Albert Owusu Sarpong: 20-year-old Ghana student’s post-injection death highlights the importance of diligent reporting
December 25, 2021

Mr. Albert Owusu Sarpong.

ACCRA — A 20-year-old Ghanaian political science student is dead, in a story that shines a spotlight on a disturbing trend we’ve noticed in the last two months.

A man identified via his Twitter handle as Jashua Wonder tweeted a video that went viral on December 15. He claimed that one of his college roommates from the University of Legon died that morning after receiving an mRNA or viral vector DNA injection “two days ago.” Wonder identified the roommate as 20-year-old Albert Owusu Sarpong. It’s unclear which injection Mr. Sarpong received. The big three, plus Sputnik V (Russia) and AstraZeneca, are all available in Ghana. Only 5% of Ghana’s 32 million citizens are “fully vaccinated” as of publishing.

The viral video is below.

Several websites and Telegram accounts helped the video go viral. But there appears to be more to the story that was readily available for anyone to report.

Timeline and other facts disputed

To be clear, Mr. Sarpong did in fact receive one of the lethal injections sometime before his death. Numerous Ghanaians, however, questioned some of what Jashua Wonder said in the video. For instance, he and Mr. Sarpong were roommates at the “University of Legon,” according to Wonder. Several individuals, who likely qualify as vaxx zealots, pointed out that there is no such place as the University of Legon; and that Mr. Sarpong attended the University of Ghana.

There is in fact a Legon campus for the University of Ghana. It’s essentially like calling the University of California Berkeley, “The University of Berkeley,” which is technically incorrect. It’s a stretch and a bit petty to discredit the entire story just because of that. But some other facts were left out of the numerous blog and social media posts about Mr. Sarpong’s death., a Ghanaian online newspaper, indicated that Mr. Sarpong did not die on campus and thus, Jashua Wonder was not with him when he passed away. Further, another Twitter user responded that their little brother was Mr. Sarpong’s best friend. They said Mr. Sarpong, “was sick for three weeks” and then passed away.

We reached out to the foregoing Twitter user. But they did not respond as of publishing. Jashua Wonder neither disputed nor responded to the post despite it being a direct response and challenge to his viral video.

Regardless, thousands of tweets with the #JusticeForAlbert hashtag appeared in the two days following Jashua Wonder’s video. Many of said tweets are from Ghanaians who recently received an injection and are now fearful as to what might happen to them. One user reported that a friend of his also died shortly after receiving a COVID-19 “vaccine.”

Mr. Sarpong’s death comes as Ghana began mandating the injections for several occupations earlier this month. The Sarpong family has not released any official statements as of publishing.

Veracity is key going forward

Granted we often deduce that 11-year-olds and healthy athletes who die “suddenly and unexpectedly” received mRNA or viral vector DNA injections without definitive proof (and with disclaimers). But those types of deaths and the frequency thereof are unprecedented, with only one different, glaring factor in 2021. However we’re seeing many alleged vaxx injury stories that appear to be fabricated, embellished and/or planted by vaxx zealots, big tech and government.

Someone emailed us the story of an alleged 19-year-old girl named Lacey Marie. A Michigan woman named Kalei Mills claims to be Lacey’s aunt. Kalei, whose profile is peppered with pro-Trump content, posted on Facebook that Lacey “passed away…28 hours after getting this experimental injection.”

The accompanying photo of Lacey has since been deleted or removed by Facebook. That’s because the photo is of a 19-year-old British girl named Emily Owen. Emily committed suicide in March 2020.

Facebook also removed several comments pointing out that “Lacey” is Emily, indicating that Facebook must be involved in creating this fake story (e.g. paying people to post them).

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Someone named “Nick Manna” wrote us directly with an alleged personal account of a vaxx injury.

It took only one response for this person to expose themselves as a phony. There’s also the story of Kayla Jones. Several other alternative media websites published the story based on her GoFundMe narrative. Kayla reported numerous ailments after her Pfizer injection. One was a car accident caused by brain fog. She posted a photo of staples in her head after brain surgery on GoFundMe.

Kayla wrote that she has two kids and is from Oshawa, Ontario (Canada). But several alternative media websites published her story using photos of a 21-year-old blonde Kayla Jones from Oshawa. These do not appear to be the same people since the GoFundMe Kayla is brunette and the Facebook Kayla does not appear to have kids.

Whether it’s mainstream media or alternative media, everyone wants to be “the first” to publish something. Not The COVID Blog. Facts and disclaimers are important, particularly when covering content like this. It’s never about volume or speed. It’s about accurately and consistently telling stories.

Mr. Sarpong either died two days after the injection or three weeks after the injection. Either way, he’s dead because of this global genocide. He is yet another victim on a Continent that Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci use as their personal playground for human experimentation. But there was/is plenty of available information to question the timeline of Mr. Sarpong’s and tell a more accurate story. Veracity is key in our battle against The Great Reset.

Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.


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2 years ago

Hat off to you Brian for not taking to the bank the BS they try to hand to you. It is a classic technic to discredit a movement : a “whistleblower” gave them “top confidential documents” that they run away with and end up making fools of themselves.

2 years ago

They are trying to plant fake stories so they can point at them and then make a blanket statement that all stories are fake, it’s a classic technique. But there is also the evil of humanity at play. People who seek profit without any moral boundaries and are willing to lie in order to get paid. Go fund me fuels this. Someone wants to get free money and so makes up a sob story for the donations. Both avenues are a serious detriment to exposing the truth of what’s going on. It’s hard enough waking people from the lies and propaganda.

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