Homeland Security “Disinformation Governance Board” halted by the Biden Administration before it could tell you these 8 young people’s deaths are coincidences

May 25, 2022 (updated May 27, 2022)

Former “Disinformation Governance Board” director Nina Jankowicz.

We reported earlier this month that two state attorneys general filed a federal lawsuit to halt Homeland Security’s so-called “Disinformation Governance Board” and the blatant collusion between social media companies and the Biden Administration. The lawsuit will continue to address the latter. But Biden got the message loud and clear regarding his fantasies for a real-life Ministry of Truth.

The Disinformation Governance Board (DGB) was announced by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on April 27. He appointed vaxx zealot and Mary Poppins wannabe Nina Jankowicz as executive director of DGB that same day. The backlash was harsh and swift. The Senate Homeland Security Committee ripped Mayorkas to shreds during a May 4 hearing. Senator Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, commenced the undressing.

Senator Josh Hawley, R-Missouri, finished off Mayorkas and then ripped into Jankowicz.

The Biden Administration knew it was in trouble when even CNN criticized the entire DGB idea.

Jankowicz, 33, resigned from her position as Executive Director of DGB on May 18, just three weeks after the position was created. Homeland Security announced that same day that the DGB would be “paused.”

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Jankowicz cited “unjustified and vile personal attacks and physical threats” as her reasons for resigning. She appeared on CBS News, and obliviously and arrogantly whined about the backlash. Jankowicz said that because she’s a woman, pregnant and vaxxed, that people should be nice to her.

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Homeland Security tweeted a statement on May 18, announcing it appointed former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and a former U.S. attorney to “review and assess” the future of DGB.

But Chertoff dismissed the entire Hunter Biden laptop and Ukraine deals story as “disinformation” despite it now being proven true. Thus he is no better than Jankowicz.

Meanwhile, young people and babies continue dying, most in very familiar fashion.

Taelin Webb: 26 years old (United States)

Mr. Taelin Webb.

Mr. Taelin Webb grew up in Fresno, California. He played basketball at Cal State Northridge after high school in 2014. He transferred to South Plains Community College in Levelland, Texas the following season. But he gave up on basketball thereafter. Mr. Webb transferred to Southern Utah University for his junior year and walked on to the football team. He never played high school football, according to then Southern Utah defensive backs coach, Rod Chance. But he had two decent seasons as a cornerback at Southern Utah before moving on to other things after college.

Mr. Webb was active on social media, tweeting on average five times per day in 2022. His last tweet was on May 10 at 12:20 a.m. “Message said delivered but I know you didn’t get it,” he wrote.

Less than 24 hours later, the condolence tweets started pouring in.

Mr. Webb “died unexpectedly” on May 10, according to KUTV Channel 2 in Salt Lake City. His GoFundMe page also says Mr. Webb was “unexpectedly taken from us.” Mr. Webb was employed or had some other affiliation with Team Elite Sports Academy in San Bernardino, California.

There’s no definitive evidence proving that Mr. Webb received the injections.

Ellie Atkinson: nine months old (U.K.)

Mrs. Louise Atkinson.

An inquest took 14 months to confirm what most critical thinkers already knew. Mrs. Louise Atkinson is a British lawyer residing in Christchurch, Dorset. She received her first AstraZeneca viral vector DNA injection on March 22, 2021. The next day, at about 10:30 a.m., she was giving her nine-month-old daughter, Ellie, a bath. “The next thing I remember is [my husband] James shouting and pulling at me,” Mrs. Atkinson said at the inquest.

Mr. Atkinson pushed the bathroom door open, only to find his wife passed out blocking the door, and his daughter “turning blue” in three inches of bath water. He performed CPR on Ellie until paramedics arrived. But it was too late. Ellie died later that night from “inhalation of water or drowning,” according to the autopsy. Investigators said Ellie could have been submerged for as long as 30 minutes.

The inquest, which took place at Bournemouth Town Hall, concluded on May 13 that Ellie died of “accidental death.” Sergeant Phil Reid, of the Dorset Police Department, testified that Mrs. Atkinson collapsed and fainted due to “the potential adverse effect of the COVID vaccine.” Ellie was born premature with a heart defect. She was scheduled for heart surgery on March 25, 2021, just two days after she died.

Incredibly and eerily, Mrs. Atkinson still received the second AstraZeneca shot in June 2021. She testified that she visited Ellie’s grave the day after her second shot. Mrs. Atkinson collapsed and fainted again while visiting her daughter’s grave. A random passerby came to her aid.

Caillin Atchison: 26 years old (Australia)

Ms. Caillin Atchison.

Dr. Michelle Atchison is the President of the Australian Medical Association – South Australia. She is the mother of 26-year-old Caillin Atchison. Details are scant. But Dr. Atchison, who is considered one of the top mainstream doctors in Australia, tweeted that Caillin passed away on May 11. “She never woke up. It was so utterly unexpected,” Dr. Atchison wrote.

It’s unclear if Caillin received the injections. But her mother is a die-hard vaxx zealot.

Dr. Atchison literally discouraged reopening South Australia’s borders in November because the state had “only” reached 78% fully vaccinated. It needed to be 80% fully vaccinated for re-opening, according to Dr. Atchison. She blamed complacency and medical illiteracy for the state not reaching 80%.

Meanwhile Australia has also adopted the Bill Gates patented “at least I’m vaccinated or it would have been worse” slogan. Victoria Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton is the latest to regurgitate the now-infamous slogan.

Dustin Barnes: 38 years old (United States)

Mr. Dustin Barnes.

Mr. Dustin Barnes was an editor at USA Today. He is apparently the creator of Singles Awareness Day, which takes place one day after Valentine’s Day. Mr. Barnes is originally from Mississippi and most recently lived in Nashville, Tennessee.

Mr. Barnes received his second mRNA injection on April 7, 2021.

It’s unclear if or when he received a booster shot. But Mr. Barnes was apparently homosexual, based on numerous social media posts.

The pro-homosexual Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation found in March that 96% of LGBT American adults had already received booster shots or planned to receive them soon. Further, Mr. Barnes frequently posted about so-called COVID-19 tests and other vaccine-related content.

Mr. Barnes suffered a heart attack on or around April 29, according to his Facebook page. He was in the hospital for five days before being discharged on May 4. He stayed with his parents for a few days before returning to his Nashville home on May 7.

Four days later, on May 11, Mr. Barnes was found dead on his couch. Ms. Sheila Barnes, Dustin’s mother, said both the heart attack and his death were “unexpected.” If there’s any positive in all this, Mr. Barnes was a huge fan of singer Mariah Carey. She caught wind of his death and tweeted a posthumous shout out.

Two Princeton University students die four days apart

Mr. Jazz Chang.

Mr. Jazz Chang was a 21-year-old junior computer engineering major at Princeton. He was originally from Somerset, New Jersey. Mr. Chang was a top academic achiever, a member of the school’s Ultimate Frisbee team, and practiced Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He was found dead on campus near Lake Carnegie on May 13. The school released a statement saying “no foul play is suspected.” Once source, which may or may not be reliable, wrote that Mr. Chang committed suicide.

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Mr. Justin Lim.

Mr. Justin Se Geun Lim was a 19-year-old freshman engineering and finance major at Princeton. He was originally from Chicago. Mr. Lim enjoyed playing tennis in his free time. Details are scant and strange. But it’s being reported that Mr. Lim died from “mental illness” at his parent’s home in Chicago. That sounds like yet another college student suicide.

RELATED: College athlete suicide rate for 2022 already shatters previous years, as more data tie suicidal thoughts to mRNA injections (April 27, 2022)


Princeton mandated booster shots for all students and staff by January 31.

Jennifer Post: 42 years old (United States)

Ms. Jennifer Post.

We’re including this one because of the unprecedented description as to the cause of death on this blog. Ms. Jennifer Post “died unexpectedly of natural causes” on Thursday, May, 12, 2022, at her home in Stoughton, Wisconsin. Several states legally define “died suddenly and unexpectedly” as a child’s death not caused by a known disease or illness. Arkansas lists suicide, homicide, accidents and sudden infant death in its definition. During The Great Reset, died unexpectedly almost always means vaccine death or vaccine-induced suicide.

Ms. Post worked for the University of Wisconsin as a research specialist. Part of her work included evaluating “vaccine effectiveness, including the Covid-19 vaccine.” The university mandated that all employees receive the injections by January 4, 2022. But the university paused the mandate in mid-December after the federal courts enjoined enforcement of the Biden mRNA mandate.

R’Mon Rowley: 15 years old (United States)

R’Mon Rowley.

R’Mon Rowley was a freshman at Lawrence North High School in Indianapolis. He was at after-school track practice on the last day of school, Monday, May 23. The young man suddenly collapsed after suffering a cardiac arrest. Both police and paramedics were called to the scene. But R’Mon apparently died almost instantly. The GoFundMe page says that R’Mon was “healthy with no previous health conditions.” It also says that his death was “totally unexpected.” R’Mon went out for track to help prepare him for football in the fall.

UPDATE May 27, 2022 – Mr. Lenzy Donnerson is the uncle of R’Mon Rowley.

He posted on Facebook that mainstream media are incorrectly saying R’Mon died at track practice. It was in fact football practice. Mr. Donnerson posited that the coach overworked his nephew, causing him to stop breathing. He also saying that other football players cannot speak out because the coach will kick them off the team.

Make of all that what you will. But the temperature was 69 degrees that afternoon in Indianapolis. Thus they certainly cannot blame heat.

Indianapolis Public Schools “continue to encourage vaccination for all eligible populations and hosts vaccination clinics with community partners.” The policy also says that students over age 12 “are still encouraged to provide proof of vaccination status.”

How long can mainstream media ignore the carnage?

The general public, including some former vaxx zealots, are slowly but surely noticing the obvious and disturbing mass deaths of young and relative-young people.

But don’t expect CNN, Fox News, ABC or any other mainstream media platform to utilize their bottomless budgets to cover this subject. Everyone will experience a close-to-home death of a previously-healthy young person by the end of this year. Americans, Aussies, Canadians and Europeans who survive through New Year’s Eve 2023 will see undeniable and very noticeable population decreases just with the naked eye.

Ukraine remains one of the most effective distractions in the global vaccine genocide. Volodymyr Zelenskyy did what the United States attempted to do with the now-paused Disinformation Governance Board. He nationalized all Ukraine media in late March, in a move he calls “unified information policy.” Granted U.S. mainstream media and social media are all unified regarding COVID/vaccine, Ukraine and sexual degeneracy propaganda. But that’s by informal agreement with the federal government, not official policy.

Mainstream media “performers” are paid well to spread propaganda. All of them are spineless tools with money and clout being their only motivators. Until we start seeing mainstream performers sacrifice their jobs for truth, then the silent genocide will continue. Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.


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Kim Karma
Kim Karma
1 month ago

Dorset Police Department, testified that Mrs. Atkinson collapsed and fainted due to “the potential adverse effect of the COVID vaccine. Atkinson still received the second AstraZeneca shot in June 2021. She testified that she visited Ellie’s grave the day after her second shot. Mrs. Atkinson collapsed and fainted again while visiting her daughter’s grave.”

I’m done!

1 month ago
Reply to  Kim Karma

Yep, how incredibly stupid or gullible are these people? Apparently, very!

1 month ago
Reply to  Kim Karma

Me too. There are no words to describe the stupidity of these idiots. If they could talk after their death they still would recommend these shots as the only hope for humankind.

1 month ago

It’s the divide and conquer; is old and worn out, but it works always…

Is all coming to this Rev. 13. These people are suppose to be higher thinkers or educated. I believe educating yourself is wonderful, but without spiritual discernment: deceit is at the door, the system is 666, managed by entities in higher dimensions…

1 month ago

“His family created a Go-Fund me page to help with un-expected funeral expenses”

No. This funeral was expected.

Anybody that is still forcing or encouraging others to take these poison shots is a monster.

1 month ago
Reply to  Aidan

Those who take these shots so willingly are also monsters.

11 days ago
Reply to  walirlan

Don’t be carried away by your emotions and stances to the point of making that kind of extreme sweeping statements. Slow down homie, you will feel better and under less stress.

1 month ago

“Americans, Aussies, Canadians and Europeans who survive through New Year’s Eve 2023 will see undeniable and very noticeable population decreases just with the naked eye. ” This is a very powerful and sobering thought and I can’t yet imagine it really happening, except that it is.

1 month ago
Reply to  Lana

We have warned them….but it’s already too late.

Alex Petrenko
Alex Petrenko
30 days ago
Reply to  Lana

Damn right it is! RIP Andy FLETCH. Why did I forsee that the Vax would come for Depeche Mode, too? Just had a feeling. This is getting out of control really fast.

1 month ago

I detect a serious mental condition with Ms Nina. And I’m not even a biologist. Here’s hoping she gets the padded room and psychological treatment she desperately needs.

Amy Sukwan
1 month ago

I just saw that a high school classmate died suddenly. She was posting as usual on May 22 the next morning condolences were pouring in. I don’t know if she was jabbed and have no idea what happened here but it’s been going around. I’m starting to be blown away by the intentional failure to even mention the conjabs in some of these articles. It’s like the elephant is growing larger than the room..

Jesus is my vaccine
Jesus is my vaccine
1 month ago

No words…😓

1 month ago

chertoff instrumental in 9/11 coverup,immediately had the steel shipped to china as scrap before any inspection could happen, mother a founder member of the mossad.

Last edited 1 month ago by graham
24 days ago
Reply to  graham

chertoff, a dual citizen jew; bourla, a dual citizen jew; mayorkas, a jew, merrick finkelstein garland, a jew. biden’s cabinet is very jewish. WAKE UP GOYIM

1 month ago

Here’s the thing, not one person in politics has come onto television to outright speak about the deadliness of the shots. What does that tell you? And Nina plays the victim part perfectly, as all those of her ilk do. I agree with others who have said she looks like a man. She really does!

Last edited 1 month ago by Gwen
24 days ago

Very creepy interview with Nina. I am sure she is some NSA spook whose background has been scrubbed. Also very tasteless comment about “taking one for the country” around Memorial Day. Death threats are nothing like going to war, maybe Nina should join the military since women are allowed to, if she wants to continue serving the country? Also DHS job isn’t to advise illegals how to vote. That undermines self-rule by America CITIZENS and leads to foreign conquest by the Chinese Communist Party.

23 days ago

With Nina gone, I feel less safe without that gorgeous hair and eyebrowse around.

18 days ago

I don’t actually believe Nina is a natural born woman, transgenda cult everywhere now, how can people not see what’s right in front of them? This one and many more in gov are easy to spot, hollywood wing of the androgyne baphomet cult is harder to spot now.

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