Karen Tully: 59-year-old Scotland woman dead 48 hours after AstraZeneca shot

May 13, 2021

Mrs. Karen Tully.

EDINBURGH — A 59-year-old woman is dead, leaving her husband of 37 years crushed and lost.

Mrs. Karen Tully received the second dose of experimental AstraZeneca viral vector on April 27, according to The Scottish Sun. She immediately felt extremely dizzy and suffered from excruciating headaches. Mrs. Tully had just returned to her job as a police dispatcher the previous day after a year-long hiatus due to COVID mandates.

She went to work Wednesday night, but left after one hour due to the headaches. Mr. Richard Tully, her husband, told reporter Gordon Tait that his wife chalked up the headaches and dizziness to staring at a screen all the time. Mr. Tully said he gave his wife a cup of tea and left for work at 6 a.m. Thursday morning. He returned three hours later to find his wife unresponsive in their bed. Emergency medical personnel pronounced her dead at the scene.

Predictable aftermath

An autopsy is being conducted to “explain her exact cause of death.” A Police Scotland spokesperson said the death is “unexplained.” Mrs. Tully worked for Police Scotland at Bilston Glen for 15 years. Roddy Newbigging, the chief superintendent, said Mrs. Tully was “well-respected and popular,” and that she will be missed.

Mr. Tully said his wife was full of life and able to get along with anyone. Their son, Robert, has received the first dose of experimental AstraZeneca viral vector. But he is now considering skipping the second shot after what happened to his mother. Mrs. Tully’s mother, Winifred Emerson, is also grief-stricken. Ms. Emerson is 96 years old and outlived her daughter.

The Sun article repeated the fallacious talking point that blood clots after viral vector shots are “rare.” Yet it mentioned Mr. Neil Astles, a Scotish lawyer, who died on April 4. He had the first AstraZeneca shot on March 17 and developed blood clots in his brain.

Vaxxed people better takes headaches seriously

Again, we cannot rely on mainstream media, doctors and scientists to tell truth about these lethal injections. We must gather our own data and draw conclusions. It’s safe to conclude that Mrs. Tully died from blood clots in her brain. The COVID Blog has covered at least four stories of experimental viral vector recipients who immediately experienced headaches before dying from blood clots in the brain and/or from brain aneurysms.

Most people who read this blog are firmly against experimental injections. But for those who have received the shots or are leaning towards receiving the shots better take immediate action if they suffer from headaches afterwards. Headaches are sure signs that blood clots have formed in your brain. Anyone experiencing shortness of breath should also immediately go to an emergency room. It almost always indicates blood clots in the pulmonary arteries (lungs).

But there is no guarantee you’re going to get help even if you go to a hospital. The Centers for Disease Control said that most adverse reactions to these experimental shots are the result of anxiety. Thus doctors are likely to send you home with Valium and prescription headache medicine. It’s best to simply avoid these experimental injections and encourage your friends and loved ones to do the same. Stay vigilant.


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3 years ago

One of my cousins died from a blood clot in her 30s. My grandfather had an aortic aneurysm. My grandmother had blood clots, my mom had a blood clot in her leg. I already have a predisposition to blood clots due to genetics. I will never ever take these death shots. I will never let my children take them. And I tell others when the topic comes up. So far people have said they understand.

3 years ago

Speaking of medical dictatorship, here in Ireland the government is going full psychiatric totalitarianism like the old communist Russia.

Staff in hospitals (Doctors, nurses, security guards etc) are now trained to evaluate the personalities of patients and visitors. For example they are taught now to ask people about their mental state on admission..are you happy, sad, have you ever suffered from depression etc.

Health staff have been told that it’s to see how people are dealing with the lockdowns but the real reasons are more sinister.

You see, more and more people are turning up in hospitals complaining of being ill just after getting one of the Covid injections.

For example, a patient got her first covid injection on Thursday the 6th of May. AstraZeneca I believe. On Saturday she developed severe pain in her chest and had to come to hospital on Monday, where she was diagnosed with a blood clot. She’s about 59 years old. The doctor tried to convince her that the cause of the blood clot was probably stress caused by the death of her husband three years ago, accentuated by drinking too much wine (!)

The real point of the “psychological assessment” is to convince the patients that they are just imagining being ill. “There’s nothing wrong with the vaccines my dear, you’re just crazy!”

It’s quite creepy and fake. Patients find it slightly disturbing because they feel like they’re in a psychiatrists office. Also, some have said they feel more like they’re being questioned in a police station than being treated in a hospital.

In communist Russia, Khrushchev introduced this psychiatric labelling of dissidents in the 1950s but it was Yuri Andropov who really expanded it when he became head of the secret police in 1967. He increased the number of Psychiatric prisons from 12 to 50.

I suppose the next stage is to diagnose people who don’t want to get injected as “mentally ill”.

Anyone one else noticing this in their country?

3 years ago
Reply to  hettygreen

That is some great analysis and critical thinking on your part. The sheeple wouldn’t be able to understand a single world of it.

How did you ever think about this?

3 years ago
Reply to  hettygreen

Have you seen maybe the Highwire interview aired on 30.04? These women are talking about it, that first they were send to psychiatrist than to see the neurologist. That their symptoms are caused not due to ? but their own imagination.

3 years ago

Thank God her son seems to be off taking the second shot. It’s sad to see families who refuse to speak up against covid injection dangers even after a family member is killed or suffers an SAR.

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