Mikel Marusu: Philippines experiencing numerous deaths since “vaccine” mandate went into effect on November 30

January 10, 2021

Mr. Mikel Marusu.

ANGELES CITY, PHILIPPINES — The Philippines vaccine mandate for all workers went into effect on December 1. And since that time, we’re literally receiving 2-3 emails per day from Filipinos reporting deaths and maimings of friends and family members. And sadly, many of the victims are virtue signaling on social media before succumbing to the lethal injections.

Mr. Mikel Marusu received his first Pfizer mRNA injection on October 13, according to his Facebook page. Like millions of others, he posted a photo of himself holding his vaccine card.

Mr. Marusu and his girlfriend, Ms. Ann Gutierrez Corpin, both received their second Pfizer mRNA injections on November 3, exactly three weeks after Mr. Marusu’s first shot. Ms. Corpin posted a photo that day of herself and Mr. Marusu, both masked, with the caption “fully vaxxed.”

Mr. Marusu celebrated his birthday four days later.

Everything seemed fine for the next several weeks. Mr. Marusu did a Facebook Live broadcast on December 4. He was preparing and cooking a meal with Ms. Corpin. He posted twice on Christmas Eve about his deceased father. Mr. Marusu’s last post came on December 28. He was playing a game called “Tongits Go.”

Ms. Corpin posted a photo of Mr. Marusu in the hospital the next day, December 29, at 11:17 p.m.. If the translations are accurate, the caption says something about bad karma.

Mr. Marusu passed away the next morning, December 30, eight weeks after the second injection.

From what we gathered from the comments, he had a sudden heart attack.

Drop in the bucket?

The sheer number of Philippines stories we’ve received via email is shocking to say the least. And most of them follow the same foregoing pattern.

Mr. Nico Buena.

Mr. Nico Buena is a 31-year-old also from Angeles City. He received his first Pfizer mRNA injection on July 24, and the second on September 6. Mr. Buena didn’t originally post the first injection photo on the day it happened. He posted both photos after the second injection.

He died of heart failure on December 29, about 15 weeks after the second injection.

We received a lengthy email from Stephanie in Mindanao. She requested her last name be withheld so to not be tracked and harassed by government. It sounds like the Philippines is in full Los Angeles/Australia dystopia.

Every place here now especially in Mindanao says you can’t travel without being vaccinated or showing a vaccination card. Even in small establishments they require it already, from schools, malls, Bus terminals and restaurants, you can’t ever enter these places without this card. I have an aunt who can’t travel in case of emergency because she doesn’t have this card so in order for her to travel to visit my grandma she should get vaccinated and even my nephews and nieces can’t even have their exams if they don’t get vaccinated too.

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Philippines state-run media reported that Tacurong City Mayor Angelo Montilla died of COVID-19 in June. Stephanie offered additional information.

He died because he got vaccinated. Based on what my people say, he has a niece working as a nurse in a hospital who warned him not to get it because she knows about it’s affects, she reminded him several times but sadly he didn’t listen, caved in and got it. He was on medications for different reasons, but only weeks after his jabs he died, but in the media, they ended up blaming Covid-19 for his death.

Ms. Steph Flores.

Then there is Ms. Steph Flores. The Makati resident received her first AstraZeneca viral vector DNA injection on July 27. It’s unclear if or when she received a second injection.

Other than reporting five days of acid reflux in August, everything seemed fine. In fact the foregoing photo of her was posted on December 17. Ms. Flores posted a New Year’s Eve update and a photo of herself with another person on New Year’s Day.

She passed away on January 2, just hours after posting said photo. Ms. Flores died of cardiac arrest, according to some of the comments in the thread.

The next update was a January 6 Facebook Live of Ms. Flores’ coffin in a hearse.

Duterte orders arrest of all non-vaxxed violating stay-at-home orders

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is doing his best Jacinda Ardern/Scott Morrison/Gavin Newsom impression, all in relative anonymity. Duterte released a pre-recorded message to Filipinos on Thursday.

He not only mandated that all non-vaxxed people stay-at-home indefinitely, but also ordered police to arrest any non-vaxxed person who violates the order. Duterte regurgitated Fauci talking points, saying he is appalled by everyone who has not received the lethal injections. “If you don’t get a jab you put everybody in jeopardy,” he said.

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The Philippines is the 13th-most populous country in the world, with 16% of them living in poverty. It also has the dubious distinction of being the only other country in the world, besides the United States, that has a for-profit cash bond system to get released from jail. Thus it won’t be surprising at all to see the Philippines population drop below 100 million by the end of 2023 (it’s about 110 million now) due to a combination of police state dystopia, poverty and useless healthcare.

Praying for Filipinos tonight. Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.


COVID Legal USA is your partner in fight mandatory vaccines and other COVID mandates. Follow us on Telegram and Twitter. Read about white pine needles for tea and order them here.



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John McClane
John McClane
2 years ago

Deagel 2025 forecast is becoming more and more probable every day.

#FBA Sasha
#FBA Sasha
2 years ago
Reply to  John McClane

I believe the Deagel forecast for the United States and Europe. But it actually predicts a population increase in the Philippines, which seems improbable given the deaths mentioned here and more to come with the mandates in their country.

On another note: “It also has the dubious distinction of being the only other country in the world, besides the United States, that has a for-profit cash bond system to get released from jail.”

Now there’s an interesting fact I never knew!

2 years ago

It’s very sad. Pinoys ( filipinos ) are very very nice and warm people. i ve been there twice and i met great people. although they almost have nothing in comparison with us in our western societies, filipinos are helpful and can give you all that they have.

I wish them health and strenght in this daily fight against the covidian dystopia.

greetings to Papa June from san fernando la union.

The Ogs
The Ogs
2 years ago

“Rest in paradise Mikel”
Huh? I’m dubious. But do rest in peace, Mr. Marusu.

2 years ago

These are such beautiful people being murdered by their government. Crime there is pretty high but the psychopathic president says he does not care about murders and rapists but to arrest self-poisoner resisters. He knows people are dying but will throw in jail those do not want to self-terminate. They also take the poison and then pray God will help them. The Catholic cult is number one there so maybe that makes sense to them.

Last edited 2 years ago by covid1984pl
Linda N
2 years ago

“Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte…not only mandated that all non-vaxxed people stay-at-home indefinitely, but also ordered police to arrest any non-vaxxed person who violates the order” So if I understand this correctly, the non-vaxxed cannot go to work, and cannot go to buy food, or, perhaps even to get medical care. One needs money to buy food and for that one has to go to work. And the powers that be all over the world, including Duterte, endlessly regurgitate Fauci talking points, saying he/they is/are appalled by everyone who has not received the lethal injections. “If you don’t get a jab you put everybody in jeopardy,”

We don’t need to wonder why people get the jab. If one does not get it they eventually die of starvation or lack of medical care, etc. etc.! If they do get it, they die of the jab! This is indeed depopulation (murder) on a world wide scale.

We do need to pray for the Filipinos! And the Austrians, and the Australians, and all the rest of us as well Coming to the US soon, no doubt. I pray I am wrong, but I have NO faith that the US Supreme Court will do the right thing anymore.

2 years ago
Reply to  Linda N

In the US, mistakes by doctors and hospitals have been the third leading cause of death for years. Here people die from health care…not the lack of it.

2 years ago
Reply to  Linda N

I agree, it s time to pray for all of us, which doesn t mean it s time to give up.
it’s time to think, trying to act and pray to get the help of The Almighty.

2 years ago

The first dumb sheep can’t even wear his face muzzle properly when photoshooting his virtue signalling.

Dumb sheep. I have to see these swine (like many of you) everyday messing about with their face muzzle. And if they get sick with the so called rona (never to have been identified) then they have themselves to blame.

2 years ago

Look at the thug running the Phillipines. Is that monster any different from the political scum running the rest of the global plantation? A tad cruder but in the end of all these demons will have to be “removed” and dispatched to hell.

2 years ago
Reply to  Martillo

You are so correct. Luck that G.Garcia has much Spirit and knowledge to lift the mandates in Cebu. I see her becoming POTP one day. Maybe she knows something about duterte, (too dirty) ever since the DDS days in davao. I remember that he knows nothing about that davaodeathsquads(DDS) in his city.

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