Emma Burkey: 18-year-old Las Vegas woman has three brain surgeries to relieve blood clots one week after Johnson & Johnson shot

April 24, 2021

Ms. Emma Burkey

UPDATE ON Ms. Emma Burkey (December 9, 2021)




LAS VEGAS — Dr. Anthony Fauci ordered the United States to resume use of the experimental Johnson & Johnson viral vector shots yesterday. That means we’ll resume reporting on the subsequent blood clots, severe adverse reactions and deaths as a result of these lethal injections.

Ms. Emma Burkey received the experimental J&J shot on April 1, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Less than a week later, she fell seriously ill. She suffered a seizure on or around April 8. Ms. Burkey was taken to St. Rose Dominican Hospital in nearby Henderson, Nevada.

She suffered another seizure, prompting doctors to place her in a medically-induced coma and on a ventilator. Ms. Burkey was airlifted to Loma Linda University Medical Center near San Bernardino, California for more specialized care. The situation worsened upon arrival.

Grim outlook

Doctors discovered blood clots in the 18-year-old’s brain, leading to three surgeries in attempts to save her life. Emma is now off the respirator and awake. But the family said she suffered “massive brain injuries,” leading them to be “cautiously optimistic” about Emma’s prognosis.

Doctors performed a tracheotomy and inserted a tracheostomy tube in her throat. Note that tracheotomy refers to the surgery to create a hole in her throat. Tracheostomy refers to the resulting hole where the tube is inserted.

Image Credit: AboutKidsHealth.ca

In other words, Ms. Burkey cannot breathe on her own. She cannot speak, but does “mouth words,” according to the family. Dr. Brian Lipman, a Clark County (Nevada) infectious disease specialist, did not mince words. He told Fox 5 in Las Vegas that Emma was “a completely healthy 18-year-old female” prior to the shot.

Dr. Lipman said that lab data look very similar to adverse reactions to AstraZeneca shots. We’ve noted repeatedly that the experimental J&J and AstraZeneca viral vector shots are essentially the same products with different branding.

“Her life is irreversibly altered,” Dr. Lipman said. We’ll keep an eye on this story and update as needed. Meanwhile a GoFundMe page is collecting funds for Emma’s medical expenses.

Are experimental shots self-deletion?

A regular commenter on The COVID Blog used the term “self-deletion” as it relates to people volunteering for these shots. We wrote about the mainstream media propaganda campaign called “vaccine envy” a couple weeks back. The videos and accounts have reached lunacy levels, almost to the point that you have to question if we’ve literally entered the twilight zone.

Fauci, Facebook, the CDC, et al. have essentially deified these experimental shots for the impressionable masses. Young women act like girls at a Beatles concert in the 60s, a New Kids on the Block concert in the 80s, a BTS concert today. Perhaps these campaigns are exposing the effects of mass online porn addictions since internet became mainstream in the early 2000s.

It’s masochism for the recipients. It’s sadism for the injectors. Participating in this surreal agenda is sadomasochism. Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.


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3 years ago

When she can speak again she should say im glad to be able to be #apartofhistory and to #savegranny. Can’t wait to post this on my insta to my friends who are #jelly i got it before them. They wanted to be special and different from the mainstream because it’s cool to be #different. Can’t wait to see my festivals and go to thirdworld countries once i get my vaccine passport lol lmao.

Don’t forget the #selfie my dear. Just don’t come anywhere near me.

Let’s not be nice to these people, they shame us and call us antivaxxers for not saving granny by getting an unapproved and experiemental vaccine which onyl has emergency approval. No animal tests. No long term studies.

2009 all over again (if the sheep can’t figure that out then it’s because they never will)

Brenda Johnson
3 years ago

My boyfriend had both Pfizer vaccines, I’ve not been tested nor vaccinated. The last 2 times we had intercourse i had severe stomach cramps for about an hour. Has there been any other instances such as this?

Spirit Warrior
3 years ago
Reply to  Brenda Johnson

Brenda, this sounds like transmission. I’ve heard that vaccinated people, by being in proximity to some of those who are unvaccinated, can transmit, shed, or otherwise spread something to them.

Last edited 3 years ago by Spirit Warrior
Debra Gour
Debra Gour
3 years ago
Reply to  Brenda Johnson

Hi. I had a similar experience of getting very rumbling & moving in my bowels all night for a couple of days after I went to the Dentist where they had been vaccinated. I was Blessed to recognize that I may have received Spike Proteins being Shed in the air by vaccinated Dental Assistant. So I took pro biotic pills, Gas -X, & tried Ivermectin Horse paste. I followed the Protocol of the FLCCC video & in about 5 days felt better. We need to not get too close to Vaccinated people now, as they are transmitting Spike Proteins in gases from the Vaccines, thru their skin, & breath !* Please watch Health Impact News Rumble to hear Doctor’s talk about the Vaccines as Bioweapons !* They are working on Solutions a.s.a.p.

1 year ago
Reply to  Debra Gour

horsepaste?? If anyone is interetsed in getting Ivermectin, they can get it prescribed in human form from their doctor! it has been around for a long time & commonly used in other countries such as India as treatments for many things. Why would anyone ever think of using an animal product as human
consumption?? Oh, cause the cdc mocks it as such? Its a real medication!

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