Colorado, North Carolina vaccine clinics halt Johnson & Johnson doses due to adverse reactions
April 9, 2021

Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, Colorado.

UPDATE April 12, 2021- Georgia is the third state to halt Johnson & Johnson experimental shots. Eight people had adverse reactions at the Cumming Fairgrounds site on April 11.




COMMERCE CITY, COLORADO — You cannot make this stuff up. Just last week, Johnson & Johnson was forced to throw away 15 million doses of its experimental viral vector shots made at a Baltimore production plant. The company blamed “human error” when the plant cross-contaminated ingredients for the AstraZeneca and J&J shots. Despite the egregious error, thousands of Colorado and North Carolina residents lined up to receive Johnson & Johnson injections. The outcome was as predicted.

Dick’s Sporting Good’s Park (soccer stadium) in Commerce City, Colorado hosted a mass COVID-19 inoculation event on Wednesday. Commerce City is about 17 miles northeast of downtown Denver. State health authorities and Centura Health organized the event, according to the Denver Post. Centura offers the Johnson & Johnson experimental shots Sunday through Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at this location.

Centura stopped the Wednesday event almost two hours early after 11 people suffered various adverse effects. At least two of them were hospitalized. The other nine suffered from nausea and dizziness. They received juice and water before being released. The remaining 640 people in line were sent home and told to return on Sunday. Many had waited in line for over two hours.

Kevin Massey, a Centura Health spokesperson, downplayed the situation, saying only 0.8% of the 1,700 people inoculated experienced adverse reactions. Fox 31 in Denver reported that the state sequestered that particular batch of Johnson & Johnson shots pending an investigation. Despite the mess, Centura said it will continue using Johnson & Johnson shots when the events recommence on Sunday. A Colorado Department of Health spokesperson said there is “no reason for concern.”

North Carolina was worse

The Colorado J&J fiasco trended for a bit on social media. But the North Carolina one barely moved the meter. The PNC Arena in Raleigh hosted a mass inoculation event yesterday. At least 18 people suffered adverse effects from the Johnson & Johnson shots, according to the Associated Press. Four were hospitalized, while the others suffered dizziness and fainting.

Wake County Human Services stopped administering J&J shots with two hours left in the event, and offered Pfizer shots in the alternative. But the state said it will resume using J&J shots at the next event.

Meanwhile, the News & Observer reported that mass inoculation events at the Friday Center in Chapel Hill and at UNC Hospital in Hillborough also stopped administering J&J shots that day. Dr. David Wohl told the paper that “five to 10” people suffered adverse reactions ranging from light-headedness to fainting. But he concluded his statement saying the J&J shot is “a good vaccine” and that people shouldn’t be anxious about receiving it.

Duke University received 10,000 J&J doses and said it will continue using them. A spokesperson said minor side effects are normal and expected.

Johnson & Johnson approaching AstraZeneca PR disaster

We’ve reported at least four deaths and/or severe adverse effects after J&J shots in the USA. Richard Terrell in Virginia came down with Stevens-Johnson Syndrome after the J&J shot. The three deaths include Beth Ellington, who happened to be from Blowing Rock, North Carolina. But none of this doesn’t seem to matter to the masses.

The AstraZeneca fiasco is so bad that the company changed the name of its viral vector shot to rebrand and regroup. Johnson & Johnson (Janssen Pharmaceuticals) may take a similar line. Fortunately for all of these companies, a good majority of the global population yearn these shots like heroin junkies. Stay vigilant and protect yourselves, families and loved ones.

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3 years ago

So, they covered the News and Observer story up pretty quickly. They reissued the story as “CDC says no safety issues with J&J vaccine after ‘adverse reactions’ at PNC Arena clinic”

If you follow this link to Wake’s own government site, the story is still here:

3 years ago

In the link below, another J&J severe vaccine injury self-reported to a Washington state informed consent advocacy group. This case involves a young science professor reporting extreme difficulty getting effective medical treatment and also has not been able to get her case logged by US government agencies (VAERS), or J&J (they keep losing her files, apparently).

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