Whitney Rife: Instagram influencer was offered “thousands of dollars” to take vaccine selfie

April 13, 2021 (updated May 16, 2021)

Mrs. Whitney Rife Becker.

MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA — The Toronto Sun reported last month that Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada are paying social media influencers for positive publicity. Said agencies are the Canadian equivalents to the Centers for Disease Control and National Institutes of Health.

Meanwhile United Nations Global Communications Director Melissa Fleming made a similar admission. She told the World Economic Forum last November that the U.N. recruited 110,000 social media influencers that she calls “information volunteers.” Their jobs are to disseminate and reinforce the World Health Organization’s agendas.

It’s no secret. Everyone knows big pharma, the CDC, et al. pay people to market their products. Nondisclosure agreements are standard practice in these deals. Secrecy is sacrosanct. But the going rate for influencer posts about your products or services is about $1,000 per 100,000 followers.

Most of these “vaccine” ad campaigns are blatantly obvious. Celebrities receive large sums to peddle experimental shots, masks and other COVID-19 agendas.

That all said, one Instagram influencer spilled some interesting beans about common, devious big pharma practices.

Who is Whitney Rife?

Whitney Rife, a.k.a. Whitney Rife-Becker, has 409,000 Instagram followers as of publishing. She owns an online fashion boutique. Her Instagram posts are mostly about girlie stuff, family and marriage. Mrs. Rife-Becker doesn’t necessarily fit the mold of whistleblower. But she confirmed a practice most of us already knew about.

Big pharma offered her “thousand of dollars” in exchange for a selfie receiving an experimental COVID-19 shot, according to a video published on Instagram.

The video is no longer live on her Instagram page, as IG stories disappear after 24 hours. But if the foregoing pay scale is applied, she was offered around $4,000 in exchange for a “vaccine on social media” photo. She declined all the offers.

Some on Reddit and Twitter questioned whether or not she’s telling the truth. It’s not in her financial best interest to talk like this at all. Social media companies do not allow “influencers” or anyone else to tell truth about experimental COVID-19 shots. The repercussions can range from censorship to full de-platforming. But she told the truth anyway.

Therefore, there is simply no rational reason for her to lie about this. She has nothing to gain and a lot to lose for posting this noble video. Mrs. Rife told the truth purely on principle. “I have always been real and honest with my followers and will continue to do so,” she told The COVID Blog.

Healthcare workers being paid too?

We recently published a story about a Texas nurse’s severe adverse reactions to the Johnson & Johnson shot. But she, like many others in her situation, still encourages others to get the experimental shots. Several commenters speculated that she is likely being paid by the bottomless cash cows known as big pharma. It makes sense. Unfortunately we’re unlikely to ever know for sure.

Humanity is facing the ultimate generational choice right now. Get the experimental mRNA or viral vector shots in exchange for a few minutes of social media clout, and hope for the best thereafter. Or you can save your soul, dignity and humanity by refusing voluntary poisoning. Stay vigilant and protect your loved ones.


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3 years ago

If this “pandemic” is so deadly, and if these “vaccines” actually work, then why are they paying folks to get them and then try and entice others? Many know the answer to this…

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