The Great Reset hastens medical industry demise, with Tennessee nurse RaDonda Vaught sentencing this week for felony medical homicide
May 10, 2022

Those of you who brought children into this world and refused to subject them to experimental gene therapy, congratulations. You are solid human beings and exemplary parents. But your children (and you) still face very uncertain futures. Most of your children’s friends will be dead or on the “Pfizer spectrum” with debilitating heart disease, neurological disorders, blood clots, AIDS, or worse in the next two years. U.S. children have already endured two years of mask dystopia. That’s only the beginning of The Great Reset.

We’ve already chronicled numerous chicken farms and processing plants being burnt to the ground since 2020. Now yesterday, Georgia-based Wayne Farms recalled 585,000 pounds of ready-to-eat chicken breast due to the product being under-cooked. Last week, a large Jones County, Mississippi chicken farm burned to the ground. Two reports said all the chickens were destroyed. The Great Reset administrators are eliminating chicken and eggs from our diets. Chicken will either be too cost prohibitive for average people or available only through personal farming within the next 4-5 years at this rate.

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But most Generation Alpha kids, the ones after Gen Z, won’t even have basic common sense. Oregon Governor Kate Brown just signed a law called The Menstrual Dignity Act. It requires all Oregon public schools to place tampon dispensers in boys’ bathrooms. A new case study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences discussed the differences between two South Korean identical twins separated since age 2. One was raised in Seoul. The other in the United States. The Seoul-raised twin had an IQ 16 points higher than the U.S.-raised twin.

We’ve also received three different emails from TikTok’ers showing us their lunch and dinner tabs. All of the restaurants automatically charge $1 to $3 “for Ukraine” without even asking.

Thus, for the foreseeable future, everyone must support Nazis with double-dipping tax dollars and private company fleecing. Then there’s the medical industrial complex.

Like Klaus and company are eliminating chicken and real meat from our food chain, nurses will be a thing of the past in the next decade or so. And no nurses means an entirely different experience for those who regularly visit doctor’s offices.

The RaDonda Vaught story

Ms. RaDonda Vaught.

This saga has been ongoing for over four years. But it will finally conclude this week. Ms. RaDonda Vaught received her nurse training at Western Kentucky University. She graduated in 2015 and was licensed as a registered nurse in Tennessee. Ms. Vaught was hired at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville later that year.

Her life changed forever on Christmas Eve, 2017. Ms. Charlene Murphey checked into the hospital due to bleeding in her brain.

Ms. Charlene Murphey.

Ms. Murphey, 75, improved over the next 48 hours, and was a day or two from being discharged from the hospital. But she needed a sedative called Versed to help her sleep in those two days. Ms. Vaught, 38, accidentally injected Murphey with vecuronium bromide, a powerful anesthetic used during surgeries and intubation procedures. Ms. Murphey was brain-dead within hours.

Vanderbilt initially told the Davidson County Medical Examiner that Ms. Murphey died of natural causes. Administrators did not mention the vecuronium error by Ms. Vaught. The hospital fired Ms. Vaught sometime in January 2018, according to several reports. Vanderbilt paid the Murphey family an out-of court, confidential settlement sometime in the spring that year. It’s reported that the family knew about the accidental vecuronium  intoxication, but were told to keep quiet as part of the settlement.

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Ms. Vaught tried moving on with her life. After a five-month “health and well-being career break,” she was hired at TriStar Centennial Medical Center in May 2018. Ms. Vaught thought the Vanderbilt debacle was behind her. But an anonymous whistleblower told state and federal investigators about the medical error in October 2018, according to The Tennessean and their former reporter Brett Kelman.

The Tennessee Department of Health declined to take further action, saying the case did not constitute a violation of Tennessee law. But the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) investigated Vanderbilt in November 2018. It found evidence that Vanderbilt lied about the medical error. CMS ordered Vanderbilt to submit a plan to ensure that type of mistake never happens again, or lose all Medicare and Medicaid funding. Vanderbilt complied and moved on.

Ms. Vaught was charged with reckless homicide and two other felonies on February 4, 2019. She was arrested despite the Murphey family saying they forgive her and did not want to press charges.

RaDonda Vaught mugshot.

Again, they already received their settlement. Ms. Vaught started a GoFundMe a few days later to cover her legal fee. The campaign raised over $95,000 by November 2019.

The criminal and administrative prosecutions

Ms. Vaught pleaded not guilty on February 20, 2019. Several nurses, some from out of state, showed up to the hearing in support. But for whatever reason, Vanderbilt administrators faced no charges in the coverup. As details of the case began leaking out, it became clear that Ms. Vaught screwed up bad. Prosecutors said Ms. Vaught made not one, but 10 errors, including completely ignoring the warning on the vecuronium bottle that says in capital letters “WARNING: PARALYZING AGENT.”

The Tennessee Board of Nursing scheduled a disciplinary hearing for Ms. Vaught in early 2020. Thus now she was facing both criminal and administrative charges. But the so-called pandemic delayed both proceedings for several months. The administrative hearing happened first. Ms. Vaught, in July 2021, told the judges that she is completely at fault for Ms. Murphey’s death. Ms. Vaught’s attorney also blamed technology and organizational issues at the hospital. But the board revoked Ms. Vaught’s nursing license the next day.

The criminal trial finally started on March 21, 2022 with jury selection. The trial lasted four days. Ms. Vaught, whose hair was now semi-gray, gave an interview right before the verdict was read. She seemed almost relieved just to get it all over with, regardless of the outcome.

The jury found Ms. Vaught guilty on two of the three counts on March 25.

Her sentencing hearing is Friday, where she faces up to eight years in prison.

UPDATED May 14, 2022 – LaDonda Vaught sentenced to three years probation.


End of the nursing profession?

To be clear, Ms. Vaught killed somebody and faced the justice system. That’s how this country is supposed to work. As we’ve previously noted, medical errors are the third-leading cause of death in the United States. But similar to cops, who rely on the Eleventh Amendment and common law tradition, doctors and nurses rely on their god-like statuses to escape responsibility for killing people. Further, medical malpractice is perhaps the most difficult type of personal injury case due to very complex burdens of proof. The conviction of Ms. Vaught may be the nail in the coffin for the nursing profession.

There is a petition, mostly signed by nurses, asking the State of Tennessee to grant Ms. Vaught clemency. Several stories across the internet are chronicling nurses quitting the profession in droves since the Vaught verdict. They feel they are overworked and underpaid, and have and will naturally make human mistakes. But if they tell the truth about said mistakes, they could end up in prison.

The mass exodus actually started in 2021. The Health Affairs journal reported on April 13 that over 100,000 nurses left the profession from 2019 to 2021. It is the largest drop in 40 years. But the most worrisome part for the industry is that young nurses are jumping ship at very high rates.

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Nurses under age 35 fell by 4% in that time period, compared to 1% of nurses 50 and older. Many of the young nurses want to have children and are aware that vaccine mandates will likely sterilize them. Thus as the older nurses retire, there won’t be enough younger ones to replace them.

It’s ironic that Ms. Vaught faces jail time for accidentally injecting someone with a powerful drug due to her own negligence. But doctors and nurses everywhere are deliberately injecting people with known poisons by the millions; and nobody bats an eye.

None of us knows what “medicine” will look like five years from now. Doctors are dropping like flies from the injections, while nurses are dying and quitting. Bill Gates and his World Health Organization will be “medicine” in The Great Reset. Good luck to those of you who rely on those types for your health.

Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.


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J Far
J Far
7 days ago

I think it’s more important than ever to exercise and eat right as you get into middle age and beyond, because you want to do everything possible to avoid going to the hospital. It’s just getting worse and worse.

7 days ago

My grandfather always said “the dang doctors will give you a pill to fix one thing and cause 3 new problems. How do you think they put their kids through college?” He was right. Lived in his 80s with out all the drugs. Very active and healthy and clear mind. He’s my role model for how to live life. ❤️

Ned Baker
Ned Baker
7 days ago

God bless the Murphey family for forgiving Ms. Vaught and not seeking prison time. I am moved by Ms. Vaught’s admission that she is fully guilty. She is in pain every day about how she killed this poor woman. Since homicidal medical errors are made every day and generally covered up with no consequences to the docs (it happened in my family), I don’t see selectively punishing this devastated nurse. Her life is already ruined so why dump jail time on her.

7 days ago

One of the most important words I have ever heard in these terrible times: “It’s ironic that Ms. Vaught faces jail time for accidentally injecting someone with a powerful drug due to her own negligence. But doctors and nurses everywhere are deliberately injecting people with known poisons by the millions; and nobody bats an eye.”
How true these words are, how logical.

6 days ago
Reply to  walirlan

Exactly! And Trump continues to praise the jabs….and his followers keep following!
Check out the video, “Ignorant or Enemy” (a timeline about Trump and the jabs) — it’s on banned dot video posted by Titans of Liberty.

6 days ago

The nurses and doctors (and medical assistants) should ALL be held accountable for their actions and errors. Especially when they knowingly do not allow treatments, and/or knowingly give bad treatments,…etc.
It doesn’t matter if they are “tired” or “overworked”. They should be held to a HIGHER standard. They are making life and death choices for us. We can not make excuses for their errors, and no excuses should be accepted. Especially now, when they know better, but for the money, they continue on — as if they know they will not be held accountable, since they never have been. I say “lock them up”!

Holding On
Holding On
5 days ago
Reply to  A G

How about we make politicians accountable and jailed for their evil actions, too? When we see politicians jailed for forcing mask and jab mandates on us, killing people and their livelihoods, then we can start on doctors and nurses, especially the hospital administrators who forced this policy on their staff. People should be accountable for their errors, I fully agree, but my experience is that they always go after nurses while doctors remain untouchable. I know, the doctor who misdiagnosed my loved one, causing death, is one such example.

6 days ago

From someone whose son is doing a residency in Jacksonville, FL (mayo clinic), I have been told that 6% of doctors from his hospital did quit because they did not want to be con-vid vaxxed. He was lamenting the loss of expertise lost with the doctors quitting.

6 days ago

$1 for Ukraine Nazi’s???
I would refuse to pay the bill until they remove their illegal add-on.

6 days ago

Nurses are jumping ship for Forced mRNA injections too. A close family member is a trauma nurse and she worked in the ER. She saw, first hand, the terrible injuries from the jab. When her hospital mandated all staff members get the jab, she refused and told them they would have to fire her. They did. She walked away from a job that pays almost 95k a year. 43 of her coworkers followed and the hospital has dropped to half capacity because nurses refuse to be poisoned.

Susan Jones
Susan Jones
6 days ago

As someone who had their mother’s death accelerated because of an overdose of morphine, I feel for the family. My father chose not to do anything to the nurse or hospital (he was sadly a weak man who would chose to sweep things under the rug all for the status quo) and I’ve always wondered if that nurse made the same mistake again.

Folks, this nurse made this mistake 10 TIMES ignoring the labelling on the medication each time. That one time (we know about) the patient died. I’m sorry, but I don’t have any sympathy for her. Just because she is a nurse, it doesn’t exempt her. Maybe one time (maybe), but 10????

Jadon Grayned
1 day ago

Its time we go against these so-called nurses and doctors killing our families friends and loved ones because I do not know about yall But I thank my pops he worked for the Abbott Industry since the 80s and all of their meetings included killing the population cause my pops I am awake as a young 17-year-old we went to Arlington Texas to go to the hospital my dad went completely off on the nurses and doctors right in front of me no fear at all shaking their hand’s none of that it was like hell for that hospital they ended up killing my cousin, unfortunately, my family did not know any better just my father and expose them devils depopulating the world it’s sickening to do whatever you can to not go to the Hospital eat right exercise stay healthy pray to the Most High so you do not end up being a depop agenda 2030 victim by these killers I have no sympathy for Miss Vaught her head should be chopped off for killing people I’m sorry I might sound mean but its truth if you know for a fact that a nurse or doctor ends up killing your family Mom Dad Cousin Unckle even your child you need to shoot them in the head or beat the bricks off of them clean and let them know you ain’t nothing to be played with!!!!!!!!!

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