5 COVID-19 and “vaccine” headlines that mainstream media suppressed last week

April 4, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Centers for Disease Control Director Michelle Walensky grabbed headlines last week. In one of the most pathetic displays of fearmongering and propaganda to date, she spoke of “impending doom.” She said she is “scared,” and pretended like she was emotional during the entire production.

The CDC is of course an advertising agency for big pharmaceutical companies. Walensky is simply doing her job to satisfy the company’s stakeholders. Objective Americans no longer listen to anything the CDC, Anthony Fauci, et al. say because their agendas are obvious. Same with mainstream media and social media. Unfortunately objectivity is sparse during this time of powerful psychological programming.

Mainstream media, in conjunction with Facebook, Google and Twitter, do not allow real news about COVID-19, masks, experimental shots, etc. to trend. Their algorithms are carefully written to ensure the doom narrative and fearmongering are always top news. Mainstream media do, however, cover real news occasionally. But good luck finding it in Google search results or trending on social media.

Here are five headlines that would have trended last week if objectivity and informing the public were the true goals.

Washington State reported 102 fully “vaccinated” people tested positive for COVID-19

The Florida Department of Health reported that at least 38 fully “vaccinated” people tested positive for COVID-19 last week. Now Washington State is reporting similar issues.

At least 102 Washington residents have tested positive for COVID-19 after full vaccination, according to the State Health Department. KATU News in Portland reported that two of those individuals died and eight more were hospitalized. The CDC and media machine refer to these post-shot infections as “breakthrough cases.”

The news station emphasized that a million other people received the shots, so these cases are rare. Mainstream media, however, fail to ever emphasize the 99.97%+ COVID-19 survival rate for people under age 70. Not only are these CDC statistics getting harder to find online (must archive everything when you see it), but also COVID-19 death numbers are artificially-inflated by 90%+ by the CDC.

KATU interviewed a doctor for the story. Of course he said people should keep social distancing and wearing masks even after they get the shots.

Statewide mask mandate struck down by Wisconsin Supreme Court

Doomers love their masks. Forbes published an article last month quoting people saying they love masks to cover up their ugly faces. Two people said they want to wear masks forever, COVID-19 or otherwise. This conditioned mentality is music to the CDC, NIH and Anthony Fauci’s ears. Thus mainstream media work to suppress truth about masks, including the happenings in the Badger State.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court struck down Executive Order #105 (mask mandate) by Governor Tony Evers last week. The 78-page ruling found that Evers exceeded his power and issued the mask mandate unlawfully. Wisconsin law allows the governor to issue public health emergency orders for 60 days. Legislative approval is required beyond that time frame.

Governor Evers has been overruled several times by the state courts. The Wisconsin Supreme Court struck down Evers’ lockdown order in May. It ruled that the health secretary did not have the authority to issue the order. The Wisconsin Court of Appeals struck down Evers’ limitations on bar and restaurant capacity in October. The Wisconsin State Legislature struck down Evers’ mask mandate in February, only for Evers to issue another one. The state’s supreme court had the final say last week.

Texas COVID cases at record lows after mask mandate lifted

Governor Greg Abbott reopened Texas for business fully on March 10. That included repealing his prior mask mandate.  President Joe Biden called Abbott’s actions “neanderthal thinking.”

Three weeks later, Texas recorded its lowest 7-day COVID-19 positivity rate since the so-called pandemic commenced last March. Texas had 1,900 new COVID-19 cases on Sunday, March 28, the lowest single day total since June 2020. The state also had its lowest hospitalization rate in six months, according to Newsweek.

Granted all COVID-19 cases and deaths across the globe are dropping since the CDC and World Health Organization’s mea culpa on PCR testing and accuracy thereof in January. But the news in Texas is disappointing to doomers and mainstream media. And that’s why you probably didn’t hear about this until now.

Johnson & Johnson forced to throw away 15 million doses due to factory “mix-up”

The Johnson & Johnson viral vector shot is fast-becoming the most dangerous of all of the experimental COVID-19 shots. We’ve already covered several deaths and adverse effects shortly after individuals received the Janssen/J&J shot. But let’s look back further.

Mainstream media barely covered the $100 million settlement Johnson & Johnson paid last year for its baby powder causing cancer. A jury ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay $4.7 billion in 2018 for its baby powder containing asbestos and causing cancer. That verdict was reduced to $2.1 billion on appeal. Several more lawsuits are pending and will cost Johnson & Johnson billions more in settlements. Meanwhile the pharmaceutical giant is now screwing up its COVID-19 “vaccine” rollout.

Emergent BioSolutions is a production facility in Baltimore tasked with making both Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca viral vector shots. The factory is not approved by the FDA to manufacture the shots. But speed is more important than safety to pharmaceutical companies. The Indian Express reported that Emergent mixed-up the ingredients for the J&J shots and the AstraZeneca shots. The embarrassing screw-up, which led to Johnson & Johnson disposing of 15 million doses of its shots, was dismissed as “human error.”

Kentucky enacts philosophical exemption law for experimental shots

It was perhaps the quietest major law change related to COVID-19 since the so-called pandemic commenced.

Senate Bill 8 became law on March 28 without Governor Andy Breshear’s signature. The state legislature passed the bill with veto-proof majority votes. The new law allows any adult, parent or emancipated minor to decline experimental shots based on “conscientiously-held beliefs.” The law requires the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services to create a simple form that anyone can fill out and easily submit to the target organization.

Kentucky is at least the 17th state with vaccine exemptions for philosophical beliefs.

Stay informed

Real news is only going to come from media sources like The COVID Blog and others not funded or influenced by big pharma. That essentially means mainstream media and social media are wastes of time for those seeking truth and real information. Stay vigilant and continue sharing our content with friends and loved ones via group emails, texts, etc.

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jennifer cox
jennifer cox
3 years ago

i like coming to this website so i can get the truth of what is really going on and not the fake news that is so prevalent everywhere else… its a breath of fresh aire

3 years ago

As the lies, liars, lying ramp up, the only voice you should be listening to is your own. May thecovidblog.com be a guiding light.

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