Mainstream media “journalists” Taylor Lorenz, Ben Collins, et al. vs. their employers vs. Elon Musk wars are getting funnier and more pathetic by the day
December 20, 2022 (updated December 21, 2022)

Few people have heard of the 1991 dark comedy movie “Shakes the Clown.” It has a lot of star power, with Adam Sandler, Bobcat Goldthwait, Kathy Griffin, Robin Williams, Florence Henderson (Carol Brady), Julie Brown (the White one, not “Downtown Julie Brown” from MTV) and Lawanda Page.

The film flopped big time at the box office. Only young Gen Xers saw the movie, while drinking and/or smoking weed as teenagers and 20-somethings. But “Shakes the Clown” epitomizes today’s mainstream media landscape.

Shakes (Goldthwait) and his gang are the party clowns, the ones that twist up balloon animals and entertain kids at birthday parties. But there’s lots of infighting among them, as they are all drunks, unhappy with life, and always competing for the next big opportunity. Party clowns hate the mimes because the latter are effeminate and entitled-acting.

The rodeo clowns hates both the mimes and the party clowns. But the rodeo clowns provide the party clowns cocaine and occasionally party with them.

Mainstream media executives are the party clowns. Elon Musk is the rodeo clown, while mainstream media so-called “journalists” are the mimes. This past week was a real-life Shakes the Clown re-enactment with said characters, and is providing a preview of the new mainstream media dynamics heading into 2023.

The @ElonJet Twitter account controversy

We already know that Musk’s “free speech absolutist” declaration was false. But Musk specifically mentioned the @ElonJet Twitter account in July, and again in November, when he said no account would be banned under his leadership simply for exercising free speech.

Conversely, virtually all liberal mimes “journalists” have tweeted some version of “Twitter is a private company and can ban whoever it wants” since the company banned former President Donald Trump and other conservative politicians and commentators.

That is (was) the second-most regurgitated liberal slogan after “it would have been worse if I wasn’t vaccinated.”

The @ElonJet Twitter account was first created in June 2020 by University of Central Florida student Jack Sweeney. The account uses publicly-available Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast (ADS-B) data to track and report where Musk’s private $70 million jet is at any given time.

Elon Musk’s private jet.

Sweeney also had accounts that followed the private jets of Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and other billionaires. He programmed bots to parse the data and tweet it in real-time. Musk could have nipped @ElonJet in the bud long ago if he wasn’t a cheapskate. He contacted Sweeney in January 2022 via Twitter direct message.

Musk asked Sweeney to take the @ElonJet account down in exchange for $5,000. Sweeney counter-offered for $50,000, or a new Tesla car, or an internship with one of Musk’s companies, in exchange for deleting the account.

Musk is still the fourth-richest non-Rothchild/Rockefeller/Warburg/BlackRock/Vanguard person in the world despite struggling Tesla stocks and Musk way overpaying for Twitter in 2022. But paying a 20-year-old kid $50,000, which is about .00003067% of Musk’s net worth, was too high of a price tag. Put another way, .00003067% of a random person’s net worth of $50,000 is less than $0.02.

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@ElonJet tweeted on December 13 that Musk’s plane arrived at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) from Oakland at around 9:50 p.m. local time.

Almost exactly 24 hours later, Musk posted a Twitter thread, saying that he suspended the @ElonJet account. Musk alleged that a “crazy stalker” jumped on the hood of a car carrying his kid “Lil X.” He posted a 10-second video of the alleged stalker and the license plate of the car said stalker was driving.

Musk cited a Twitter policy, that he literally created that same day, as the reason for suspending @ElonJet. He claimed that @ElonJet “doxxed” him, which led to the crazy stalker incident. Musk suspended all of Sweeney’s other accounts as well, including his personal account, @TrumpJets, @GatesJets, @BezosJets, @CelebJets and several more. The fallout was just beginning.

Elon Musk suspends several “journalists”

Musk went on a suspending spree the next day, December 15. Several high-profile liberal journalists reported on the @ElonJet vs. Musk saga that night. They were all locked out of Twitter for posting links to the @ElonJet Mastodon account for reference, since the corresponding Twitter account was gone. Mastodon is an “open source,” liberal social network that is similar to Twitter. It was founded in 2016.

ESPN host and podcaster Keith Olbermann, and former Vox and Fox 9 Minneapolis writer Rupar, were the first to get suspended. Drew Harwell of the Washington Post, Donie O’Sullivan of CNN, and Ryan Mac of the New York Times were also suspended in that round. Matt Binder of Mashable, Micah Lee of The Intercept, Steve Herman of state-run Voice of America, and others were suspended from Twitter later night.

Harwell, a “professional journalist” with a “respected” newspaper, sent this childish email to Musk on December 13, one day before all the suspensions started. Some believe this email provided even more motivation for Musk to cut Harwell off Twitter.

The official Mastodon Twitter page (@joinmastodon) was also suspended, as were the accounts of high-profile people who shared links promoting their Mastodon and other social media accounts. Twitter spontaneously created this rule on Sunday, and flagged all links to Mastodon as malware, complete with a warning before users could click through.

Former Elon Musk butt-kisser, turned hater, and venture capitalist Paul Graham, who has 1.5 million Twitter followers, was the highest profile person suspended for sharing a link to his Mastodon.

Musk tweeted that the anti-doxxing rules apply to everyone, including “journalists.” He accused @ElonJet and the journalists of posting his “assassination coordinates” and endangering himself and his family.

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The “journalists” held an emergency Twitter Spaces meeting about an hour later to discuss the suspensions. All of the usual radical liberal vaxx zealot suspects were present.  This blogger tried listening to the entire thing, but some self-aggrandizing, Musk butt-kissing “entrepreneur” named Jason Calacanis trolled the meeting for about 20 minutes. We checked back later and found a recording of Musk dropping into the meeting for about three minutes.

He lectured the journalists like kids, again accusing them of “doxxing.” The journalists played their elitist cards, implying that New York Times, Washington Post, etc. “reporters” are immune from being suspended from the platform.

Several of the suspended “journalists” were able to join the Twitter space via a technical glitch.

Ben Collins, Taylor Lorenz, and

You know things are getting weird when NBC News suddenly claims it has journalistic standards and takes action against its own performers.

Ben Collins (pictured) is perhaps the worst of all these mainstream media liberal puppets this side of Brandy Zadrozny (the most irrelevant of the trio) and Taylor Lorenz (more on her in a sec). As first reported by Max Tani at, Collins was suspended from both NBC and MSNBC television for “editorially inappropriate” comments about Musk. His biased, radical liberal opinions were too much for even NBC.

The final straw was apparently a tweet from December 7, which Collins implied that Musk is stupid.

The suspension was shocking, considering that NBC News has no journalistic standards, except for its policy of repeating lies until their audience believes the lies. The network literally suspended journalist Miguel Almaguer last month for telling the truth, a violation of NBC News policy.

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It’s unclear how long Collins will be off the air. His Twitter account is now set to private, likely at the behest of his bosses.

Taylor Lorenz – Washington Post

This Taylor Lorenz character (pictured) is Collins on steroids. She worked for the New York Times from 2019 to March 2022, before moving over to the Washington Post. Lorenz is known for three things. Lying is her greatest attribute.

Lorenz has lied about her age throughout her entire professional career. Thus she was no credibility whatsoever except among liberals; and it’s easy for her to lie about everything else since she cannot even be truthful about her age. We’re going with the Washington Free Beacon report of age 39.

The Washington Post was forced to issue corrections on Lorenz’s Johnny Depp/Amber Heard story in June because she lied about personally contacting sources. They only issued the public corrections (after trying to sneak in the edits without anyone noticing) after the sources Lorenz lied about called her out on Twitter.

Lorenz’s second greatest attribute is playing the feminist, fake PTSD, victim card. She constantly writes scathing, manipulative articles about people, then expects to be immune from criticism. The Matt Drudge and Marc Andreessen lie stories come to mind immediately. She also doxxed the popular Libs of TikTok Twitter account in an April 19, 2022 article. Lorenz harassed the relatives of said person for the story.

Lorenz wants to fire live bullets, while everyone else is armed with water guns. She wants to play football, while simultaneously playing the “woman card” so linebackers won’t crush her like they would any other player on the field. Lorenz constantly cries misogyny, patriarchy, and discrimination when anyone criticizes and/or calls out her tired, damsel-in-distress act.

Lorenz embarrassed herself irreparably, and is still trolled to this day, for going on MSNBC in April, fake crying, and playing the worst and most unconvincing victim act in history.

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She chastised MSNBC reporter Morgan Radford for betraying a “fellow woman journalist” simply for publishing the story she captured. Lorenz literally plays a perpetual victim card, and expected MSNBC to edit the story to cast her in the best light.

Finally, Lorenz is known for being the Defendant in an $11.6 million defamation lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court of Southern New York. She wrote a smear piece via the New York Times about Influences, Inc. and its owner Ariadna Jacob, on August 14, 2020. Ms. Jacob, who was the talent agent for several TikTok influencers, lost her business and reputation because of the Lorenz hit piece.

The Second Amended Complaint, filed on October 5, revealed that Lorenz is represented by Hollywood heavyweight United Talent Agency, a direct competitor of Jacob’s Influences, Inc. The lawsuit alleges, among other things, that Lorenz deliberately destroyed Jacob’s company and livelihood, using the powerful New York Times as the vehicle, to benefit both herself and her talent agency. Read the full lawsuit here.

Lorenz was suspended from Twitter on December 17 for her previous doxxing and for posting links to her other social media accounts. She, most of these other “journalists,” and @joinmastodon were reinstated by Sunday. But Lorenz posted both Instagram and TikTok Live videos on Saturday.

She and all of her mainstream media buddies were at a “meetup,” wondering why all of a sudden their former absolute power and elite status on Twitter is now gone. Lorenz really played up her valley girl persona in the livestreams.

You must only endure 50 seconds of it.

All the mainstream media “journalists” and Hollywood liberals are fed up with Musk. So they are mass migrating to a new social media site called literally just launched the Beta version of its platform on November 14. It was founded by Israeli Noam Bardin, the former CEO of the Google-owned satellite navigation app Waze from 2009 to 2021. has a business model somewhat similar to Substack, where users buy points to “tip” content creators. The platform keeps 30% of all tips.

The company is primarily funded by Silicon Valley venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, aka a16z. The other major investor is Scott Galloway, a professor of marketing at New York University and founder of digital intelligence firm L2, Inc. Galloway is a die-hard vaxx zealot, which is good news for liberals. But here’s the funny part.

Andreessen Horowitz gave Elon Musk $400 million to help him acquire Twitter. In other words, there are conflicts of interest between and Twitter. But fear not. Bardin gave his new flock of high-profile liberals his assurance of no Twitter influence on the company via a “trust me bro” declaration.

“We did discuss the Twitter investment at the highest level and I can assure you that it is not a problem – Post is separated from the people involved with Twitter and a clear line has been set.”

As of publishing, has a waiting list of around 89,000 users. The site is a total experiment that is relying on users buying into the monetization model, and coders getting everything ready for prime time on short deadlines. But when it’s all said and done, these “journalists,” their companies, and the Hollywood elite need Twitter because of its reach. They stand to lose far too much exposure, revenue and millions of followers without the platform.

NBC, Washington Post cleaning house in 2023?

CNN has been firing its on-air “talent” since this past summer. The network’s highest-rated show, Anderson Cooper, is #26 among all cable news shows. New CEO Chris Licht was tasked with trying to bring the network back to some level of respectability, since the station took on its biased liberal act since the mid-2000s. Liberals have been attacking Licht for firing their heroes and echo chambers leaders. But television news is ultimately business, and CNN is an endeavor that is hemorrhaging money every year.

Most of mainstream media relied on liberal hatred of Donald Trump for ratings and profits from 2015 through 2021. But that hustle is drying up; and they now must produce real news and programming if they wish to survive. Several other mainstream media outlets are taking the same approach as CNN.

Business Insider reported in late November that NBCUniversal, which is owned by Comcast, wants to cut $1 billion from its budget in the first quarter of 2023. Each division chief, including NBC News President Noah Oppenheim, have been given lower budget targets that they must hit via personnel cuts. Comcast lost 561,000 cable television subscribers in Q3 2022 alone. NBCUniversal’s online streaming service, Peacock, increased its paying customer base by 70% in 2022. But Peacock is still expected to lose $2.5 billion this year.

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Meanwhile the Washington Post got ruthless with its staff. CEO Fred Ryan told a room full of WAPO employees at a town hall meeting on December 14 that the company is laying off “a single digit percentage of its workforce” in the first quarter of 2023. The news comes exactly two weeks after WAPO abruptly announced an end to its Sunday Magazine. The final issue will publish on December 25. Ten staff members were fired as a result.

You can once again feel the entitled attitude of these mainstream media workers. They barked questions at CEO Ryan as he walked out of the room after announcing the layoffs, right before Christmas. One worker said “you’re being disrespectful,” as if WAPO owes them a job. Video of those moments leaked online.

The Washington Post has lost 500,000 paid subscribers since January 2021 when Biden took office, according to the Wall Street Journal. This once again shows that all these mainstream media outlets ate off of the Trump presidency. Now they are all left scrambling, trying to create new shticks to attract, engage and retain audiences. Pure journalism is unlikely to be their next moves.

What does all this mean?

The mimes (“journalists”) have a valid point. The @ElonJet Twitter account did not “dox” Elon Musk. The account simply publishes the same publicly-available data this blogger uses when researching airplane #vaxxidents. Anyone can access the data themselves. @ElonJet simply publishes the data (still on Facebook, Mastodon and other social media) in a convenient, easy-to-read fashion. It comes with the territory of owning a private jet.

Further, the entire “crazy stalker” story smelled like Jussie Smollett from the start. The incident took at a gas station in Pasadena, a full day after Musk landed in Los Angeles. Musk also has not filed any crime reports with Los Angeles Police, who also said there’s no evidence that the crazy stalker used data from the @ElonJet Twitter account.

WAPO “journalists” Lorenz and Harwell identified the stalker as Brandon Collado via an alleged tweet he sent to Musk. He is an Uber Eats driver who was making deliveries in a rental car, presumably through the company’s internal marketplace. Collado, again according to Musk, jumped on the car hood that was allegedly carrying Musk’s kid.

Collado tweeted at Musk, “I am the guy in this video,” according to the WAPO report. There is no evidence anywhere of this tweet’s existence. It’s legitimate to question the authenticity of the WAPO report based on their axe to grind against Musk, and their documented history of lying, particularly Lorenz. But if we’re to believe WAPO, Collado sounds like a complete nutcase.

The reporters failed to asked Collado if he really jumped on the car hood as Musk alleged. The WAPO story also took several childish, irrelevant jabs at Musk, saying he was booed at a Dave Chappelle show. They also continued whining about “journalists” being suspended from Twitter.

RELATED: #TwitterFiles conditioning conservatives to trust Elon Musk; plus Tucker Carlson vs. Hunter Biden, and the concepts of “controlled opposition” and propaganda (December 15, 2022)


Musk is in the right for his actions, based on these “journalists” stated positions in support of censorship prior to the Twitter change of ownership. Perhaps the suspensions were random and whimsical. But again, these people always repeated their slogan “Twitter is a private company” when The COVID Blog®, Alex Jones, Donald Trump, et al. were suspended. All of them were temporarily suspended, and most of them are back on the platform as of publishing. But even the temporary ban bruised their privileged, entitled egos.

This was a strange past week in mainstream media all around. We just wrote about Fox News’ Tucker Carlson and his shameless obedience to News Corp Rupert Murdoch last week. Murdoch specifically outlaws any and all 9/11 commentary contrary to the official story. Thus Carlson calls everyone who questions the official narrative “stupid.”

But suddenly, this past Thursday, Carlson broadcasted a story questioning the official story on President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. JFK and 9/11 are perhaps the two most discussed “conspiracy theories” of the last 100 years (mRNA injections are entering that discussion now as well). Murdoch is suddenly fine with his employees questioning the official JFK story, but not 9/11.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. even gave Carlson a hat tip for story via Twitter.

It all seems coordinated, like that story was deliberately planted and disseminated by the powers-that-be for distraction discourse or whatever other reason. The randomness is very odd.

RELATED: History of media deregulation, monopolization of media by 8 alleged “chosen people,” the NewsGuard app, and why trust in mainstream news is now at all-time lows (November 7, 2022)


They can always hide behind a 2020 federal court ruling where a judge said “given Mr. Carlson’s reputation, any reasonable viewer arrive[s] with an appropriate amount of skepticism about the statements he makes.” The judge also called Carlson’s show “hyperbole, exaggeration, and non-literal commentary.” If nothing else, this story serves the purpose of further entrenching Carlson as an “anti-establishment” darling among right wingers, along with Musk. Both phenomena are necessary for the next stage of The Great Reset in 2023.

The Washington Post is the newspaper of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. The two young journalists reporting broke the Watergate Hotel story in 1972.

Carl Bernstein (L) and Bob Woodward, circa 1972.

The story ultimately forced President Richard Nixon’s resignation two years later.

Tom Brokaw reported live on NBC Nightly News in 1989 that the Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, and Ronald Reagan Administrations were accused of being entangled in a call-boy ring. The story was buried thereafter, but at least he put it out there.

This blogger was inspired by Edward R. Murrow, Woodward, Bernstein and Brokaw at a very young age. The Washington Post, The New York Times, NBC News…these were respected, trusted news institutions once upon a time. Every young journalist wanted to work for them. Today all of said organizations are liberal trash receptacles with zero credibility. But now the higher-ups are taking notice, trying to salvage that little integrity is left at these places.

WAPO and NBC News must use the forthcoming 2023 layoffs to wash their hands of radical, lying liberal activists posing as journalists. Ben Collins, Taylor Lorenz, and Brandy Zadrozny should all be on the chopping block. They are a collective disgrace to journalism and do not deserve to use that title.

Lorenz has repeatedly embarassed the Washington Post with her lies and histrionics. Zadrozny’s “Tiffany Dover” podcast was also an expensive embarassment, garnering a 14-to-1 dislikes to likes ratio on YouTube. Collins’ above reproach, entitled disposition has apparently reached a boiling point with his bosses.

If these three and other libral activists want to add their opinions to news, then they need to start their own websites instead of destroying the historical names of their current employers. But these types only know how to work for a paycheck, not build something from scratch and grow it based on your own merits, but the merits of large media corporations and bottomless budgets.

Elon certainly provided some much-needed laughs this week, the way he g-checked all those mainstream media puppets. For that he deserves a fist bump. But as real journalists do, we now go right back to objectively covering his erractic behavior, the liberals’ entitlement, Fox News’ controlled opposition, and everything else that is The Great Reset.

Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.


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1 year ago

I have personally thought of Musk as an entitled twit, but I “like” him now in a manner similar to Trump. I don’t think either one of them can be trusted, but at least they are trolling Liberals instead of Conservatives. But maybe that has always been their purpose; to give Conservatives an outlet for their frustrations, a sort of pressure valve of hope to make them think that something is happening. It is starting to seem like it has all been a plan, as the noose is slowly adjusted around our collective neck.

1 year ago
Reply to  Indomitable

I agree with this sentiment. They need us engaged. The whole point of these social media’s is to form our opinions.. even if they can only move the needle on some individual a little bit – they can move the needle on society a lot.. but only if we engage with it. The whole Twitter thing right now (coincidentally right after an election) IMO is to keep movable conservatives on their platform and off places like this. Then they can move them when they need too… like right before an election or when they want us to take experimental injectables.

shout out to Brian for this internet oasis

1 year ago
Reply to  Indomitable

Musk is controlled opposition. TPTB have seen the purebloods will not budge on vaccines, they challenge MSM narratives and are very vocal, so let’s channel this energy and mass to one platform with a savior who possess similar views, et voila Twitter + Elon. Be very alert and bark at any hypocrisy, its starts off as crumbs then evolves into supraliminal boulder sized ‘truth’ bombs.

1 year ago

I hear the libs on mastodon are causing problems as they report each other’s hate speech. If you are looking for absurd amusement, you should check out that site and get your popcorn ready. ? will have the same problem. Liberals haven’t realized or admitted that THEY are the problem. The rest of the world functions quite well without them. In fact, encourage them to get all boosters, flu shots and shingle shots asap. That will soon sort out the problem, reduce greenhouse gasses and promote happiness through out the world. ??

1 year ago
Reply to  Annie

Well said! We don’t want to hear/read them. We do t care what they say.
Taylor was bashed on TikTok, people telling her she bought subscribers and her reach is lowest also that she must leave us alone here and go away from Tik :). Everybody dislike her for the LibsofTikTok doxxing.
I very much love the fact that the present “Football World Cup” in Qatar had the highest audience in all times! People loved that was pure football, no agenda no politica no liberal things. And people didn’t gived a … nothing… on all libs call for boycot! Lol. We don’t care what they endorse, Oscars, GoldenGlobes etc we don’t watch we don’t care.
We know the truth about Qatar and how much lied they said and they have 0 influence on us!

Carolyn Holm
Carolyn Holm
1 year ago
Reply to  Annie

They sell their souls to the globalists, take the money and then scream at everyone else from the evil inside of themselves.

1 year ago
Reply to  Carolyn Holm

They sell their souls to the globalists, take the money and then scream at everyone else from the evil inside of themselves.

They don’t just scream at ‘everyone else’, they scream ‘at the sky’.

As best I can tell, they all THINK deserve Chris Hemsworth [on steroids] – no matter their appearance, no matter the color of their hair, no matter their size, no matter their accomplishments in life [or lack thereof] . . . they ALL DESERVE Chris Hemsworth.

1 year ago

Extraordinary repornind and journalism, Brian! You are one of the very few people that can wrote such a long article that is easy and very entertaining to read!
I read the articles entire and without getting bored at all which is strange for me in this state – smoking and drinking gives me very strong ADHS symptoms that go Away when I keep a clean diet/sport etc. So for me it is a Performance to be able to read something amd be there inside the read. Or movie or whatever. I can read very good books or see an extraordinary movie though and is so conforting. With most reports today I struggle I cant read as are so boring, just in diagonal/Fast I cam do this as well but to really stay focused and enjoy a read is rare for today journalism very very rare!
Your talent and slills are amazing and once again thank you for all that you do here

1 year ago

How about bringing back ALL the Twitter accounts of those who called this covid thing correctly from the start!! Don’t preach “free speech” while snuffing out some who should have never been shunned in the first place, while keeping others who wish you would die and rot in hell.

If I ran Twitter, I would cancel everyone PERMANENTLY who doxxed me or my family, who put my loved ones at risk, or in any way threatened another person. It is not freedom of speech to allow such things to continue. When your enemy threatens you, you stomp him into the ground before he obtains enough power to make it happen. Because once he gets power, you will regret having taken the “high road.”

Freedom of speech has limitations. We are not free to commit perjury or libel or slander. You do not get to virtue signal how you are all about freedom of speech while you continue to support those who seek to destroy us.

1 year ago

Taylor Lorenz: “Never did I think a fellow woman journalist would throw a colleague under the bus, …”

Colonel Munro, in The Last of the Mohicans:  l have lived to see something which l never expected. A British officer afraid to support another.

Came to memory on reading that part of this essay.

And as an aside, I think the cost of CNN for its ever-diminishing effectiveness now means its a CIA budget drag.

1 year ago

“She wants to play football, while simultaneously playing the “woman card” so linebackers cannot crush her like they would any other player on the field. Lorenz constantly cries misogyny, patriarchy, and discrimination when anyone criticizes and/or calls out her tired, damsel-in-distress act.

Lorenz embarrassed herself irreparably, and is still trolled to this day, for going on MSNBC in April, fake crying, and playing the worst and most unconvincing victim act in history.”

Women are equal to men in every way, which is the very reason they should be required to register with Selective Service.

I’m sure they will be very useful on the front-lines of the coming war with Russia & China.

What’s that you say, ‘Women can’t QUALIFY for infantry assignments.’?

Well, we just need to low the physical standards, like has been done in the Police & Fire services across the country.

Don’t worry about getting pregnant, ladies – if the vaxx hasn’t made you sterile, you’ll get a free abortion, and/or your child will enjoy free state run foster childcare while you’re deployed.

I mean, if the gals aren’t FORCED to fight & die for their country in useless wars & dangerous jobs, as men have been in the past, they really aren’t full citizens, much less equals.

By the way, what IS a woman, anyway? A social construct, right?

1 year ago
Reply to  Kiel

I Identify as a woman when it comes to selective service.. let the bankers fight their own wars.

1 year ago
Reply to  Kiel

They used to say “women and children first” in escaping some kind of emergency—-during nobler times. Too many beta males and feminazis now. I hate this current post modern culture. I’m a mom. I’m married to a man. Trying to raise sons to be strong, good, Christian men. Hard to in this day and age but from what I see all around me, so far I’m doing a good job when I compare them to their peers. I hope they find some good women to marry. Might be pretty difficult from what I’m seeing though. Maybe through our church.

1 year ago

This morning I received a text from one of my brothers. He and his family, all vaxx zealots, are sick yet again with Covid. The same is true for another vaxx zealot brother and his family. One of them predicted that we’ll all be sick with Covid by Christmas. One brother’s wife recently had a sudden cancer flare-up as well.

Oddly enough, those of us who did not just submit to jabbing, but enthusiastically pursued it, have been the ones repeatedly getting sick, while those of us who remained vaxx-free have also remained healthy.

I see a pattern developing…

Despite all of the sudden deaths one finds on this blog and elsewhere, I’ve noticed no changing of opinions in vaxx zealots. They get their news from mainstream (controlled) sources so they’re totally oblivious to what’s happening around them. In their opinion, if anyone dies,well, that shows the person should have been vaxxed even more, and somehow it’s the fault of the unvaxxed because we’re supposedly spreading illness, even though we’re not sick..

We the unvaxxed are going to need to maintain a low profile to avoid a possible coming witch hunt when widespread death and injury can no longer be ignored or covered up. People will be looking for someone to blame, and they’ll be easily fooled yet again into believing more lies.

1 year ago
Reply to  Piglet

and somehow it’s the fault of the unvaxxed because we’re supposedly spreading illness, even though we’re not sick..” I have noticed this as well. The zombies will look at those of us who are not zombies, and will then we will become their scapegoat. We better prepare for this.

1 year ago
Reply to  Piglet

“We the unvaxxed are going to need to maintain a low profile to avoid a possible coming witch hunt”

2 or 3 weeks ago I asked a guy at work that I like if he was vaxxed. He looked furtively left and right and replied : “NO. But please keep it just between the two of us. Don’t tell anyone”.

I just laughed and said : “me, I have a hoodie that says it”. He laughed and said “I know”.


NO Mask
NO Vax



If you don’t have the courage of your convictions, you might as well not have those convictions. You are unuseful, go get the vaxx and the boosters.

You are quick to praise Brian for his courage, from under the rock you are hiding under.

1 year ago

The limit of freedom of speech

In the nineteenth century John Stuart Mill thought that the limit would be inciting a mob outside the home of a corn-grower, corn-growers being for some reason most unpopular. With our speed of communication and travel would providing Musks jet coordinates be the equivalent? On balance I tend to think, not – quite. Even so in a world where stalking is now a crime it does seem to be that.

Raymond J
Raymond J
1 year ago

The media has always been evil. Thomas Jefferson once said he did not read newspapers since it was better to be uninformed than misinformed.

1 year ago

You can just look into their eyes in the photos to see how crazy they are.

1 year ago

You know people in public view, journalists, influencers, movies stars often appear to have drank from the Fountain of Stupid. I think Abe Lincoln said it best paraphrasing from a biblical proverb: ” it’s better to be thought of as a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt…” Thanks so much my friend, a great researcher and a blogger that stays on top of things. I don’t comment here as often as I could but you say it all here. God bless you for this page. I share it when I can. Sad though how people will fight for the truth, yet when it comes to reading it, the programming kicks in and truth is mocked. The lies being told about what’s going on circles the earth before truth has a chance to put it’s pants on; and that’s the greatest threat. Truth is there for those who can receive it. ?

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