Lisa Stonehouse: 52-year-old Canadian woman develops blood clots in brain, dead 12 days after AstraZeneca shot
May 31, 2021

Mrs. Lisa Stonehouse.

EDMONTON, ALBERTA — A 52-year-old widow and mother is dead as her daughter wonders if medical personnel did all they could to save her life.

Mrs. Lisa Stonehouse received the first dose of experimental AstraZeneca viral vector on April 21, according to the Saltwire Network. She reported “normal” side effects immediately thereafter, but took no definitive action. But the symptoms turned to heart palpitations, severe headaches, nausea, general fatigue and chills a week later. She called Health Link (811) for advice. They told her that the symptoms were normal and to contact a doctor if anything worsens. That’s exactly what happened.

Lisa’s daughter, Jordan Stonehouse, took her to Grey Nuns Hospital on April 29. Jordan told Global News that her mother was discharged within 10 minutes after arrival. Doctors told her to take Tylenol and go home. Lisa’s condition reached critical levels the next day, April 30. Jordan took her to Strathcona Hospital in Sherwood Park hoping for better care.

Doctors did a CT scan and found blood clots in Lisa’s brain. Mrs. Stonehouse was diagnosed with vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT), a known adverse reaction to these shots that mainstream media calls “rare.” Blood had spilled out all over her brain as well, giving her a grim prognosis. A ruptured aneurysm or stroke likely caused the bleeding. Doctors transported Mrs. Stonehouse to University of Alberta Hospital, but she suffered a seizure on the way there. Another CT scan revealed irreversible brain damage.

Mrs. Stonehouse was taken off life support on Saturday, May 1.


The Global News report about Mrs. Stonehouse is mostly an advertisement for AstraZeneca and other experimental shots. But Jordan said that she’s always going to wonder if her mother would still be alive had Grey Nuns Hospital admitted and treated her. At that point, Lisa was still relatively functional and not exhibiting symptoms of brain bleed.

Covenant Health, which owns Grey Nuns, told CTV that it is “actively investigating” all circumstances surrounding Mrs. Stonehouse’s emergency room visit. Dr. Bruce Ritchie of the University of Alberta said that all Alberta hospitals are stretched thin. He offered this ominous excuse for Grey Nuns Hospital:

Since it’s so common with vaccines and millions of doses going into patients’ arms, we clearly can’t do scans on all patients who have headaches. But, if someone has a headache that’s much more severe they should consult their physician right away.

Alberta Minister of Health Tyler Shandro provided a statement with a creepy-looking, dark backdrop and completely irresponsible messaging.

A screenshot from Shandro’s presser.

Shandro said he realizes people are shocked, but that he still “expects” everyone to “do the right thing” and receive experimental injections themselves. Meanwhile Jordan, 19, is studying to be a nurse. She lost her father in 2019 and now is grieving the loss of her other parent. Jordan said “vaccines” are important in the overall fight against COVID-19 and that she will get her shots in due course. But she also said she does not want this to happen to any other family.

A GoFundMe page has raised over $70,000 ($85,000 Canadian) on Jordan’s behalf. It was organized by Wilfred Lowenberg, Jordan’s godfather and last vestige of parental presence in her life.

You’re on your own after the injections

Alberta medical authorities essentially said that they are too busy to treat headaches and other “normal” adverse reactions after the experimental injections. But the University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is urging U.K. doctors to exercise due diligence. Rapid diagnosis and treatment are key to saving people from vaccine-induced thrombosis and thrombocytopenia (VITT). But don’t hold your breath.

We’ve covered several stories of victims across the globe being turned away for treatment when they report adverse reactions to experimental shots. Your best option is to avoid the experimental shots altogether. Or as Dr. Christiane Northrup said, “get right with God” because that might be your only hope once you’re injected.

Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.


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17 days ago

Thanks to thecovidblog. Please don’t get tired in exposing those deadly vaccines.

16 days ago

So the daughter is getting the vaccine even though it killed her mother? Sympathies given here = zero.

I’m fed up with these sheep acting like utter morons. Why can’t they figure out the vaccines are poison?

I love how the daughter thought the medical team didn’t do enough to save her mum. Jeez louise you dumbass. Your mum was dead as soon as he took that shot. Don’t go blaming the medical team for a death that could have been prevented without medical intervention.

And she is saying vaccines are important in the fight against covid. Clearly she has been brainwashed into believing newly formed (and incorrect) definition of herd immunity in that vaccines are a part of it, even though that is bullshit because herd immunity is the result of a large group of the population exposing themselves to the virus to develop antibodies. Go on ahead and take the vaccine. Soon you will see your mum again.

15 days ago
Reply to  Aidan

Mom shoots herself in the head, then daughter bitches about it- & shoots herself.
Media have created a herd of effing ZOMBIES. No wonder the hospital turns them away, they know what’s up.

Last edited 15 days ago by Patriot44
15 days ago

Any health practitioner that calls such symptoms “normal” in any context deserves immediate deregistration.

15 days ago
Reply to  Paul

The freaking “HEALTH” Practitioners get the dam things 21st! The insanity is so deep, even dead family members can’t stop them from lining up to get executed?
This used to be Sat nite movie behavior. Now it’s real life.

15 days ago

My sister just got vaxed & I’ve got a migraine from being up all night sending YOUR evidence-apparently MSM wins another victim. Screw them.

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