Italy: body count grows as another young professor is dead after experimental AstraZeneca shot
March 29, 2021

Mrs. Zelia Guzzo.

GELA, CALTANISSETTA, ITALY — Last week it was 31-year-old professor Ilaria Pappa who died 20 days after the experimental AstraZeneca viral vector shot. The week before, it was 57-year-old music teacher Sandro Tognatti who died 17 hours after the AstraZeneca experimental shot. Now a 37-year-old is dead after suffering for several days.

Mrs. Zelia Guzzo received the Oxford-AstraZeneca shot on March 1, according to online newspaper Quotidiano di Gela. She fell gravely ill by March 12. The 37-year-old was airlifted to Presidio Ospedaliero Sant’Elia Hospital in Caltanissetta that day. Doctors said she was likely suffering from cerebral hemmorhage.

Her condition worsened as the days passed. Doctors administered several drugs to try and stop the bleeding. reported that she was brain dead on March 16. A ventilator kept her “artificially alive” until last week when the family decided to let go. She is survived by her husband, who is also a teacher, and their son.

Real number of deaths unknown

Navy officer Stefano Paternò and police officer Davide Villa also died after AstraZeneca shots earlier this month in Italy. Health Impact News reported the deaths of three Italian healthcare workers last month. They all received the experiment Pfizer mRNA shot and died within days.

Dr. Mauro Valeriano D’Auria (L), Surgical Equipment Technician Luigi Buttazzo, and nurse Elisabeth Durazzo.

But most of these death go unreported.

At least three criminal investigations are underway related to the deaths. Two doctors and a nurse who administered the shot to Stefano Paternò are being investigated for manslaughter by Syracuse, Sicily prosecutors. Biella town prosecutors are investigating Sandro Tognatti’s death. Catalina, Sicily prosecutors closed their investigation into Davide Villa‘s after several days. Now Gela prosecutors are investigating Mrs. Guzzo’s death.

Pray for Italy

The silver lining in Italy is that authorities are at least launching criminal investigations into some of these deaths. But in the end, nobody will be held accountable. Canada just suspended use of AstraZeneca viral vector shots today for people under age 55. Thus the whole world has essentially ceased using AstraZeneca shots.

At some point, even the die-hard doomers must face reality and take these lethal injections off the market completely. AstraZeneca executives and scientists must be held accountable both criminally and civilly as well. All you can do as an individual is stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones by spreading truth.


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3 years ago

Thank you for your hard work and vigilance in reporting. The importance can’t be stressed enough, when most media refuse to truthfully report the “epidemic of coincidental death” following these experimental death shots.

The fact that the MEDIA & politicians go out of their way to block/hide/slander people reporting honest, 😢 devastating deaths of so many people is criminal!
And how they brainwash most of the families AND the damaged crippled people these herd-thinning shots leave behind to actually advise others to go out and become ferrets as well is beyond me!

What the he** is going on?
Obviously there is terrible subconscious programming and fear pumped out by main stream media – I don’t watch TV, & after watching what can only be described as something from “Invasion of the body snatchers” over the last year-even among Christians-I am very thankful I great up without a TV. Cell fones have the false “Covid” terror stats on every single website, business & podcast.
It’s nauseating!

The social media novel geniuses preening their vast array of W.H.O. talking points followed by death or requests for prayer is equally disturbing.
Many many death posts are being erased DAILY and most people don’t realize it, & don’t believe it when I try to bring it up, or attack me.
After getting ripped to shreds by people I care about too many times, unless someone asks me, I’m leaving them to their own devices.

What a disaster!
Especially for the children whose parents are not protecting them, then post from the hospital, begging for prayer because their child is in agony, paralyzed, bleeding, or fighting for life. For what, a flu-like variant with a 99.9% survival rate IF THEY HADN’T gotten “jabbed?”

That’s their child!!! I don’t understand…
I hope people start praying BEFORE they decide to subject themselves & their loved ones to this poison, & stop letting fear drive the bus!

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