Anna Biafora: 49-year-old Italian woman in intensive care for three weeks, dead four weeks after first AstraZeneca injection
August 3, 2021

Ms. Anna Biafora.

VERZINO, CALABRIA — A 49-year-old mother of three and agricultural entrepreneur is dead as Italian prosecutors open yet another phony “manslaughter investigation.”

Ms. Anna Biafora received the first experimental AstraZeneca injection at a Crotone Red Cross Center on May 30, according to Gazzetta Del Sud – Catanzaro. She went to the San Giovanni di Dio emergency room on June 7 complaining of severe stomach pain. Doctor discharged her 15 hours later with some Pepto Bismol and a gastritis diagnosis. But Ms. Biafora knew there was something seriously wrong with her.

She returned to the emergency room the following day. Doctors admitted her to the civil hospital and ran a battery of tests. They found several blood clots in her intestinal arteries. The blockages led to intestinal ischemia and infarction. In other words, large amounts of intestinal tissue was suffocated to death, placing Ms. Biafora in a life-threatening condition.

Doctors transferred her to the intensive care unit (ICU) and performed several “interventions,” according to media reports. It’s unclear if she received emergency surgery. But the interventions caused her condition to deteriorate further. Ms. Biafora remained in ICU for 19 days until she passed away on Monday, June 27.

Same song and dance by Italian prosecutors

Italy, by far, leads the world in prosecutorial theater related to “vaccine” deaths and adverse reactions. We’ve frankly lost count of the number of times Italian prosecutors opened “manslaughter investigations” against doctors and others after someone dies from experimental AstraZeneca and Pfizer injections. Nobody has been held accountable thus far as a result of these prosecutions. But at least they are consistent in their acts.

Crotone Deputy Prosecutor Pasquale Festa opened a manslaughter investigation after the Biafora family filed a complaint. They believe doctors acted negligently and/or deliberately indifferent by discharging Ms. Biafora the first time she went to the emergency room. The case was also reported to the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA).

Meanwhile Festa ordered an autopsy that was completed on July 5. However the results will not be known until October.

Italian dystopia

Every country has its own issues as far as government imposing dystopian restrictions and mandates. Italy is no different. The country requires the “E.U. Green Pass” for people to enter restaurants, stadiums and pretty much any and all other public places. Italy also accepts vaccine passports from the United States, Israel, Japan and Canada. U.K. vaccine passports are also accepted. But all British arrivals must quarantine for five days.

Italians are fighting back, however. Large protests erupted throughout Italy in opposition of the vaccine passports this past weekend. Hackers shut down the vaccine scheduling system in the Lazio region of Italy this past weekend as well. The regional government said their injection programs will suffer delays in the area with nearly six million residents as a result.

“Show me your papers” is now official law in the European Union. They’ve come full circle from the days of Nazi Germany. Unfortunately things will get worse before they get better across the globe. Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.


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2 years ago

Italy, by far, leads the world in prosecutorial theater related to “vaccine” deaths and adverse reactions.

Although there is certainly no more justice anywhere in the western World (least of all any of these nation’s “courts”…they were the first institution to turn corrupt); there still must be the ILLUSION of justice; the promise of investigations and prosecutions; which of course will never come to fruition.

Do you think you can expect justice when the murderer is asked to be his own judge?


2 years ago
Reply to  dddd

Yeah you are always hearing vaccine deaths in italy. Interesting point.

2 years ago

So do the sheeple still want to spew out their mantra that these blood clots are rare? Because they don’t look rare to me.

2 years ago

D-Dimer tests, check for clotting issues.

2 years ago

Is anyone able to get through to “covidlegalusa” here??

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