NBC News suspends journalist Miguel Almaguer for asking real journalistic questions about the ever-changing alleged burglary, attack on Paul Pelosi

November 23, 2022

Paul Pelosi.

SAN FRANCISCO — “Are you that f*ggot n*gger from Empire? This is MAGA country.” They poured bleach on him, beat him up, and tied a rope around his neck. That is the story Black homosexual actor Jussie Smollett told police about this alleged attack on January 29, 2019. Two White men wearing MAGA hats and ski masks attacked him while walking to Subway, according to Smollett.

This tale was obviously fake. Chicago is about as far from “MAGA country” as you can get. White MAGA people don’t watch Empire. And it was at least 14 degrees below zero Fahrenheit, with -50 wind chills, that night. Millionaires don’t walk to Subway for food at 2 a.m. during deep freezes like that.

Regardless, Democrats and liberal media pounced on the tale. They defended Smollett in unison. A principal Democrat agenda is to always use the words “racist and homophobic” together in their shameless, malevolent quest to equate being Black, and the struggles of Black Americans, with homosexual culture. It’s the same thing they did last week with the Senate vote to codify homosexual marriage. They included interracial marriage in the bill, which has absolutely nothing to do with homosexual culture, and hasn’t been publicly challenged by anyone since the 1960s.

It’s reasonable to assume that a DNC script writer was in contact with all these high-level Democrats to ensure consistency in their Smollett messaging.

They used the term “lynching,” to again forward their malicious agenda to equate homosexual culture with Black American struggles. It took only a few weeks for the entire story to fall apart. Police quickly learned that Smollett paid two Nigerian immigrants $3,500 to do the fake attack. It took three years and a lot of theater. But Smollett was finally sentenced to 150 days in jail and ordered to pay $120,000 in restitution for orchestrating the hoax. And in true narcissistic, embarrassing homosexual liberal victim fashion, Smollett screamed, yelled and still denied responsibility for the hoax when he was hauled off to jail.

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The Smollett comedy was from the mainstream media propaganda playbook of “believe what we tell you, not what you see and hear with your own eyes and ears.” The Democrat “racist and homophobic” agenda was clear from the very start with the Smollett tale. It’s unclear what the true agenda is with this Paul Pelosi story. Perhaps it was to energize more Democrat voters to go to the polls, since the incident happened less than two weeks before Election Day. But now mainstream media, particularly NBC News, are not even trying to hide the fact that they are propaganda machines, completely disinterested in journalistic integrity and reporting truth.

The initial Paul Pelosi reports and quick changes

Paul Pelosi is of course the husband of outgoing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. You have to go back to the initial archived reports to understand the strange, chameleon-like nature of the entire story. The incident took place on October 28 at the Pelosi’s home at 2:27 a.m. Police say the suspect, 42-year-old David DePape, forced his way into the Pelosi home through a backdoor. Nancy was reportedly out of town.

David DePape.

Politico, directly quoting San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott, reported that when officers arrived at the residence, they knocked on the door and “were let inside by an unknown person.” That story also says that DePape allowed Mr. Pelosi, 82, to use the bathroom, which is when he called 911. Thus, there was a third person inside the house when this happened. Two days later, Politico updated the article and removed the part about the unknown third person letting police inside the house.

NBC News was also present at Chief Scott’s press conference. They also reported, on October 30, that the chief said there was a third person who let police into the house.

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Then there’s the report from Investigative Reporter Evan Sernoffsky, of Bay Area Fox-affiliate KTVU. He reported on October 28 that both Mr. Pelosi and DePape were wearing only underwear when police arrived at the house. But Sernoffsky retracted the report hours later.

The police dispatch call just raises even more questions. The RP (“reporting person”), meaning Mr. Pelosi, told the 911 operator that the intruder’s name was David, and that he is a friend.

The remaining initial story goes that police told the two men to drop a hammer they were both holding. But DePape got control of the hammer, swung at Pelosi, and hit him at least once with the hammer before police tackled the alleged assailant. The story also goes that DePape is a “Q-Anon conspiracy theorist,” election denier, and a nudist. He lived in Berkeley, California, but was a Canadian citizen in the U.S. illegally. DePape also allegedly was saying “where’s Nancy” because she was the intended target.

There are at least three security cameras outside the Pelosi residence, plus the police body cam footage. None of it has been released to the public.

Indictment and mad scramble to control the narrative

Both Politico and NBC News reported that a third, unknown person let police into the Pelosi home that night. After Politico retracted its initial report, another Politico reporter, Adam Wren, attacked and insulted everyone who shared his publication’s own report on this mystery third person.

Wren called the third person “a baseless claim,” again, despite his own publication reporting it. NBC News never retracted its report. Reuters published a “fact check” on November 1, declaring that the third, unknown person reports were “misleading.” Keep in mind that all the initial reporting came directly from San Francisco Police. Thus mainstream media are saying police lied, or police were told by the powers-that-be to change their story. The underwear story was also quickly retracted. The KTVU reporter has refused to disclose his source. Thus he was either lying from the start, or also now being instructed by TPTB.

Mr. Pelosi knew this “intruder’s” name, according to police dispatchers. DePape also allowed Pelosi to use the bathroom. Thus we’re supposed to believe that this intruder introduced himself and was the most polite burglar in history, or the two men were already acquainted in some way.

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Things got weirder and more confusing over the next several days. Elon Musk tweeted a link to a story questioning the official narrative. Liberal sergeants Jimmy Kimmel and Hillary Clinton attacked him and everyone else who was not eating up the propaganda. NBC News correspondent Miguel Almaguer appeared on The Today Show on November 4. He provided an update on the situation, now that a full week had passed since the initial incident.

Mr. Pelosi was released from the hospital on November 3. That seems quite incredible considering the police account saying he was struck “with full force” in the head with a hammer. Now police were saying, according to Almaguer, that Mr. Pelosi opened the door when they arrived.

Mr. Almaguer, in his report, then asked what a real journalist should ask – why didn’t Pelosi run out of the house when he opened the door if he was in danger? Also why did Pelosi walk back towards DePape instead of towards the safety of the police? Mr. Almaguer also reported that it’s still unknown what Pelosi and DePape were doing for 30 minutes when they were alone in the house.

Watch the report below.

Now with this version of the story, it’s unclear when DePape and Pelosi grabbed the hammer simultaneously. We would have to believe that Pelosi opened the door for police, walked back to DePape, and they both grabbed a hammer while police watched.

Just a few hours later, NBC News scrubbed Mr. Almaguer’s report from its websites and YouTube. NBC wrote the following on The Today Show site where the video was removed:

“Editor’s note: This piece has been removed from publication because it did not meet NBC News reporting standards.”

Mr. Almaguer mysteriously disappeared from the airwaves thereafter.

DePape was indicted on kidnapping and assault charges by a federal grand jury on November 9. The indictment raises even more questions.

The story now, according to the indictment, was that Mr. Pelosi did not know the suspect’s name, and that DePape announced his name during the 911 call. The story changed further, saying the police opened the door upon arrival, not Mr. Pelosi or the mystery third person. Read the full indictment here.

More lies, deceit, and Almaguer’s suspension

NBC Bay Area reporter Bigad Shaban provided another update on November 12. He touched on the conflicting accounts from federal and state prosecutors as to who opened the door that night. State prosecutors said it was Pelosi; federal prosecutors said it was the police. Initial reports from police said it was a third unknown person. Mr. Shaban also asked Interim San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins why Pelosi did not run out of the house if he was in danger. She offered no answer.

Watch the report below.

Two days later, the Daily Beast reported that the reason Mr. Almaguer had been absent from NBC News is because the network suspended him indefinitely after the November 4 report. It makes little sense to critical thinkers since the other NBC reporter, Mr. Shaban, essentially reported the exact same thing without consequence.

It’s also important to talk about the shady past and present of Interim San Francisco D.A. Jenkins. She was appointed to said position by San Francisco Mayor London Breed on July 7, 2022 after former D.A. Chesa Boudin was removed from office via a recall election. As an Assistant D.A., Jenkins committed a criminal offense by sending police records to the personal email account of a friend and fellow Assistant D.A. A retired judge filed a state bar complaint against Jenkins last month for prosecutorial misconduct. There’s also a pending complaint with the San Francisco Ethics Commission, accusing Jenkins of lying about her involvement in the recall of Boudin.

Despite all that, she won re-election to the D.A. post. Make of all that what you will.

Literally no reason to watch mainstream news other than for bad entertainment

The Pelosi’s home is reportedly valued at $6 million. Nancy is also a long-time member of Congress. Thus in order to believe this Paul Pelosi attack tale, we also have to believe that their house has no alarms that automatically contact police in the event of a break-in. All questions and so-called “conspiracy theories” could have been put to bed immediately had body cam or home surveillance video been released immediately. But now even if it is released, it’s reasonable for critical thinkers to question the authenticity.

Bottom line is that San Francisco Police held a press conference just hours after the incident. Everything was fresh in their minds. They reported a third, unknown person answered the door when they arrived. That is likely the truth before TPTB forced them to change the story. The story continued changing, to “Pelosi opened the door,” to “police opened the door,” to “Pelosi knew the intruder’s name,” to the “intruder announced his name,” etc. The underwear story, the suspension of Mr. Almaguer for asking legitimate questions, the shady Interim D.A., the suspect allegedly being a MAGA hardliner…all we have is questions and no answers.

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This blogger hasn’t owned a television since around 2007-08 for many reasons. But it’s mostly because of the toxicity and insulting manipulation of television “programs.” The news is all lies and scripted propaganda. Shows and advertisements are all homosexual and feminist propaganda.

NBC News said it removed Mr. Almaguer’s story “because it did not meet NBC News reporting standards.” The standard is lying and following orders. Mr. Almaguer had the audacity to ask real journalistic questions. That violates NBC News policy. This is the same NBC News that, just last week, not only advised all kids to receive mRNA injections, but also advised its viewers to “avoid physical interaction with unvaccinated individuals.”

It’s just nonstop propaganda. We’d also be remiss not to point out that Today Show long-time weatherman Al Roker is still in the hospital with blood clots in his legs and lungs.

“Vaccines are safe and effective.” “Men are really women.” And now, “Paul Pelosi was attacked by an intruder.” We won’t go as far to say it was a homosexual hookup gone wrong, as has been posited by many on social media. But there’s no clear purpose for all this propaganda, whereas the Smollett propaganda had a clear agenda from the beginning.

Mr. Pelosi was sentenced to five days in jail and three years of probation for DUI car accident, just two months before all this current drama. Perhaps this incident was meant to make people forget about that, and view Mr. Pelosi in a more sympathetic light. But the story is simply not believable because of all the waffling. Liberals simply want to believe it for whatever reason. This is a classic “the coverup is always worse than the crime” situation.

Mainstream media were already long dead and buried, as was the code of ethics published by the Society of Professional Journalists. NBC News literally suspended a journalist for asking journalistic questions. The only reasons to watch television in 2022 is if you enjoy degeneracy and being told endless lies by state-run media. At least the state of mainstream media reminded this blogger of his favorite Fleetwood Mac song.

Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.


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1 year ago

Only thing that fateful “MAGA country” night that was colder than either the South Pole or Xicago was Lori Lightfoot’s heart. Witch looks like the love child of Beetlejuice and ET, but not nearly as entertaining. I could smellett the moment Smollett had his racist breakdown.

1 year ago

Well the report taken down because it didn’t meet NBC news standards is true. It reported the truth and we know NBC doesn’t do that. I try not to think on this story because of the puke rising in my throat when I get the visual of Paul Pelosi in his briefs. ??

1 year ago

They *tried* to make this a “hate” crime, claiming this nudist, drug addicted homeless person was MAGA or something. Had his own MAGA website (made the day of/after the “attack).For some reason it just didn’t stick. I saw there was a lot of “journalists” saying that hate is wrong or something. Republicans were not appropriately offended by the attack. Some kind of made up crap like that. They think we are that stupid.

1 year ago

And his utopian marxist world came crashing down and he doesn’t understand why. One must learn who cannot be talked about if you want long term employment with the ministry of propaganda. This poor sap didn’t get the memo.

1 year ago

Yes but Stevie Nicks told all her fans to get vksderooed now huh. When is she going to either apologize or …

1 year ago

Just goes to show and incident or man made event can be spun anyway to fit an (((agenda))) I think his homosexual date got out of hand so police were called ..then to save Nancy more embarrassment the spin was spun. Just like all stories if you catch what comes out first, before it is buried, that is where you will find nuggets of truth. Also highlights the ((show biz)) connection between MSM and Hollywood script writers

Greetings from Spain

La televisión es basura y la basura se tira para no contaminarse ni enfermar .
Eso es lo que hay que hacer con la TV tirarla a la basura

1 year ago

Manchurian Candidate Roker was probably told he was getting the placebo.

Get well soon, Al. Now that we know your trigger words, maybe we can get you to tell us the truth.


1 year ago

We won’t go as far to say it was a homosexual hookup gone wrong, as has been posited by many on social media.

Speaking of gay hookups, did Lindsey Graham get his monkey pox vaxx yet?

Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow
1 year ago

I don’t own a television either. But let’s thank NBC for telling vaccinated people to avoid us. I am seeing first hand the damage that the vaccines can do to people.
If the shedding thing is real then by all means please avoid me.

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