Benjamin Goodman: 32-year-old New York stagehand dead 24 hours after Johnson & Johnson viral vector shot
March 21, 2021

Mr. Benjamin Goodman

NEW YORK — The Food and Drug Administration authorized the Janssen Pharmaceuticals/Johnson & Johnson viral vector shot for emergency use on February 27. It has now claimed the life of a promising young professional.

Mr. Benjamin Goodman went to a Walgreens pop-up COVID-19 “vaccine” clinic in Chelsea, New York on Saturday, March 13. He received the experimental Johnson & Johnson viral vector shot, according to his stepmother Pamela Goodman. Benjamin texted his father, Jeff Goodman, and told him he received the shot. The family was not happy to hear the news. Soon thereafter, Benjamin had a severe headache and started feeling ill. He fell asleep, hoping the symptoms would pass after some rest.

Mr. Goodman woke up at 1 a.m. with a high fever and chills. His fiancée, Lindsay Janisse, was awakened to Mr. Goodman having seizures at 4 a.m.. Ms. Janisse called 911 as Mr. Goodman went into cardiac arrest. Paramedics tried, unsuccessfully, to revive him on the scene. Mr. Goodman was rushed to a nearby Mount Sinai Hospital. But he was pronounced dead at 6:05 a.m. Sunday morning, March 14.

His mother did not mince words as to what happened to her son.

Mr. Goodman was a member of Local One International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees. He worked behind-the-scenes on several NBC and CBS shows. Mr. Goodman was recently accepted into the Michigan State University MBA program, and planned to enroll this fall. He and Lindsay planned to marry on June 25, 2022. A GoFundMe page is collecting donations for funeral and other costs.

Intelligent people vs. powerful psychological conditioning

Mr. Goodman was no dummy. He was an intelligent young man with a bright future. Many Americans and others around the globe are like Mr. Goodman. But they are constantly bombarded with coordinated, well-structured messaging from mainstream media and big tech companies.

Mr. Goodman even had family members warning him against getting these experimental shots, to no avail. Whether they listen or not, it is your responsibility to at least inform loved ones about the true nature of these shots and the agenda thereof. These shots are tools of genocide. Period. Stay vigilant.


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Mary J Nelson
Mary J Nelson
3 years ago

I do not trust ANY vaccine, period. Entirely too many side effects including death.
Get some Ivermectin instead of a vaccine for prevention as well as treatment.

Anne Beckett
3 years ago

I have not had a vaxx since 1976, and this is because their swine-flu thing nearly killed me. I have allergies to many (many) drugs. For these reasons, I will never vaxx.
However, I have two children. My daughter believes in the med-system,and is very unhealthy. I worry she will die when her time comes to be vaxxed (as she will take it). She has not spoken to me, or seen me, in nearly a year. Why? She doesn’t want to hear me talking about this lunacy.
My son, on the other hand, is resistant to the vaxx, and knows the whole thing is a lie. He, however, works as a cinematographer, and does travel, often, to Cali, for work. I worry, for him and his (new) little family, that he will be told, either vaxx or don’t work. What can he do, then? Already, he has been pushed into the mask and distancing thing, so can a vaccine be far away, in his future?
Either case would kill me.


[…] VAERS ID 1098028, a 32-year-old male from New York who died from cardiac arrest, appears to be Benjamin Goodman’s case that we reported on earlier this week from The COVID Blog. […]

jamie cronin
jamie cronin
3 years ago

Very sad.

2 years ago

I am very sorry for the loss, just disagree on one thing you said Mr. Goodman was no dummy. He was an intelligent young man with a bright future. I am sorry but intelligent people do no get shot of experimental vaccine, I do not consider myself a smart individual or anything like that, but I do not gonna put any type of shot of anything simple of that.

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