Kimberly Credit: 44-year-old New Jersey pastor dead 26 days after second Moderna mRNA shot
April 24, 2021

Dr. Kimberly Credit

BOONTON TOWNSHIP, NEW JERSEY — A theologian, PhD and self-described Christian apologist is dead after posting her “vaccine card” on Facebook.

Dr. Kimberly Credit received her first dose of the experimental Moderna mRNA shot on February 10. Her Facebook post that day says she wanted to “lead by example” for Black Americans and pastors.

The second Moderna shot is required 28 days later, according to The Centers for Disease Control. Thus Dr. Credit received the second shot on or around March 10.

Everything appeared fine thereafter. Dr. Credit posted on Facebook about a service at Mount Zion Baptist Church on April 4. The next day, she posted a reminder about her podcast taking place that evening at 7:30 p.m. She published the post at 9:02 a.m. She died before the podcast took place.

The comments below the post show just how suddenly and shockingly she died.


Her obituary says she died “suddenly and without warning.” Dr. Credit was the first female pastor at the Boonton Township Mount Zion Baptist Church in its 100-year history. She had a master’s degree in divinity and a doctorate in ministry. Dr. Credit founded The Preaching Lab Podcast.

Her website says she was a widow. She is survived by her son and brother.

Moderna madness

All COVID-19 shots are dangerous and lethal. But it’s mind-boggling how Moderna is even allowed to exist as an experimental COVID-19 shot manufacturer.

The company was founded in 2010. Before this experimental mRNA shot, it had never brought any drug at all to the market. In fact it never sold or marketed any products whatsoever before these mRNA shots. But people are steadily and eagerly lining up for this product.

The name brand does not matter. You are playing Russian roulette by receiving any of these shots. Worst of all, there is no tangible benefit to taking these shots other than 15 minutes of social media clout. Stay vigilant, stay persistent, and protect your friends and loved one.


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D. Vonryken
D. Vonryken
22 days ago


None Yun
None Yun
21 days ago

Why people post their branding is beyond me? I don’t get how pastors are not seeing this is the mark of the beast! This seems to be killing a disproportionate amount of black people. I just hope parents don’t allow this to be given to their child!

20 days ago
Reply to  None Yun

Simple. They are on social media and people who use it are naturally narcisstic and have low self esteem and must show off their fragile ego. I try to avoid people who use social media as much as I can as they are infectious people who are usually toxic and stupid.

20 days ago
Reply to  Aidan

I would never have learned of this website without social media. Not all are stupid, toxic or narcissistic. Very generalized statement.

17 days ago

There are several ‘religious’ people pushing these vaccines, including Franklin Graham. Charlatans abound in the religious world. God will not be mocked, not even by religious fear mongers. This woman now knows full well the meaning of 1 Timothy 2:12…

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