#Vaxxident mass deaths: England school bus crash leaves driver, one student dead; Italy bus crash kills 21 people with death toll expected to rise

October 4, 2023

We’ve said it repeatedly – it’s only a matter of time before a major #vaxxident kills a lot of people. That “matter of time” is here.

A bus driver and a 15-year-old girl are dead; and four more children were hospitalized after a deadly September 29 bus #vaxxident.

Driver Stephen Shrimpton (pictured above) was transporting more than 50 students to West Kirby Grammar School and Calday Grange Grammar School at 8 a.m. local time. The bus was headed northbound on the M53 motorway near Hooton, between Junctions 4 and 5, along the borders of ceremonial counties Merseyside and Cheshire, England.

Antony Foster is a student at Calday Grange, and was on the bus when everything went down. Foster, 15, told ITV:

“We were just getting onto the M53 as usual. The driver tried to overtake a slow moving vehicle in front of him. [H]e was returning into the left lane and lost control into the embankment.”

Another student, whose name was not disclosed, told Sky News:

“We were all just chatting on our phones. Then all of [a] sudden, nothing seemed real. I stood up because I felt something really weird, then all of [a] sudden getting thrown to the side. The bus had tipped. There’s glass everywhere. And it’s just like blood everywhere. I looked back at my hand and it was covered in blood.”

The bus struck a reservation (median), causing it to flip onto its side. No other vehicles were involved in the crash.

One student, 15-year-old Jessica Baker, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Jessica Baker.

Shrimpton, 40, was also pronounced dead at the scene. An unnamed 14-year-old boy was taken to a nearby hospital with “life-changing injuries.” He is still in the hospital in stable condition as of publishing. Another 13 students were treated for minor injuries.

The following is a report from Channel 4 News.

“Suffered a medical episode”

Ms. Emily Church, Shrimpton’s sister-in-law, launched a GoFundMe page about three hours after the #vaxxident occurred. She declared that Shrimpton crashed the bus “after suffering medical issues at the wheel.”

The only way she could conclude this outcome that fast is either 1) she was on the phone with Shrimpton during or shortly before the crash; or 2) she’s conceding that Shrimpton suffered sudden post-injection cardiac arrest. At least one observer felt the GoFundMe page just hours after the crash, was tacky and improper.


Several others seemed to agree, while also wondering why Shrimpton was driving if the family knew he had medical issues. The logic is there, but #ABV prevented them from acknowledging the full truth.

The GoFundMe page has raised more than £20,000 ($24,200).

Merseyside Police said autopsies on both Shrimpton and Jessica will be done this week. There are no public autopsy results as of publishing.

Italy #Vaxxident the worst yet; Facebook immediately scrubbed driver Alberto Rizzotto’s page

This is Albert Rizzotto.

He had 3,200 facebook friends, and at least 10 years of posts when this blogger pulled him up late Tuesday. But after returning to said page today, it was completely scrubbed, except one post from May (***always take screenshots immediately, as this blogger failed to do in this case***). We weren’t the only ones to notice; and our reason as to why Facebook scrubbed the page is shared among Italians.

The BBC even noted that Rizzotto’s last Facebook post said he’s driving a “shuttle to Venice.” That post no longer exists.

The crash happened in the borough of Mestre, Venice on Tuesday night at 7:38 p.m. local time. In the following CCTV video, you can see the bus in a very-controlled manner, moving down the highway as normal.

The only plausible explanation is that Rizzotto suffered sudden cardiac arrest, slumped hard to his right, and turned the steering wheel to the right while his foot was still on the accelerator. The bus took only a few seconds to grind its way through the side rails, which look really old and rusty.

The bus plunged 50 feet (15 meters) off the side of the overpass onto power lines, before impacting the ground and bursting into flames.

RELATED: U.S. motor vehicle traffic fatalities in 2021 break record for largest annual percentage increase in recorded history (May 25, 2022)


Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro posted a photo of the crash site on Twitter, and called it “an apocalyptic scene.”

The bus was carrying 39 people. As of publishing, 21 people are dead, including Rizzotto, two very young children, and an infant. Nine more are in critical condition. Authorities said they expect the death toll to rise.

Here is more video of the aftermath.

Massimo Fiorese, CEO of La Linea, which owned the bus, told the newspaper Corriere Della Sera that Rizzotto worked for the company since 2014. He also said Rizzotto must have “had an illness” prior to the crash. Fiorese noted that the guard rails around the highway are flimsy, and would stand no chance against the very-heavy electric bus, even if it was moving very slow.

The bus was carrying mostly young tourists to a campground in Marghera. Mr. Godstime Erheneden lives in a nearby apartment and heard the whole thing. He rushed out to the crash site and, according to the newspaper il Gazzettino, carried a woman and her daughter out of the flaming wreckage before firefighters and police arrived.

Veneto President Luca Zaia also believes that the driver “may have fallen ill” prior to the crash.

Never fly; drive when necessary, preferably late at night when there’s less traffic

There’s absolutely zero chance U.K. authorities will determine that Shrimpton died of cardiac arrest behind the wheel. That makes it a 100% #vaxxident; and they know that. There’s no definitive evidence that Shrimpton received the shots. But the bus was owned by Carvers Coaches. The company posted a want ad for school bus drivers via Facebook on September 2, 2021. It stated, “COVID-19 considerations: all covid secure.”


That’s a nice way of saying “no jab, no job.”

This blogger has little to no sympathy for Shrimpton and Rizzotto. Driving while vaxxed is far more dangerous than drunk driving, particularly when the lives of 40-plus other people are in your hands.

Rest easy, young Jessica and the 21 people who were killed so far in Italy. We’ll update this article with all of their names once they are made public. Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.


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9 months ago

This is horrifying. Especially the footage of the bus in Italy. Was not going fast, moving at a sedate speed, definitely a sudden medical incident. And what about the school bus crash in NY, carrying kids to band camp? My heart is in my mouth every time my daughter gets on a school bus to go to a swim meet.

Frank DiGorgio
Frank DiGorgio
9 months ago

Riding a bus, taxi, train or air transportation with a “single” driver/pilot equals Russian Roulette when these people are jabbed and boosted. A stroke/heart attack is just a heart beat away nowadays.

Omri Hussain
Omri Hussain
9 months ago

There was another high profile ‘vaxxident’ in England today. A driver had a medical episode at the wheel of his car. He ploughed into a pedestrian. He then crashed his car into the Poundland Shop in Longbridge, Birmingham, UK. He went straight into the front window of the shop. He caused extensive damage. Unfortunately, we must expect more of these sorts of accidents. The vaccinated can die just about anywhere.

JC from Miami
JC from Miami
9 months ago

You know, the first thing I thought when I heard about that crash in Venice was that must’ve been some vaxxident. I told my girlfriend, she thought I was crazy. Anyway, apparently I was right. I’m really shocked to think only about the possibility that some vaccination zealot is dying on the highway and you’re in a car next to that lunatic. Really sad what’s happening in the world.

9 months ago
Reply to  JC from Miami

You’re girlfriend isn’t vaccinated, isn’t she? Only a vaccinated moron would think you were crazy (I don’t).

Clown World
Clown World
9 months ago

Congratulations, vaccinated! Contrary to what you think and say, it is actually you, not the unvaccinated, who are most selfish. Go die alone and in seclusion so you don’t put the rest of what remains of society in danger.

9 months ago
Reply to  Clown World

I have a friend from high school that has taken all boosters, and just documented on Facebook her 17-day journey with covid in July, testing every few days (maybe every day?) along the way.
So, she was in seclusion, but made sure to let us all know about her “sacrifice”.
Funny thing is around July 2021, she and another person had a convo where they did not understand why some people were being so selfish as to not get the vaccine. Interestingly, she deleted that post.

9 months ago
Reply to  Indomitable

So, she’s sticking a HIGHLY TOXIC/CANCER swab up her nose, every few days?? Methinks she’ll get BRAIN CANCER (which is now OFF THE CHARTS….BECAUSE OF the ‘CANCER SWABS’!), before she drops dead ‘suddenly’.

Harold Crapper
9 months ago

I guess the Vax has made it necessary to have co pilots on bus and trains

9 months ago

More deaths coming. I know someone (unjabbed) that works at CVS pharmacy and she said the pharmacists are busy giving out boosters and the covidians are still buying the useless tests. There’s definitely a spike in died suddenly/unexpectedly in the obituaries. Will be interesting to see what happens over the next few months.

9 months ago

In Northern Ireland there’s been an increase in traffic accidents, though nothing as serious as those reported in Brian’s article. One instance was when a car knocked down and killed a young girl in a built up, one way, 30mph zone within a town centre. I was the only one in my circle to think it was the vaccine. Maybe it wasn’t, but it seemed strange.

As for the advice of not flying, well I’m taking my chances: I have parachuted from a plane before, can swim and wouldn’t mind being a survivor on some island alongside Evangeline “unvaxxed” lily
and Merry from the lord of the rings (okay that last one as a bit of a stretch, but a man can dream)

And for driving, again, taking the chances. Just like with the boogeyman, 0.1% mortality rate virus we have to get on with life I appreciate the advice Brian but I want to have a life. With the crap that us unvaxxed have faced I think we deserve some fun (on top of working in secularville).

And even in secular dumbville Northern Ireland we have a vaccine injured support group. And typical how the joe normies are unaware of it. If I were to wear a t-shirt in my workplace supporting the vaccine injured and vaccine injured group then I would get funny looks. I still find it to look people in the eye, knowing how they treated the unvaxxed (even if they ignored us when we were discriminated with vax passports). I quit my running club because I couldn’t be around traitors who were unaware of the crap I and my family and friends went through.

9 months ago
Reply to  Aidan

I hear ya. The Republic of Ireland has seen a marked increase in the number of road fatalities in 2023, but the government, Road Safety Authority, etc. are mostly attributing the increase to their usual, beloved culprits – speeding and drink-driving.
#ABV seems to apply to a surge in road fatalities too, lol.
God forbid that people suffered sudden cardiac arrests caused by the safe and effective quackccines behind the wheel. :-p

They’re busy pushing and promoting the latest boosters now, including ads telling pregnant women to get them. Well, I can’t imagine that any woman of child-bearing age who has already taken jabs will be coming back pregnant to get the new booster anyway. She’ll be infertile by now.

The only successfully pregnant women left in society now are the women who didn’t take any jabs, and they certainly won’t be going for the winter ’23 booster!

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