Elon Musk has successfully manipulated MAGA, 4chan conservatives into obedient, duties-paying congregation on Twitter in just nine months
August 7, 2023 (updated August 9, 2023)

SAN FRANCISCO — Every human being is born with an FMR1 gene on the X chromosome. A mutation to said gene is called Fragile X Syndrome, or FXS.

Symptoms include learning disabilities, low IQ and social awkwardness, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Despite girls having two X chromosomes, boys are not only twice as likely to suffer from FXS, but also have more severe symptoms than girls. There were four distinct classifications of FXS prior to 2023. But Elon Musk has created a fifth, non-inherited type of FXS that is inflicting MAGA, incel and crypto bros populations across the globe.

Musk officially acquired Twitter on October 27, 2022. To say Twitter has been chaotic ever since would be an understatement. Musk has made his enduring mark on the platform, while earning high marks from the powers-that-be (“TPTB”) for executing this highly-effective, much-needed control mechanism onto certain segments of humanity so quickly.

Twitter was officially renamed to “X” last week (but The COVID Blog® will continue calling it Twitter, like we call “Meta” Facebook, “Alphabet” Google, etc.). The domain now redirects to Twitter. The signature blue bird logo that has existed in some form since the company’s founding in 2006, was replaced with an “X” logo on or around July 28.

Original Twitter logo (2006), signature blue bird (2012), and now X.

Vaccines are the leading cause of coincidences. But when you mirror Musk’s new Twitter logo, you get the following.

The name change will cost the company anywhere from $4 billion to $20 billion in brand recognition value alone. Musk is also doing away with terms like “tweet” and “retweet” that had become part of the global human lexicon.

Money and profits, however, do not matter to Musk. He acquired Twitter with plandemic blood money (more on that later). Twitter has lost nearly half of its ad revenue since Musk took over. Musk, like Bill Gates, wants power and control over people, not money. All mainstream social media cater to liberals. TPTB facilitated Musk’s acquisition of Twitter to fulfill a market need – to make the MAGA/right wing crowd trust a mainstream social media platform that TPTB ultimately control.

The Great Reset is happening on a global scale. But we’re seeing the localized great reset of Twitter in real-time.

Twitter “blue checks” are now MAGA foot soldiers

That vaxx zealot NBC News troll, and former Twitter blue check “journalist,” captured the surreal irony in the platform’s rapid transformation from liberal bathhouse, to perpetual MAGA rally in less than a year.


This blogger understands he said there would be no more Tiffany Dover talk after our last viral article about her proved she’s dead or severely maimed. But due to the foregoing mention, we must report that the “Tiffany Dover” NBC News resurrected from the dead on April 10, has disappeared yet again. Her last TikTok update was on April 13, while the last Instagram update was June 4.

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We assume NBC News and their AI/body double “Tiffany Dover” got the message via the 16-to-1 dislikes to likes ratio and comments on the network’s YouTube upload of the April interview.

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The Twitter “blue checks” were previously a status symbol for liberals, celebrities and mainstream media people. Musk officially ended and removed the legacy blue checks from the platform on April 20. Now anyone willing to pay Musk around $100 per year can have the blue check mark on their profile. Most liberals and mainstream media revolted, and now use the platform without the blue check status symbol.

Right wingers, on the flip side, ponied up the $100 per year in droves for the new status symbol. Many did it to spite the formerly over-privileged, liberal blue check class. Musk also announced late last year that Twitter would be a pay-for-play platform, in that those who pay for the blue check mark will be prioritized in the platform’s algorithms. Thus the so-called “free speech absolutist” Musk is literally facilitating paid speech on Twitter.

The paid blue check marks spawned a meme that liberals use to poke fun of the new right wing blue check crowd.

Regardless, Twitter blue checks in 2023 are radically different than they were in 2022 and prior.

MAGA darling Kyle Rittenhouse killed two people and got away with it. He is now a Twitter blue check with one million followers. This would not have been possible prior to Musk’s X Twitter.


But it took subterfuge-type convincing to get this new Twitter blue check crowd to open up their wallets for their new idol.

The #TwitterFiles scam elevated Musk to god status among the MAGA right

TPTB are very easy to read, very predictable. We first wrote about Musk and his true plans for Twitter on November 15, 2022. Twitter refused to reinstate The COVID Blog® to the platform back then, despite reinstating all other so-called “anti-vaxxers” when Musk took over (and we now have a pretty good idea as to why). More importantly, that article outlined how Twitter would become the U.S. and E.U. version of WeChat for MAGA conservatives.

Facebook, Instagram, and Google serve that purpose for liberals. But the right wingers had no mainstream social platform – only Gab, 4chan, Reddit and Trump’s Truth Social.

The crux of our November 15 article is this quote:

“Musk was tired of Bill Gates getting all the best assignments from TPTB. Gates is in charge of the vaccine genocide and destroying the food supply. Musk wants in on the mass manipulation game too. There are only so many toys money can buy before power over people is all that’s left to acquire. Musk wants to make his indelible mark on The Great Reset, just like Gates. Purchasing Twitter provides the foundation for what Musk and TPTB have in mind for the platform.”

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Musk already has the MAGA masses accustomed to giving him money (paid blue check subscriptions). But it took a manipulation campaign that was 24/7 news for several weeks to earn their trust.

Our next article about Musk and Twitter came on December 15, 2022. Musk threw right wingers some raw red meat via the so-called #TwitterFiles. But as we’ve reported several times, every element of the #TwitterFiles was already public knowledge via the Missouri vs. Biden federal lawsuit filed on May 5, 2022.

We published nearly everything that became the #TwitterFiles on November 4, 2022. That’s a full month before Musk made random journalist, Matt Taibbi, a 15-minute star. Musk implied to his flock that Taibbi was breaking all this news via Musk-granted access to super-secret internal Twitter documents – and they believe[d] it.

RELATED: TGIF: “misinformation takedown portal” between Facebook, Biden Administration exposed, Ben Shapiro vaccine mea culpa, and 25-plus more sudden deaths (November 4, 2022)


The #TwitterFiles became a rallying point for MAGA, a “we told you so” regarding shadow-banning and government collusion with social media platforms. But again, the #TwitterFiles were old news for anyone willing to read it here and/or in the publicly-available federal court documents.

Musk disposed of Taibbi in April when his usefulness expired.

In contrast, former Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, who initiated the Biden vs. Missouri lawsuit, was elected to the U.S. Senate in November. His lawsuit continues making real impacts.

A federal judge, on Independence Day no less, granted a preliminary injunction in the case, enjoining the Biden Administration and several other federal agencies from making further collusive contact with all social media platforms. All of said communications are now unlawful until the case is adjudged on the merits. But Musk accomplished his goal.

The MAGA, 4chan and crypto bros masses believe the #TwitterFiles are an. additional chapter in the Book of Revelations. They now fully trusted Musk, and showed their appreciation by paying for blue check marks and clout on the platform. That all happened by the end of April. The next stage will be more sinister.

Musk trying hard to hide his vaxx zealotry, big pharma operations

Right wingers love Twitter and Musk despite the latter endorsing DeSantis over Trump, and hiring NBCUniversal global advertising chairman and World Economic Forum minion Linda Yaccarino as CEO of Twitter in May. Now Musk is conditioning his new flock for the ultimate forthcoming bait-and-switch.

Musk has long scrubbed his Twitter page of his vaxx zealotry.

He constantly makes truth-like references to the lethal injections in 2023 to rehabilitate his documented history. Most recently, Musk indirectly linked the Bronny James incident to the shots. But he’s only fooling those who need and want him as an idol.

Musk has a partnership with German pharma firm CureVac and “possibly others.” The partnership commenced in July 2020, and called for Tesla to build an unspecified number of “RNA microfactories”

CureVac, which is strikingly similar to Theranos, was supposed to produce the third commercial mRNA injection, alongside Pfizer and Moderna. But the CureVac COVID-19 vaccine (“CVnCoV”) showed only 47% efficacy in Stage III trials.

That’s of course Relative Risk Reduction (RRR), like Pfizer’s “95% efficacy.” CureVac’s Absolute Risk Reduction (ARR) is the same as Pfizer and Moderna – around 1%. Thus CureVac was/is equally useless unless the goal is death and destruction. But TPTB would not allow it to go on the market, likely out of fear that it would kill people even faster than the Johnson & Johnson shots were killing people. Too much death too fast would raise alarm bells even with the most diehard vaxx zealots.

RELATED: New Lancet report shows Pfizer, Moderna et al. misled the public with deceptive efficacy statistics (May 31, 2021)


The CureVac mRNA injections were scrapped in October 2021; and the company joined forces with GlaxoSmithKline to further develop lethal mRNA technology. But the Tesla RNA microfactories are still very much active, to the point that Musk worshipers are suggesting that Tesla will lead the way in producing cancer mRNA “vaccines.”

Musk and Trump have a lot in common

Musk went from being worth $27 billion in 2019 to over $320 billion in 2022. He acquired Twitter for $44 billion with plandemic blood money that means nothing to him. Again, it’s all about power over people.

Musk understands the opportunity in front of him. He is perfectly utilizing the blueprint Trump drew up to control the right wing masses. Said people, for whatever reason, love billionaire oligarchs. Musk is the perfect long-term replacement for Trump because they are essentially the same person.

Trump is a trust fund baby who built all of his failed businesses with father Fred Trump’s money. Note that two of the three foregoing-linked investigations took place prior to 2016, when Donald was the lovable mainstream media TV guy, and not the MAGA overlord.

The Musk family got rich off apartheid South Africa and European colonization of other African countries (though he denies this fact, similar to how Trump denies his father’s involvement with the Ku Klux Klan and how Donald would be nothing without his father’s money). Musk pretends to be against government subsidies for large companies. But Tesla and other Musk companies have received at least $4.9 billion in tax breaks and cash from the U.S. government since 2002.

RELATED: 5 more young vaxx deaths as Obama admits billions were unwitting clinical trial subjects, while Trump vaxx zealotry swayed his voters to the needle (April 26, 2022)


Trump (and Musk) always invoke George Soros as the ultimate boogeyman. But Trump received millions of dollars from Soros to build Trump Tower in Chicago in 2004. The MAGA masses simply do not want to hear that, just like they don’t want to hear that Trump is the progenitor of Operation Warp Speed and a diehard vaxx zealot (“it was Fauci and Birx’s fault”).

Musk is trying to out-Trump Trump, and Donald doesn’t like it. The two have an off-and-on, love-hate type of relationship. Musk was an economic advisor in the Trump Administration from December 2016 to June 2017. Trump selected him despite Musk openly being against a Trump presidency.

Musk tweeted this photo in early 2017.

Trump is Truth Social. Musk is Twitter. Trump refuses to utilize his Twitter account despite Musk reinstating it from suspension last November. He believes his Truth Social is superior to Musk’s “X.”

Trump called Musk “one of our greatest geniuses” in January 2020. That changed to Trump calling Musk a “bullshit artist” in July 2022. Musk responded by saying Trump is too old to be president again and should “hang up his hat & sail into the sunset.”

The reality is that Musk is 52 years old; Trump is 77 and in a lot of legal trouble. Musk is the perfect replacement, almost a younger clone, of Trump. He has the MAGA crowd completely enthralled and in control, to the delight of TPTB.

The transition is near complete. MAGA will soon be MAXA or XAXA or something. Facebook, YouTube and Instagram control the liberals. Twitter is now the mainstream MAGA, crypto and 4chan social channel. And it only took about nine months for said crowd to get fully onboard.

Digital currency, payments next?

Google Pay. Apple Pay. Meta (Facebook) Pay. This blogger has never used any of the foregoing, and wouldn’t even know how. That said, every major social media platform has some sort of payment system built into it. Twitter is small compared to the top 10 social media applications in the world, with about 238 million active monthly users. But it’s not about the numbers with Twitter. It’s about the demographics.

The MAGA tribe gives Musk access to their finances via purchasing the blue checks. And again, this demographic needs idols to tell them what to do. Liberals are fully controlled by homosexual culture and toxic feminism. Give liberals those two things, and they will be loyal, obedient lambs. But the right wingers need validation, need a human figure to worship and obey. They are willing to give up their money, souls and freedom for said idols.

Trump has siphoned untold billions of dollars from his loyal flock since 2016. Nearly 1,100 people gave up their livelihoods on January 6, 2021 to defend their idol. They were arrested, and at least 335 of them served or are serving prison time…for Donald Trump. Research has also shown that Trump persuaded millions of otherwise reluctant conservatives to receive the injections.

Musk says and does all the simple things that rile up the MAGA tribe, that validates that tribe. Musk supports DeSantis over Trump. But DeSantis is quite “Trumpy” himself, and thus does not upset the herd. His “we’ll slit throats on Day 1” type comments are what those voters love to hear – violence and blood shed.

They supported and still support an alleged anti-cancel culture payment platform by former Fox News commentator Dan Bongino, despite said platform never really coming to fruition. They’ll definitely support Musk in this regard.

An exclusive, digital currency and/or payment processing system is next for Twitter – and will arrive sooner rather than later. TPTB tell us exactly what they are doing and what they are going to do, just like Musk did once again late last month.

The peak of the vaccine genocide will come sometime in mid-2024. The 40% liberal U.S. population will continue being pacified by homosexual culture, vaccines, Instagram, Facebook, etc. The 40% MAGA population is now the X population. They’ll repeat Musk’s manufactured dissent related to pharmaceuticals, and obediently follow his instructions. MAGA, despite them believing otherwise, are not critical thinkers. If their idol tells them to do it, they will, even if they have to go to prison, lose their jobs, etc.

Bill Gates. Elon Musk. Donald Trump. The three top generals of TPTB. Liberals defend Gates and his genocidal ways even after the Jeffrey Epstein revelations and divorce from Melinda Gates. Musk and Trump control the other 40% unconditionally. Critical thinkers are the 8% of American adults who received zero mRNA or viral vector injections. It’s no coincidence that 80%+ of Americans are loyal tribalists to one side or the other. They’ve received the shots. They have no choice but to have faith in their idols at this point.

Our job will continue being the unaffiliated, non-biased reporter in the middle of this U.S. tribal war.

Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.


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8 months ago

because people never learn. They always go into idolatry. They need someone to be their Saviour but to be one here. They love life here more than the afterone, more than their soul. This is the issue and this is what leads to lose your critical thinking and follow somebody blindly.

Many love the life in here more than anything so they will sacrifice anything to save their body and prosperity, not their soul

Humans be dumb
Humans be dumb
8 months ago

Heroes don’t have Billion dollar bank accounts. When will people wake up to this reality? All those so called conservatives who flocked to “X” are in for a rude awakening when they realize the platform is assigning them a social credit score. Suckers.

8 months ago
Reply to  Humans be dumb

He did talk about “freedom cities”. I believe he mentioned something about social credit score though I can’t retrieve the actual article where he said this. He also denied issuing vaccine mandates, although he was caught on camera mandating it for the armed forces. When quizzed in a recent Fox interview, he changed the subject entirely, never addressing the question if he mandated shots for the military. Everything about him seems very suspect and inconsistent. Yes, people are stupid and refuse to see past their prejudices to face the facts and the truth.

8 months ago

Social media platforms are the new Colosseums of modern society to keep the dimwits engaged and entertained whilst TPTB wreck, pillage and destroy the planet (and all of us living on it). History rhyming or repeating, it matters not. Chaos, mayhem, death and destruction are here; the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse if you will. Are we humans really this deaf, dumb, blind and stupid ( present company excepted)?


8 months ago

Question was asked: how do you destroy a country? Answer: From deep within.

8 months ago

Excellent article. I don’t use social media and I didn’t know much about Musk prior to the Twitter takeover but something just seemed off to me about his sudden rush to defend free speech. This article makes it all very clear. Also, let us not forget that DeSantis (like Trump) pushed the “vaccine” in 2021 and took it himself repeating all the same garbage about how effective it was.

8 months ago

Elon Musk looks very Kosher in that picture.

Uncomfortable Truth
Uncomfortable Truth
8 months ago
Reply to  Godom

As they say about AshkeNAZIs, they sure love Apartheid (against disobedience) and total power.

8 months ago

They are very insecure people. They need to be on control so they can create and manipulate the laws.

Frank DiGorgio
Frank DiGorgio
8 months ago

Musk is a grifter. Always has, always will be. I sense he has evil intent with these brain implants. Also, have you seen his mom? She has that Satanic look about her.

Never forget Fauci
Never forget Fauci
8 months ago

Musk is a perfect example of controlled opposition. The government is in complete deflection mode. They are in dire need of making the public trust them again. So they embark in psyops like the bud light, the target, and now Twitter, all have the same message of “the people are fighting back against the woke government and they’re winning”.

But it’s all a fake illusion using controlled opposition actors like musk in order to make people believe that the government is losing against the public. The end game will be making the public trust the governments new safe and effective CBDC coins. Which will enslave humanity to government tyranny; “No vaccine? No coins for you!” Like the Seinfeld soup n4zi.

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