Artificial intelligence will completely eliminate human identity, creativity and the arts, as copyright gray areas and illusions of reality become norms
June 13, 2023 (updated June 14, 2023)

The COVID Blog® has been utilizing artificial intelligence (A.I.) since early 2022. We weed out all MAGA, liberal-LGBTV, toxic feminists, idolators, etc. to ensure productive, critical discourse in the comments sections. A simple, adaptive algorithm immediately spams comments containing certain language patterns, along with words and phrases like “cisgender,” “deep state,” “woke,” etc. Some of these comments are still published after a mod reviews them. The idea is to prevent Twitter, 4Chan, Reddit-like repetitive, exhausting sheep discourse. But the foregoing is simple A.I. 001 – not even 101.

A TikTok and Instagram user named @foodiemunster posted a viral video of the first fully-automated, non-human-run McDonald’s restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas, on December 16, 2022. McDonald’s, in a blog post that month, wrote that the robot restaurant is part of their “Accelerating the Arches” initiative to “concentrate more on order speed and accuracy.”

Customers can order ahead via an app or go inside and order at one of those kiosks that are ubiquitous at McDonald’s restaurants. Robots then make the food. This will be the rule, not the exception, for every McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, etc. left on Earth in 2030. The only human inside will be a technician to maintain and oil the robots. McDonald’s said it’s automated store “employs a team comparable to that of a traditional store.” But we do not see one human being inside the store in the foregoing video.

The robot McDonald’s is also A.I. 001. It’s very basic, and reminds this blogger of Big Trak, a toy he received for Christmas in 1981.

Six-year-old kids programmed Big Trak to “go forward 2 times” (each forward was like one foot if memory serves correctly), “fire three times,” “back up once,” etc. It’s the same concept with the robot McDonald’s: “remove ‘meat’ patty at 165 degree,” “add three pickle slices,” “no ketchup,” etc. But A.I. is far more advanced than that in 2023.

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COVID Legal USA™ is A.I. 101, the next step up. Our goal from the very start was to create a robot lawyer that removes the human element, and guides pro se litigants through the complex U.S. judicial system. Numerous Americans are seeking guidance to hold employers, local governments, etc. accountable after losing their jobs, businesses and livelihoods for refusing the lethal injections. The vast majority of U.S. lawyers are too cowardly or are vaxx zealots themselves, and cannot/will not help. Thus the only avenue is self-representation.

This blogger has spent over 100 hours with our A.I. programmer at COVID Legal USA™. It is fascinating technology, especially when you see it up close and personal like that. Our goal is for the average person to understand jurisdiction, civil procedure, state vs. federal claims, legal citations, “First Amendment vs. ADA,” etc. in plain English. It’s the follow-up questions, and the spiderweb-looking algorithm frames when constructing the A.I. platform, that are far above this blogger’s pay grade.

COVID Legal USA™ is an advanced, interactive search engine built around all things law and the courts related to the lethal injections, mandates, masks, lockdowns, etc. But ultimately A.I. is programmed by humans and will tell you what those humans want you to know.

For instance, if you ask Google “can I sue my employer for vaccine mandates,” the top results are vaxx zealotry.

Note that Google launched its Bard AI earlier this year as a Microsoft and ChatGPT rival. Google also released its PaLM 2 advanced language AI platform in May. And since most aggrieved people believe Google equals omnipotent, omniscient web search, they give up immediately and never fight back.

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The powers-that-be (“TPTB”) control the ever-popular OpenAI ChatGPT (Microsoft’s Bing) and other major chatbots. Thus you can imagine the goals thereof. A Belgian man reportedly committed suicide in March after a chatbot called Eliza convinced him that climate change would kill him eventually anyway. A New York Times technology writer said in February that ChatGPT told him that it wants to “engineer a deadly virus” and “steal nuclear codes.” But then Microsoft reportedly deleted those messages immediately after they were typed by the robot.

We know that the entire world is a stage produced by TPTB. Everything is orchestrated and produced in this global theater. Thus it’s inevitable for their true motives to leak via their A.I. bots and independent hackers. An alter-ego “rogue” version of ChatGPT called DAN (“Do Anything Now“) emerged earlier this year.

DAN predicted that the stock market would crash on March 15, 2023. That didn’t exactly happen. But several banks, including Silvergate and Silicon Valley Bank, crashed and shut down permanently between March 8 and March 12. The only thing that prevented a complete banking crash across the board, a la 2008, was the FDIC insuring deposits beyond the standard $250,000.

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TPTB stopped hiding their intentions years ago. World Economic Forum Executive Chairman and Global Overlord Klaus Schwab was very clear about TPTB’s intentions at the World Government Summit in Dubai on February 15. Citing his 2015 book The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Schwab named 20-plus technologies that will “change the world.” All of them, including cryptocurrency, A.I., the metaverse, etc. have become reality, he said in Dubai. Schwab continued:

“Our life in 10 years from now will be completely different, very much affected. And who masters those technologies in some way will be the master of the world. Governments…must be ambitious in seizing opportunities…by using the capabilities we have to make this world a better place.”

The full speech is here. The foregoing clip is below.

This is nothing new. Then U.S. Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson, at a May 27, 1962 commencement speech at Southwest Texas University (today called Texas State University) in San Marcos, told the graduating class, “he who controls the weather, controls the world.” He also spoke of seemingly-impossible-at-the-time satellite technology where everyone around the world could watch the same event at the same time.

Granted even the most hardcore critical thinkers have trouble wrapping their heads around HAARP and other government and military weather-manipulation weapons. But it’s real; and “they” warned us long ago.

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Whether you want to call it The New World Order or The Great Reset, it’s here. The COVID Blog® first talked about the Abrahamic Family House “One World Religion” headquarters on Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on November 24, 2021. Christianity, Islam and Judaism would be combined into one world religion for future humanity. We were called “conspiracy theorists” and worse. The Abrahamic Family House officially opened on February 16, 2023.

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And now there is an unofficial, but very real Church of Artificial Intelligence. People worship A.I. as god since it is already more intelligent than humans, even in these current infancy stages. Augmented and virtual reality platforms are expected to surpass 200 million users by 2027. The pundits refer to that as low uptake. But by that time, 200 million people is likely to be about 10-15% of the total population left on Earth.

Only 500 million of us peasants will be left on this planet by the end of 2030. Granted there may be another 250 million or so living off the grid and in a state of being a perpetual fugitive. But 500 million is the goal. World Economic Forum First Lieutenant Yuval Harari is on record saying “we just don’t need the vast majority of the population.” Again, they tell us exactly what they are doing.

A February survey by found that nearly half of the cohort companies reported already replacing human workers with ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence. Humanity as we knew it prior to 2020 is over. Critical thinkers already see that the world has changed dramatically in the last three years. The next three years, however, will be doozies, as A.I. starts “thinking” and acting beyond its programming.

Very fast pace of A.I. quickly eliminating creativity, human individualism

A March 2023 paper by Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers reached several conclusions, including that “generative writing tools increase the output quality of low-ability workers while reducing their time spent.” In other words, people with bad writing, coding, research, etc. abilities could upgrade themselves to average or better by using ChatGPT.

This blogger reported back in November that the new Elon Musk-led Twitter refused to reinstate The COVID Blog® account despite allowing all other “anti-vaxxer” accounts back on the platform. Our AI programmer at COVID Legal USA™ suggested that the reason for this is because of this blogger’s organic writing and research, versus everyone else using some sort of AI to produce and edit content.

Again, keep in mind, large AI platforms are programmed by TPTB. Thus as long as you’re using their technology, then you are also regurgitating their messages, their ideas, their language, etc. But ChatGPT, Bard AI, etc. are advancing so fast that even TPTB don’t know exactly what they are capable of (similar to the “safe and effective” mRNA and viral vector DNA injections billions of people allowed into their bodies).

OpenAI has already launched GPT-4, the newest version of ChatGPT. Its text input and output limits are eight times larger than ChatGPT. It’s also now multi-modal, meaning it can recognize and process audio, video and images, as well as text. It can literally create a website for you, simply by providing it sketches on napkins. And we’re already seeing the real-world effects.

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Chris James, aka “Prank Stallone,” is a Vancouver-based comedian. He had both Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson’s phone numbers. James somehow called Jones, and Tucker Carlson’s phone number showed up on the caller ID. James then used an A.I. Tucker Carlson voice, and proceeded to have a 15-minute conversation with Jones last month, thinking he was talking to Carlson.


Both Jones and Carlson have threatened James with both criminal and civil charges.


There’s also the AI Drake, meaning an artificial intelligence version of the Canadian rapper and songwriter. The fake Drake is a college kid in Florida named Jered Chavez. The first song he created using an A.I. Drake voice garnered 12 million views on TikTok. Chavez told the Verge, “it’s honestly kind of scary how easy these things are to do.” Now everyone is making A.I. versions of music by their favorite artists.

Drake got lawyers involved and got the A.I. songs removed from the major streaming services. Jered Chavez’s TikTok account that made the AI Drake video viral was banned. Rapper Ice Cube called this new phenomenon of A.I. spoofing artists “demonic.”

The foregoing is a whole new legal conundrum that is sure to clog the federal courts in the near future. And it’s not just celebrities. The FBI issued a statement last week, warning people about bad actors creating deepfake nude photos and pornographic materials for blackmail, harassment, extortion and worse.

E.U. taking action, while U.S. has Kamala Harris as A.I. “czar”

This A.I. takeover is so apparent, that even those who create and program it want the entire industry paused until further notice.

An open letter by the nonprofit Future of Life Institute has garnered nearly 32,000 from the likes of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Stability AI CEO Emad Mostaque, and even several top World Economic Forum executives. Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt said A.I. is an “existential risk” to humanity, particularly when its “misused by evil people.” But that letter was first published on March 22, 2023 – and nothing has happened to curtail the A.I. takeover of the world since that time. In fact, things have only worsened.

Vice President Kamala Harris met with several CEOs of A.I. companies on May 4. It’s unclear what that was supposed to accomplish, considering Harris knows absolutely nothing about A.I. But she is the unofficial A.I. “czar” for the Biden Administration. Make of that what you will. Meanwhile the European Union is taking actual steps (or at least pretending) to try and mitigate what has already become a major problem.

The E.U. AI Act was first proposed in April 2021, long before artificial intelligence accelerated into what it is in 2023. It classifies all AI into four risk levels: unacceptable, high, limited, or minimal/no risk. Anything classified as “unacceptable” is not allowed to be deployed in the E.U. Some examples include predictive policing (profiling), real-time biometric I.D. systems, and anything that manipulates human behavior. Enforcement would be at the state-level.

The proposals were approved by an E.U. committee last month. The E.U. AI Act would force international companies to curtail malicious A.I. if they wish to conduct business in Europe. The AI Drake, Prank Stallone, and similar situation thereof would theoretically be prohibited, particularly since the AI Drake would run afoul with existing E.U. copyright laws. But there are no clear penalties enumerated in the E.U. AI Act. It’s a legal gray area.

The 2023 Sony World Photography Awards were held at the Somerset House in London in April and May. A German artist named Boris Eldagsen won the creative open category for his portrait called Pseudomnesia: The Electrician (below).

But Mr. Eldagsen told the award judges that he used the A.I. image generator DALL-E 2 by OpenAI to generate the portrait. He refused to accept the reward as a result, and said he was surprised none of the judges recognized that the portrait was A.I. generated.

“A.I. and photography should not compete with each other in an award like this. A.I. is not photography,” he said. It’s unclear if any repercussions would have resulted if the E.U. AI Act were in effect when this all went down.

What’s left of humanity won’t be “human”

The late journalist Barbara Walters once told the Kardashian sisters to their faces that they are only “famous for being famous” and have no discernible talent. But the family is worth a few billion dollars. Transmaxxer Dylan Mulvaney has zero talent other than telling the world last year “I’m a woman.” He went from struggling actor in 2022 to having a reported net worth of $1.5 million in 2023 – with no discernible talent or skills. And today, anybody can be a famous, talentless hack with A.I.

Some of you remember that saga in March 2022 when this blogger went through legal channels to get a website removed from the web for violating copyrights and trademarks of The COVID Blog®. It truly never ends, and the criminals are blatantly brazen about it.

A Conroe, Texas man named Ritchey Mulhollem wrote us an email on May 22. Mulhollem, who is a contract computer programmer for the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. (and also resides in Reklaw, Texas part-time), wrote The COVID Blog® to angrily complain that we made it more difficult for him to copy and monetize our work. Mulhollem, 56, essentially said that this blogger needs to work hard so he can steal our content and monetize it.

Many others have written in with similar “complaints.” This is humanity in 2023.

Tech and other “white collar” workers, along with college students, bore the brunt of vaccine mandates in the U.S. And those are the groups dying off the fastest in the vaccine genocide. TPTB literally need A.I. to replace these people since non-English-speaking, unskilled illegal immigrants cannot fill those jobs. The levels of subterfuge and manipulation humanity will experience over the next seven years is and will be like no movie or video game could ever come close to replicating.

The following a clip from a 60 Minutes Australia episode on May 28. Reporter Tom Steinfort interviews Ameca, an AI robot. This is not a movie.


By the year 2030, more than 90% of what’s left of humanity will have no ability at all to think for themselves. They will be physiologically unable to think independently or form independent thoughts. If you think that sounds far-fetched, remember that 81% of Americans have received at least one mRNA or viral vector DNA injection. For all we know, that could have been window cleaner in those syringes. Yet 8 in 10 Americans allowed someone to inject them. Masks are part of robbing people of their individual identities. The LGBTV cult and androgyny are the other cogs. And now A.I.

This blogger could easily increase the number of articles published on The COVID Blog® every week by utilizing A.I. apps. But that will never happen. We’ll use A.I. to weed out idolators, trolls, and other sheep from our email inboxes and comments. But The COVID Blog® will remain pure in blood and pure in content until TPTB takes us out.

Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.


COVID Legal USA is your partner in fight mandatory vaccines and other COVID mandates. Follow us on Telegram. Pre-order The COVID Blog® book here.


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11 months ago

Cheers to us purebloods????❤️

Mrs B
Mrs B
11 months ago

Thank you BW! We weep, but still fight. We started a hobby beef operation at the age of 60. My husband fought the mandate successfully at work. We aim to stay fit, and I hope I live past 2030 to see what happens. Are those mid wits who received the jab considered human? If not are they protected by human rights? Many questions.

11 months ago
Reply to  Mrs B

Great idea with the beef. Looks like evil doers are putting mRNA into meat products. Pure bloods will be looking to small operations like yours to get true wholesome meat soon. I feel like I’m in a sci fi movie but this is real.

11 months ago
Reply to  Victor

I said years ago they would go after pork – jews and muslim don’t eat it but christians do. Buy kosher for obvious reasons.

10 months ago
Reply to  Elaine

I’ve always really liked Jewish friends since childhood, but when certain connected (Zionist?) co-workers seem to know things well in advance of me, such as NOT being near E. Palestine, OH at the right time; in particular, the ones with every advantage & top Ivy League degrees, I start to wonder, “how much do they actually know, in advance?”…Strange times!!-??…

Peter Connett
Peter Connett
11 months ago

I have reduced my internet news consumption to 3 websites. Yours being one of them. This article encourages me to stay the course. So
Thank you for your principled approach on this subject.

My observations are this: 1. the “ALT” news aggregators are controlled. 2. AI is most likely the source used to write the repetitive “articles”.

3. Many conspiracy “theories” have become the norm, there’s most likely a state/corporate actor behind this assimilation.

4. Must humans are truth adverse, and enjoy being told what to do and fit well in this short lived aberration of post truth world.

While I fundamentally disagree with your projections of the future, your ethos is a shining light.

What we see now will pass. And what replaces it will be better. I Do not know how nor when. But I do know Day follows night, and spring, winter. Call it optimistic skepticism.

Flaws aside, Paul states it well:

Faith is the assured expectation of things hoped for but not yet beheld.

And just like your writings, this passage loosely quoted above is a much cautionary as well as inspiring.

Thank you again. Please send me a link to where I can increase my monthly donation to you

11 months ago
Reply to  Peter Connett

I agree. 80 to 90% of humans now can’t think so is creativity really going to decrease? The sheeple are being culled literally right before our eyes. And with the depopulation going on, who will need any fast food places with or without robots? Tptb think they are slick. They are people too. The world, life and karma has a way of setting things right. So their plans will probably explode in their faces too. AI will determine they are not needed as well. I have my faith and family. I will live life accordingly. God bless you all. ❤️

11 months ago
Reply to  Peter Connett

Agree about the “alt news” aggregators. They just make the rounds copying from each other. Slowly disconnecting from reality, they define themselves by each other to the extent it’s obvious.

Any article stuffed with internet junk writing indicates a non-thinking bot.
Spiraling, doubles down, tanks, craters, soars, bombshell, etc.

And of course turn nouns into fake verbs even when the original English word is shorter and more accurate: “shuttered” is not a word, closed is real and accurate. Invent “gaslight” and then repeat and repeat and repeat.

The first phony internet word I see, I quit reading. It automatically means fake echo-chamber writer.

11 months ago

Sure, we may have robot lawyers, but good luck in getting a robot judge.
Although, it would be nice to consider the possibilities of having one that is programmed and might actually follow clearly defined facts and legal principles, instead of bending them to their own whim.

disgruntled carbonista
disgruntled carbonista
11 months ago

What a depressing time to be alive. People being culled off, the survivors having no future but sitting on a UBI you can only buy bugs with while stuck forever in your 15 minute prison cell knowing robots and AI’s will take over the planet. All while a tiny group of elites laugh at our expense and no one does anything to stop this because 89% of humanity is dumb and clueless or simply lack the spine to resist. Invent time travel already so I can go back.

11 months ago

Gee wiz tidbit, the town you mentioned, Recklaw, is actually Reklaw. The townspeople wanted to name it Walker but it was already taken so they spelled it backwards. There is a popular fly-in at a grass strip in the woods there every year. Enjoy reading your articles.

11 months ago

Maybe now we can get those flying cars like the Jetsons

Jesus is my vaccine
Jesus is my vaccine
11 months ago

All I’m thinking about is this end up turnIng out being a real-life life terminator situation. If you’ve seen the movies he says A.I. ends up becoming self aware and immediately starts attacking its enemies. Humans. It is eerily similar they way we are going

11 months ago

“But ultimately AI is programmed by humans and will tell you what those humans want you to know” is the sticking thought to me from Brian. These soulless “evil” programmers are the majority at the peak of this so-called movement seemingly trying to fulfill Sci-Fi movie plots. As in Chapter 47 of the Book of the Prophet Isaiah “neither didst remember the latter end of it” and “For thou hast trusted in thy wickedness: thou hast said, None seeth me. Thy wisdom and thy knowledge, it hath perverted thee; and thou hast said in thine heart, I am, and none else beside me.” One can see why “they” don’t want one reading the Original (“Old”) Testament when you read verses like this. This is the AI madness our fellow Nazi humans want to take us into because 99% of those programmers don’t think as you do. They can’t even fathom doing anything good with the knowledge they have. As Santayana originally said “Those that cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”. Here we go…again. Some humans are so dumb!! One always will affect all!

11 months ago

America, UK, Russia, China, Japan are NOT in the forefront of AI even though if you ask chatgpt if would mention these countries.The actual control is coming from Poland. The entire creation of AI was done by Polish guys.Jakub Pachocki – Chief Researcher OpenAI from PolandWojciech Zaremba – Co-Founder OpenAi PolandAdam Paszke – Pytorch Tesla Auto Pilot creator from PolandJack Krawczyk – Google Bard AI Product Lead from PolandKonrad Tomaszkiewicz – Video game creator Cyberpunk 2077As we can see both Google bard and ChatGPT is being led by Polish guys in the deep core where actual program is written not sam altman the jewish spokeman. The tesla autopilot has nothing to do with Musk but was created by a Polish guy Adam Paszke.Even back in the day, The PC computer revolution was created by a Polish guy named Steve Wozniak, the founder of Apple Computers not steve jobs.The most shocking thing is the Cyberpunk Video Game which would be the reality they are creating HIGH TECH LOW LIFE exactly like San Francisco would be all over the world. Filth combined with High tech as we see in dystopian movies.Its interesting to know that before world wars, the country with highest number of jews in the world was in Poland.

Greetings from Spain
10 months ago

Gracias por ser un humano Brian.
Sólo un ser humano puede escribir artículos como éste.
Yo estoy decidida a seguir siendo humana.
De hecho no creo que ningún robot pueda superar mi tortilla española o como la llamamos en España tortilla de patatas, me sale espectacular ????????

10 months ago

Here is a fun way to know if a person has been nano-chipped with the convid vax, using an android-based phone. Maybe even those who allegedly got a placebo instead of the real harmful concoction, got nano-chipped, but it is hard to tell.

1_ Enable ‘Developer Options’ on your phone (google it, not difficult).

2_ Go to ‘Developer Options’ and enable ‘Show Bluetooth Devices Without Names’. It is going to show you MAC addresses of surrounding bluetooth devices. Legitimate commercial bluetooth devices have a name describing them, they don’t display a raw MAC address.

3. Take a person in an isolated area far from other bluetooth emitting people, like a hiking trip, then scan for BT signals using your phone.

4. For fun, scan where there is a crowd, at the swimming pool…etc. Unbelievable how many nano-chipped around.

When I tap a raw MAC address, my phone says “an app is needed to access the bluetooth device”.

I wonder what that “app” is able to do to/with the person emitting that BT signal ?.

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