Kari Lake: Arizona gubernatorial race was final straw in proving fallacious nature of “democracy” and truth of U.S. selections, not elections

January 17, 2023 (last updated September 15, 2023)

PHOTO CREDIT: The Shepherd’s Center of Richmond.

UPDATED September 15, 2023 – Kari Lake files another appeal, citing new evidence of intentional sabotage and false testimony.


Give her credit for trying, in the one election fraud case this blogger believes has serious merit.

UPDATED May 23, 2023 – Final appellate issue dismissed in Lake vs. Hobb election fraud case.




“If voting made a difference, they would never let us do it.”

“Presidents are selected, not elected.”

Those two famous quotes are often attributed to Mark Twain and President Franklin D. Roosevelt, respectively. There’s no definitive evidence that either man ever actually uttered those words. But both quotes epitomize so-called “elections” in the United States and all other “democracies” around the world.

Several articles on The COVID Blog® since November have focused on The Great Reset, vaccine genocide and how we got here. The overall depopulation agenda commenced in 1969, with the announcement and initiation of the homosexual agenda. But it took another 30 years to make it mainstream. The 1990s were the decade when all the chess pieces were moved into place, resulting in this 2023 checkmate.

The Centers for Disease Control released its first official childhood vaccine schedule in 1995. Babies received upwards of 15 doses of six different “vaccines” by the time they were two years old starting that year. It resulted in a 576% increase in autism diagnoses from 1995 to 2000.

The monopolization of mainstream media commenced in 1996, and was completed within 10 years. The changes to Title 28 of U.S. code (federal courts) in 1990 were necessary as well. The 1783 Treaty of Paris officially ended the Revolutionary War. It also declared that the U.S. was a British crown colony, and that the king or queen was the sole electoral vote that mattered in choosing U.S. presidents. Title 28, for the first time in 1990, defined the United States as “a federal corporation,” ending all doubt and speculation as to this land’s true legal status.

U.S. elections have always been predetermined. Voting exists simply to provide the illusion of choice to U.S. consumers (again, there’s no such thing as U.S. “citizens”). The fallacious concept of “democracy” simply means fake elections orchestrated by the powers-that-be (“TPTB”). They place their handpicked puppet figureheads in the White House, governors mansions, etc. TPTB keep their puppets in line via fear of assassination.

Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy were taken out because they threatened the TPTB’s fractional reserve fiat currency racket. Presidents William McKinley and James Garfield were killed for the same reason. Kennedy also wanted to keep nuclear weapons out of Israel. He knew his death was forthcoming, as U.S. Presidents are not allowed to question or challenge Israel and/or Saudi Arabia in any way, shape or form.

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan made this crystal clear as recently as September 18, 2007 in a PBS interview.

Every President since JFK has been carefully selected by TPTB. All of them since the turn of the millennium have had very specific purposes for implementation of The Great Reset.

U.S. Supreme Court selects George W. Bush as 43rd POTUS

American voters went to the polls on Tuesday, November 7, 2000 to choose between Democrat Al Gore and Republican George W. Bush for President of the United States. Believe it or not, 47 of 50 states finished counting their ballots by the next day, unlike the weeks it takes nowadays to count ballots. Digression.

Gore had secured 250 electoral votes to Bush’s 246. Wisconsin (11) and Oregon (7) were still pending. But Florida and its 25 pending electoral votes would ultimately decide which candidate reached the magic number of 270 and the White House. The initial count of nearly six million votes in Florida placed Bush ahead by just 1,784 votes. Florida law – § 102.141(6), Fla. Stat. (2004) – required an automatic machine recount for any margins less than 0.5%.

The recount was completed in all but one county by November 10, 2000. The margin was now even slimmer, with Bush leading by just 327 votes. All hell broke loose from there. Gore, whom Democrats today would label an “election denier,” requested hand recounts in four reliably Democrat Florida counties. Bush sued in federal court to stop the recounts. But the judge refused to intervene.

After nearly two weeks of legal jousting, the Florida Supreme Court ruled on November 21, 2000 that all hand recounts from three contested counties, must be included in the final tabulation. It overruled Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris (who appears at the two-minute mark in the above video) and her decision not to include those recounts in final tabulations. The Court set a November 26 deadline for all recounts.

Bush appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court on November 22, 2000, arguing that the recounts were unconstitutional. Harris declared Bush the winner on November 26, officially by 537 votes. Gore sued in Florida state court the next day, to challenge the election results. He wanted a manual recount of 9,000 votes in Miami-Dade County, and a statewide manual recount of 45,000 undervotes  – ballots not counted due to some sort of distortion or unclear markings on the paper.

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The Florida Supreme Court ruled in Gore’s favor on December 8, and ordered manual recounts of the 45,000 undervotes. The U.S. Supreme Court halted the recounts the next day. Both sides argued before the Supreme Court on December 11. Bush argued that the recounts violated the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment because different precincts and counties had different recount procedures.

When it was all said and done, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on December 12, 2000 that any potential recounts would violate the Fourteenth Amendment – and thus prohibited further recounts. The Court also ruled that it would be impossible to complete recounts pursuant to the federal “safe harbor” deadline. The Court further ruled that state law required the election to be certified by November 14, 2000. Thus any further recounts would be rewriting the law.

Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote the opinions in this case. It was later learned that Justices Stephen Breyer and David Souter did not agree with Kennedy’s opinion. But Kennedy included their names in concurrence to make the 7-2 majority look bigger and more unanimous. Breyer and Souter wanted to send the case back to the Florida Supreme Court so recounts could be completed with a uniform standard.

The entire case made zero sense to anyone who understood the makeup of the Supreme Court. Justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, Sandra Day O’Connor, and Chief Justice William Rehnquist were always strict Tenth Amendment federalists who respected state’s rights. Yet all four chose to interfere with Florida’s elections, which was very unusual and out of character.

Justice Breyer wrote this scathing tidbit in his dissent:

“By halting the manual recount, and thus ensuring that uncounted legal votes will not be counted under any standard, this Court crafts a remedy out of proportion to the asserted harm. And that remedy harms the very fairness interests the Court is attempting to protect.”

Justice Stephens also had harsh words in his dissent:

“One thing, however, is certain. Although we may never know with complete certainty the identity of the winner of this year’s Presidential election, the identity of the loser is perfectly clear. It is the Nation’s confidence in the judge as an impartial guardian of the rule of law.”

It also did not help that Florida SOS Harris was co-chair of the Bush campaign in Florida. She also deliberately and maliciously disenfranchised thousands of Black Florida voters with the blessing and assistance of then-Florida Governor Jeb Bush, George’s brother. Most of said voters would have very likely voted for Gore.

The September 11, 2001 so-called “terrorist attacks” happened just nine months into Bush’s presidency. Those government-orchestrated events were absolutely necessary for The Great Reset to work. Iraqi President Saddam Hussein threatened the global fractional reserve banking scheme by accepting euros instead of dollars for his oil in 1999. He had to be taken out as quickly as possible.

Granted 9/11 would have happened eventually with Gore as President because that’s what TPTB wanted. But with Vice President Dick Cheney basically in charge of the Bush II White House, along with his ties to oil giant Halliburton, incentivized Bush to act quickly. September 11 also shocked Americans into perpetual obedience and fear. The Patriot Act got Americans accustomed to giving up their perceived “rights” without a fight, in the name of “patriotism” and “the war on terrorism.”

By 2008, Americans expected to be spied upon, and accepted it as normal.

Obama, Trump, and Biden: the trio of treachery

Any decent Democrat Presidential candidate would have won in 2008 thanks to Bush’s extreme unpopularity. Nobody in the world liked Bush except for Republicans desperate to stay in power. Iraqi journalist Muntadhar al-Zaidi became a global hero after the December 14, 2008 shoe-throwing incident.

The 2008 Presidential Election was less about the candidate, and more about a rebuke of the Republican Party. This dynamic allowed TPTB to select the perfect obedient puppet to serve their every need – more war, more depopulation via homosexual culture, and more deception and manipulation.

Just like voting presents the illusion of choice, President Barack Obama was the perfect illusion of inclusiveness. The half-Kenyan, half White American candidate could pass as Black American, speak well, and was based in liberal Chicago. He checked all the boxes. Still, Obama told George Santos-level lies throughout the 2008 campaign to ensure the election wasn’t even close.

He lied and said ” I believe that marriage is the union between a man and a woman” at the Saddleback Presidential Candidates Forum on August 16, 2008.

This lie ensured he’d get White moderate Christian and all Black Christian votes. Obama lied at least eight times on the campaign trail, saying all healthcare negotiations would be televised on C-SPAN.

This lie made him appear to be transparent in the new “Patriot Act” world, which attracted some center-right voters.

Obama lied about his intention to close the torture prison at Guantanamo Bay.

Obama also lied about ending the war in Afghanistan. We could go on forever. But his lies resulted in record voter turnout among Black, Hispanic, and Asian voters. Obama won the 2008 popular vote by 7.2 percentage points, and the electoral vote 365-173. The margins were slightly smaller in 2012, but still quite significant.

Obama’s legacy is normalizing homosexual culture (depopulation) and being the biggest warmonger President of the 21st century.

Those two things were integral for TPTB and The Great Reset. Thus Obama and his family will forever be protected and enriched for his service.

The aforementioned Al-Zaidi was asked in 2010 if he believed Obama was any better than Bush. His response was historic and quite accurate:

“We have a saying in Iraqi Arabic – and I’m sure the Egyptian brothers living in Iraq know it. ‘Away goes a white dog, and along comes a black dog.’ They are the same, except for the color. Away goes a white US president, and along comes a black president. They are no different.”

Trump: the agent of chaos and sacrificial lamb

The “COVID-19” plandemic had been in the works for many years prior to 2020. Fauci announced that it was going to happen at some point during Donald Trump’s presidency on January 10, 2017 at a Georgetown University event – ten days before Trump’s inauguration. “There will be a surprise outbreak,” Fauci said.

Democrats were hell-bent on Hillary Clinton as their 2016 Presidential candidate despite only radical liberals and feminists supporting her. Further, the Obama presidency fueled anti-Black hatred in the U.S. A 2012 AP poll found that 79% of Republicans harbored explicit anti-Black attitudes. Both Democrats (55%) and Republicans (64%) harbored implicit anti-Black attitudes. Note that about 3 in 10 White Americans and 4 in 10 Black Americans, respectively, expressed self-hatred of their own race.

That all said, Trump endeared himself to the far right throughout much of Obama’s presidency. The stars were aligned for a Trump win over Clinton without any intervention by TPTB. Both knew about the forthcoming plandemic, as they’ve been buddies for decades and were obviously briefed on this matter. Trump and Clinton both knew as president, they would have to deal with the plandemic. But Trump also provided more blatant divide-and-conquer than Clinton. He was the perfect choice for 2016. Not so much for 2020, however.

Biden was selected over Trump

Trump is and was a die-hard vaxx zealot, which is very important to TPTB. Billionaires got at least $2 trillion richer in 2020 (and 2021 – Biden’s first year in office). Trump and criminal Zionist leader Benjamin Netanyahu were close pals throughout most of his presidency. But that relationship soured in Trump’s final year as POTUS.

Trump’s mere presence in the White House would have caused even the most radical liberal vaxx zealots to avoid the injections. This was a big problem for TPTB. Democrats politicized the injections early, and essentially instructed their lambs not to take any COVID-19 “vaccine” released during the Trump Administration.

Trump feuded with big pharma, accusing them of deliberately waiting until after he lost the election to announce the injections were ready. He believed big pharma undermined his role in Operation Warp Speed.

TPTB simply did not want Trump in the captain’s chair in 2021 during the global rollout of the lethal injections. We’ll never know for certain if the 2020 Presidential Election was manipulated to ensure Biden won. But critical thinkers must take numerous leaps of faith to believe said election was 100% legitimate.

Mail-in ballots first started during the U.S. Civil War for soldiers in combat. About 150,000 soldiers cast mail-in votes during that time, according to the Sutherland Institute. The next significant time period for mail-in ballots was World War II, when three million soldiers and others overseas cast absentee mail-in ballots.

Washington was the first state to adopt “no excuse absentee ballots” in 1974 – meaning absentee ballots for any registered voters who asked for one. Oregon was the first state to adopt an all mail-in ballot system in 2000. More than two-thirds of states have similar systems today.

Obviously mail-in ballots are a lot easier to manipulate for nefarious individuals and factions. An Iowa woman was indicted last week for casting 23 fraudulent absentee ballots in 2020 for her husband, who was a Republican candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives. Two New York election officials pleaded guilty in the last six months on charges of casting illegal absentee ballots. An Arizona woman was sentenced to 30 days in jail in October for casting four illegal ballots. A Texas woman pleaded guilty to 28 counts of voter fraud in June. Illegal immigrants are constantly arrested for voting illegally. The foregoing is just a small sample of the ones who got caught.

So-called “COVID-19” and lockdowns were the perfect setup. A record 64 million mail-in ballots were cast for the 2020 Presidential Election. Nearly half of all votes (46%) were mail-in ballots. It is intellectually dishonest for anyone to believe all of those votes were legal. You would also need to take the very-giant leap of faith and believe that both Biden (81 million votes) and Trump (74 million votes) broke Obama’s 2008 record for votes earned (69 million); and that Biden is thus the most popular Presidential candidate in U.S. history.

We also know for a fact now that mainstream and social media worked in cahoots to censor the Hunter Biden laptop and other news just before the 2020 Presidential Election. A November 2020 survey by The Polling Company found that 17% of Biden voters in seven key swing states would have changed their vote had they known about said stories. A March 2022 Rasmussen poll found that 66% of likely U.S. voters believed the laptop story was important to know about during the 2020 election cycle.

Americans were allowed to post all day, everyday on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc. about “Russian interference” in the 2016 Presidential Election. But social media companies flagged and censored any and all mentions of election interference in 2020. The totality of circumstances, whether you love or despise Trump, points to shenanigans in the 2020 Presidential Election.

Kari Lake loss in Arizona was final straw for U.S. “Selections”

Kari Lake is a very familiar face in Arizona because of her long career on television news. She worked for NBC-affiliate KPNX from 1994 to 1998. Ms. Lake worked for KSAZ Fox 10 from 1999 until she announced her gubernatorial candidacy in 2021. The point is that she has both name and face recognition in the state.

Arizona is more of a “purple” state than a red state. From 1988 to January 2, 2023, four of Arizona’s six governors were women. There were four Republican and two Democrat governors in that span. University of Arizona data estimates that about 250,000 California residents relocated to Arizona between 2016 and 2020. Many of them were likely Democrats. Regardless, about 35% of Arizona voters are registered Republicans, versus 31% Democrats and 34% other.

Katie Hobbs, Ms. Lake’s Democrat opponent in the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial race, is a former member of the Arizona state Senate and Arizona House of Representatives.

Katie Hobbs.

Hobbs is best known for being a typical, vile liberal, anti-Black racist. Ms. Talonya Adams was an Arizona Senate staffer in 2015 when Hobbs was minority leader. Hobbs fired Ms. Adams for complaining about unequal pay based on race and sex.

RELATED: 2022 Midterm Elections: rampant homosexuality is the universal eschatological sign of end times; and why Black Americans must non-vote Democrats out of power (November 11, 2022)

Ms. Adams won a $2.75 million judgment in an employment discrimination case against Hobbs and Arizona Democrats in 2021. Hobbs resigned from the Arizona Senate and became Secretary of State (SOS) in 2019. The AZ SOS office is responsible for “oversight and administration of secure and accurate elections.”

Myriad leaps of faith to believe Arizona 2022 gubernatorial election was legitimate

Let’s start with Hobbs’ incognito campaign. She refused to participate in even one debate against Ms. Lake throughout 2022. In fact Hobbs rarely made public appearance at all in 2022, prompting liberal newspapers like The New York Times to question where she was in the final weeks of the campaign.

Granted Ms. Lake was a “MAGA candidate,” which may have hurt her like it did many others across the country. But critical thinkers are supposed to believe that invisible racist Hobbs, in the age of so-called “woke liberalism,” was a popular enough Democrat in a Republican-leaning state, to win the race 50.3% to 49.7% – or by about 17,000 votes. Every mainstream media pre-election poll projected a Lake victory by anywhere from 2 to 4 percentage points.

You also must believe that:

  • Arizona Republican U.S. House of Representatives candidates received 320,000 more total votes than Democrat candidates in nine races
  • Arizona Republican State Senate candidates received 250,000 more total votes than Democrat State Senate candidates

…but Democrat Hobbs received 17,000 more votes than Ms. Lake in the governor’s race.

Lake vs. Hobbs lawsuit

Ms. Lake filed a lawsuit on December 9 in Maricopa County Superior Court, challenging the election results. It asked a state judge to throw out the county’s election results due to rampant misconduct by Hobbs. Maricopa is the most populous county in the state, and is where Phoenix is located. Judge Peter Thompson gave Ms. Lake only two days to present her case at trial. But it yielded more than enough evidence of election fraud.

First was the misprinted ballots. Ms. Lake’s legal team examined 113 ballots from six voting centers. They found that 48 of said ballots (the images) were printed at a total width of 19 inches, instead of 20 inches that is standard in Maricopa County. The tabulation machines are set to read 20-inch ballots. Thus all the shrunken 19-inch ballots were rejected by the machines on Election Day, and caused potential disenfranchisement due to long lines and delays at voting stations.

But according to Maricopa County Elections Director Scott Jarrett, this was not a problem on Election Day. Here are two clips of Jarrett’s testimony at the trial, just before Christmas.

Here is what happened to Maricopa County voters on Election Day when they tried inserting these 19-inch ballots to the tabulators.

Critical thinkers must believe that election officials “accidentally” misprinted these ballots. Note that over 70% of Arizona voters who vote on Election Day are Republicans. The Arizona GOP candidate for State Attorney General, Abe Hamadeh, lost by 280 votes to Democrat Kris Mayes.

Then there’s the 300,000 mail-in ballots received by third-party signature verification firm Runbeck Election Services, without any chain of custody records. Witnesses, including a Runbeck employee, submitted sworn affidavits and whistleblower reports testifying to this issue. Arizona law requires election officials to “maintain records that record the chain of custody for all election equipment and ballots during early voting through the completion of provisional voting tabulation.”

It’s not unprecedented in Arizona for the courts to overturn a gubernatorial election. The state’s first governor, Democrat George Wylie Paul Hunt, was running for his third term in 1916. He was defeated by Republican Thomas Campbell. But the Arizona Supreme Court overturned the election, and ruled that Campbell only won due to poorly formatted ballots. Hunt was sworn in as governor on December 25, 1917, after Campbell had served one year as governor during the legal proceedings.

Judge Thompson ruled against Ms. Lake on Christmas Eve. He cited the case of Findley v. Sorenson, 35 Ariz. 265, 271-72 (1929), which requires the plaintiff to show “intentional misconduct.” Thompson ruled that Ms. Lake did not prove intentional misconduct. But that standard appears to have been struck down in Miller v. Picacho Elementary School, 179 Ariz. 178 (1994). The Arizona Supreme Court ruled in that case:

“…a showing of fraud is not a necessary condition to invalidate absentee balloting. It is sufficient that an express non-technical statute was violated, and ballots cast in violation of the statute affected the election.”

Ms. Lake filed a petition for special action in the The Arizona Court of Appeals. An expedited hearing is set for February 1.

But tribal politics still prevail – sheep will keep “voting”

You don’t need a law degree or even any legal experience to understand that the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial race was a complete sham. It’s incredible that there’s no federal law prohibiting a sitting Secretary of State from running for higher office, especially after the Katherine Harris/George Bush debacle in 2000 Florida.

The same thing happened in the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial race. Republican Brian Kemp was the sitting Georgia Secretary of State vs. Democrat Stacey Abrams. Kemp won; and Abrams challenged the results for the next four years. Democrats never called her “election denier,” like they do Ms. Lake and other Republicans because of tribal politics. But this is not a partisan issue. Sitting Secretaries of State should, by law, have to recuse themselves from their election administration duties when running for higher office. But it doesn’t matter.

When it’s all said and done, Ms. Lake does not care about the truth – just tribal politics and personal agendas. She is a die-hard MAGA Trump loyalist, just like the vast majority of U.S. “conservatives” who believe they are critical thinkers. Ms. Lake posted the following highly disingenuous and intellectually dishonest message about the lethal injections via Twitter last week.

Everyone except Trump, the self-proclaimed “father of the vaccines”…

…is responsible for the vaccine genocide, according to her. Ms. Lake correctly identifies all previous Presidents as World Economic Forum (WEF) tools. But she, like all MAGA people, makes pathetic excuses for Trump, who is a proud WEF member himself (archive link here).

We received hate mail for weeks, and still do to this day, from Trump supporters experiencing severe cognitive dissonance after reading our November 30, 2021 article (and the April 26, 2022 follow-up) about Trump’s vaxx zealotry. “It’s Fauci and Birx fault for fooling Trump, the smartest guy in the room” is the common MAGA excuse for Trump’s vaxx zealotry.

Another MAGA member, Stew Peters, the self-proclaimed “America First White Christian Alpha Male,” used the WEF excuse to bash House Speaker Kevin McCarthy during the nomination process.

We also received hate mail from MAGA people for pointing out the sensationalism and tribal politics in Peters’ “Died Suddenly” video. The same “Stew didn’t know about it” type excuses used for Trump’s vaxx zealotry, were forwarded by Peters fans to defend him. But Peters is now mad at Trump as of December 31, because Trump censored him on Truth Social.

That entire cult will eat themselves. TPTB need not worry about injecting the refuseniks therein. Meanwhile it turns out that Trump isn’t the only President who steals classified documents from the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).

The FBI executed a search warrant at 1100 S. Ocean Boulevard in Palm Beach, Florida on August 8, 2022. That’s the address of Trump’s home known as “Mar-A-Lago.” They found several boxes of government documents, with at least 103 individual documents marked as “classified.” This happened after Trump admitted to stealing documents in 2021 and returned 15 boxes of them in early 2022. But he apparently wanted to keep some of the documents for himself.

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed special counsel Jack Smith on November 18 to oversee both the January 6th and classified documents criminal investigations against Trump. Liberals have had fun with the Trump stolen documents case for months. One of their late night television guy’s monologues is representative of all their Trump mockery.

An interesting twist was added last week when Garland appointed special counsel Robert Hur to investigate the “possible unauthorized removal and retention of classified documents or other records discovered at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement and the Wilmington, Delaware, private residence of President Joseph R. Biden Jr.”

The narrative from Biden’s lawyers is that 10 classified documents were”discovered” on November 2 in a “locked closet” at the Penn Biden Center, which is where Biden’s office was located after his vice presidency. They turned the documents into NARA on November 4. U.S. attorneys found more classified documents in Biden’s garage at his Delaware home on December 20. More documents were found in Biden’s home on January 11.

Biden’s lawyers are going with the “oops, it was all a big mistake” narrative. Liberal cognitive dissonance has been non-stop ever since. They’ve tried minimizing the magnitude of Biden’s crimes.

Joy Behar said on “The View” that she gives Biden the benefit of the doubt, but Trump is a “liar and a thief.”

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre fell off the balance beam several times with her mental gymnastics trying to justify Biden’s criminal acts.

Regardless, Biden violated federal law, just like Trump, for the unauthorized removal and retention of classified documents.

Tribal politics always prevails in the United States. The lambs will defend their idols to the bitter end. There are two takeaways from these stolen documents cases: 1) A.G. Merrick Garland showed at least some level of integrity by appointing special counsel for both document stealing cases; and 2) David Ferriero, the chief administrator of NARA from 2009 to 2022, should never even be able to get a job as a local public librarian again.

David Ferriero.

Ultimately TPTB need Hobbs as governor in Arizona for when they launch the next plandemic, as Bill Gates has already signaled will happen in due course. But if Arizona courts have any integrity, the 2022 gubernatorial results will be struck down. And if the Arizona Supreme Court won’t do it, then the U.S. Supreme can and should use its 2000 precedent to interfere in state matters.

Republicans have zero chance in the 2024 Presidential Election. Either Trump or Ron DeSantis would have to drop out of the race for the GOP to have a chance at all. Trump has no problem with his legacy being “if I can’t be the GOP President, no one can.” That’s why TPTB allow him in politics – for chaos. They don’t even need to manipulate 2024 U.S. “selections” as long as the chaos agents do their jobs.

Republicans will split their votes in 2024. A Democrat will be President through 2028, along with illegitimate Dem governors like Hobbs. What’s left of humanity by the end of 2024 will experience dystopia ten times worse than 2020-22.

We’ve written previously about psychologist Stanley Milgram and his 1963 obedience experiments. He concluded that 80% of the human population lacks the psychological function to defy authority. It makes sense, as the populations of nearly all Western countries (including the U.S.) are at least 80% single-vaxxed. The lambs do as  their idols direct. That includes voting, which is nothing more than a charade that is conditioned as a “civic duty.”

Voting is obedience. The sole benefit of voting these days is taking advantage of the paid time off to vote in 23 states. Otherwise you’re just participating in a ritualistic activity with no tangible purpose.

Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.


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1 year ago

Well, if we take death out of the equation, the whole place is just a bad cartoon – unfortunately, we can’t take death out of the equation.

1 year ago
Reply to  Kiel

“In the long run; we are all dead”
___John Maynard Keynes

So I’m not sure what all these grand efforts to obtain “wealth and power” yield for those who orchestrate them…outside of the very short term.

And as a corollary; all the money in the world does not buy a man an ounce of water in Hell…

1 year ago
Reply to  Hmm

If it were only about wealth and power, then, of course, things don’t make sense.
Somehow, the powerful have been deceived, and are being deceived. I believe, and this is not an entirely original thought, that they’ve come across something that looks like a 100% slam dunk for them. Something has to be in it for those cronies, because I don’t really think they’re just thinking benevolently of the future welfare of their descendents. Wealth and power cannot be thoroughly enjoyed knowing that death is looming, so they must have ‘found’ a way to extend their lives.
For me, the next nightmarish step will be the experiments trying to separate the body from the soul. I really can’t think of anything else to be promised to the desperate and bodily-wrecked than ‘their promise’ and version of a brand new body. Who needs Christ, right?
From a terrifying story from Robert E Howard of ‘Conan’ fame to the television series Westworld, this concept has been planted in our psyches that it’s possible through cloning to take care of the ‘flesh’ part of the equation, and that soul separation had been conceptualized since the early days. Nothing gives me more chills than thinking about that!!!
Certain Bible verses are giving me solace, though. One…
Matthew 10:28 And do not fear those who kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul….
The verses before and after are also very relevant!!!

1 year ago

I don’t think it was a coinkydink that a book came out in 2013 by an author named Gina Perry, seeking to discredit the Milgram experiment. The author claimed Milgram lied and fiddled with the data to prove “the Holocaust could have happened in New Haven”. Obviously, this book was created with the upcoming plandemic in mind. The global elite knew jolly well that the majority of regular folk would gladly jump on the band wagon of mass genocide…and at some point, the Milgram Experiment would be trotted out. Got to nip that opposition in the bud…ya know.

1 year ago
Reply to  Kris

But, this is not The Holocaust. No Nazi doctors injected themselves with lethal substances, unlike the majority of present day doctors. And the, like every one else, will be mightily pissed when they figure it out.

Over The Tap
Over The Tap
1 year ago
Reply to  KMAlias

What holocaust? Those were labor camps. People die in war, it happens. Just because some tribe believes(wrongly) that THEY are god’s chosen, doesn’t give them the privilege of determining history to fit their narrative.

Harold Crapper
1 year ago

Does any of this shock anyone here. We live in the country of smoke and mirrors, everything that you hear on MSM is a lie or meant to push an agenda. Today Saudi Arabia announced the end of the petro-dollar, if you think inflation bad now, next year at this time, you will consider January 2023 the good old days, there may be shortages, but there is a replacement if you cannot find exactly what you want. Don’t expect it to be this good in 11-12 months. Hope everyone here has a lot (12-24) months of food stockpiled, gas to drive 1000 miles from your current location, antibiotics, water filters, and a means to protect what you have, or you will just be collecting it for someone else.

1 year ago

Cause of death: The worship of clowns.

1 year ago
Reply to  freefall

Isn’t the theology of Harvard style neo-Calvinism mostly Quakerism? Then it’s more like “cause of death: wishful thinking about goodwill of others”. Or,

You’ve heard the old adage, “never ascribe to malice that which can be attributed to common stupidity”. Well, it’s only good advice when there is no malice afoot.

“Big Brother loves me” is a very convenient notion, in many ways even good for health. But of course it’s just a dangerous security hole.
So now this very sort of wishful thinking created the situation where it became terminally maladaptive.

A rope leash
A rope leash
1 year ago

An excellent examination of reality!

I lost all hope for my fellow countrymen after 9/11…but I still understand why they are the way they are. It isn’t an accident, it’s the usual domination of the informed over the ignorant. The rapid advancement of technology has made it even easier for the elite to create a completely brainwashed, compliant, and dependent citizen. The gaslighting is constant and continually pervasive.

In addition to this, the digital paradigm has been applied to most every system human beings rely on. Cyber warfare is a real threat…but then again, if the powers that be just decide to turn it off, there’s that too.

In the end, we are no more than livestock. I fear that there is nothing that can be done about it short of a mass epiphany, and I’m not holding my breath on that one.

I’d rather be aware of reality than fed a story I’m expected to believe is real. The writer of this blog has a great ability to explain what’s been happening in a way the average person can understand. The value of this cannot be understated.

May fate be your friend.

Mrs B
Mrs B
1 year ago

Great stuff BW! The 80% obedience ratio seems accurate to this #pureblood. Dear husband and I despair at what civilisation has devolved into. We just fence, muster cattle, raise poultry and try to remain healthy enough to keep farming. DH fought and won on the jab mandate. He let his seniors explain the policy and then told them ” I’m not quite stupid enough to understand your policy. “. Lol. When a VERY senior manager asked him why he was not worried about getting covid, he looked at her without hesitating and said ” I don’t watch TV.”. I WISH I HAD BEEN THERE.

1 year ago

If only those walmart-shopping, sodium benzoate-eating folks who consider themselves to be americans, had half the guts of that shoe-throwing muslim terrorist…..

1 year ago

“Democracy” is one of the biggest scams in human history.

1 year ago
Reply to  Gary

In a strictly abstract sense; the concept of “democracy” itself is a veritable affront to the dignity of the man or woman of honor; for they needeth not have their moral and philosophical inferiors; the “democratic state” lecture them on “right and wrong”; being tutored on such matters by one’s lessers constitutes an unseemliness of the highest magnitude.
The moral incongruity that democracy presents is so obvious that it seems hidden in plain sight. How can a nation stake a claim to upholding human dignity and honorable dealings with their neighbors when the wicked, the evil-doer, or simply the idiot is afforded an “equal say”; (i.e. “a vote”) in determining his “representatives” vis a vis the honest and intelligent citizen? 

1 year ago

Those election comments from Mark Twain and FDR remind me of the cold war days when a high ranking Soviet general said to his British counterpart:

” You keep talking about democracy, democracy, democracy. in the Soviet Union the people do what the government tells them to do.
In the west they vote for their government and then do what the government tells them to do.
We just don’t waste timing with voting.”

Crazy Cabbage
Crazy Cabbage
1 year ago

Thanks for putting it out there. Your articles illuminate lots of forgotten facts.

I have only one comment, though I’m pondering dozens of statements you made. I distinctly remember watching Obama’s first inagural address and thinking it weirdly sounded just like Dubya. Maybe that was my first glimpse into TPTB smoke and mirrors.

Ok, one more comment / question… Does this realization of ‘selections’ end in despair? Is that where we leave it?

1 year ago

Every political candidate, “elected” official, TPTB are fueled by Israel. They are displacing every country with illegal immigrants with the sole purpose of corroding culture, tradition, Christianity and unity within said country.

Obama’s mother was Jewish, the Bush family is Jewish and Trump is really Jewish–his close relations with Israel is well documented. Every CEO of every pharma company (and much of corporate America/entertainment) is Jewish–we are really looking at the destruction of Christianity, family and the enslavement of every culture other than the jewish elite/satanist.

These actors/politicians are pitted against each other so we, the cattle/sheep, will never realize what they ultimately want to do to us–control and enslavement for whomever survives the death jabs. They will umbrella their cause under various disguises–climate change, environmental protection, rewilding (actual term meaning the removal private property to restore natural habit for animals), racial justice, agenda 21/30, gas fuel removal, you name it…

I’m tired of all the smoke and mirrors. The shots were never intended to kill the elderly (like many so called alt media actors claimed) they were intended to target the babies, children, young adults all the way up to 50 year olds–these age group that most likely would/could procreate. I do not have any answers regarding how to get out of this mess, the only thing I can suggest is to pray, learn your bible (the one book we should be reading), live your life with the belief that God/Jesus Christ is with you and will guide you accordingly. It may seem simple, but I have done everything corporally to uphold my beliefs and protect my loved ones, now we must focus on the spiritual.

This world was meant for all humans to inhabit and multiple, not just the elite, the Jewish, the billionaires, the “right” people. God never had a chosen people, he wanted the world to be inhabited with people in his image..period! We are not below any other culture or animal. We must start breaking viscous cycles. Get your kids out of schools, get rid of the tv, cellphones, never go to any doctor if you can avoid it, connect with your culture, and never carelessly believe what is said or heard–test those around you–all politicians are horrible and not to be trusted.
Genesis 1:28And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.

1 John: 4:1Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.

G Clemens
1 year ago

God DID have a chosen people: Deuteronomy 7

1 year ago
Reply to  G Clemens

When I say “no chosen people”, I refer to the Talmud worshiping jewish elite thinking they are the chosen ones, the only culture deemed worthy of procreation and freedom. The rest of the cultures, in their eyes, are cattle and no better than animals. No where in the Bible did God make such distinctions or promoted such hatred.

God had the Israelites, who were really Christians, exit Egypt–they were chosen to carry out his message. We have been told over the years, the jews were those people, not so. This smaller group, descendants of Issac/Jacob, were fewer in numbers and rebuked idol worship, hence were considered more devoted to God. Point being, all of humanity was given the freedom “to be fruitful and multiply,” not one specific culture. I hope this provided some clarity.

In the end, no matter what we do, I sincerely hope repentance, through Jesus Christ, is in the hearts of all.

Deuteronomy 6-7:
For thou art an holy people unto the LORD thy God: the LORD thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth.

The LORD did not set his love upon you, nor choose you, because ye were more in number than any people; for ye were the fewest of all people:

1 year ago

You are on track but I’m too tired right now to throw in my 2 cents. All I can say right now is I appreciate your strength.

I love ya fellow earthling

1 year ago

Spot on! Could not have expressed it better…and the Antichrist will step out of the rebuilt temple (number 3, Masonic number) and proclaim to the world he is God. Then he will murder the two witnesses in front of the whole world.

Some idiot guy in Texas, who calls himself a Christian, has been trying to breed the perfect red heifer for years (a scarifce of a red heifer is required to rebuild the Third Temple. Last year he sent several of his heifers to Israel, because so far, not one white hair has been found on them. Christian Zionists are the ones Jesus was referring to, when He said he will tell them: “I never knew you”. Muslim’s also believe the Antichrist will be a Jew. They believe the Son of Mariam will return to defete Dejall (Antichrist) As a Christian, it is baffling to me why so many Christian hate Muslims, when so many Christian and Islamic prophecies about End Times, match up.

1 year ago
Reply to  Kris

They match up in mirror image fashion … But in the end, regardless of outer religious rituals, *the whole world* will worship the beast, and the few true saints will be martyred. That’s sobering.

Still, who’d have thunk it all comes down to a heifer??

1 year ago

Read de protocols from the elders from Sion. The root cause for All that is and has been happening can be found there . Religion is also part of being mislead. The matrix has many layers. ( democracy, fear, financial system, religion and so on) No godlike being can have chosen people. Favoring on above the other is ungodly behavior. Not the behavior of a godlike being. Read the protocols. It will be obvious who or what the problem is and what is going on and why. We allow things which cannot be allowed. That is how we arrived at this point. The battle takes place on the mental plane. The AIM is to get you to support and demand and fight for things which are bad for you. Take Care and much love to you.

1 year ago

MAGA? Isn’t that the 4th degree in the Church of Satan?

1 year ago

“Iraqi journalist Muntadhar al-Zaidi became a global hero after the December 14, 2008 shoe-throwing incident.”

Too bad Bush had quick dodging reflexes. You’d think a guy who was said to fall off his bicycle a couple times and who choked on a pretzel – at least that’s what they said – wouldn’t be so good at dodging the swiftly thrown unexpected shoes.

1 year ago

Every POTUS after Roosevelt was a figurehead, increasingly so.
Was even Roosevelt able to act as a monarch only because he was a champion of the same oligarchy? Probably.
Trump was just a figurehead who provoked the men behind the curtain to fail at concealing themselves utterly, thus exposing the whole puppet show for what it is. His proclamations make perfect sense in this context, and not much in any other.

Keith Worrall
Keith Worrall
1 year ago

What happened in November in the Arizona Gubernatorial election, both obviates and epitomises the QUOTES stated in the Kari Lake article. The first quote is certainly reminiscent of Mark Twain’s style. I certainly hope that the court proceedings she is activating leads to her being rightfully installed as Governor of Arizona.
I also am hopeful that the ongoing protests against unlawfully elected individuals and governments leads to the downfall of the evil and despicable WEF and other NGO’s.
I reside in Lao PDR and we do eat grasshoppers and ants from time to time, but they are considered a delicacy here, and it from choice, not the “WIZARD” Klaus Schwab forcing them down our collective throats. Where does this excuse for a Human Being think he receives the authority from, if not the DEVIL itself, [ I cannot call it a HIM or a Her. To me its an ENTITY.] definitely not from the people of this wonderful GOD given earth.

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