 2023. New York Governor Kathy Hochul said last week that she’s working on passing “unprecedented” legislation that would allow anyone who shows up in New York on buses or planes to receive instant work authorization with no strings attached.

The following two stories, via WNYC affiliate, the Gothamist, were published six months apart.

ABC talk show The View, on September 9, casually warned the rest of the U.S. that “asylum seekers” will be coming to their town whether they like it or not (while shoe-horning in climate change propaganda for good measure).

Note that the only reason we ever mention this show is because it is still somehow the number-1 overall rated daytime television program.

It’s no secret that New York City is the most liberal place in the U.S. after San Francisco and maybe Chicago. But New Yorkers are getting very angry about this entire situation.

The following video is from September 15 (via the New York Times).

You saw AOC, the former bartender who only got into office after winning an American Idol-like talent show sponsored by The Young Turks, in the foregoing video. She was accompanied by Dominican Republic-born, Representative Adriano Espaillat, D-New York, and Congressman Jamal Bowman, D-Bronx.

Protesters shouted them all down during the entire September 15 presser, yelling things like “send them back” and “close the border.” AOC and company just smugly smiled as angry New York voters voiced their opinions.

Chicago on the brink

At least four illegal aliens were charged with assault on Chicago police officers earlier this month. Thousands of illegals are sleeping on the floors of police stations throughout the city because there is nowhere else to put them. Again, none of these people are vetted in any way before arriving in a town near you.

Mayor Brandon Johnson, who just took over for Lori Lightfooot this past spring, got elected despite clearly stating on his campaign website that Chicago is a sanctuary city.

Chicago residents, on September 13, protested the mayor’s plans to erect a tent city for illegal aliens on the Southside.

An NBC 5 investigation found that Kansas-based company Favorite Healthcare Staffing, which was contracted by the city to provide care for 13,000 illegal immigrants, received $56 million from the city. But the company is paying its employees $135 per hour from said funds. At least one nurse for the company made $20,000 in one week.

The illegals in Chicago are already embracing liberal entitlement mentalities. Not only are they protesting, demand jobs and housing, but doing so while wearing $150 Jordan sneakers despite allegedly being poor.

The situations in Chicago and New York City, along with Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., are going to reach breaking points in the coming weeks, as winter approaches, and all these people sleeping on streets face freezing temperatures.

American taxpayers continue involuntarily enriching Ukraine

Ukraine Nazi President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has come a long way from his days of dancing in high heels and pretending to play the piano with his testicles on stage for money.

Zelenskyy has more control over the U.S. Congress than the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and the Saudi Prince combined right now. That’s an incredible feat. Give credit where it’s due. However, this accomplishment isn’t as impressive when you consider the fact that Ukraine is the money laundering capital of the world. That’s why nobody is stopping this endless wealth transfer from U.S. taxpayers to Ukraine – because they are all benefiting from it.

Zelenskyy did a 60 Minutes interview on CBS this past Sunday. It was filmed in alleged “war zone” Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Zelenskyy apparently forgot how to speak English, despite giving a 50-minute speech at a Joint Session of the U.S. Congress on December 21, 2022 in English. So his words are spoken by an interpreter.

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First, 60 Minutes reporter Scott Pelley flat-out lied and said the U.S. has only given Ukraine $70 billion since February 2022. It’s almost triple that amount.

The Department of Defense admitted in March that “more than $113 billion” had already been appropriated to Ukraine. Pentagon Spokeswoman Sabrina Singh admitted in June that an addition $6.2 billion was appropriated to Ukraine due to “misvaluation” and “valuation errors.” Since and before that time:

Thus if we’re being honest (and counting all the missing handout this blogger hasn’t listed), the U.S. has sent at least $215 billion in money and equipment to Ukraine since February 2022. When Pelley asked Zelenskyy how much more (over the $70 billion lie) it will take, Zelenskyy regurgitated Democrat-Russia fearmongering talking points.

Zelenskyy spewed more canned Democrat-Russia fearmongering propaganda and begged for more money at the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Tuesday. He spoke at the General Assembly yesterday, and will meet with sugar daddy Biden in Washington, D.C. thereafter. It’s unclear if Zelenskyy will show up to the White House wearing his signature dirty green polo shirt and combat boots, or if he’ll show up like this…

The vast majority of Americans have no idea how much of their tax dollars are being spent in Ukraine. The entire U.S. defense budget for 2023 is $858 billion, an all-time record, and a 16% increase from the $740 billion in 2022. The U.S. will easily clear a quarter-trillion to Ukraine this year, or about 30% of the total defense budget.

Nobody is doing anything to stop this. Republican voters still believe the GOP is fighting against all this Ukraine enrichment despite the truth being right in front of their faces.

Representative Joe Wilson, R-South Carolina, who became a darling of the far-right for yelling “you lie” at Obama during a Joint Congressional Session on September 9, 2009, has advocated for a bust of Zelenskyy to be displayed in the U.S. Capitol. And again, Republicans are challenging Biden’s illegal immigrant sponsor program for every country except Ukraine (note that CHNV stands for Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela).

The end game is not replacement as the right wants to believe

This Ukraine money laundering racket and Biden’s destructive illegal immigration policies are not confined to the United States. This is all part of The Great Reset and is being deliberately orchestrated by TPTB, all while distracting the masses with tribal politics, sports and elections.

It’s difficult to compile the total amount of money the E.U. has given Ukraine. The European Commission reported a total of €41 billion ($44 billion) in July. Australia, as of June 25, has sent Ukraine $1.4 billion in total, according to The Guardian. Canada has provided nearly $5 billion. And then there’s the global illegal immigration racket.

The tiny Mediterranean island of Lampedusa (Italy) has a population of about 6,000 people.

At least 7,000 Africans – more than the actual population of the island – arrived there on 120 boats last week. It was so overwhelming and unexpected that Germany agreed to take some of them – but then quickly stopped taking them as the numbers continued to grow. The video footage is…

That’s happening in many E.U. countries, but nothing quite like Lampedusa in such a short period of time. Meanwhile small Arizona towns have received at least $1 billion this year to coddle illegal immigrants. All pregnant illegals get instant, forever Medicaid in Maryland. California gives illegal immigrants $300 per week with little to no strings attached.

If only Americans in, e.g. Philadelphia, were as fortunate as illegal immigrants and Ukrainians. The following video was taken in “the city of brotherly love” in June.

The former America

This blogger was once upon a time very sympathetic to illegal immigrants. This blogger was also born and raised in a small Iowa town that he loved as a child. Said hometown and it’s surrounding area has (had) a beef packing plant, pork packing plant and several factories. Everyone’s parents worked at those places for generations.

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the brainchild of President George H.W. Bush and the Woody Allen-type stepchild of President Bill Clinton, went into effect on January 1, 1994. In a nutshell, the law, among other things, allowed U.S. factories, packing plants, etc. to hire immigrants for pennies on the dollar of what Americans were being paid.

When this blogger visited his hometown in the mid-2000, which was the first time in several years, it looked and felt nothing like what it was in the 1970s to 1990s. By 2010, it had zero characteristics of the former hometown. Murder rates skyrocketed, Spanish was spoken more at schools than English, it smelled like methamphetamine, and most of the original residents moved to even more rural areas to get away from all that.

The 21st century replacement myth

NAFTA was certainly a “great replacement.” All those iconic car manufacturing plants in Detroit were gone by the turn of the millennium (and the entire city of Detroit quickly followed). Los Angeles was a decent place to live pre-1990s because it had good-paying manufacturing jobs. Those also disappeared completely by the year 2000. That was the dictionary definition of “great replacement.” But it was cheap labor immigrants replacing American citizen of every ethnicity to maximize profits for billionaires.

Right-wing commentators like Tucker Carlson and others often forward the idea of “white replacement theory” for what’s happening in 2023. But TPTB want only 500 million peasants left on Earth by 2030. It’s not about replacing. It’s about exterminating. Further, nearly everything that makes this world work is or can be automated these days.

Granted, the original mRNA and viral vector DNA injections were specifically formulated to kill White Americans and White Europeans at the highest rates. But the shots truly do not see color, nationality, age or anything else, as regular readers of this blog understand. You have to look beyond tribalism to grasp what is likely happening here.

Many countries in Central America, Africa and the Caribbean had very low “vaccine” uptake from 2021-22. Logistical issues and skepticism prevented mass vaccination in many of said countries.

The best way to mass vaccinate the people of these countries is to entice large chunks of them into Europe, the USA, etc., force them to get the injections at some point (as a condition of work permits and school attendance), deport them in the following year or two, and then, as Dr. Lee Merritt described, allow then to transmit the GMO mRNA via these new “self-disseminating” vaccines, similar to how Australia controls its mice population.

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You’d have to take one helluva leap of faith to believe TPTB suddenly love Africans and Central Americans, while killing off White people. The latter are already mass vaccinated. Now they have to find ways to genetically modify those harder-to-convince populations. There are always ulterior motives to everything in this world. All these illegals will also cause civil unrest in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, just like they are doing in France, Italy, etc. That’s good for TPTB.

Ukraine is the new “Swiss bank account” and cleaning service for millionaires and billionaires to launder their assets, and position themselves as territorial overlords post-2030 when humanity will be a fraction of itself today. Citizen journalists have no means of investigating and revealing truth about these activities because none of it is subject to U.S., E.U., or any other tax disclosure laws and regulations. It’s 100% laundered money and assets.

Regardless, when you combine Part I of this article with this one, it’s clear that the United States is now extinct. The whole BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) currency thing isn’t going to happen anytime soon due to all the logistical issues. But so-called “American exceptionalism” is gone. The damage is irreversible; and it’s all being facilitated by people Americans believe they “chose” to be in office.

It’s best for homeless and struggling New Yorkers to simply throw away all of their identity documents, pretend like they don’t speak English well, and stand in line at the Roosevelt, the 4-star hotel where at least 850 illegals are receiving royal treatment.

The James Brown song “Living in America” was featured in the film “Rocky IV” (1985). It’s hard not to feel super patriotic and proud while listening.

R.I.P. United States of America. Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.


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8 months ago

It’s hard to watch all this injustice happening; but America’s love for immigrants will be its downfall.
On the other hand, if a country provides, housing, technology, jobs, clothes, Medicare , interpreters and translators it ain’t for free. These illegals can’t say no to any vaccinations, nor refuse to go to war if it comes to that. Not learning English, or even being encouraged to do so leaves them very vulnerable during any public emergency like tornadoes or earthquakes. Also allows all those pretty girls and boys to be carried off in the night to bigwig perverts’ homes for “parties”, as slaves, etc.

And on top of it, they’re hated by most of the population (including other Latinos) so no one’s going to come to their defense if the government starts putting the squeeze on them or forces them
back home later.
In the long run, they’re going to wish they’d stayed in Mexico.

8 months ago

Awesome content, Brian.

8 months ago

Oh, and they can’t refuse to take part in experiments.

No borders, no country. That spells the end to the big USA experiment.

8 months ago

I’m not sure why, but so many people are mesmerized by Zelenskyy and are happy to send endless amounts of other people’s money to him and his fellow frauds.

It should be obvious that anyone who previously starred in gay videos, played a piano with his hydraulics and now perpetually wears olive drab military-style clothes, as if he’s a Ukrainian GI Joe who is personally involved in combat (but clearly is not) is simply acting out another role and is a complete fraud. But somehow this is lost on most people.

James Egidio
5 months ago
Reply to  Piglet

Love the Ukraine GI Joe part!! What amazes me is that people do not see through this crap, the same with the pandemic!

8 months ago

Can someone explain to me why the people coming across the border almost always seem to be in a line like that? Why do I almost never see footage where they are coming across in a wave?

8 months ago

I am not sure if this is what you were alluding to with your closing Brian, but yeah…

USA = Apollo Creed

8 months ago

While we were fighting foreign wars due to false flags, our borders were left open and the teeming masses came running from the countries we destabilized with these wars.

And these border states are a cruel joke. Remember the Alamo? Obviously, Texas doesn’t as their “line in the sand” is being shipped into the interior of the country. Pathetic.

Secede or die. This federal government is pure evil.

8 months ago

Regarding that headline stating that NYC homeless population dying more in 2022 is no surprise to me.

I was homeless myself in nyc during the convid scam.

99% of homeless folks I met, bought the propaganda, were masking and got vaxxed. To my surprise, they were just as stupid as everybody else and looked up to the power structure as their father-figure. Same were the staff at the shelters, no matter how friendly and caring they were. I couldn’t find an ounce of anti-establishment sentiments in anyone.

So now, if the homeless of nyc are dying in droves, there is no doubt in my mind it is because of the vaxx that they stupidly most went for. Many told me they got vaxxed so they could find a job, others told me that the gov. released a virus to kill them, so they took the vaxx by the gov. to save them (cognitive dissonance)…etc.

I remember a kitchen chef that turned into a ghost of his previous friendly self because of the fear that he allowed to be instilled within him. It wouldn’t surprise me if he turmed up sick or dead because of the fear.

The homeless business being a lucrative business, the convid scam made it even more lucrative for the organizations to drastically cut their services even more under the pretext of 6-feet-apart. They raise a whole bunch of money to allegedly help the homeless and end up keeping most of it.

8 months ago

I moved to Wyoming for work in the oilfield, back in 2012. It took seven weeks before an apartment was available. I lived six weeks in my Suburban. It is far harder to be homeless than to be normal.

8 months ago

Indeed we have been acting much like a Feudal system since the turn of the century. We no longer use our congress to initiate war on another country, our king does that, and our vassals and on down the like fall in order. Neo-feudalism perhaps, but Feudalism is the name of the game. The people do not have a voice in the matter.

Crystal Shaffer
Crystal Shaffer
8 months ago

Interesting take on why they are allowing so many illegals to come in. I thought it was replacement cheap labor but I think your thoughts about it makes more sense. Its absolutely crazy what is going on. I find it hard to live some days. Trying to be as normal as possible to stay sane but then reading posts like this that snap me into reality where it just seems so hopeless and depressing. It seems so important to find a balance because who wants to go around in a state of depressed doom and gloom. I know I am not helping anyone have a better day by frowning all the time. I must find reasons to smile!

8 months ago

Really top-quality research and writing as usual, Brian.

“It’s not about replacing [whites], it’s about extermination.”

They are not mutually exclusive; both can be true. They want to replace the Whites first, which makes the second job easier. It’s really hard to miss that as you look around your town, or look at advertising, and many other indicators. The string-pullers at the top who are engineering their Great Reset come from an ethnicity that has contempt for all races (“goyim”), but special hatred of European stock because of history and especially Christianity.

Brian is one of the very few I’ve seen who asserts that the MRNA jabs were formulated especially against Whites, which I also suspect is true. But it’s hard to see how that can be true, and yet “the shots do not see color, nationality, age, etc.”

But these are quibbles. This is an amazing, highly informed blog; I have seen very few writers or podcasters who can tie together these diverse threads convincingly.

James Egidio
5 months ago

It’s good to know that our hard-earned tax-paying money is going to this degenerate! We can assume that our government does not care about us anymore, so we have one of 2 choices: try to resolve it on our own and lose, or ban it together and take over the government! United We Stand, Divided We Fall!!

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