Canada: COVID-19 outbreak at retirement home where 82% of residents are “vaccinated”
March 12, 2021

The Cottonwoods Care Centre in Kelowna, British Columbia.

KELOWNA, BRITISH COLUMBIA — The U.S. Centers for Disease Control recently admitted that Pfizer, Moderna and other experimental shots neither stop the spread of COVID-19, nor prevent you from getting the virus. The agency said in a press release that fully vaccinated Americans must “continue to take these COVID-19 precautions when in public.” That includes wearing masks, staying six feet apart from other people, and avoiding large crowds.

Pfizer’s CEO, Moderna’s chief medical officer, and Dr. Anthony Fauci have also all admitted that these shots do not stop the spread of COVID-19. You are not alone if you’re now asking yourself rhetorically, “then what is the point of getting these shots?” There are also real-life events further demonstrating that experimental mRNA and viral vector shots do nothing to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Cottonwoods Care Centre in Canada

Two staff members and 10 residents tested positive for COVID-19 this week at the Cottonwoods Care Centre, according to CBC TV. The publicly-funded retirement facility has 221 total beds. The report says 82% of residents were fully vaccinated as of February 15. Two-thirds of staff were fully vaccinated. Thus, the proverbial “two-week waiting period” for alleged immunity had passed. Eight of the confirmed cases were fully-vaccinated.

Dr. Carol Fenton of the B.C. Regional Health Authority blamed the outbreak on staff. “I don’t know the reason for the vaccination sitting at 65 per cent amongst staff,” she told Global News Canada. Many workers at the facility refuse to get the experimental shots after doing their due diligence. Dr. Fenton implied that the government may make the shots mandatory for all healthcare workers.

“I definitely feel the frustration because, as a public health official, I also want everyone to be vaccinated,” she said.

Experimental shots for social acceptance

Everyone getting mRNA and viral vector shots are doing so because of social pressure and media conditioning. There is simply no benefit to getting these shots. Meanwhile, there are plenty of risks and downsides. Further, all of said shots are still in clinical trials that are running through 2022 and 2023. You are volunteering for clinical research by taking these shots.

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3 years ago

I feel like we should call this the Vaccine Highway of Death because of the timing and many lives being cut down.

30 years ago, February 25th to 27th, 1991 the Highway of Death when American aircraft and ground troops attacked the first of an escaping convoy of Iraqi troops out of Kuwait that used whatever they could get including civilian cars and trucks as their hold on Kuwait collapsed.

It created a traffic jam that became the perfect conditions for maximum carnage in a massacre of cluster bombs and later ground troops who finished off the rest.

One of the graphic images of an Iraqi soldier’s charred hand sticking out of the desert became famous for being depicted in the HBO TV series Generation Kill, Episode 1.


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Mary J Nelson
Mary J Nelson
3 years ago

The current vaccines are not worth the risk to life & health. If sick, try to get Ivermectin and you may not need a useless vaccine at all.

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