We just suffered yet another DDoS attack!

by Brian A. Wilkins
The COVID Blog®
October 6, 2023

Hi All,

You’ve probably noticed that our site’s load times were way longer than normal for the last five hours or so. We suffered our SIXTH DDoS attack in 34 months of existence online.

Here was our GTmetrix report (sorry for the technical crap) from this morning.


Here it is now.


My guess is that the following two articles published in the last couple of weeks triggered orders from the powers-that-be (“TPTB”) for their tech trolls to execute these attacks.

Vivek Ramaswamy, his fake World Economic Forum lawsuit-settlement, and full details of the big pharma racket that made his family millions


#Vaxxident mass deaths: England school bus crash leaves driver, one student dead; Italy bus crash kills 21 people with death toll expected to rise


I want to thank our security guru, Klaus (not Schwab), our hosting provider, and all of you for making these security measures at The COVID Blog® possible.

Security is not free. Please consider making a donation today. It is not cheap to have this type of website security.

You can donate via credit/debit card here.

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All of our crypto address (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) address are here. Our Bitcoin QR Code is below.

Our Zelle information is:

Recipient: Veracity Objectives, LLC.
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Checks and money orders can sent via snail mail payable to:

Veracity Objectives, LLC.
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We’re banned from everything – even Elon Musk’s tXitter. The only reason we’re still online is you. There will be more DDoS attacks here.

Thank you all so much for the support. We really need it at this critical juncture.

Another email with new content will also be in your inbox by mid-next week.



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Holding On
Holding On
4 months ago

Thank you for all you and your crew do, Brian!

Alex Petrenko
Alex Petrenko
4 months ago

God bless you Brian. Stay vigilant indeed! Your blog likely saved my life. Keep on truckin’.

4 months ago

Thankyou. Will be sending soon. Damn shame vax zealots and their go fund me’s getting more love than real news.
“Keep ya head up”

4 months ago
Reply to  Jack

Yes! Keep your head up! My sister in law has the pneumonia, vaxed to the maxxed, school teacher in CT. We tried to tell her. Now sick as a dog, again, and it’s a warm October! Doctors say if it’s gets worse she will be ventilated and NOW she is terrified.

I don’t want a Go Fund Me, ever!

4 months ago

I am sorry Brian; for all the hell you and your staff go through just to bring Truth to whomever will read and accept it. Chin up, prayers sent on your behalf. Grateful that you and your website exist.

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