Greg Brooks: 22-year-old Louisiana State University (LSU) football player diagnosed with hyper-aggressive brain cancer; grim prognosis
October 13, 2023 (updated October 14, 2023)

PHOTO CREDIT: @gbrooks5_ (Instagram).

We’ve learned in the last 18 months that any brain cancer containing the suffix “blastoma” kills, and kills fast.

If you remove the longest, outlier survivor of the at least 11 post-injection glioblastoma cases we’ve covered since 2022 (Ms. Tonya Pucker-Miller, 58, of Minnesota survived 20 months), and remove the one who is still alive (21-year-old Angel Ramirez of Connecticut was diagnosed on June 2), then the average life expectancy after diagnosis is three months. Many are much shorter than that.

Mr. Frank Harrington (44 – New York) died three weeks after diagnosis – on April 25, 2022. Former Major League Baseball player Tim Wakefield (57 – Boston) died a little over three weeks after diagnosis.

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The instant case isn’t glioblastoma. It is another post-injection “blastoma” that apparently strikes very quickly and unexpectedly.

Who is Greg Brooks and was he vaccinated?

Mr. Greg Brooks, Jr. is originally from Harvey, Louisiana. His father, Greg Brooks, Sr., was drafted by the NFL Cincinnati Bengals in 2004. Brooks, Jr. was ranked as the #35 cornerback (4-star recruit) out of West Jefferson High School in the 2018-19 season. Mr. Brooks was recruited by five major college football programs. He ultimately chose the University of Arkansas Razorbacks.

Mr. Brooks started all 12 games at nickelback as a freshman. He got his first collegiate interception in a November 29, 2019 game against Missouri. Head Coach Sam Pittman took over the program in Mr. Brooks’ sophomore season, after the university fired former coach Chad Morris.

Head Coach Sam Pittman.

Mr. Brooks finished his sophomore season (2020-21) with 22 solo tackles and two interceptions in just nine games.

The team had very high hopes for Mr. Brooks in his junior season (2021-22). Then Arkansas cornerbacks coach Sam Carter told Whole Hog Sports that Mr. Brooks was “one of our leaders” in August 2021. Real leaders lead by example for the betterment of the team. This team now had an unspoken initiation ritual that determine your level of loyalty.

Coach Pittman is a diehard vaxx zealot. He did one of those cringey “get your vaccine” promotional videos for the Arkansas Department of Human Services on August 27, 2021 – right before football season started.

The foregoing campaign, funded by the Medicaid Vaccination Program (MVP), also paid Arkansas doctors, nurses, Walmart employees, etc. a $100-per-shot bounty instead of the standard $40-per-shot incentive offered by the federal government.

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Pittman reported that 91% of the football team was fully vaccinated by August 24, 2021. Only 11 of his 100-plus players were non-vaccinated at that time. He reported that 100% of coaches and other personnel were fully vaccinated. Pittman reported on September 1, 2021 that 93% of players were fully vaccinated. When asked if he can get the team to 100%, Pittman stated his vaccine coercion policy by emphasizing the conference rules for the season: if the team can’t suit up enough players due to positive COVID tests, then they must forfeit that game.

“So, all I did was just mention it to the kids. Certainly we’re trying to educate at all times. [But] it’s up to the kids.”

The university held a campus-wide sweepstakes (vaccine coercion policy) that rewarded prizes, including $500 scholarships, for students who received the injections. They publicly posted all of said students’ names who won prizes. There was never a mandate, per se, at the university. But even then-Arkansas Governor and current GOP Presidential Candidate Asa Hutchinson is a vaxx zealot. He frequently regurgitated all the popular Fauci-isms and CDC propaganda. He traveled the state in 2021 trying to convince people to receive the lethal injection.

That all said, there’s no definitive evidence that Mr. Brooks was vaccinated. But taking all of the foregoing and what follows together, readers may draw their own conclusions.

Transfer to LSU, fifth year of eligibility, and brain cancer

Mr. Brooks decided to transfer to LSU for his 2022-23 senior season. For the record, LSU had a vaccine mandate, but revoked it for the Fall 2022 semester forward. Mr. Brooks had career highs in games played (14) and solo tackles (34), and had two interceptions that season.

The NCAA granted nearly all college athletes one additional year of eligibility in 2020 because of the so-called pandemic. Mr. Brooks decided to play a fifth season of college football at LSU. His NFL prospects were questionable at best after his fourth season. So he decided to play one more year to potentially raise his draft stock. Plus with the name-image-likeness (NIL) policy, he could make money with endorsement deals at LSU while working towards the NFL.

Mr. Brooks was perfectly healthy entering this season. He appeared on a podcast on August 30, and talked about his goals for the seasons and what keeps him motivated.

LSU opened this season at Florida State on September 3. Mr. Brooks had four tackles in the team’s 45-24 loss. The second game of the season was a 72-10 blowout win for LSU against Grambling on September 9. Mr. Brooks tallied another four tackles in that game.

We’ll note, for no particular reason, that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration authorized the new Pfizer and Moderna lethal injections for emergency use on September 11. Mr. Brooks, again, appeared perfectly fine on September 14 when he posted the following via Instagram.

He was gearing up for the team’s September 16 game against Mississippi State when we suddenly, out of nowhere, missed the team’s September 14 practice. He had not been on the injury report at all prior to that. LSU Head Coach Brian Kelly declared Mr. Brooks out against Mississippi State, and then out indefinitely, citing a “medical emergency.”

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Mr. Brooks underwent “extensive” emergency surgery to remove a brain tumor on September 15. He was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, an extremely rare brain cancer that is diagnosed only 357 times per year in the U.S., according to Medulloblastoma is a tumor on the lower back parts of the brain – the cerebellum and medulla oblongata.

Most cases are in children under age 9, according to Johns Hopkins University. Three in 10 medulloblastoma patients die within five years; and the cancer typically does not spread. But that was before the lethal injections were unleashed on humanity.

Mr. Brooks was recently transferred to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis. He is scheduled to undergo a second surgery this week. Mr. Brooks has reportedly lost his ability to speak and communicate. A fundraiser garnered over $100,000 to Brooks and his family. There’s no further update as of publishing. We’ll follow up in due course.

Cancer is the new “COVID”

We just wrote about the good Dr. Janci Lindsay last week. She’s been sounding the alarm about the lethal injections causing hyper-aggressive cancers since early 2021. The injections (deliberately or otherwise) are contaminated with the same cancer-promoting SV40 monkey virus that was in the 1950s/60s polio vaccines – and likely what caused the massive spikes in cancer rates since that time. Dr. Lindsay provided more insights this week.

In layman terms, it is no accident that The COVID Blog® is suddenly writing about hyper-aggressive brain and otherwise cancers now more than ever. Dr. Lindsay, along with Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi (Germany), Dr. Peter McCullough, et al., spoke at the World Council for Health in Bath, U.K. on October 9.

You can watch the full four-hour virtual hearing here. But to summarize, as those who regular read this blog already know, vaxxed people poisoned all of their cells with spike proteins, causing their own immune systems to attack their own cells – causing myriad deadly responses. And now we know that the injections also contain genetic instructions that promote hyper-aggressive cancers.

Mr. Brooks will never play football again. He literally went from happy, forward-thinking, 22-year-old world-class athlete on September 14, to having emergency brain surgery to remove a tumor on September 15. Now he needs a second surgery. This isn’t even normal for the “new normal” since 2021.

Things are really bad, and will only get worse as more people roll up their sleeves for these new cancer-specific Pfizer and Moderna brews. Hug all your vaxxed friends today (then of course drink white pine needle tea afterwards). Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.


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7 months ago

Soo sad. People need to wake up. A great athlete cut down by evil. Too much sadness and destruction around us. Thanks Covidblog team for the amazing work bringing us these stories.

7 months ago
Reply to  Victor

Agree. His life drastically changed from these evil shots. It’s a crime. Makes me sick.

7 months ago

Rest in Peace, young man. Our society failed you, greatly. Prayers and condolences to his friends, family and loved ones.

7 months ago

So it’s been medically proven that the jabs were designed to program cancer into human DNA — and nobody bats an eyelid. Yep, that makes sense. ;-

7 months ago
Reply to  Dayne

People are asleep. Not connecting the dots.

Captain Black Picard
Captain Black Picard
7 months ago
Reply to  Kevin

The sheep electorate put up with so much $hyt that it boggles the mind.
I can easily understand how the dodo bird went extinct, but humans have the ability to critically THINK.

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