Saturday Digest: more attacks on global food supply, more mainstream media mea culpas, Australia woman denied heart transplant because she’s non-vaccinated, and 20 more sudden deaths
February 18, 2023 (updated March 28, 2023)

Less than two month ago, we wrote the following:

“TPTB [The powers-that-be] definitely read this blog.”

This was in reference to mainstream media and their tools seemingly reporting on things weeks and months after we do, only to present it as breaking news.

The article was in reference to Elon Musk’s so-called “Twitter Files” that he presented as groundbreaking. Nearly everything presented in those tweets were already public information via the Biden vs. Missouri lawsuit filed in May 2022. We reported on everything Musk “revealed” more than a month prior to the Twitter Files.

That same article also references the Dominion Voting Systems vs. Fox News defamation lawsuit. Our article, from December 27, chronicled how all the major Fox News hosts – Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham – admitted under oath via deposition that they never believed former President Donald Trump’s election interference claims. But they pushed the whole “stop the steal” narrative anyway because Trump told them too. Fox News also believed that turning on Trump would hurt their brand.

But in the last 72 hours, liberal mainstream media launched a coordinated campaign against Fox News. All of them came out in unison, attacking Fox News and its hosts for peddling election fraud claims that they themselves did not believe.

The only “new,” significant news to come out in the last week or two about the Dominion/Fox News lawsuit is that both parties filed summary judgment motions. A memorandum on whether New York’s Anti-SLAPP law applies to the case is also interesting, for journalists and publishers. But Fox News’ summary judgment motion has new revelations that are a matter of public interest.

Eric Croomer, Dominion’s Director of Product Strategy and Security, said of Dominion’s machines in an October 30, 2020 email, “our shit is riddled with bugs.” He also said “our products suck” and that the machines fail “due to our complete f— up in installation,” according to the January 17 Fox News summary judgment motion. None of the liberal media stories mentioned these new revelations.

RELATED: Kari Lake: Arizona gubernatorial race was final straw in proving fallacious nature of “democracy” and truth of U.S. selections, not elections (January 17, 2023)


All of this is just a continuation of TPTB reading The COVID Blog® for story ideas. We are now an official registered trademark as of February 14.

From the very start, we heard “you can’t trademark anything COVID-related” and “you’re going to need a lawyer.” This blogger is his own lawyer and got the trademark. Google is now showing some respect by displaying us at the top of search results for “The COVID Blog” with or without quotes and/or spaces.

We still expect 4Chan, Steve Kirsch and others to continue their attempts at usurping and stealing our work. But now that the trademark is official, it makes the legal proceedings more fun from our end.

In the meantime, tribal politics remain the go-to distraction and deflection from the global vaccine genocide and overall depopulation agenda.

But a lot of mainstream and semi-mainstream platforms are starting to admit truth in their own ways. United Press International (UPI) published an article on February 2 about the rise in heart attacks among young people. They used standard mainstream media deflection techniques within the article, however, by citing a case of a 30-year-old having a heart attack in 2018. This is supposed to make people believe that all these sudden deaths started before 2021.

KUSI News in San Diego interviewed Dr. Colleen “Kelly” Victory on February 2. Most mainstream media refer to her as a “conspiracy theorist.” That means she tells truth about so-called COVID-19 and the lethal injections. Dr. Victory talked about the “unexplainable” massive increase in all-cause deaths among 18 to 49-year-olds in the U.S. since 2021.

KUSI won several awards in the 2022 San Diego Union Tribune Reader’s Poll, meaning people in that area appreciate real news versus mainstream media propaganda.

But there are still many stories TPTB suppress to ensure maximum obedience and compliance during The Great Reset.

More attacks on the food supply

It was only a matter of time before Virginia-based Seeds for Generations was attacked. The company sells heirloom seeds – those with a documented lineage as to their origin. They typically come from family farms, and are passed down from generation to generation. These seeds are also typically “organic” and always non-GMO.

Seeds for Generations was founded by Jason Matyas, a former Air Force pilot. He is a husband and father of seven children. The family business sells heirloom seeds for just about every fruit and vegetable you can think of. TPTB have two problem with Mr. Matyas and his company: 1) it hurts seed monopolies by corporate giants Monsanto (Bayer), ChemChina, and Corteva; and 2) Mr. Matyas has several Facebook posts like the following:

It could be pure coincidence. But the building housing all of Seeds for Generations’ seeds, office equipment, tools, etc. burned to the ground on January 28. Nobody was hurt in the fire. But Mr. Matyas said he and his family will have to “start over again.”

A live link to the GiveSendGo campaign is here. Meanwhile Canada would rather throw away human sustenance than give it to people in need.

RELATED: The Netherlands is now ground zero for global famine agenda as government, Bill Gates create phony nitrogen crisis to destroy the country’s agricultural sector (August 3, 2022)


The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) has, since at least the 1970s, dictated exactly how much milk dairy farmers are allowed to produce in any given month. The Canadian Dairy Commission, a division of OMAFRA, artificially sets the price of milk nationwide based on these quotas.

The commission raised the price of milk by 2.2%, or $.0174 per liter in November. The new prices went into effect on February 1. OMAFRA, per its fact sheet, says that it has “disciplines in place to ensure that producers do not produce excess of their quotas.” In other words, if dairy farmers produce more milk than the arbitrary government quotas, then the price goes down as supply goes up. Their choice is to throw away the milk or pay monetary penalties.

Mr. Jerry Huigen is a dairy farmer from Dunville, Ontario. He posted a now-deleted TikTok video, showing him dumping 30,000 liters (7,925 gallons) of milk down the drain because he exceeded his government-mandated quota. The video went viral after several people shared it on Twitter.

Mr. John Van Dyk, a second-generation Ontario dairy farmer, started an online petition to end milk dumping because of quotas. But this has been going on for 50 years in Canada. Nobody seemed to care until the Huigen video went viral.

It’s yet another draconian law that non-Canadians are just now learning about in a country that many previously regarded as a beacon of freedom and peace. Since 2020, China has been a more desirable place to live than Canada.

RELATED: Gabriel Poliquin: AstraZeneca-vaxxed Canadian lawyer suddenly collapses during truckers #FreedomConvoy inquest into government’s use of emergency powers act (November 15, 2022)


And speaking of Canada, we wrote in the above-linked article regarding Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his dystopian COVID-19 rules:

“This Public Order Emergency Commission is the Canadian version of the January 6 Committee. It’s political theater. Not one government official will be held to account for mask mandates and vaccine passports as a result of these proceedings.”

Said commission found yesterday that “the very high threshold for invocation [of the Emergency Powers Act] was met.” Thus, as easily predicted, Trudeau will not be held accountable for any of his actions, particularly his attacks on the truckers’ Freedom Convoy.

Mainstream mea culpas

There is some positive news. Nearly everything mainstream media call “conspiracy theory” is the truth. The opposite of what mainstream media “fact-checkers” say is the truth 90% of the time.

You don’t/didn’t even need to be a critical thinker to understand it was best to catch whatever so-called COVID-19 is, take your chances with the 99.99% survival rate, and come out of it with natural immunity to the “disease.” All you needed was common sense. If that didn’t work, then you could have utilized the numerous studies proving natural immunity was real and effective. But a constant barrage of mainstream media headlines like the following helped TPTB achieve an 80% injection rate for Americans.

Note that the same liberal writer from Mother Jones also wrote this. Thus nothing can be taken seriously from that publication and/or this writer.

But now one study from The Lancet (the same Lancet that published the fake hydroxychloroquine study in 2020 to disparage the medication) is forcing a mainstream media mea culpa.

We’re not going to dignify the “new” Lancet study by linking it. There were already at least 106 studies showing natural immunity not only exists (sad we even have to say that), but is more effective than the mRNA and viral vector DNA injections. But here are all the mainstream headlines from this week after the one Lancet study.

We’re also seeing a lot of mea culpas in the general public. Granted most of humanity continues living in denial and blaming #ABV for all of their friends and relatives suddenly dying or being permanently maimed. But we’re seeing more social media posts like the following in 2023 than we ever saw in 2021-22.

Ms. Jessica Simpson is a dental hygienist from New York City. She posted via Facebook about her father’s death on December 1.

Ms. Simpson was posting stuff like this two years ago.

But about nine weeks after her father died, and apparently after some soul-searching, she posted this.

State lawmakers are also starting to get serious, recognizing the vaccine genocide for what it is.

Idaho State Senator Tammy Nichols, R-Middleton, and Idaho state House member Judy Boyle, R-Midvale, introduced HB 154 yesterday. If passed, the law would make it a misdemeanor for anyone to administer mRNA injections in the state. The bill must survive committee debates to receive a full floor debate. It would be the first such law in the U.S. if enacted by Governor Brad Little.

Doctors-in-training are also waking up. Mr. Kevin Bass is a medical student in Texas. He wrote an article for Newsweek on January 30 entitled, “It’s Time for the Scientific Community to Admit We Were Wrong About COVID and It Cost Lives.” The comments section is a bunch of vaxx zealots in denial. We’ll be keeping an eye on his Twitter account to see if he suddenly stops tweeting and disappears.

Regardless, at least 72% of humanity has received at least one injection, according to The New York Times. Africans were the smartest humans on the planet from 2020 to 2023. Interestingly, Eastern Europe, including Ukraine, is far behind Western Europe in vaccinations.

People will continue spontaneously dropping dead and dying in their sleep by the millions through 2024. Vaxxed people who are alive to celebrate New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2024, have survived the software of life installation process, and are officially Human 2.0. But many of them will be maimed, and no longer productive members of society.

We could literally list 100 or more of these per week. But the goal is a representative sample of what’s happening around the world, including the propaganda campaigns to cover up the vaccine genocide.

Sa Riah Saibu: Australian actress dies without explanation, age withheld, “car accident” narrative commenced by interference network

Ms. Sa Riah Saibu, also spelled “Sariah Saibu,” was from Perth. Very little is known about her. She was in her late 20s/early 30s and an actress. But either she had no social media presence, or all of said profiles have been posthumously scrubbed from the internet. There are screenshots of an Instagram account that appear to have belonged to Ms. Saibu. But said account cannot be found.

Ms. Saibu appears to be an Aussie aboriginal, of the Noongar Whadjuk people, based on the location of her funeral.

She starred in a 2021 homosexual culture short film called “Beautiful They.” It was screened at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York and the Melbourne International Film Festival, according to Ms. Saibu also did modeling work and appeared in music videos.

Ms. Cassandra Colvin is Ms. Saibu’s aunt. She posted via Facebook on January 29, “This morning we lost our darling Sa Riah.”

UPDATE February 19, 2023 – A reader sent us a link to a Twitter account that appears to be Ms. Saibu.

She either did pornography, was a prostitute, or both. She tweeted on January 28, one day before her death, about “taking bookings.”

Several mainstream media outlets wrote about her death more than a week later. The usual suspects in a now-established network of fallacious news websites started circulating the cause of death as a “car accident.”

RELATED: Megha Thakur: Canadian University ends vaccine mandate after two students, including a TikTok star, die unexpectedly; car accident cause of death is a lie (December 2, 2022)


The origin of this lie is a website called “Medico Topics.” The About Page of the site says the following:

“Howdy, medicos, and others this is Nawin a medical student from the southern part of India. I along with my boys here post blogs related to medicine, productivity, lifestyle, and entrepreneurship.”

The domain was created on August 25, 2020. Medico Topics used to write college-related content and pro-vaccine propaganda. It started posting articles entitled “How Did [fill in the blank] Die” in mid-2022. Their story on Ms. Saibu looks to be a viral crowning achievement, as all the other fallacious, anonymous news sites (,, etc.) amplified the car accident lie. This phenomenon alone instantly makes the car accident claim highly suspect.

There is zero evidence from her family, friends, or any legitimate reports, that Ms. Saibu died in a car crash. But Australia is 96% double-vaccinated among adults, according to government statistics. Expect many more of these semi-celebrity, mystery deaths blamed on car accidents in 2023.

William Caron-Cabrera: 17-year-old Canada football player dies in his sleep

William Caron-Cabrera resided in Laval, Quebec. He played football (not soccer) at Curé-Antoine-Labelle High School. William was continuing his football career at Campus Notre-Dame-de-Foy (CNDF), a college in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Quebec. He dreamed of playing in the NFL.

William suffered cardiac arrest and died in his sleep on or around February 6, according to the Courrier Laval. Quebec required vaccine passports for everyone over age 13 in public places from September 1, 2021 to March 12, 2022.

An infamous court case arose from Quebec’s vaccine mandate. A father was vehemently opposed to his son receiving the injections to play sports in school. The mother sued the father; and a Quebec judge ordered the boy to be injected with the experimental mRNA shots in November 2021.

Derek Chavez: 32-year-old New Mexico man dies without explanation

Mr. Derek Michael Chavez resided in Albuquerque. He started working in the local film industry right after high school. Mr. Chavez married his wife, Kristen, in January 2022. They had two children.

Few details are available. But Mr. Chavez died on January 12, almost exactly one year after his wedding.

He was a die-hard mask and vaxx zealot.

Arne Espeel: 25-year-old Belgium soccer player collapses and dies on the pitch

Mr. Arne Espeel was a goalie for Sint-Eloois-Winkel Sport amateur soccer team in West Flanders, Belgium. His team was playing in a match against SK Westrozebeke on Saturday, February 11.

Mr. Espeel had just stopped a penalty kick, and yelled “yes” in celebration. He suddenly collapsed a second or two later. Medical personnel rushed onto the pitch, and utilized a defibrillator, indicating cardiac arrest. But they could not get his heart restarted. Mr. Espeel, with his younger brother sitting on the bench watching it all, was pronounced dead.

David Redmond: 53-year-old California man dies after “sudden illness”

Mr. David J. Redmond resided in Oxnard, California with his wife and two daughters, according to public records. Few details are available. But Mrs. Francine Redmond, his wife, wrote via Facebook that her husband died after a “short illness” on February 3. He requested that his family not have a funeral for him.

Mr. Redmond regurgitated the “microchip in the vaccine” trope after his second Pfizer mRNA injection.

Maura Coursey: 28-year-old Princeton graduate student found dead at home

Ms. Maura Coursey was originally from Salt Lake City, Utah. She was a first-year student in the Master of Public Administration (MPA) program at Princeton (New Jersey). Ms. Coursey was also a Muay Thai fighter.

She was found dead in her off-campus home on January 26. Her family said she was “on top of the world” at the time of her death.

The university said no foul play is expected. Mr. Justin Chapman, who appears to be a friend of Ms. Coursey, suggested without evidence that she committed suicide.

What is known for certain is that Princeton has had a vaccine mandate in place since June 2021. Ms. Coursey is at least the fourth Princeton student, including Ms. Misrach Ewunetie, to die suddenly in the past nine months.

Estrella Martín: 14-year-old Spain soccer player dies in her sleep

Estrella Martín Rasco resided in Ayamonte, Andalusia, Spain. She played soccer for the Under-15 Sporting Club de Huelva. Estrella practiced with her teammates as normal on January 24. She was found dead in bed by her parents the next morning.

Natalie Curtis: 34-year-old Australia Paralympian, business owner dies suddenly

Ms. Natalie Curtis resided in Townsville, Queensland. She was a well known disability activist and prolific wheelchair basketball player. 7News in Australia reported that Ms. Curtis participated in the 2021 Tokyo Paralympics. But her name is not on the official roster.

She owned a company called Vital Support and Services. It provides care for people living with disabilities. Ms. Curtis made international headlines in October when she flew via Jetstar from Townsville to Bangkok, Thailand. The airline refused to provide a complimentary aisle wheelchair, forcing Ms. Curtis to crawl off the plane.

Her sister Emma reported via Facebook that Ms. Curtis died on February 5.

Mainstream media reported that she “died suddenly.” Ms. Curtis was born with spina bifida, a birth defect that prevents the spinal cord from properly developing. But most people with spina bifida have normal lifespans, unless they have other health issues (e.g. epilepsy) or a severe forms of the disorder like open spina bifida.

What we know for certain is that Ms. Curtis’ company required all new employees to present a COVID-19 Digital Certificate as a condition of employment.

A GoFundMe page is collecting funds in her memory.

Andre Daisy: 5-year-old Australia boy becomes deathly ill, dies suddenly on family vacation

Andre Daisy resided in Townsville, the same North Queensland town as the aforementioned Ms. Curtis. The family was driving home from a vacation in Brisbane on February 2 when Andre suddenly had a seizure in the car near Gladstone.

He was rushed to a nearby hospital and placed in a medically-induced coma. Andre was airlifted back to Queensland Children’s Hospital in Brisbane. But he died on February 5. Doctors discovered “significant swelling” in Andre’s brain, which was five time larger than it should have been at the time of his death.

Ms. Michaelia Napier, Andre’s aunt, told that her nephew had no preexisting medical issues or symptoms. The cause of death was meningitis.

A GoFundMe page is raising funds in his memory.

Two Nanaimo, British Columbia (Canada) residents died suddenly in five-day stretch

Average life expectancy in the coastal town of Nanaimo, British Columbia – population 99,683, was 83 and 78 for women and men, respectively, from 2011 to 2015, according to government data. The city set a record in 2017, with 56 deaths. Thus if we extrapolate the following two deaths in five days (and assuming nobody else has died since the New Year), then Nanaimo is on pace to shatter its annual death record.

Tyree Calvin Rogers (pictured below) was a 17-year-old Nanaimo resident.

He “passed away peacefully in his sleep on February 4, 2023,” according to an online obituary.

Mrs. Rebecca Buckler was a wife and mother of two kids from Nanaimo.

She died suddenly while vacationing in Mexico from “a massive coronary event,” aka heart attack, on February 9, according to her husband, Mike. He appears to also be suffering from a post-injection injury.

A GoFundMe page is collecting funds in Rebecca’s memory.

Jose Mercado: 34-year-old Texas border patrol agent dies from “unexpected and sudden heart attack”

Mr. Jose Eduardo Mercado resided in Weslaco, Texas. He was a U.S. Border Patrol Agent in the Rio Grande Valley Sector for 14 years. Mr. Mercado was married with three kids.

He died on February 12 from an “unexpected and sudden heart attack.”

Zoe Green: 26-year-old pregnant British woman dies from sudden cardiac arrest; unborn baby dies too

Ms. Zoe Green resided in Kettering, North Northamptonshire. She was the mother of three kids, and was pregnant with her fourth child. Ms. Green called her mother at 6 a.m. on February 7, and said she didn’t feel well.

The mother drove five minutes to her daughters house, only to find Ms. Green lifeless on the bathroom floor. The cause of death was cardiac arrest. The unborn boy named Cobie died as well. A GoFundMe page is collecting funds for funeral expenses.

Elijah Brown-Garcia: 12-year-old New Jersey boy collapses and dies during football practice

Elijah Jordon Brown-Garcia resided in Newark, New Jersey. He was a sixth grader at Rise Academy Charter School.

Elijah was doing conditioning drills during football practice on February 10 when he suddenly collapsed. Nobody at the West Side Park football field knew how to administer CPR. Elijah laid there for 40 minutes until paramedics showed up. He was rushed to a nearby hospital, but pronounced dead on arrival.

A GoFundMe page is collecting funds in his memory.

Ofa Hautau: California football coach dies in his sleep on 30th birthday

Mr. Ofa Ki Tonga Hautau resided in Pacific Grove, California. He played college football at Monterey Peninsula College, and was a defensive line coach at the school. The Monterey Herald reported that Mr. Hautau “died in his sleep at home” on February 10.

Monterey Peninsula College had a vaccine mandate from October 2021 until the Fall of 2022. A GoFundMe page is collecting funds in Mr. Hautau’s memory.

Danny Aldington: 47-year-old former British Labor councillor collapses and dies while playing soccer

Mr. Danny Aldington resided in Bedworth, Warwickshire. He is a former member of the Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council, representing the Poplar ward.

Mr. Aldington was playing in a soccer game for the Bedworth and District Walking Football Club on February 11 when he suddenly collapsed. He was rushed to a nearby hospital, but pronounced dead shortly after arrival.

Pierre Lipton: 26-year-old Rhode Island business owner collapses and dies while running a marathon

Mr. Pierre Sasha Michael Lipton resided in Providence, Rhode Island. He was named to Forbes 30 Under 30 List in 2022 as co-founder of Chicago-based 1440 Media.

Mr. Lipton and his girlfriend were running in the Mesa Marathon in Arizona on February 4 when he collapsed right after crossing the finish line. He was rushed to a nearby hospital, but pronounced dead on arrival.

Rohit Keshari: 26-year-old India man collapses and dies while out on morning walk

Mr. Rohit Keshari resided in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. He was out on his routine morning walk on February 16. Mr. Keshari suffered severe chest pains upon returning home. He called an ambulance. But medical personnel pronounced him dead upon arrival at a local hospital. The cause of death was a heart attack.

Aman Jain: 28-year-old India man dies suddenly while on lunch break from work

Mr. Aman Jain Pannu resided in Guna, Madhya Pradesh. He owned and operated a clothing store. Mr. Jain was eating lunch on February 16 when he suddenly felt “restless.” He laid down, only to lose consciousness a few minutes later. Family members drove him to a nearby hospital. But he was pronounced dead on arrival. The cause of death was cardiac arrest.

Take your health seriously

We’ve written at least 10 stories of people being denied vital medical care because they were non-vaccinated. Mr. D.J. Ferguson was denied a heart transplant by Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston a year ago because he was non-vaccinated. His GoFundMe raised $95,000. From all appearances, he received the transplant at another hospital.

Mr. Chad Carswell is the North Carolina double-amputee who was denied a kidney transplant at Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem, North Carolina because he was non-vaccinated. He finally got the transplant at another hospital late last year.

Things turned out well for those two. But there are perhaps millions of others whose stories did not go viral, and have either passed away or are still awaiting transplants. That includes Melbourne, Victoria (Australia) mother-of-two Vicki Derderian.

She suffered severe heart failure in 2020. Ms. Derderian had a Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) implanted in her body to pump blood since her heart cannot adequately do so. It is supposed to be a bridge therapy, meaning one that is utilized temporarily until the patient receives a heart transplant.

Ms. Derderian appeared on the Nine Network’s Today Show on February 12. She said the hospital told her “no jab, no heart.” The eight-minute interview featured a vaxx zealot medical puppet named Dr. Nick Coatsworth. The Canberra-based “doctor” tries straddling the fence, pretending to be against vaccine mandates, while constantly promoting the injections.

Coatsworth told Ms. Derderian that Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews, who implemented the mandates, and the doctors refusing to treat her, are correct. He then goes on to try and convince Ms. Derderian to receive the lethal injections. Watch the report below.

Ms. Derderian is unlikely to receive a heart transplant in Victoria anytime soon. She’ll have to leave the state and perhaps the country.

This blogger has grown to truly appreciate his heart since 2021. Just imagining what’s happening inside the bodies of all the vaccine genocide victims who drop dead or die in their sleep should be enough for everyone to re-evaluate their health and lifestyles.

No critical thinker should ever step foot in a hospital, doctor’s office or any other “medical” establishment again. If you absolutely need a doctor and cannot figure things out for yourself, there is telehealth. Granted many people have preexisting medical conditions that have convinced them that doctors are necessary. But there are so many simple precautions that can vastly improve your health.

Check your body mass index (BMI). Getting under or as close to 25 as possible is the easiest way to lower blood pressure, improve sleep, reduce cancer risk, improve your sex life, etc. Eat onions, garlic and take ubiquinol (CoQ10) everyday. Your heart is literally a perpetually-running engine. Ubiquinol is like heart oil. Onions and garlic keep your blood clean and reduce clotting. Finally, eliminate processed sugars and processed foods in general. That alone will help you lose weight.

This blogger has done two things his entire adult life – journalism and personal training. The latter is over because there is too much risk of [vaxxed] clients dropping dead. If not for yourself, do it for the people you love and who love you. The Great Reset is a battle of attrition. If you want to go on this new world, at least give yourself the best chance possible.

Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.


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Omri Hussain
Omri Hussain
1 year ago

Please everybody let’s not also forget the devastating earthquake in Turkey/Syria was caused by the globalists using geo engineering technologies. These sick people are going to seriously cripple any nation that dare stands in the way of the Great Reset. Turkey wasn’t playing ball with the globalists’ sick and twisted agenda. These sick and twisted people are not going to stop at anything now. They have been plotting and planning the New World Order for decades. Too much is at stake for them now.
Once the world’s population has been significantly reduced by these killer jabs, and geo-engineered climate catastrophes, the globalists know it is game set and match. We are seeing a horror story unfolding before our eyes that will be hell on earth. Perhaps the ones who have died from the killer jabs are the lucky ones. The survivors who make it to 2030, will live lives that will make the Stalin’s gulags look like five star holiday camps. God help us all.

1 year ago

Amen. Avoid the msm medical, dental and veterinarian communities. My grandfather always said the doctor was there to make money and healthy patients don’t make them money. They like managed decline – keep the test, prescriptions and procedures going. Ka-ching! $$$ I will do my best to not support them in anyway.

Atom man
Atom man
1 year ago
Reply to  Annie

There is that profit motive. I have had dentists advise me to do work that I did not need in the opinion of another dentist. Once I wondered about a “mole” (pigmented nevus) on my left forearm while handling disability claims – you develop “medical students’ disease” reading all those reports. One of our medical consultants, and ex USN man with 7 children and trained as an ophthalmologist told me it didn’t look like anything to him (i.e., malignant melanoma) but added, “go to a dermatologist and if he has all the money he wants he will tell you the truth”. This is a true story!

1 year ago

A planet of lambs being led to the slaughterhouse.
The lack of righteous anger in the “rememberances” is startling – I haven’t had any family or close companions for ages; but if a vaccine hoax actually killed someone I loved; I would be beyond rage. It is a neutered nation.
The “GoFundMe” requests – to get others to pay your family’s funeral bills has always struck me as incredibly unseemly unless you are genuinely destitute.
When I layed members of my family to rest all those years ago; it would have been unthinkable to ask strangers to foot the bill – and I was a long way from well-off.
Shameless nation; reaping what it has sown.
And I haven’t even mentioned what is happening in Ohio…

1 year ago
Reply to  Hmm

? true.

1 year ago

The smartest people in the world live in some of the countries enduring the greatest psyop, propaganda, mass genocide in human history, yet remain Pureblood.

Lefties R Loozers
Lefties R Loozers
1 year ago

Excellent advice, Brian. Many of us look forward to your well-researched articles, as well as your intelligent and prescient musings.

I am off to check out ubiquitol. Other than Bozo’s 3rd party mega-store, any advice on where to purchase this supplement? Thanks in advance.

As always, DO NOT COMPLY.

1 year ago

The vast majority of mea culpas are not sincere, imho. TPTB are trying to lull us into a state of calm detachment while they complete their political and financial takeover of our economic systems. Kevin Bass is a good example. He tried to follow me and other medical dissenters on Twitter early on in the pandemic with his bombastic establishment opinions on everything related to health. Now I see he is trying to deconstruct the notion that adequate vitamin D levels are important in protecting oneself against covid. This behavior coming on the heels of TPTB trying to ram Codex Alimentarius down our throats and private equity buying the major supplement companies. Codex is absolute control of food, medicine, and supplements.

1 year ago

The young are dying because adults forced them to take something they didn’t need or want. Yet Dr. Coatsworth lives on. Doesn’t seem right.

1 year ago

All of these unnecessary deaths are absolutely heart breaking! I’m so glad to see that you wrote about what happened to the honest, hardworking and very faithful folks at Seeds for Generations! I cried when I got their email about the fire, but God is good and they have some amazing supporters helping them!

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x