Jack Last: 27-year-old British engineer dead 21 days after experimental AstraZeneca viral vector shot

April 30, 2021

Mr. Jack Last

STOWMARKET, SUFFOLK — Mr. Jack Last had a pilot license, traveled everywhere from New Zealand to Antarctica, and was a scuba diver. His life was tragically cut short because of yet another coincidence.

Mr. Last received the experimental AstraZeneca viral vector shot on March 30, according to The Sun U.K. He suffered from excruciating headaches thereafter, which forced him to check into A&E at West Suffolk Hospital on April 9. His condition worsened, prompting doctors to transfer him to Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge. But they could do nothing to save the “fit and healthy” young man, as described by his family. He died on April 20.

A kangaroo “inquest” has been launched into Mr. Last’s death. He obviously died from blood clots in his brain, as nearly every experimental viral vector victim does. The Medical Healthcare Products and Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is the U.K. equivalent to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The agency admitted last week that the risk factor for these “rare” blood clots doubled last week.

Meanwhile the European Medicines Agency says the alleged benefits of experimental viral vectors still outweigh the risks of “rare” blood clots. Many European countries temporarily paused use of AstraZeneca shots due to blood clots, just like the United States did for the experimental Johnson & Johnson viral vector shots.

Mr. Last told family that he was surprised to be offered the shot because of his young age. He had also just recently purchased a home.

Joe Rogan warned young people before being “Fauci’d”

This blog was unfamiliar with Joe Rogan before last week. He truthfully told his Spotify podcast audience (mostly under-30 men) that young people should not get these shots. The White House criticized Rogan, asking “did he become a doctor while we weren’t looking?” Meanwhile Fauci and mainstream media take their marching orders from Bill Gates. The White House has not commented on Gates’ lack of medical credentials. Meanwhile Rogan has backtracked on his statements.

Mr. Last is at least the 12th under-30 victim of experimental COVID-19 shots covered by this blog. That number is just from memory. It could be higher. But why would any rational young person, or any rational person of any age for that matter, throw their lives away like this? It makes no sense at all and is quite scary. Regardless, stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved one.


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2 years ago

Surprised, Joe Rogan is quite familiar to the alt-media community, almost as well-known as Alex Jones, but less ‘controversial’ to the mainstream and featuring top guests like Elon Musk.

He’s also featured Dr Rhonda Patrick who said of the real causes of heart disease was a toxic gut. Look up her name on Youtube and watch the video.

Sad to see he backtracked, which is why I don’t really follow him. I expect people I look up to have a spine. At least with Alex Jones that bulldozer attitude of his that puts people off also means he stands his ground on most issues.

Last edited 2 years ago by SpecOps
2 years ago
Reply to  SpecOps

Joe Rogan is great because he is open minded and will listen to both sides of the argument and then will make up his mind, instead of being brainwashed like most of these idiots are into taking these so called vaccines.

2 years ago

You’re absolutely correct in stating how hypocritical the white house were with their statement about rogan not being a doctor when taking advice from gates (who has zero qualifcations on vaccines or medicine).

At least Joe Rogan is open minded and is not brainwashed by lamestream media outlets bribed by gates.

As for this young man, he was an idiot. He is the same age as me and yet I have the brains to figure out that a disease which doesn’t kill young people does not require same young people to get a vaccine which can kill them. Morons. Absolute morons the lot of them.

Why are young people making this stupid decision? Well I have been asked this question since I am one and my answer is this: stupidty. Young people are stupid. And selfish. They wanted the vaccines so they can go to instagram selfie festivals and travel to third world shiteholes to be more cultured.

2 years ago

This is a case of someone clearly in good health deciding to blindly follow and has sadly had a perfectly good life cut short.

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